Truth about vaccines: who are the experts?

I missed out on watching episode three of The Truth about Vaccines.  The episodes are only available for free for 24 hours. I missed episode three. I suppose I could try to find it on youtube but, instead, I decided to bring to you the people behind the series.  It is quite a long list.  It is important to know who they are, why the filmmakers consider them experts, and why they are not truly experts in immunization science. Narrator Ty Bollinger makes frequent claims that his film is unbiased and truthful. Is it? How impartial and free of conflicts of interest are the members of this group?



Robert F. Kennedy, JR – RFK is an attorney, author, and environmental activist. For a while, he was famous for working with Riverkeepers and then Waterkeeper Alliance but has since moved on to The Mercury Project and vaccines. His claims about mercury and vaccines are not supported by scientific consensus. He is lately becoming famous for his choice of words.

Sherri Tenpenny, DO – Sherri is a practicing osteopath in Ohio, USA, who runs a store online for supplements and a website called The Vaccine Library where, for $100 a year, you can access her information on vaccines. She also runs a website called TruthKings, which publishes very dramatic stories related to science and vaccines, rarely providing evidence to support claims. She calls herself a vaccine researcher but she has, in fact, published no research.

Paul Thomas, MD – Paul is a pediatrician with offices in the Portland, Oregon area.  He is a founding member of Physicians for Informed Consent, an antivax group affiliated with many other antivax groups. Dr Paul makes claims about his patients health that are not supported by any actual evidence and he is the author of a book called The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. He claims not to be antivax but then he spends a lot of time saying vaccines are dangerous, without much evidence to support his claims.

Toni Bark, MD – Toni is a former hospital medical director who currently runs an aesthetic beauty clinic and health center in Illinois called The center for disease prevention and reversal.  She is a practicing homeopath who also offers nutrition advice, bio-identical hormones, and aesthetic treatments like dermabrasion. She has, in recent years, become a very outspoken antivax activist.

Mike Adams, Health Ranger – Mike fancies himself a sort of health lone ranger, but this is really a business model for which he has become quite successful. It has been documented that Mike’s original foray into the business of health blogging was based on what he felt would be the most financially lucrative area of the internet. His it no wonder he “has found a way to foster and monetize the most current fear gripping the cultural zeitgeist?”  He is considered a health scammer and has been under investigation by the FBI for his actions.

Andrew Wakefield, former MD – Andy has been involved in two notorious science scandals, both relating to his 2004 study.  Brian Deer’s profile of him is accurate, as is this explanation of the “whistleblower” manufactroversy. Of course,  I watched his film Vaxxed.

Barbara Loe Fisherfounder of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara talks a lot about vaccine risks, including autism, and freedom and choice. She has a son who had a reaction after his fourth DPT shot that she believes led to his learning disabilities. That spurned her into vaccine advocacy, leading to her being one of the authors of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Del Bigtree – former producer of the television talk show, The Doctors, and producer of Vaxxed. Del was a lower tier producer on 32 episodes of The Doctors (out of 1125 total).  He now makes a full time job out of promoting Vaxxed.

Suzanne Humphries, MD – Suzanne is a former nephrologist (currently licensed but not practicing) who, in 2011, devoted herself to studying homeopathy and then gave that up to focus full time on what she perceives as the evils of vaccines. She has been widely criticized for her ahistorical take on vaccines. I have read her book, Dissolving Illusions, and I am familiar with her vitamin C protocol. Her recommendations for vitamin C are based on case studies from the 1930s.

Larry Pavelsky, MD – Larry is a holistic pediatrician in New York state. He is in practice with a host of “alternative health practitioners.” A hallmark of someone not espousing good science is if they offer a store where they sell supplements and whether they offer to cure autism. Larry does both. Throughout the Truth series, Larry’s comments are among the most outrageously disconnected from fact and science.

Brian Hooker, PhD – Brian is an associate professor of biology at Simpson university in California. He has a teenage son on the autism spectrum and has spent much of the last 20 years working on proving that MMR and mercury caused his son’s “vaccine injury.” He was heavily involved with Vaxxed in that it was his now-retracted study that is featured in the film. His claim of vaccine injury was recently denied with medical evidence proved him wrong.  He has a PhD in chemical engineering.

Sayer Ji – businessman Sayer has a degree in philosophy and runs the website, Greenmedinfo, which is a natural health website oft noted for it’s inexplicable inability to properly read scientific studies. He is also an advisory committee member of RFK’s World Mercury Project.

Judy Mikovitz, PhD – Judy is a disgraced scientist who chose to embrace pseudoscience rather than admit she made a mistake. She was a researcher looking into possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and claimed it was caused by a mouse recombinant virus called XMRV.  The reality is that the XMRV was found to be caused by lab contamination, but Judy could not face facts.  Sadly, bad science has a hard time dying and people desperate to repair their reputation sometimes dig themselves in deep holes.

Sin Hang Lee, MD – Sin has made a reputation for himself with his ideas about Gardasil vaccine. Even though his ideas about HPV dna have been widely discredited, he is still sought out by antivaxers.

Stephanie Seneff – Stephanie is Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. That sounds so impressive, doesn’t it. But, why is she trying to study vaccines? This is the question of the day. Lately, she is making incredible claims about vaccines and autism, none of which make any sense.

Marco Ruggiero, MD – Marco is an Italian AIDS denialist and practitioner of autism “cures.” In my world, this makes him pretty low on the respectability totem pole.

Janet Levatin, MD – Janet is in practice with Tenpenny and a known antivaxer.

Joseph Mercola, DO – Joe is the granddaddy of natural health bloggers. He has been in legal trouble for making outlandish claims not based on science and is a millionaire off tanning bed and supplements sales.

Jennifer Margulis, PhD – Jennifer is a writer and known antivaxer. She has no background in science but co-authored Paul’s book (scroll up). She is anti medicine on several fronts, including birth.

Robert Scott Bell, DA, Hom – Robert is a podcaster who supposedly overcame a lot of chronic health conditions with homeopathy (which he now practices) and other natural healing methods.

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD – Tetyana is a currently not employed immunologist who self published a small manual one can buy online.  She makes a lot of strangely unscientific claims, in her book, which has led to her becoming a popular member of the antivax brigade. She is now also a member of Physicians for Informed Consent. It is not clear why she has rejected her training.

Rashid Buttar, DO – Rashid is a known antivaxer.

Debra Gambrell, DO – Debra is an Anthroposophical Medicine Specialist, which means she espouses the theories of Waldorf School founder, Rudolf Steiner, including that disease makes us stronger.

Allison Fomar, JD – Allison is a parental rights activist.

David Wolfe – David is, well, David.  He thinks the earth is flat.

Jeffrey Jaxen – Jeffrey is an independent journalist who often writes for greenmedinfo and appears on the Robert Scott Bell show.

Robert J, Krakow – Robert is an attorney specializing in vaccine and other injuries.

Polly Tommey – Polly is a friend of Andy Wakefield’s and very involved in Vaxxed, including actively travelling the USA in the Vaxxed bus, collecting vaccine injury stories. She doesn’t believe science is truthful and instead believes whatever parents tell her. She has a son on the autism spectrum and believes he is vaccine injured and his life was destroyed. She is known for saying things like vaccines are murdering babies.

Shawn Centers, DO – Shawn is an integrative doctor who believes he can heal autism.

Neil Z Miller – Neil is a vaccine researcher who likes to use VAERS data that has not been medically verified as accurate in his “studies.”

Laura Hayes – Laura is media editor of Age of Autism, which many in the autism community believe is a hate group.

Tim O’Shea, DC – Tim is the author of a self-published book claiming vaccines do not immunize.

Ty and Charlene Bollinger – Ty is a former CPA who now runs the Truth about Cancer website. Charlene is his wife.

Nico LaHood – Nico is District Attorney for Bexar County, Texas. He believes one of his children became autistic after a vaccine and now talks about it in public.

Brandy Vaughan – Brandy is a former Vioxx rep for Merck who now runs a website called Learn the Risk. She thinks vaccine ingredients are highly toxic and raises money to fund a billboard campaign about them. She feels that her two years selling Vioxx makes her an expert in pharmaceutical company practices.

G. Edward Griffin – G. Edward is a far right conspiracy theorist. 

April Boden – April believes vaccines caused her son’s autism.

Tony Muhammad – Tony is a minister with the Nation of Islam and opposes vaccines. He also believes Vaxxed is truthful and vaccines are causing 250% more autism in African American boys.

Erin Crawford – Erin believes she got cancer from the HPV vaccine but this is not supported by medical evidence.

Mario Lamo-Jimenez – Mario is a Colombian author who now speaks at Autismone conferences on HPV vaccine.

Michael R Hugo – Michael is an attorney

Erin Elizabeth – Erin calls herself “the health nut” and is either currently or has overcome every chronic health condition you can think of, including being aborted as a fetus, mold toxicity, vaccine injury, and god knows what else. Read her story, on her blog. It’s astounding. She is Joe Mercola’s girlfriend and spends much of her time, lately, making a list of “holistic” doctors who have died in the past few years. She believes they are all murder victims.

Heather Rice, DC – Heather is a Vermont chiropractor

Erick Zielinski, DC – Erick is a chiropractor, essential oil salesman, and practitioner of “biblical health” and online ministry out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Srinivasulu Gadugu MD – he is a homeopath

Cilla Whatcott, PhD – she is a homeopath

David Lewis – David is a former research microbiologist and now Co-Chair of the Whistleblower Leadership Council.

Heather Wolfson, DC – Heather is a chiropractor from Arizona who believes vaccines are toxic

Jack Wolfson, DO – Jack is a cardiac specialist from Arizona who now runs a practice with this wife wherein they sell supplements and share why they think vaccines are toxic.

David Brownstein, MD – David is a holistic medicine practitioner from Michigan with specialty in thyroid health, arthritis and other chronic conditions. He believes they can all be overcome through diet.

Edward Group, DC – Edward wins the award for the most initials I have ever seen after one person’s name. According to his website, his title is Dr. Edward F Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM. You can check for yourself what all of that means.

Ian Clark – Ian is developer of a nanno-nutrition supplement called Oceans Alive.  Yes, it is supposed to have two Ns.

Heidi Bonaroti – Heidi believes her son’s autism was caused by vaccines.

Muhammed Rafeeque, AA, BHMS – Muhammed is a homeopath who practices in India.

Edda West – Edda is founder of Vaccine Choice Canada, a believer that vaccines cause catastrophic illness and death in children, and a contributor to whale dot to and Vaccine Risk Awareness News.

Edwin Black – Edwin is a syndicated columnist and investigative journalist. He specializes in human rights.

Manuela Malaguti-Boyle, PhD, NMD – has a master’s in philosophy and a degree as a naturopathic doctor. She practices homeopathy and natural medicine in Australia.

Tom and Candace Bradstreet – Tom and Candace are related to Jeffrey Bradstreet, who killed himself as federal officials were about to raid his clinic. He had been accused of using an unproven, unregulated, potentially dangerous “cure” for autism called GcMAF.

Irvin Sahni, MD – Irvin is a pain medicine specialist from San Antonia, Texas.



Do you see what I see? The only person on the list who comes close to claiming any expertise about vaccines is Neil Z Miller and his studies have been widely refuted as not valid since he uses unverified VAERS data. Every person on this list has a reason to be antivax and completely biased against vaccines. They either make a living off the claims that vaccines cause all manner of health problems or they are people who are convinced they or their child experience vaccine harm. These are not unbiased, impartial people. Not at all.


In writing this blog post, I have linked often to several blogs I have come to know and trust over the years. Scienceblogs, Science Based Medicine, the Genetic Literacy Project, Skeptical Raptor, Left Brain Right Brain, and Harpocrates Speaks are blogs I have followed for years. They are all excellent quality. But, don’t take my word for it. My criteria for blog excellence is the following: do they cite their sources, do they back up their claims, do they NOT sell things, and are they good people with good intentions.


As I alway says, think for yourself.



657 thoughts on “Truth about vaccines: who are the experts?

  1. The Amish community don’t vaccinate and they aren’t suffering any plaques. As long as they have access to natural food and a clean atmosphere they will be ok. You don’t need vaccines. The Amish are proof. If what you say is true, then the Amish would have died long ago. Some Amish do vaccinate but most don’t. And not only are they still alive, most of them are actually healthier then the rest of the country. Autism rates and other child illnesses among Amish children is much lower than among the rest of the country. Why is this? Because the Amish eat healthy organic foods and live in a clean environment. That’s the key. If you have a naturally strong immune system, you can survive without vaccines. Now does this means life is perfect for the Amish? Of course not. A few years ago around 300 Amish got measles, however, none of them died from it. They all recovered. And that’s my point. The media is just trying to scare the public to go and get 100 vaccinations because the pharmaceutical corporations make money from that. It’s all about profits. In the last 20 years maybe 5 to 10 people have died from measles in the USA. In that same time period, around 500,000 people have died in motor vehicle accidents. And many more people died from alcohol or cigarette smoking. You have a higher chance of dying from a lightning strike than from measles. The key is good nutrition and clean sanitation. This is why in poor countries you here of people dying from disease outbreaks like measles. The reason is in poor countries a lot of people suffer from poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions, such as unclean drinking water. But in the USA and most wealthy countries nearly everyone has access to nutrition and clean water, etc. But since the vaccine makers make billions of dollars each year of course it’s to their best interest that everyone buys their products and doctors also make money from it. It’s not about safety, it’s for profit $. Now even though I’m not in favor of vaccines, if people want to vaccinate they should have that right. But at the same time, people who don’t want to vaccinate should also have the same right. I’m against forcing people to vaccinate. People should have a free will to choose. Freedom and liberty

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    • Claims posted without any form of evidence can be safely ignored.

      Death is not the only bad outcome for measles. It also causes pneumonia in about one in twenty cases, and encephalitis in about one in a thousand cases. This results in very expensive hospital, and sometimes permanent injury like blindness, deafness, and cognitive loss. Even in developed countries like the USA and UK. See: The Clinical Significance of Measles: A Review

      Since you also are making claims about vaccines being profitable, you need to provide the economic analysis that it would be better to stop providing two MMR doses, and going back to the days when every kid got measles by the age of fifteen. Essentially you must provide something like this:J Infect Dis. 2004 May 1;189 Suppl 1:S131-45.
      An economic analysis of the current universal 2-dose measles-mumps-rubella vaccination program in the United States.

      We anxiously wait for that PubMed indexed study by reputable qualified persons that it is cheaper to treat measles instead of preventing it.

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      • Chris..there IS one FACT you are leaving out..that the one woman who USED to head up the CDC and gave the thumbs up to Merke’s own MMR vaccine wound up one OF THE HEADS OF MERKE! u say follow the $$$…having an insider for Big Pharma is about like having KKK insiders investigating a white cop killing UNARMED ppl of color!..there should be NO SKIN INTHE GAME when doing science!!!!..otherwise..most likely CORRUPT!..its also like using the gun manufacturers to say whether or not to go to war..see my point??..for myself..I AM vaccine injured..US Army..1985..I was tricked into 8 yrs..4 active 4 reserves..had I not had a fractured pelvis b4 the 1st Iraq war..I would have been there..I have had Raynauld’s Phenomenon ever since..wanna know what it’s like to have to wear gloves just to get frozen veggies from my own freezer??..painful I can tell you..and let’s not forget that Squalene in flu shots ARE proven to cause GUILLAIN BARRE..ITS ON THE VACCINE INSERTS!!..Squalene was proven in 2007 BY TULANE UNIVERSITY TO CAUSE ALS, MS, LUPUS R. ARTHRITIS, FIBROMYALGIA, ETC..ALL Autoimmune diseases! this B.S. You are spewing about these PROFESSIONALS is terrible..can YOU prove they are giving bad advice?? I mean physically prove it..NOT just repeat what those in authority WANT us to hear?..again I say..follow the money

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      • Inserts don’t list proven side effects

        Do you understand what makes a study valid? It’s a scientific principle, validity. If you do not know what I mean, enroll in a few courses at your local college, particularly upper class research methods and statistical analyais. I have taken several courses of each.

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      • Kat: “Chris..there IS one FACT you are leaving out..that the one woman who USED to head up the CDC and gave the thumbs up to Merke’s own MMR vaccine wound up one OF THE HEADS OF MERKE! u say follow the $$$…”

        Claims posted without any form of evidence can be safely ignored.

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      • Oh come off it Chris that is a known fact and you are talking to an army vet who is sharing his own experience. This site is disgusting. I am sick to death of these fake sites popping up on the net trying to pretend they are authorities on these subjects. They are not.


      • Sorry, but Chris and I both know more about the science than you. It is quite obvious. I would highly recommend you enroll in some upper class research methods and statistical analysis classes at your local university. I have taken several courses in each area. Upper class meaning Junior level or above.


      • Being an Army vet does not automatically make everything they say is true. I know, my Army vet dad spouted all sorts of nonsense. Mostly because he was gullible.

        This still stands: Claims posted without any form of evidence can be safely ignored.

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      • Chris, they posted a thread about me in an antivax Facebook group called Stop Mandatory Vaccines. They linked to here. So these “smartypants” think they are warriors. Kinda sad how they are so ignorant, huh? And mean! You should have seen the nastiness they posted. I have screen shots. I might make another “antivaxers are mean” blog post.

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      • Thanks, I don’t do Facebook.

        I noticed their guru Larry Cook was mentioned as one of those who would send his minions to harass parents who have lost children to vaccine preventable children. Many of them using horrible insults, multiple times.

        I guess if you do not have actual evidence then their logic resorts to insults, conspiracy theories and cruelty to grieving families.

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      • What are you talking about? I have University level biology and I never presented any scientific studies. I also do not belong to any anti-vaxx groups. It is a fact that Julie from the CDC was offered a job at Merck. You just made fun of someone’s ability to spell and completely dismissed a vet who told his own story. Who is mean here ? Are either of you PhDs … I doubt it. Two people with college level science decide to start a board and pretend to be experts on vaccines. Sorry, but anyone can do that on the web these days. Are either of you toxicologists? No…so do not go there with me.


    • “Amish children were hospitalized for vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) at significantly higher rates than other children, researchers found.” So, I am not sure why you think I should value the Amish way of life. They also run puppy mills and their children have a high rate of genetic health issues.

      Measles has a minimum of 30% complication rate. Just because people did not die does not mean they did not suffer. And, all of them are at risk now for SSPE.

      In the last ten years, according to CDC Wonder database, 39 people have died from SSPE in USA and two people have died from measles. Meanwhile, no one has died from MMR.

      Neither nutrition nor sanitation prevent measles or keep people from getting complications or SSPE.

      Vaccines are one of the least profitable of pharma products.

      Provaxers deserve the liberty to be free from disease. Our children deserve the freedom to go to school and no be exposed to deadly diseases. Stop being so selfish.

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      • “Our children deserve the freedom to go to school and no be exposed to deadly diseases.”

        Thank you. In fact a recent Seattle Times article noted that 800 kids in Clark County were being told to stay home. At least the quarantine works in our state.

        Also, a judge in the state of New York confirmed that “rules is rules”… if your kid is not vaccinated, they need to stay at home during an outbreak, even in a private school:

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      • Hey Vaccinesworkblog
        You missed some VERY important info..its ON THE VACCINE INSERTS!..ENCEPHALITIS IS ONE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS OF CERTAIN VACCINES!!..geesh!.. why can’t ppl ACTUALLY see ALL of the data..not just REPEAT what bought off inside tell!! as I say..not as I do..why not demand the vaccine records of those ultra wealthy vaccine makers and their kids!!..let’s see WHO really believes in the VERY product they create!!..I don’t want words..I want PROVEN facts!..and fyi..I spent 13 yrs with an OLD SCHOOL horse vet whom I saw CURE pneumonia in 3 yearling colts who were sent home to die as they had NOT responded to conventional treatments..he cured them in only FOUR(4) DAYS!..he used 50/50 IV shots of Gentamicin combined with liquid stabilized oxygen..and IM shot of Penicillin..he also flushed their sinuses each day..with..of all things..warm DILUTED old rations merthiolate..aka..mersol..
        He also was cussing mad after he gave his own gelding the 1st of 3 west Nile vaccines..and that horse had an adverse reaction to it and he said out loud “why did I listen to them, i should have KNOW BETTER!”…followed by a number of cuss words!..he only gave his horses vaccines required by law..none other..including the virus abortion vaccine..he also healed open wounds with none other than hydrated lyme!..yes the SAME very stuff you put on stall floors to kills the SAME stuff you put on garden plants..AND use in CANNING VEGGIES!!..heals wounds from the inside out!!..even kills proud flesh!
        He also taught me the “catch phrases” of those only in it for the money!
        So cut the BULL💩!..


      • That would include the 30 vaccinated kids who came down with whooping cough in an LA school wouldn’t it Chris. They should have stayed at home. Funny enough the 18 kids in the school who are not vaccinated are all well. Thankfully, informed consent and the freedom to choose is in the BNA Act of 1867 so forced vaccines will never be made mandatory here. In fact Health Canada says 90% of adult Canadians are not up to date with any vaccine and are at risk. I have not had a vaccine since childhood with no plans to get one. Maybe the 90% of Canadian adults should be banned from every public building as well…schools, grocery stores, malls, airports. Vaccination is no guarantee of immunity. Even with the measles vaccine, there is a 10% fail rate and immunity wanes after a number of years with most vaccines and that is why they make boosters that very few people get later in life. You will never have herd immunity for this simple reason. 95% of the population are not protected at any given time so there will always be small outbreaks in society…and that includes in the recently vaccinated and distantly vaccinated.


      • A school with 98% vaccination rate. Since pertussis vaccine does not prevent pertussis in 100% of vaccinated, it is a vaccine win that only 30 got sick out of several thousand. Vaccines worked in this case. They kept the outbreak small and contained.


      • If your children are vaccinated, you shouldn’t care, according to the logic of how a vaccine works, right?


      • Dear JWarren, please tell us your sure fire way to protect a child from measles, mumps, and chicken pox before their first birthday.

        I have taken care of a six month old infant who got chicken pox a year before the vaccine was available. So I really want to know how you protect children before they are old enough to get the vaccine, especially if they have older siblings.


      • You are more than welcome Kat. You can look it up on Children’s Health Defense on Facebook. You will find it there. I already follow the Environmental group Waterkeepers which he is with. He took a stand with the Native Americans at Standing Rock. He will always have my deepest respect for his work on corrupt environmental practices. Sites like this never will.


      • Not really. I know you think Kenney Jr is a hero but if you took some research methods courses at a local college and then a few courses on statistical analysis, you would understand why Del and RFKjr are full of BS.

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      • Not really. It shows how lawyers distort things for that big pay off. Case in point: Clifford Shoemaker.

        Check out this ruling from when Brian Hooker lost his Vaccine Court case:

        Which says:

        Mr. Shoemaker has previously shown astoundingly poor judgment in attempting to bill the Program for amounts to be paid to Dr. Geier. For example, in one case, Mr. Shoemaker, almost unbelievably, attempted to bill the Program for the costs of a trip by himself, Dr. Mark Geier, and David Geier to France and Italy, allegedly to interview medical experts. The special master denied the claimed costs, labelling the attempt to bill such costs as an “extreme example of [Mr. Shoemaker’s] error in billing judgment.”

        Shoemaker is also the lawyer that tried to silence a critic, and ended getting disciplined by a judge.

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      • Thanks for the course plug but I took stats at a Ottawa U and I worked in law. His facts stand up and they would stand up in a court of law which you know nothing about. His facts also stood up in a court of law against Monsanto, one of the most corrupt companies on the planet who bought off scientists at Cantox in Mississauga to sign their false report and presented it to Health Canada. Another fact that even the CBC reported on…that is CBC and not CDC.


      • I would think if you based science on legal rulings, we would be no better than declaring real biology was bunk and all must follow Lysenko.

        That only caused several million people to starve to death in both the Soviet Union and China.

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      • The jury was obviously better informed then you were once they were presented with the evidence in this case.


      • The only bullpoop I am reading here is from you two talking heads. The money changing hands is not from the 78 million dollar Monsanto verdict. The money that changed hands involved Monsanto and Cantox in Mississauga, who then sent a falsified report to Health Canada. I am quite sure the jury was given plenty of scientific evidence to help them reach their “emotional” conclusion. Glyphosate, which was classified as most likely carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in March 2015 has been banned in 15 countries already. No, it will not be overturned and all the wishful thinking on your part will not make it so.


      • My apologies to Kat when I wrote “his”. Thank you for your service first of all, which is what a real human being would say to another human being instead of trying to win a point. I am sorry you were damaged by a vaccine and live in pain now. I believe you and please know there are plenty of people out there that do, including those with University degrees in biology and chemistry and informed juries. My advice to you is not to waste your time on fake sites on the internet.


      • It is called scientific fraud and unless a science report comes from an independent source with no backing or interest in the company involved that makes the product, that report should be thrown out. The problem is this kind of scientific fraud takes place all the time and it takes place in the pharmaceutical industry as well. If you are not aware of that fact you better start to dig deep. The first thing I want to know in ANY scientific study or report is who backed and funded the study. If there are no conflicts I accept the findings but there are too many guns for hire out there. All the best Kat. I don’t care what the other two have to say about this simple fact.


      • I can’t even begin to comment on the stupidity of what Bayer/Monsanto is saying along with Health Canada who constantly refers to the Cantox study in the news, when other countries have done their own studies and have banned the product including Germany, Belgium, Bermuda, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka who also linked the product to fatal chronic kidney disease and El Salvador who did the same, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, France when President Emmanuel Macron announced in November 2017, an outright ban on glyphosate. Other countries are following suit so when Health Canada finally wakes up and smells the Agent Orange, it will be too late for a number of people. I really don’t care about the USA where money is God, makers of these crap products that kill people, because the whole country is corrupt from the elections and corporate lobbyists who buy off politicians to vote their way, to the scientific fraud and the corrupt EPA and DEA and FDA and CDC, to fake sites like this run by God knows who and backed by God knows who. Two talking heads armed with college level science….the experts. Don’t make me laugh.

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  2. Yes, “Get Off the Net” should actually get off the ‘net. There is something not right about flooding an old blog post. Most people would call it “trolling”, but there is something else going.

    From this article at the Washington Post yesterday in an article titled: “”Anti-vaxxers trolled a doctor’s office. Here’s what scientists learned from the attack”

    It says, with added emphasis: “About three weeks later, Hermann started seeing the anti-vaccine comments flood in. Hermann said he banned 838 commenters in the first six days. Comments were not specific to the HPV vaccine. Commenters in the random sample were spread across 36 states and eight countries, including California, Texas, Oregon and Australia, where anti-vaccination sentiment is strong. Many of the attacks came from a small number of commenters, including some who were posting more than 100 times, Hermann said.”

    Is that last sentence you, dear person with the morphing pseudonym? If so, then please ask your family to get some help.


  3. This author sounds like a paid Big Pharma schill. I’ve exposed many of them over the different sites. Tell me, do you have to show screen shots that you changed someone’s mind before you can submit your invoice for payment?


    • Yawn. Instead of actually presenting real data and evidence, you must resort to the old stale boring Pharma Shill Gambit:

      Here is an idea: prove it is cheaper to treat diseases like measles, HIb, pertussis, tetanus instead of preventing them. Basically present an economic analysis that disproves this one:
      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

      Case in point: a little boy got tetanus in Oregon, he spent over a month in the ICU and the final bill was over $800,000. Apparently the anti-vax folks are a gift for Big Pharma and Big Hospital.


      • ” Apparently the anti-vax folks are a gift for Big Pharma and Big Hospital.”

        Thanks. That gave a nice giggle.


  4. As of November 30, 2018, there have been more than 93,179 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 459 related deaths, 6,936 hospitalizations, and 1,748 related disabilities. Over 50% of those adverse events occurred in children three years old and under. However, the numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths reported to VAERS may not reflect the true number of serious health problems that occur develop after MMR vaccination.


    • VAERS is raw data. One needs to understand the limitations.

      “When reviewing data from VAERS, please keep in mind the following limitations:
      VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning that reports about adverse events are not automatically collected, but require a report to be filed to VAERS. VAERS reports can be submitted voluntarily by anyone, including healthcare providers, patients, or family members. Reports vary in quality and completeness. They often lack details and sometimes can have information that contains errors.

      “Underreporting” is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events. The degree of underreporting varies widely. As an example, a great many of the millions of vaccinations administered each year by injection cause soreness, but relatively few of these episodes lead to a VAERS report. Physicians and patients understand that minor side effects of vaccinations often include this kind of discomfort, as well as low fevers. On the other hand, more serious and unexpected medical events are probably more likely to be reported than minor ones, especially when they occur soon after vaccination, even if they may be coincidental and related to other causes.

      A report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine was given. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine.”

      With that in mind, it is important to remember most all VAERS reports are about issues not really caused by vaccines.

      I read some NVIC Medalert VAERS reports recently and found page after page of causes of death not related to vaccines at all, including SIDS, sepsis, heart conditions, congenital defects, etc.


  5. Maybe the discussion here should be limited to facts about the effectiveness and problems of vaccines. And they should come from reputable sources, eg peer reviewed journals. Ulterior motives, anecdotal evidence, legal cases etc are not relevant to or not reliable information about the use of vaccines. They are just noise.


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