Vaccines Revealed 1 – a provaxer’s view

If you have not heard, some chiropractors are starting to band together to put for propaganda on vaccines. I say propaganda because they are doing so in the classic sense of the term.

From Merriam-Webster

Propaganda: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect



This is exactly what they are doing. In this post, I am going to write about Vaccines Revealed, a 9-part documentary series produced by chiropractor Patrick Gentempo. As far as I can tell, he does not practice chiropractic these days. Instead, he runs a holding company that owns, among other entities, Circle of Docs, a networking group for chiropractors. It is run by Gentempo and Beau Pierce, another chiropractor. My theory, which is mostly an educated guess, is that Circle of Docs and Vaccines Revealed are about pushing chiropractic to the next level; in other words, they are about marketing. By hooking up with “experts” who oppose vaccines, they are marketing to an audience who is already suspicious about medicine. Promoting these videos, which are basically interviews with the standard antivax players (Wakefield, Goldberg, Kennedy, Tenpenny, etc), enables them to promote their own point of view about chiropractic being a viable alternative to medicine. Simply put, they want you to see a chiropractor for your healthcare.

But, I digress. A common occurrence.

Why am I writing about these videos? Because no one will ever be able to accuse me of being closed minded. I watched Vaxxed, did I not?

Therefore, I signed up, via email, to get the free previews. And I watched them. And I rewatched them on youtube. There are 9 episodes and they all were free to view online for 24 hours. But, of course, they are all on youtube for free. Just search!

So, let’s talk about these videos.

Video one: Andrew Wakefield 


Andy starts out with a personal story of mistrusting doctors. He implies all doctors are working only for money and one must trust one’s instincts.  He spends a lot of time talking about autism, which he believes is caused by vaccines, and how debilitating it is to society to have to deal with autism. He talks about special education services and how the burden on the school system is so great that autists are becoming a burden on the social system. He believes the number or autists is growing and it will be a plague. He uses that term, “plague.” He spends some time explaining why he studied MMR. There is nothing new herein. He slanders Brian Deer, as usual.  He still feels he was wronged. Having read his book, Callous Disregard, I feel this is a tiresome argument. Why is he still trying argue that Brian Deer was wrong? There is just too much evidence against you, Andy. Move on.

Andy spends more time talking about Merck and all their evils (according to him).  He believes Merck put people at risk the interest of profit. He does not present any evidence. If you want to read about the Merck Mumps lawsuit, I recommend this blog post. If you want to learn about the CDC Whistleblower, read this fabulous post.   There is no evidence to back his claims that Merck employees should be in prison. He is really very good at hyperbole.

Andy spends some time trying to explain that public perception of vaccines is shifting from trust to anger. He refers to a Michigan study, but of course he misquotes it. Let’s look at the real study.

“One-third of parents who participated in the poll indicated they now perceived more benefits of vaccines, while one-quarter perceived vaccines to be safer now than a year ago. One–third of parents also reported being more supportive of school and daycare entry requirements for vaccination than they were the previous year.

“Over the last year there have been high-profile news stories about outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough. These news reports may be influencing how parents perceive childhood vaccines across the country,” says Matthew M. Davis, M.D., M.A.P.P., director of the National Poll on Children’s Health and professor of pediatrics and internal medicine in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the U-M Medical School.

“For a quarter to a third of parents to say that their views on the safety and benefits of vaccines have shifted in just a year’s time is quite remarkable. Parents’ perceptions that vaccines are safer and offer more benefits are also consistent their stronger support of daycare and school entry requirements for immunizations.”

Parents were also asked their opinions about the risk of measles and whooping cough compared to a year ago. Two out of every five parents, or 40 percent, believe the risk of measles for children in the U.S. is higher than what it was one year ago. Another 45 percent say the risk is about the same and 15 percent say the risk is lower.”

Well, that certainly does not say to me that more Americans distrust vaccines.

It is fair to say that Andy Wakefield continues to be a lying liar.

Video one: Gary Goldberg. 

Hour two has Toni Bark, homeopath, interviewing Gary Goldman. Goldman is the editor of Medical Veritas, a website and journal. Goldman is often associated with Neil Z Miller, as they have authored several badly done studies on vaccines. Goldman is a computer scientist and seems to think he has expertise in data analysis. I can find no evidence he ever worked for the CDC. It appears he was contracted by third party groups to participate in a study somewhat connected with the CDC. In the video, he is described as a CDC researcher.

Goldman talks a lot about shingles rate increasing because adults no longer have contact with children who have wild chicken pox. He spends a great deal of time discussing his theory, which has been debunked. Of course, he fails to mention this fact. He spends some time talking about the monetary cost of treating chicken pox versus shingles but fails to bring up the shingles vaccine.

The next segment involves Toni Bark talking about how she went to medical school knowing she would not practice mainstream medicine because she wanted to affect change and practice Chinese medicine. This is why she studied homeopathy. She spends some time talking about how vaccine studies don’t use saline placebos. Strangely, she is wrong and does not understand this. She does not mention that most clinical trials use a saline placebo. Use Pubmed, Toni! You will find many saline placebos in vaccine clinical trials. So, is she lying or just ignorant?  She also talks about morbidity and mortality and insists that sanitation and water saved us. She even says the ingredients in vaccines breach the blood brain barrier and cause autism.  She thinks microglial activation is causing autism.


This has all been debunked.




Remember! Always think for yourself!
















15 thoughts on “Vaccines Revealed 1 – a provaxer’s view

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      • “Simply put, they want you to see a chiropractor for your healthcare.” While watching Vaccines Revealed, I never saw them encouraging you to see a chiropractor. That is your opinion. I think if you saw your child completely change after a vaccine, you would change your tune and question what is really going on with vaccines. Everyone should be looking into a vaccine just like medication. Both have side effects.


      • “I think if you saw your child completely change after a vaccine, you would change your tune and question what is really going on with vaccines.”

        Since we know correlation does not mean causation, we would actually be looking for the actual reason. It could be very important to find out the most probable cause that going on a wild goose chase because some make a claim based on anecdotes.

        If it comes to autism, some have done that very thing. One thing that caused seizures near the time of the DTP vaccine was Dravet Syndrome. It is just one of of many genetic disorders that cause seizures, and autism like syndromes. About half of the genetic sequences relating to autism and some comorbidities have been found. There is a big project to fill in the gaps, because when they are known then actual treatments can be used. Go to this site and sign up your family to help expand the knowledge:

        “Everyone should be looking into a vaccine just like medication. Both have side effects.”

        Again, we have. The side effects should be compared to the consequences of not vaccinating and actually getting the disease. Or even worse passing on that disease to someone who is vulnerable. Sure, an adult is okay coughing their lungs out for two months with pertussis, but if one of those coughs infects a baby under a few months old it could be fatal.


  2. You say, “It’s been dubunked” over and over without any link to actual studies or research, very much UNLIKE the people who are trying to prove vaccines are harmful. They are all about the research, you are just about opinions.

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  3. SO….you watched the “previews” and now all of a sudden you can claim that you know all there is to know about “Vaccines Revealed?” Yeah….that’s what I did…went to University science classes for the first 3 minutes of each lecture and claimed I knew it all. By saying that these “experts” are just chiropractors tells me that you really didn’t watch any of the episodes fully because otherwise you would have realized that it wasn’t just “chiropractors.” BUT… by all means, continue to claim it is safe to inject mercury but you sure can’t clean it up after you break a LED light. Good Lord…


    • I watched the entire series of Vaccines Revealed, the full videos.

      Also, there is no mercury in any vaccines nor was there ever because thimerosal is no more mercury than salt is sodium. I went to my full lectures, including chemistry.


    • Vaccines Revealed was produced by two chiropractors, Beau Pierce and Patrick Gentempo. The series featured a variety of other antivax “experts.” I watched them all but only wrote about 1 and 3 because Wakefield and Kennedy Jr were of most interest to me.


  4. Actually, “Vaccines Revealed” is well researched and documented very thoroughly—it’s . The compendium of research and experts included in this series really gives the thoughtful person pause to think about the questionable veracity of vaccines, who they benefit financially, and their historically poor effectiveness. The vaccine schedules are out of control; the CDC recommended 50 doses of 14 vaccines between day of birth and age six and 69 doses of 16 vaccines between day of birth and age 18 and many of these are multiple doses at one sitting—and climbing all the time! What rationale person would intelligently believe that this is a prudent thing to do? As John Stuart Mill said:”The fatal tendency of mankind is to leave off thinking about a thing when it is no longer doubtful, is the cause of half their errors.”


    • Well, I wrote about how two so-called “experts” are dangerously wrong. I am surprised you don’t appreciate your children being protected from 14-16 diseases today. I sure do. I am very glad my children have an excellent chance of not having any of these diseases AND two of these vaccines prevent cancer! Excellent!

      As for benefiting financially, every single “expert” in the film, and the two chiros who produced it, benefit financially from selling you lies about vaccines.


    • “The compendium of research and experts included in this series really gives the thoughtful person pause to think about the questionable veracity of vaccines, who they benefit financially, and their historically poor effectiveness.”

      Well, since you brought up all of their research, surely you can tell us all about it, with the proper references. First provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers on any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the diseases.

      Remember someone who has been legally stripped of their right to practice medicine is not reputable (Wakefield, Geier). Also qualified means having the requisite education and experience. So no computer scientists (Goldman), lawyers (Kennedy), finance professors, etc.

      Now about that finance stuff… I find that an interesting argument. Could you please provide the verifiable economic studies that it is much cheaper to let kids get sick with pertussis, measles, mumps, Hib, etc instead of getting a simple vaccine? The studies should be of this kind of caliber (available free through the PubMed index):

      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

      J Infect Dis. 2004 May 1;189 Suppl 1:S131-45.
      An economic analysis of the current universal 2-dose measles-mumps-rubella vaccination program in the United States.

      Ah, yeah… “poor effectiveness”… interesting. Before the mid-1960s almost every child in the USA was expected to get measles by they time they were fifteen years old. What happened? You might want to read this (again available free through PubMed):
      J Infect Dis. 2004 May 1;189 Suppl 1:S4-16.
      The clinical significance of measles: a review.

      You should also check this out, it shows what happens when vaccination levels drop:
      Emerg Infect Dis. 1998 Oct-Dec;4(4):539-50.
      Diphtheria in the former Soviet Union: reemergence of a pandemic disease.

      That is why the Russians sent anti-toxins to Spain to help a very sick little boy. Unfortunately it did not work, which is why we try to prevent the “choking angel” (nickname for diphtheria) with the DTaP, Tdap. and Td vaccines.:

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