USA does not vaccinate more than other countries



Have you seen this blog?


This is a product of Generation Rescue.  The title refers to a quote from vaccine advocate, Amanda Peet, who said there are (were at the time) 14 good studies showing vaccines don’t cause autism.  Now, there are more than 107 studies showing vaccines do not cause autism. And, despite protestations from people opposed to vaccines, there are no studies demonstrating vaccines do cause autism.

But, what was really interesting on this website is the claim that the USA vaccinates more than any other country. We do not.

In this post from 14 Studies, they say

“The United States has the highest number of mandated vaccines for children under 5 in the world (36, double the Western world average of 18), the highest autism rate in the world (1 in 110 children, 10 times or more the rate of some other Western countries), but only places 34th in the world for its children under 5 mortality rate. What’s going on?”

They  provide a list of the number of vaccines given in several major Western countries. For example, they list USA as giving 36 mandatory vaccines, Iceland, Sweden, and Japan all give 11, Norway 13, Finland and Denmark 12 each, and France and Israel 17 each. They also list the autism rate per country, with USA’s being the highest, according to them.  But, are these statistics correct?

None of their information is correct. One cannot even begin to determine how they got this erroneous information because they simply linked to the wiki page for each country, as supposed proof. None of the wiki pages say anything about immunization statistics nor autism data.

Here is the (incorrect) data from 14 studies (note THIS IS THE BAD DATA!)


Country # vaccines in schedule under age 5 Autism rate Autism rate by percent Mortality rate per 1000 children under 5 mortality rate worldwide
USA 36 1 in 110 0.0091 7.8 34
Iceland 11 1 in 1100 0.0009 3.9 1
Sweden 11 1 in 862 0.0012 4.0 2
Japan 11 1 in 475 0.0021 4.2 4
Norway 13 1 in 2000 0.0005 4.4 5
Finland 12 1 in 719 0.0014 4.7 6
France 17 1 in 613 0.0016 5.2 11
Israel 11 1 in 1000 0.0010 5.7 17
Denmark 12 1 in 2200 0.0005 5.8 18

Here is the up-to-date data:

Country # diseases vaxed for under age 5 Autism rate (2013-2015) Autism rate by percent Mortality rate per 1000 children under 5 mortality rate worldwide Start date of universal healthcare
USA 14 1 in 68 0.012 7.0 56 never
Iceland 10 120 in 10,000 0.012 2.0 3 1990
Sweden 9 1 in 862 0.001 3.0 8 1955
Japan 14 161 in 10,000 0.016 3.0 2 1938
Norway 11 80 in 10,000 0.008 3.0 5 1912
Finland 11 54 in 10,000 0.005 2.0 6 1972
France 11 37 in 10,000 0.004 2.0 14 1974
Israel 14 48 in 10,000 0.005 4.0 21 1995
Denmark 9 22 in 10,000 0.002 4.0 18 1973
Australia 12 1 in 52 0.019 4.0 37 1984
Canada 14 1 in 68 0.015 5.0 46 1966

As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference from the 14 studies page and the reality.  Since 14 studies only linked to wiki pages, I have no idea where they got the numbers they shared. It would be that, for USA, they counted number of diseases vaccinated for as one vaccine. But, why did they not do that for all countries?  At the end of this post, you will find an extensive set of links to all the data I put in my chart.

Look carefully at my data. The number of vaccines we give, in the USA, is not much different from other developed countries. Japan, Israel, and Canada give the same number. Look at the autism rates. The USA’s is not the highest.

Simply put, 14 studies website is not telling the truth.


Please think for yourself. Always check sources for claims made.






CDC Immunization schedule

European Immunization schedules

Japan Immunization schedule

Israel Immunization schedule

Australia Immunization schedule

Canada Immunization schedule

USA autism rate

Iceland Autism rate

Sweden Autism rate

Japan Autism rate

Norway Autism rate

Finland Autism rate

Israel Autism rate

France Autism rate

Denmark Autism rate

Australian autism rate

Canada Autism rate

Child mortality rate under 5

International Infant mortality rate

Start date of universal healthcare



This is part 3 of a three part blog series about USA infant mortality rates, vaccines, and autism. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2.






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