How much do doctors and nurses know about vaccines?

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I recently discovered that an out of work tech guy has started a YouTube channel devoted to spreading antivax rhetoric.  His name is Forrest Maready and he has been doing this for about two months. He has a Facebook page that seems to get a good amount of traffic. His most recent video, How much does medical school teach about vaccines, has had 174,00 views and 6551 shares on Facebook alone in less than a week. According to his Linkedin profile, he is a “creative technologist and opinionator.” He is also an out of work technology officer with a degree in religion and music. Exactly the last person I would expect anyone to take seriously when it comes to advice about health and medicine.

And, yet, his videos are being noticed and questions are arising. Since this is not the first time an antivaxer has questioned how much doctors and nurses learn about vaccines in college, nor will it be the last, I think this is a great topic to debunk.

Here is the nitty gritty of the antivax argument (google it, you will see many AV sites discuss this topic):



Truly, this is the crux of this position. The issue of how much doctors and nurses learn about vaccines in college is a minor, cherry-picked detail the way it is presented by antivaxers. Why? Because they are merely counting hours spent on topics or pages in textbooks and this is not how nurses and doctors are trained.

In his video, Forrest takes a pile of medical textbooks (we are not told from which medical school or year they originate) and examines the number of pages devoted to vaccines. Out of 6700 pages total, he found four and a half pages that discuss vaccines. He further looked at a pediatrics reference textbook and found 11 pages of vaccine schedules and three paragraphs of contraindications, out of 5000 pages total.

And from there he surmised that doctors in training spend two hours learning about vaccines. Let that sink in. Two hours.

Um, no. Just no.

If the art and science of being a medical doctor or nurse could be learned solely from textbooks, doctors and nurses would never have to spend any time at all in clinics, doing residencies and fellowships, and pursuing further education into specialties beyond the basic degree. What doctors and nurses learn is far more than what is in their textbooks. And it is more than just one textbook in isolation. Looking the number of pages on vaccines takes the education of nurses and doctors out of context. And this is cherry picking, trying to make an argument based on incomplete information selectively chosen merely to fit one’s agenda.

This survey, from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, indicates doctors-in-training spend between 1 and 10 hours learning about vaccines. But, I believe that refers specifically to learning about just vaccines.  As this Facebook video from the Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd explains, “The anti-vaccination movement would have you believe there are no books regarding vaccinations anywhere and that doctors are never taught about vaccinations. This is incorrect. Doctors are taught the knowledge needed to understand vaccinations and the role they play in eradicating disease from Day 1. There is an entire subdiscipline of scientific research “vaccinology” that specifically deals with vaccinations. Our medical knowledge of vaccinations has been built upon the information accumulated from many different disciplines of science – microbiology, virology, bacteriology, bioinformatics, epidemiology, biochemistry and organic chemistry.”  From the Violent Metaphors blog, “without even counting the related fields of physiology, the respiratory system, gastroenterology, histology, neurology, etc, I came up with 920 hours of graduate education in immunology, microbiology, and infectious disease – and that’s before ever hitting the wards in 3rd and 4th years.”

A nurse on Facebook puts it well: I have seen that video, and I find it to be completely bogus. Vaccines are a small topic amongst a wide array of information. It’s kind of like getting mad at a baker for not knowing the composition of an egg when he makes a recipe. It’s kind of a weird abstract. The entire education process about vaccines starts with anatomy and physiology. Learning and mastering the understanding of the immune system is step number one. Next, microbiology comes in when you start to understand and are taught the different types of bacteria as well as DNA and RNA transcription and reproduction. This is very important with understanding viruses as well as different kinds of bacteria. Next, you need to know about pathophysiology. Using pathophysiology, you learn about how the disease process happens, as well as how the different viruses and bacteria are spread. This can also be tied into Epidemiology or Immunology. After that, you have to delve into pharmacology. Pharmacology is a very interesting topic, and with knowledge gained from pharmacology we can understand how different parts of the vaccine as well as any drug are handled by the body and further information about their methods of action, adverse effects, and side effects. Also, we learn about the way drugs are eliminated and disposed of by the body like the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Finally, scientific literacy as well as an understanding of current evidence based practice, helps us understand the current stance as well as scientific standing on vaccines as well as all of their effects and efficacy. Of course we also talk about the schedule and when to give these immunizations, however by taking information from all of the classes mentioned, we can understand vaccines very thoroughly. Vaccines and the knowledge needed to understand them, is not one class. Instead it is an amalgamation of information that we have learned throughout our schooling. Not understanding microbiology or the immune system, greatly hinders and almost eliminates and full understanding of vaccines their uses and why they are given. For me personally, I opened up my textbook really quick for Pediatrics, and there is about 10 pages dedicated to each vaccine preventable illness, 5 pages on administration and contraindications, and another three pages as an overview of scientific research as it stands currently. I’m sure that I can look in my other text books and find other information within them that furthers the understanding of vaccines individually, but as I said it is a compound understanding. My textbook also talks about the Vaccine injury Compensation Program as well as the Vaccine Adverse event Reporting System. We are taught about it, very thoroughly in fact. In summation, we do not focus one class on vaccines. Instead, we take our understanding from previous courses like chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and public health to complete one comprehensive picture of what vaccines do, what they are, and how they work.

A doctor on Facebook says In the first place, we don’t get lectures on every drug, but we do get lectures on pharmacology, physiology, and pathophysiology, which helps us understand why and how a drug might be useful for a particular person.  Similarly, we learn about the immune system and microbiology so we can understand how vaccines work. You can’t just study vaccines out of context. That superficial knowledge, which some of our AV friends have, lacks the depth and perspective. As a trivial example, you can read about how live polio vaccine can cause poliomyelitis in rare cases. But you might not know how many people died from polio before the vaccine, or how terrified people became every summer.

On top of this education in classes, doctors and nurses learn a great deal in the field, in their clinics and residencies and fellowships. More to the point, they learn how to prevent and treat disease more outside of classroom than inside. But, more to the point, they are not learning to be experts in drug and vaccine composition. If you want to talk to someone who is an expert in drug ingredients, reactions, side effects, etc, then that person is called a pharmacist. Doctors and nurses do learn about diseases and treatments but it is unreasonable to expect them to be walking pharmacology reference guides. Furthermore, the “expertise” most antivaxers expect doctors and nurses to know off the tops of their heads is usually something they can easily look up in their handheld or laptop or desktop device.

And it is not just in medical school that professionals learn about vaccines. Osteopathic medical school also teaches doctors-in-training a great deal about vaccines. “Today’s students need to know how vaccines work from a microbiological perspective and how vaccination is viewed and implemented from a public and prevention perspective for overall population health. Additionally, they must now be able to use information technology, health care implementation science, and evidence-based data analysis to assess their own skills and ability in educating their patients to make wise health decisions regarding vaccination.”

The bottom line is that doctors and nurses learn a lot about the human body, diseases, treatments, drugs, and vaccines. But, it is mostly learned in context, not all from textbooks. Context. That is the key word here. Context.

And, doctors and nurses who want to learn more can take courses, such as one that might use this textbook:


As always, remember to use your thinking skills when it comes to making healthcare decisions.











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  1. Thank you so much for addressing this issue! Health care practitioners get so much more education than anti-vaxxers would lead you to believe. Even after we graduate there are continuing education seminars we attend, professional organizations we belong to, scientific journals we read. Our learning doesn’t end when we finish school!


      • If so much information and discussion are occuring in healthcare professionals’ curriculum how is it possible then that’s so many intelligent incapable scientists are able to ignore and overlook the lack of legitament scientific studies demonstrating the vaccines are safe and effective. The fact that there are no double bond true benign placebo studies, utilizing a unvaccinated control group versus a vaccinated group is extremely concerning. The black of valid credible gold standard scientific research and studies should concern any and every Healthcare professional. The complete disregard for any public discussion or scrutiny of despicable laxk of empirical data in favor of vaccines zero sense. Why are vaccines not held to the same scientific standards as virtually every other medical intervention? Why don’t scientist demand the gold standard be applied to vaccines some of which we inject and to newborns on the day they’re born?
        Clearly enough is not being taught about how vaccine research is conducted, or the biased unethical message from which Pharmaceutical company are conducting studies. We allow the very Manufacturing companies who make vaccines to be the primary responsible party in charge of figuring out whether or not their own product is safe and works.
        It doesn’t take a scientist how to easily recognize the pervasive conflicts of interest and potential for deception and Corruption this may Result in.

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      • There is no lack of legitimate vaccines safety and efficacy studies.

        Most clinical trials are double-blind, saline-placebo. There are also a great many HPV studies that are double-blind, saline-placebo. Searching pubmed will help you find them.

        Vaccines are held to higher standards for safety and efficacy than other drugs.

        Therefore, there is no lack of anything you are concerned about.

        This website will help you understand your mistakes


      • Lies, lies, all damn lies. You are just unbelievably shameless!

        If as you say “there is no lack of legitimate vaccines safety and efficacy studies” why then has NO-ONE claimed the USD 100K prize, offered by De Niro & Kennedy Jr, to come up with JUST ONE SUCH STUDY?!

        Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe
        globalnews DOT ca/news/3253840/robert-de-niro-robert-f-kennedy-jr-offer-100g-to-anykennedyone-who-can-provide-proof-vaccines-are-safe/

        And as for independent studies that show some of the countless dangers of vaccines, maybe just start with these few 50:

        And… many “HPV studies that are double-blind, saline-placebo”?! You are joking surely? You do not bother to offer a ref to just one of these many studies? HPV vaccine is another huge crime and scandal, one of the most dangerous vaccines to date, and sure there’s been lots of corporate funded fake science plus god knows what other lubrication money to fastrack that one… please PROVIDE ONE non-corporately funded study that shows HPV vaccine IS SAFE as compared to a SALINE PLACEBO!

        And as for the History of Vaccines website — pure corporately-funded LIES, just another mouthpiece for big pharma. Yeah, annoying isn’t it, not everyone is stupid!

        If you value your time, and wish to look into a real (indepedent of any corporate interests!) historic view of vaccines, here’s a well researched site (and book) for you:
        www DOT dissolvingillusions DOT com

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      • 1. “If as you say “there is no lack of legitimate vaccines safety and efficacy studies” why then has NO-ONE claimed the USD 100K prize, offered by De Niro & Kennedy Jr, to come up with JUST ONE SUCH STUDY?!”

        Kennedy asked for one study proving the thimerosal in pediatric vaccines or that in vaccines for pregnant women is safe. There is no thimerosal in pediatric vaccines nor in vaccines given to pregnant women. The challenge was a PR stunt. Nothing more.

        2. Those 50 studies are of poor quality and methodology There is no reason to accept them. Quality matters.

        3. Sure I will link you to 3.

        4. History of vaccines is a wonderful site, run by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

        I am currently reading Dissolving Illusions and will have a blog post about it soon.


      • Oh my dear shill, slut bought out to deliberately mislead…

        1. thimerosal had been *quietly* taken out of pediatric vaccines in the *USA* when the pressure of evidence of harm started mounting… but, they still shipped that establshed *dangerous* vaccines to other countries, PLUS they introduced the yearly flu shots that STILL has thimerosal in them, and that they now promoto for pregnant women even! PR stunt my ass.

        2. You can wave your hand and dismiss these 50 studies just by saying they are of “poor quality and methodolgy”?! You are so funny… you think everyone is an idiot?

        3. Oh please…. all fake “science”. Just clicking on teh first of these 3 regs that you provide, then authors… there it is, funded by MERCK. Are you for real?!

        4. Ha ha… History of Vaccines web site is run by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia… sure, but who runs the College of Physicians of Philadelphia?! But no need to even go that far, on the FAQ on the same web site, they state they receive corporate funds!

        Reading “Dissolving Illusions” are you now? How much are you being paid to come up with more deliberate lies about that amazing *not-corporately funded* book, so to confuse as many people as you can?

        Do you have a mirror you can look at, occasionally?


      • 1. Thimerosal was removed from vaccines due to concerns for safety. But, no proof of harm was ever found.

        2. Yes, I can dismiss the 50 studies are shoddy and poorly done. Try reading them yourself and get back to me.

        3. Who do you think funds clinical trials? The pharmaceutical company. You cannot ask for saline placebos in clinical trials and then be bad at them being funded by pharmaceutical companies. That is irrational.

        4. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is the oldest medical society in the USA and is a non-profit. You can look at their annual reports. Their big funders are private foundations.

        You are on warning that your rudeness and name calling will not be tolerated. If I find another post from you that is incredibly disrespectful, your future posts will be trashed


      • Interesting comments. You apparently are “woke” compared to the rest of us. But how do you explain the decrease in cervical pathology and lack of side effects seen by those of us who are actually in the field?


      • “Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe…”

        Who evaluates the studies that are offered up? Give us the names of their “experts” on that panel. Until that is known, we will assume it is a bogus challenge by a pair scientifically incompetent fools:

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      • Trying to deflect the real issue again, shill, hope you are getting paid well for your spineless betrayal of any genuine quest for the truth…

        Fwiw, that challenge asks for anyone “who can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women.” No-one and everyone is the judge. Please find one such study, and share the reference here. Thank you.


      • Oh, the amazing bullshit… do you keep a straight face when you write this stuff? You propose this article to “show” that Kenndy Jr and company are liars… and the “proof” the article uses is quotes and “studies” from noneother than the biggest liar and criminal in chief in the Big Pharma mafia Paul Offit, an imposter scientist who has defined new heights of “CONFLICTS IF INTEREST”?!?!

        Dangerous Doctor: Media Vaccine Promoter has Huge Conflict of Interest
        healthimpactnews DOT com/2014/dangerous-doctor-media-vaccine-promoter-has-huge-conflict-of-interest/


      • Dr Offit has no conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies. He is employed by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He and the co-inventors of Rotateq sold the patent years ago. CHOP was also among the patent holders and got the lion’s share of the money. They use it to keep children alive, you do realize that? They are one of the best children’s hospitals in the world. The article you linked is not accurate. Try verifying your claims before you make them.


      • Yawn:

        Also, I linked to an article that clearly shows where Kennedy is lying. Try reading it. Or don’t.

        Just don’t pretend he knows anything about medical science. Or that he consorts with folks like the Geiers who made lots of money pretending to treat autistic kids with chemical castration. Which is why Papa Geier is no longer allowed to practice medicine in the USA.

        Just tell us which vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule is only available with thimerosal. Do not mention influenza, because at least three come as single dose thimerosal free versions.

        Still, you need to re-evaluate your sources of information. Because your substitution of insults instead of PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers is getting quite boring.

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      • VaccinesWorkBlog: “He and the co-inventors of Rotateq sold the patent years ago. CHOP was also among the patent holders and got the lion’s share of the money.”

        I am always amazed that a standard trope against Dr. Offit is that he, along with his two research partners,were paid for their twenty plus years of research. It is like the expect those three very respected medical researchers to do all that work for free.

        My dad has a name for folks who want to benefit from the work of others without paying anything:


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      • hahaha

        I am always amazed at the selflessness of scientists. Can you imagine working on a project for 25 years, never knowing if it would actually work? Something like 98% of vaccine never make it to market. Those three are heros.


    • Sadly, I’ve watched the “education” of doctors many times working in a banquets dept. of a large higher class hotel. Worked at Mayo clinic conferences and the like and the salesman were the teachers. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the drug companies them selves.

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      • That’s NEVER been my experience. Every conference I have attended has been with key note speakers that are MDs, PhDs, APRNs. Never a drug rep. What type of medical provider are you Kevin??

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      • Huh, my doctor doesn’t go to banquets nor are pharma reps allowed in their medical system. Nor in the hospital system where I live. So, that means nearly ever doctor in a county of 250,000 has no contact with pharma reps. Could be why so many pharma reps are losing their jobs.

        Meantime, there is literally 100% international scientific consensus that vaccines have greater benefis than risks.


      • “Meantime, there is literally 100% international scientific consensus that vaccines have greater lesser risks than benefits.”

        A common mistake when tired. I hope this helps.


  2. Completely false! I am a nurse and I concur, we spent about 15 minutes on the vaccine issue… 15 minutes learning to say “They saved the world!” Nothing more! That’s what’s bogus!

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  3. Amen. His video ticked me off!
    Here is my comment to that clip that I just posted: (He will probably delete it…)

    You obviously have not been to medical school! The text books are NOT the only text they study! As I saw this last night, I was on the 5 minute break from a pre-med class where we were reading a paper–primary literature. VERY DIFFICULT primary literature to read, even for the smartest of pre-med students. “Primary Literature” means that the research and article are from the researchers themselves. It is not a review of research from someone who did not do the research, such as those who write textbooks. People without years of education do NOT understand these papers. Not by a long shot.

    Why was I doing this in a pre-med class? To prepare for med school where my class mates and I would all be expected to know how to read and understand dozens of papers so we could understand the latest on vaccines and such. The most up to date stuff about medicine is not in the textbooks. It is in primary literature written by researchers (as you said) and that primary literature cannot be understood unless we learn the basics in those textbooks.

    Furthermore, after you are a licensed physician, education is not over! No no, you must continue!…NOT only because you should, but because a certain amount of “continuing education” courses are required every year–courses that the doctor likely has to pay for himself BEYOND med school. What would they teach these students who have already learned so much? They teach them the latest from researchers!!!

    So next time you decide to bash on something like this, maybe you should figure out your crap first! You obviously haven’t received an education comparable to those of doctors.

    PS You totally disregarded the textbook on immunology. There is most certainly literature about vaccines in that textbook as well. But you wouldn’t know, because you never read and studied it.

    Disclaimer: I do not claim doctors know everything about vaccines. They do not. Nor do researchers, but they do know a lot. They know a lot more than the maker of this video. (Researchers of vaccines would never support this video! Where do you think the money for their research comes from?! NOT from he general population that can’t even read their articles!!!)

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    • (ok, trying to post this again)

      You (well, Kathy, the author of this creation, i’m talking to you) have a very nice big red and black picture of cherries in the middle of your imaginative creation, to illustrate very clearly to all of us mere humans what cherry picking means. Very nice, i must say. You also explicitly state multiple times in the text that the Forrest Maready video you are desperately trying to discredit in your very disciplined creativity–as well as generally all anti-vaxxers–are cherry pickers. Then you try to argue that 4 and 1/2 pages of vaccine material in Medical School is cherry picking… because, a doctor cannot study vaccines without, ehm let me get this straight, being potty-trained? And everything in between such as learning to read, to think, to reason, to question, to test… learning about the human physiology, the immune system. Of course, the immune system. If they studied vaccines in that context… vaccines would be outlawed, as every vaccine to date *damages* the immune system in multiple ways, and the way to measure that is to look at the data, and some non-pharma-bought studies, of how many (other) more diseases the vaccinated get (and this is why to date a vaccinated vs unvaccinated health study, for which data exists for over a century, has been avoided like the plague by the pharma-bought “peer-review” mafia) . But let us not mention that lest we be accused of splitting hairs while cherry picking… incidentally, you also make it a point *from the outset* to state that Forrest is an “out of work technology officer with a degree in religion and music” and then stating that he cannot possibly be taken seriously when he talks about vaccines… another, for the innumerable’th time, lame attempt to shoot the messenger instead of arguing the real issues (but, cherry picking, no no, of course it ain’t)!

      But let’s play by your rules shall we, let’s stick to the context, stay on point as it were… and study each vaccine individually, for what it is, it contains, etc. Right, let’s look at the ingredients of each vaccine. Here, for your convenience, is such a list (put back the url together, bypassing wordpress auto-moderation):
      vaxtruth DOT org SLASH wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/cdc-vaccine-ingredients DOT pdf

      How many Medical graduates know what is in each vaccine? More importantly, how many Medical graduates know of the studies that have determined beyond any doubt that shooting these cocktails into infants, pregnant women, anyone is perfectly safe? Or, if there is some risk, in some extremely rare cases of course, how many Medical graduates know of when to refrain from injecting any given vaccine concoction?

      Apart from the several Medical graduates that have commented right here that (i am collectively paraphrasing) “yes, in fact it is true, we have spent an extremely little time studying vaccines in my entire Medical program” (but these unfortunate cherries just went to the wrong schools, right?) … it is a rampantly confirmed fact that the vast majority of Medical Doctors will systematically jab, no questions to be asked, zero specific considerations of the individual to be jabbed… and the vast majority of Medical Doctors never inform the parent of any of the *known* dangers associated with each vaccine or with any of its ingredients, of when it is ok to take them and when it is not. But you do not mention this eeny meeny tiny little missing detail in Medical System programs… that would certainly be cherry picking at its plummest.

      And you, my dear, for your careful avoidance of the most important implications raised in Forrest Maready’s video, deserve the Big Plum.

      And, while you have so generously tried to educate all of us about what cherry picking is, I am not so generously inclined. I will let you yourself do the looking up of the word “shill”.


      • 1. Forrest is wrong in his estimation of how little doctors and nurses learn about vaccines.

        2. #vaxtruthlies

        3. Vaccine ingredients are not toxic or poisonous at those doses.

        4. Doctors do not memorize the ingredients in drugs. It is ridiculous to think they would do so. There are too many.

        5. Yes, doctors know when to not vaccinate.

        6. Go google some medical school curricula and see for yourself what they study.

        7. Forrest is a shill. He has a BA in religion and makes these vidoes as his job.


      • Oh you shill so well, I hope you are getting paid appropriately for it!

        You continue to vaseline around the issues with a poker face, continue to shoot the messenger, muddy the waters… for your vaccine masters, it is you the slave, baby.

        About the 7 points, that you reply with… wow, you have a facility with lying!

        1) The several comments from others to your own shill article indicate that Forrest may not be wrong “in his estimation of how little doctors and nurses learn about vaccines.”

        2) You accuse vaxtruth lies, but do not bother to substantiate… you do exactly what you *criticize* the vaccine-questioners for!

        3) Lier, and you know it. Please show me one (non-pharma paid for) study that shows that aluminium and thimerosal (or mercury) in vaccines is safe. Au contraire, there are many independent studies that show that vaccines are *not* safe e.g. see vaccinesafetycommission DOT org SLASH studies.html

        4) Cut the bullshit, doctors should know what they are injecting.

        5) Most doctors have no clue when not to vaccinate, just see for yourself or survey parents for what actually goes on on the ground. And the ones that know, almost never inform of the dangers… The CDC knows, of course, but they be bought-pharma-puppets and, for example, push for even more and more mandatory vaccinations (total contradiction with vaccine contraindications). Knowingly doing harm is the definition of criminal. Lawyers heyday is agonna come…

        6) Oh, now google research is OK? But googling vaccine injuries is not. Hypocrite. And for money of all things. Worse than a prostitute, who actually puts her, or his, own body on the line.

        7) Accuse others of what you are, always, always, always. That’s what you do my dear. Why does having a degree in religion make someone a shill? You know exactly what a shill is, and you know you are the definition of one… as you know that Forrest is not, as he is not being paid to push anyone’s agenda, but with unbelievable audacity, total chutzpah, you call him what you are! How much do you get paid to write up this intentional misinformation? And for what, to forward the big pharma vaccine agenda? Oh ultimate miserable sellout. Ain’t your mama proud of you!

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      • You obviously have not read the about section. No shilling here.

        Forrest is an idiot. If you want to believe him, that is your choice. Having a degree only in religion does not make him a shill. But, it is clear that his videos are his only job. That makes him a shill.

        Doctors know they are not injecting anything toxic at those doses. They do not have to memorize the ingredients to any drug or vaccine.

        If you hate modern medicine so much, you are welcome to avoid it.


      • Shilling galore here! The “deep pockets of the anti-vaccine movement” (from your cited article Chris), seriously? Total bunk, again accusing the others of your most blatant faults… the deeeeeeeep pcokets are with big pharma buddy — but everyone knows you are not that naive –> shill.

        And Kathy, as for “modern medicine” — if by that you mean allopathic pharma-drug-based treatment, yes am totally against it because it distorts real science by its big money lobbying and bought “studies”. It throws around the kind of “science” that hides tha fact that you are in general more likely to die from a vaccine than you are from the disease it purports to prevent e.g. as per US government data for the US in 2014, 0 (ZERO) children died from polio while 85 died from the *vaccine* (and, those are the 85 that have been *acknowledged* and recorded in historic data — and check these numbers out for yourselves on medalerts DOT org — the real value is obviously much *higher*… how much higher? Good big question!) :
        web DOT facebook DOT com/RevolutionForChoice/photos/a.121755221565406.1073741828.120381895036072/239099083164352/

        Not only is the “science” hijacked and distorted, the push is to make the deadly but profitable “medicine” MANDATORY. But with a straight face you say “Welcome to avoid it” –> shill.

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      • marengeti, are you denying the existence, influence and financial dealings of Claire Dwoskin and friends? Your silly name calling does not change that fact. Though there is on upside, there is now a really easy way to determine if a “researcher” is in the pocket of the Dwoskin family, which an indication that their “studies” should be ignored, they are on this list:

        “… (ZERO) children died from polio while 85 died from the *vaccine* …”

        One name: John Salamone. Now you figure out what he did.

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      • Your ability to eskew logic, and focus on one thing to divert from all the rest, is amazing. Why would all those researchers on the list you provide go against the BIG PHARMA MAFIA, risking their career and lives, to publish their observations and findings that go against the MONEYED MAINSTREAM? They do it because they have a conscience, that’s why. And if Claire Dwoskin and friends wish to help their crusade financially, all my respect to her and them.

        You compare what the amounts of money Claire Dwoskin and friends put out for this, to the amounts that PHARMA MAFIA spends lobbying Washington (the BIGGEST lobby in terms of funds, in human history!), brainwashing and bullying doctors, corrupting university programs, fear-mongering parents, etc etc ?! You insane. It is like the little boy… whose home and land has been occupied and destroyed, whose parents have been savagely killed and everything else have been taken away from him… throwing a stone at an advancing tank, and being called the terrorist by the occupying force (who also own the media). Shame on you.

        And what with the John Salamone name dropping, and no explanations? You ain’t doing it to Muddy the Waters now are you? Well, John Salamone’s son was one of the unlucky ones, who was paralysed from the Oral Polio Vaccine in 1990… and (in good part) because of John’s efforts, that particular polio vaccine, since 2000, is no longer in use in the *US*. But, the bit of data I cited is from 2014… stating that in 2014 in the US 0 (ZER0, ZILG, NADA) children died from polio, while 85 (EIGHTY FIVE) children DIED FROM THE VACCINE.

        Check out for yourself: medalerts DOT org — for any vaccine, for any year…

        Obfuscate that!

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      • It does not matter how much money the Dwoskin folks pay for the research, it is that they have an agenda. They are paying for the results they want.

        “And what with the John Salamone name dropping, and no explanations?”

        So you don’t have Google on your internet? Obviously your research skills are lacking. He has something to do with which polio vaccine is now used in the USA.


      • “… Check out for yourself: medalerts DOT org — for any vaccine, for any year…”

        Ooooh, another thing that Claire Dwoskin is part of: the National Vaccine Information Center, or more accurately the Misinformation Center.

        That is just the VAERS database that skips the very important disclaimer required of access the official portal here:

        For some reason NVIC doesn’t want people to learn that the raw data is not verified. Apparently the following words are too dangerous for Barbara Loe Fisher, Claire Dwoskin and the rest of the NVIC folks to use:

        A report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine was given. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine.

        Because the plural of anecdote is not data, which is why there is also the Vaccine Safety Datalink Program.


  5. You pose some interesting questions. Should people with a degree in one area discuss topics outside that field? For example, should Richard Dawkins, a biologist, discuss religion? Should Stephen Hawkings, a physicist, discuss philosophy and social issues? What does the general public think? Should we only comment on those areas we have our University degree in? Should only those with PhD in Immunology discuss vaccine effectiveness? If so, what should you discuss, Kathy? What is your degree in?


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  7. You didn’t deny that you only get 5 pages of vaccine training from your textbooks. Then the rest of your learning is on the job or in the field. So basically all your training is guided by “Industry”. The AMA decides what you should learn, along the pharmaceuticals and others. All profit oriented organizations.
    If I had listened to my doctor, instead of Dr. Google, I would be on Statins now rather than fit and healthy and numbers all good.
    You guys are guided by Industry from the day you enter medical school until the day you die. You are guided by industry studies every day. Read this from the BMJ
    - Says “Industry studies are now even less reliable than tobacco industry studies were.
    (Remember thalidomide all the to Vioxx today)
    No I am not against vaccines in General, measles vaccine is necessary. But unlike you I look at each one individually and can see you are totally wrong about the flu shot, it should canceled except for certain people or unless a pandemic comes.(Google “Serial flu shot”) There are a couple of others i would never give my kid, others I would delay.
    Here is an example, I am sure the average doctor does not know all the facts presented here about the flu shot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ” The AMA decides what …”

      Is that the American Medical Association?


      Just a minor point, but those are not vaccines.


      Is that a Spanish language website? Why should we care about that editorial? It did not even mention vaccines.

      “(Remember thalidomide all the to Vioxx today)”

      Do tell us when thalidomide was approved for use in the United States of America. Or are you going to tell us this that Frances Kelsey did not exist, and that Pres. John F. Kennedy did not give her an award for her diligence?

      “No I am not against vaccines in General, measles vaccine is necessary…”

      How about diphtheria:

      I am pretty sure your “no thank you” website gets some of the blame. They definitely have blood on their hands. From that article: “Speaking before his death, the parents of the six-year-old boy said that they felt “tricked” by the anti-vaccination groups they once admired.”


      Now you present us a random blogspot website from some random Canadian with random qualifications?

      Come on! Stick to one country, and to actual science. Not a bunch of unrelated arguments by blatant assertion cherry picked from around the planet. Did you know that different countries have different versions of the MMR vaccine? They also have different vaccine schedules. The Spanish speaking country I lived in required yellow fever vaccines, and if you were in the interior without proof of that vaccine the local police would march you into a clinic to get one.

      This happens to be a blog based in the United States of America. So in the future just provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.


    • This blog is “shill central”, don’t waste your time! The BMJ article you linked — “Should journals stop publishing research funded by the drug industry?” is excellent btw! As for measles vaccine — no, it is absolutely not necessary — it is the vaccine for it that is making measles into a potentially dangerous disease — ’cause child-bearing women whose measle vaccine has waned (that takes in many case as little as two years!) can no longer protect infants with the immunity passed on by breast milk, thus infants are dangerously exposed unprotected at this fragile time! Plus, measles is a mild very easily treated disease, and getting it will confer immunity for life, as well as make the immune system stronger… look up what Dr. Suzanne Humphries has reseached and published about the measles (and everything else she has done, actually!).

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Plus, measles is a mild very easily treated disease, and getting it will confer immunity for life, as well as make the immune system stronger”

        Do tell us what that treatment is, with PubMed indexed citations from reputable qualified reputable researchers. Definitely not the useless stuff pushed by Matthias Rath that was responsible for deaths hundreds of thousands of South Africans:


      • If you can prove I get paid to shill, please do post that proof. As I have pointed out in the about page, I do not get paid at all to write this blog nor to advocate for vaccines.

        Dr Humphries is a cherry picking quack. I am very familiar with her work.


    • I am not a doctor so I did not get the training your describe. But, I do have many doctor friends who got a lot more training that Mr Maready presumes.

      As for statins, if you are able to make lifestyle and diet changes to lower your cholesterol, good for you. Some people have genetic predisposition to high cholesterol and statins are literally a life saver.

      Thalidomide was never approved by the FDA. The FDA did a great job keeping that out of USA.


      • Actually it was approved several decades later for other conditions, no pregnant women allowed. But that does not diminish the work of Dr. Kelsey.

        Something Toffles is not aware of. Though he should be proud that Dr. Kelsey started being Canadian, which includes a school near where she was born being named for her, it is not far from Victoria, BC:

        And that she saved her adopted country from thalidomide by her due diligence. I am proud to be married from someone who was also born on Vancouver Island and who is doing quite well as an naturalized American citizen. Yes, dear spouse, I voted!

        There is no one more patriotic than an naturalized citizen.


      • You do know that doctors used to promote cigarettes for asthma relief and part of a healthy lifestyle at one time too right? Also, it’s okay for us to consume alcohol which kills many, many people but cannabis is illegal and fought against by FDA. FDA approves some of the least healthy things we have come up with like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and others.

        In 2004, former head of the FDA – Lester M. Crawford – pleaded guilty to lying and conflict-of-interest charges in connection with stock he and his wife owned in companies he regulated as chief of the FDA! The scandal has been going on for decades. Back in 1994, a Vermont Congressman asserted that the FDA collaborated with the manufacturer of a genetically engineered dairy hormone in clearing the new drug for approval and sale!


      • And doctors used to give out cocaine and heroin remedies. So what? This has nothing to do with vaccines.

        The CDC and FDA both knew cigarettes cause cancer in the 1940s. Took a while for laws to be passed to mandate truth in advertising and warning labels.

        Cannabis is legal in many states, including my own. Again, no comparison to vaccines.

        There is 100% international scientific consensus that vaccines have far greater benefits than risks.

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      • Pharmaceutical campaigning led to the passing of the 1997 Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act (FDAMA). The FDAMA allows for a new drug’s approval based on only one clinical trial. In addition to lowering drug approval standards, pharmaceutical companies have ensured that the FDA is well compensated for their efforts.

        Pharmaceutical campaigning also led to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 1992 and its reauthorization in 1997. The PDUFA allows the FDA to collect fees from pharmaceutical companies to review new drug applications. This sets a new precedent in drug approval. Previously, the United States treasury funded the FDA. However, with the PDUFA, they now receive their paychecks directly from the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures that the FDA remains a lap dog to the pharmaceutical industry.

        Congressman Dan Burton has recognized this deadly trend among the FDA. In a noble attempt to notify other members of congress he testified as follows:

        “How confident can we be in the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration when the chairman [of Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee] and other individuals on their advisory committee own stock in major manufacturers of vaccines? How confident can we be in a system when the agency seems to feel that the number of experts is so few that everyone has a conflict and thus waivers must be granted? It almost appears that there is an ‘old boys’ network” of vaccine advisors that rotate between the CDC and FDA ─ at times serving both simultaneously… It is important to determine if the Department of Health and Human Services has become complacent in its implementation of the legal requirements on conflicts of interest and committee management. If the law is too loose, we need to change it. If the agencies aren’t doing their job, they need to be held accountable…. What is at issue is not whether researchers can be bought in the sense of a quid pro quo; at issue is that close and remunerative collaboration with a company naturally creates goodwill on the part of researchers and the hope that the largesse will continue…Can the FDA and the CDC really believe that scientists are more immune to self-interest than other people?

        “The people in charge [FDA officials] don’t say ‘Should we approve this drug?’ They say ‘Hey, how can we get this drug approved?’”

        ─ Michael Elashoff, ex-FDA biostatistician

        “The agency [the FDA] neglects drug safety in its rush to speed the drug-approval process because current laws and policies let the drug industry influence FDA decisions.”

        ─ Paul Stolley, MD, MPH, former senior consultant to the FDA

        “The people who approve a drug when they see that there is a safety problem with it are very reluctant to do anything about it because it will reflect badly on them. They continue to let the damage occur…As currently configured the FDA is not able to adequately protect the American people.”

        ─ Dr. David Graham, speaking to Crusader Magazine in 2005, FDA insider for over 20 years

        The conflict of interest amongst the FDA has become so apparent that it has caught the attention of major university researchers. A team of Harvard University professors has publicly advised physicians NOT to prescribe new drugs to their patients because their safety has not been established, despite FDA approval!


      • Personally, I wish we were like every other developed country and banned pharma ads and limited pharma influence. Since we are the only developed country that does not, and the rest of them make, research, develop, and use vaccines, your points are moot.

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      • “You do know that doctors used to promote cigarettes for asthma relief and part of a healthy lifestyle at one time too right?”

        Actually, that is wrong. You are being bamboozled by tobacco companies ads where they hired actors to pretend to be doctors:

        If you got that wrong, we assume whatever else you posted. Oh, and Dan Burton was a fool.

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      • Chris, there were paid actors but there were also real doctors used to display a “healthier” alternative to certain brands. More research was required than what your comment suggests you did.


      • Also vaccines producers like Bayer, Baxter and Glaxo all have some shady histories and then on top of that they get immunity from prosecution granted by the government and if you have a lawsuit you have to sue the government which is basically suing ourselves for money. Nice set up they have. Only a few years back Baxter was caught trying to put the live bird flu into it’s vaccines in Austria which they say was an accident. As if, they only stop when caught and even then they don’t.


      • I am sorry you buy into vast global conspiracy theories. I do not. I stick with independent immunization science, no pharma funded.

        Yes, humans have a tendency to suck where big money is concerned. All the more reason we should have universal healthcare and not allow corporations to be citizens. Meantime, plenty of independent immunization science.


      • They were still to tobacco ads paid by tobacco companies, they had nothing to do with the CDC. It had been known for a hundred years smoking is bad for one’s health. This epidemiological study published in 1954 put the nail in the coffin, and made tobacco companies double down:
        Br Med J. 1954 Jun 26;1(4877):1451-5.
        The mortality of doctors in relation to their smoking habits; a preliminary report.

        If you have evidence the CDC was encouraging smoking after its founding in 1946, then post the PubMed indexed paper published by the employees of that agency.

        As far as your poisoning the well by claiming stuff done by pharmaceutical companies using a YouTube* and a vaccine in Austria, you still need to provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers than any vaccine on the American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.

        * Oooh, look at the comments of the source of material for that sensational shouty news story… It is Scudamore the pig farmer. You just invoked Scopie’s Law:

        Which says: “In any discussion involving science or medicine, citing Whale (dot) to as a credible source loses you the argument immediately… and gets you laughed out of the room.”


      • This is the type of people you are defending with all of this. Why do epipens cost $400? If the industry is all about helping people why is it so outlandishly profitable? Why is everything priced according to effectiveness rather than how much it costs to make? Why is my doctor not allowed to tell me to eat garlic to help with certain issues because he could lose his license? Is it possible that it’s better for WHO, FDA, CDC, Glaxo, and others to keep people generally unhealthy in order to get the most out of us rather than a quick cure for things?


      • YouTube videos are not evidence. Especially the one about the cancer cure in Canada where the only comment is “This doesn’t work. It doesn’t cure Cancer. My mother tried it.”

        Also, everyone hates Shkreli. Plus the EpiPen folks, plus the insulin folks. But none of those are vaccines.

        Please just provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.

        For your information, cancer is not one disease, it is thousands of diseases with many many causes. Though there are vaccines to prevent the cancers caused by hepatitis B and human papillomavirus.


      • “I am a special ed teacher.”

        Some of my favorite people! Along with the speech/language pathologists and occupational/physical therapists! Oh, and the psychologist that wrote the diagnostic report that qualified son for services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

        Yep, the cigarette bit about causing cancer was known in the 1940s, hence the reason for the “Doctors Study.” I was told on another blog that chewing tobacco causing mouth cancer was known at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately the earliest paper I can find on PubMed for “tobacco cancer” is this free pdf of a 1932 paper (kudos for the folks who scan old medical papers that we can access through PubMed):

        Click to access jhyg00247-0154.pdf

        From personal experience, when my dad was stationed in Vietnam in the early 1960s my thirteen year old big brother hid her cigarettes. That was a bad idea, and we learned to never do that again.

        A couple of years later in the mid-1960s my dad was told by an Army dentist that he had the beginnings of mouth cancer due to smoking cigars. So he stopped. Just like that he stopped. Much to the frustration of my mother.

        Tobacco is an evil thing. Something I have known since I was six years old.


    • Re your link

      1. “-If you do get the flu, you will not get the real flu again for 20 years or so,(Links 16, 16a, 114a). Risk of Influenza is about once every 20 years.”

      That is utter bullshit. I had real influenza in 2005 and again in 2009.

      The rest is also BS


      • Once in 20 year risk is a fact. Did you check the links I supplied for proof? Probably not. But like anything medical it is not are and fast rule. there are exceptions. It is a statistical fact, some might only get one flu in their life others may get it every 10 years. But also remember, most people who think they have the flu, do not, per the CDC. Also if you get the flu shot every year, that does not help. Google “Serial flu shot problem”.


      • So your thing is only ten year old issues with influenza vaccines. A virus that changes each year. Seriously, what does that have to do with the pediatric schedule in any country?

        Oh, wait… you brought up thalidomide in a country that included Dr. Kelsey, who you seem to deny even existed. Again, this is a blog that originates in the United States of America. You keep bringing up entities that only exist in the USA, even though you are not a citizen of that country. Which is why you ignore why Dr. Kelsey was recognized for saving so many American lives.

        So you really really need to provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that vaccines on the present pediatric scheduled suggested by the United States of America cause more harm than the diseases.

        The real question is for Toffles, why do you hate babies? And also why do you hate the very fabulous acts by ex-Canadians like Dr. Frances Kelsey? Are you embarrassed by the acts of those from Vancouver Island? Seriously? Do you even understand that your province is not a suburb of your neighboring USA state? The CDC, AMA and FDA have no jurisdiction north of the border. You really need to bring up you concerns to Health Canada.

        Oh, and by the way… I understand they are also tired of nonsense. So bring some actual factual science


      • “Did you check the links I supplied for proof?”

        You mean those that I replied with “Now you present us a random blogspot website from some random Canadian with random qualifications.”

        Of course not. It was just some random ramblings from some random person, mostly very little on the actual subject of vaccines. Often mixing up countries and other medications (like thalidomide, obviously not knowing it was blocked for sale in the USA by its FDA). Why should I even bother?

        Perhaps you should just answer with a PubMed indexed study (not an opinion piece) by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present pediatric schedule used in the United States of America causes more harm than the disease.


      • By your answer I can see this is a BS site, or your mind is totally closed. These are not BS links. Here is link 16 For those with open minds. Read last half of article. This is Canada’s National newspaper quoting one of North America’s top experts on the subject.
        - This is the other. Is the WHO that says 5 to 15% of population gets the flu each year, but that includes kids which make it higher. This is another from Australia this season. Say 5% of the population got the flu. So that would be one in twenty year risk, which confirms the above.
        You said you got the flu in 2005 and 2009. Were you lab tested for the flu? Because 80% of the people who think they have the flu, do not. It is some other ILI or rhino virus. this per the CDC.
        Also DID YOU HAVE THE FLU SHOT in 2005 and 2009, I assume you did as you seem to be madly in favour of it. That could also be why you had a upper respiratory infection. I have 3 studies on my site that show the flu shot can make you more likely to get them. Two of the studies have 10 and 12 doctors signed off on them.
        Also this is not a hard and fast rule, there are exceptions.
        You say the rest is BS? There is many studies listed, each stands on its own, many with 5 to 15 doctors signed off on them, are they all wrong? Maybe its you.
        Finally read this.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes lab tested. Yes influenza. No, did not start getting annual flu vax until 2010.
        From your CBC link:

        “Without a flu shot, the average person faces a five per cent or lower risk of becoming infected with influenza virus. That translates into one bout of flu every 20 years.

        With a vaccine that is 50 per cent effective, a flu shot cuts the risk in half, meaning an average adult would get the flu just once in 40 years, said Skowronski.”

        The medscape article seems awfully cherry picked.


  8. Anytime, a HCP or a Pro-vaxxer advocates for vaccines, ask them a very simple question: what are your thoughts about Thimersol. 99.9% of them will stare at you with glazed look on their face.

    For all you uninformed Pro-vaxxers, try to open your minds for 30 seconds.

    The main issue is not always the vaccine its the preservatives like Thimersol that protect the integrity of the vaccines. Thimersol is a mercury based compound. For those of you who don’t know, mercury is a highly toxic chemical

    The WHO safety standard for daily exposure to mercury is 45 mcg/day.

    Significant exposure is indicated when the whole blood mercury is >50 ng/mL

    A vaccine containing thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 mcg.


    • Sure thing, just tell us which vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule is only available with thimerosal. Do not mention influenza because at least three versions are thimerosal free.

      Please try to keep up, that argument is at least fifteen years out of date. Especially since SafeMinds could find a DTaP with thimerosal for one of their silly studies:

      Subject: Thimerosal DTaP Needed
      From: Sally Bernard
      Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:01:50 -0400
      Yahoo! Message Number: 27456
      Onibasu Link:

      Hi all:

      A group of university-based researchers needs several vials of the older DTaP vaccine formulations which contained thimerosal for a legitimate research study. If anyone knows an MD who might have some of these vaccines or knows where to get them, please email me privately.

      Thank you.

      Sallie Bernard
      Executive Director
      Safe Minds


    • My thoughts on thimerosal? Well, it is removed from all vaccines except multi dose flu and was never proven to be a hazard in the first place. Autism rates did not decrease and multiple studies show autism is not the same as mercury poisoning. Mercury is not a high toxic chemical. It is an element and very common on earth. If it was toxic in all doses and all forms, there would be no life on earth.

      WHO’s guideline says no more than 45 mcg of elemental mercury a day.

      Thimerosal is not elemental mercury and it was removed from all vaccines, except multi dose flu. Even if a child got a flu vaccine with thimerosal, it would not exceed the WHO guideline.


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