Yes I have read vaccine inserts

Quite often, in vaccine debates, a comment will be made by someone opposed to vaccines, “you obviously have not read a vaccine insert!”



Actually, I have read pretty much all the vaccine inserts and, no, I am not freaking out. Here is why:


Please feel free to use and share the above meme all you like.

Yep, that is it, in a nutshell. Vaccine inserts are legal documents, they list a whole bunch of things reported during the clinical trials, but they are saying nothing about what vaccines actually cause. They list adverse events reported, not side effects. Basically, they are like rumors not verified by any facts. Yet. When the further research is done and the facts are verified, then we know what vaccines can possibly cause and these are listed as side effects on the vaccine information sheets (VIS).

Stop using them as arguments to not vaccinate.

If you want to learn more, two other bloggers have in-depth posts fully explaining the nitty gritty details.

Harpocrates Speaks

Skeptical Raptor


Remember to think for yourself!!









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