Why I don’t believe the Vaxxed bus stories

To remind you, Vaxxed is the film produced by Andy Wakefield that makes claims about MMR causing autism. I watched it and reviewed it here.  The Vaxxed bus is an RV decorated thematically to resemble the DVD package. It travels America with a revolving team of antivaxers, interviewing people who claim a vaccine injury or have unvaccinated children they believe are very healthy.  The main player is Polly Tommey, who fervently believes the MMR caused her son’s autism and that vaccines murder children and pediatricians are murderers.  She believes every story told to her and requires no proof to verify any claims. She films the stories and also allows the names of the “vaccine injured” to be written on the bus in white.  You can see some of them below.


Here is why I believe that nearly all Vaxxed stories are not really vaccine injuries: there is not only no evidence to verify most of the claims, there is often evidence to the contrary. 

Note:  I don’t doubt these are stories of real health issues and I feel tremendous sympathy for all these families.  I don’t think they are lying about the health issues but I do think there are too many holes in their claims to take them seriously. I also believe they are doing harm to both public health and their children’s health by denying the reality of the health issues. For example, we know SIDS risk is cut by 50% in vaccinated children. Blaming vaccines for SIDS and not vaccinating infants for that reason puts them at greater risk for SIDS. 

Let’s look at some of the more public examples of Vaxxed injury claims. I will not be violating anyone’s privacy and will only share names and pictures that are on public sites.

Ariella Aisha Talha’s story first came to my attention in mid 2015.  She is number 1229 on the Vaxxed bus. Reading the story, it seemed pretty obvious to me that the child had Krabbe Disease, a 100% fatal genetic condition. The story (first blue link) is that “Her galactocerebrosidase was low. Indicating it could possibly be Krabbe disease, or another disease similar.” The parents, however, refused to believe and, instead, blamed her vaccines. And now they also blame toxic mold, an idea they got not from the hospital but from a “mold doctor” in their area. I am actually allergic to mold and I can promise you mold does not cause a brain to shrink nor does it cause developmental delays.

As her condition deteriorated, they continue to seek attention for her supposed “vaccine injury,” including fundraising quite a bit for natural treatments for her. Meanwhile, public posts about her continued to show her condition deteriorating as expected with Krabbe Disease. Ariella passed away in August of 2016, shortly after her baby sister was born. Rumor has it that the baby was conceived because they wanted to use stem cells from her to cure Ariella.  And, unfortunately, it appears the most recent baby also has Krabbe Disease. Since she is unvaccinated, this time they are saying she has suffered damage from toxic mold. They have been raising funds to pay for a doctor who supposedly treats patients for toxic mold-related illnesses.

I feel for these two babies and their parents. It must be horrible to watch your child slowly dying. This post is not a personal attack on them at all. I am reading their public posts and going off what they say. If they want to believe vaccines caused low galactocerebrosidase, that is their choice. Science tells me that Krabbe Disease is the genetic cause of this enzyme-making gene mutation. 


Hannah Robinson is #20 on the Vaxxed bus. Her story has gotten quite famous, even appearing in the news in her state. Screenshots I have seen from her pages show her to have gone on multiple trips to the emergency room for paralysis, seizures, pain, and other reported issues. Each time, tests are run and doctors find nothing wrong with her. Her family hints that doctors want to refer to a psychologist, but they have refused to take her to one. They took her to multiple different specialists and she had to drop out of school, due to her health problems. I would guess she had a conversion disorder, which is not a made up illness but a disorder where “the physical symptoms are thought to be an attempt to resolve the conflict the person feels inside.”  But, since her parents refused to take her to a psychologist, they never considered this diagnosis. Hannah also claimed she was infertile. Meanwhile, she had a baby boy earlier this summer and appears to have recovered from a great many of her health issues.  Finally, her claim of vaccine injury was denied for lack of evidence and because the “record neither reveals a “Table Injury” nor contains a medical expert’s opinion or other persuasive evidence indicating that her injuries were caused by a vaccination.”

Colton Berrett is another story of HPV injury.  I found his video interview but not his number on the bus.  Three weeks after his third HPV vaccine, on February 21, 2104,  he started to experience symptoms of neck soreness. He was diagnosed with transverse myelititis.  His family has not, to date, filed a vaccine injury claim.  At this point, the statute of limitations for filing has passed. Still, Colton and his mom continue to believe the HPV vaccine caused his TM and not that it could be caused by a wild virus, which is much more likely.  I am not sure which number he is on the bus.

UPDATE 1/6/2018  Colton has passed away. May he rest in peace.  This is very sad to learn, but, as we read above, it is likely to NOT be related to the HPV vaccine at all. Condolences to his family.

This weekend, I followed an antivaxer named Lu Drago who was trolling a provax Facebook page back to her profile to see why she is so ardently opposed to vaccines. I found her son, #527 on the bus, a survivor of congenital heart disease, a child with clear epicanthal folds on his eyes (sign of Down Syndrome or some other genetic disorder), and autistic. Rather than blame genetics, apparently his autism is the fault of vaccines. Meantime, several genetic disorders that include epicanthal folds among symptoms are comorbid ( existing simultaneously with) autism.  This woman is devoted to the idea that vaccines are the greatest evil on earth. Why doesn’t she spend her time on something more positive, like support for children with genetic disorders?

Look at all these names.


Supposedly, there are now 6000 names on the bus and the Vaxxed bus tour continues.  I have not read all 6000 stories but I have a few hundred. Only one was an actual, bonafide vaccine injury, compensated in court.  When Polly interviews these families, she never asks for any evidence. In fact, she makes a big deal about how parents should be trusted and doctors should not. Parents know what is best. Polly preaches to her followers that doctors are not to be trusted.  How does that help children?  How does that help children live longer and healthier?  We know that SIDS and infant mortality rates are at time lows in developed countries, including USA.  Why doesn’t Polly know this?  Why doesn’t she know that there is no autism epidemic, that diagnosis change is responsible for much of the rising rate.

Most importantly, what has happened in these people’s lives that they do not believe what science is telling them, that they believe their opinions over evidence?

If you want me to believe you or your child are vaccine injured, you better pony up some actual evidence.  I am fully aware that vaccines can cause injury, but at a rate of 5500 claims compensated and 3 plus billion vaccines given, in the last 30 years in USA, the risk of vaccine injury is literally 0.000016%.


This bus and this list are not helping keep children healthy.


Remember to always think for yourself,



PS This is another good post about the veracity, or not, of vaccine injury stories. Written by another Kathy.


PPS: I welcome comments from all walks but any comments that call me nasty names, threaten me, refer to the possibility of me burning in hell for all eternity, or harass me in any similar manner will be trashed. 

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  1. Pretty much what I expected about those stories. I do feel bad for any family that has to deal with severe medical issues, but they are doing harm to their children and the public by denying facts and blaming vaccines. The effect on public health is unpardonable. This is why vaccine mandates have to be implemented (in California, France, Italy).

    These stories continue to show how anti-vaxxers always think it’s the vaccines. Always. I’ve read stories of unvaccinated children getting the chicken pox. The parents blame shedding from a recently vaccinated child. How can they possibly know this?

    An unvaccinated child gets pertussis. The parents blame a recently vaccinated individual who is a “asymptomatic carrier.” Again, why are they so sure?

    It’s always the vaccines.

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      • Several reasons. 1. I worry about your health. I don’t want you or your children to suffer. 2. I worry that you could be a disease vector and spread a VPD. Since vaccines don’t work 100%, we are all at risk the more people don’t vaccinate. 3.I worry about the people who cannot get vaccinated and rely on herd immunity to be protected.


      • This. This is the problem right here. You are putting others at risk. You are putting my vaccinated newborn at risk. I am taking every precaution that a decent human being would to protect my child from preventable disease and you (and others who choose not to vaccinate themselves and their children) are jeopardising that by being scared of medical professionals. How dare you, you peice of human trash.

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      • Several reasons. 1. I worry about your health. I don’t want you or your children to suffer. 2. I worry that you could be a disease vector and spread a VPD. Since vaccines don’t work 100%, we are all at risk the more people don’t vaccinate. 3.I worry about the people who cannot get vaccinated and rely on herd immunity to be protected.


    • Yes, I agree. Vaccine mandates and limiting exemptions is the only thing that is going to work to increase vax rates.

      And isn’t it funny how they don’t get that if one is asymptomatic, then one has no symptoms. Meaning, no cough or sneeze. So, how is pertussis magically getting from the symptomless person to others?


      • But, if everyone was vaccinated, then no one would get pertussis. So, there would be no symptomless carriers. And, if they are symptomless, they are not spreading pertussis in the first place. Yes, we need a better vax but it is better than being unvaxed.


      • The pertussis Vax is ineffective as reviewed in many Medical journals. Scientific American also did a long article on this topic.
        Another correction is that the US currently has the highest infant and Maternal Mortality rates in developed countries and worse then many developing countries. Most outbreaks in VPD are in vaccinated individuals. The mumps vax manufacturer currently has a whistleblower case in PA for false data concerning efficacy Which has come home to roost with the college breakout’s.
        If Vaccines are safe in the current reckless schedule then let’s repeal the 1986 national childhood vaccine injury act passed under Reagan. Let the industry stand by it’s products.
        Lastly, there are zero Cumulative safety studies on the current Vaccine schedule or long term risks analysis for carcinogenicity and autoimmunity. More research needs to be done bf we remove exemption

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      • Actually, the USA does not have the highest infant and Maternal Mortality rates. Ours are higher than some other countries which have higher taxes, more social welfare, less poverty, and universal healthcare. I wrote a three-part series on the topic, with links to all the data, including IMR and SIDS rates in USA and other countries, autism rates, vaccine schedules for most western countries, and more.

        Our SIDS rate is at an all time low and our infant mortality rate, which fell 15% in last ten years, is also at an all time low. If we ever get the selfish republicans to stop thinking only of themselves, our IMR and MMR will improve.

        You can find part one here:


        Yes, there are carcinogenicity studies on the ingredients. Visit the EPA IRIS database.

        And there are many studies on the vaccine schedule. Just not the double-blind, saline-placebo on you antivaxers want. Pubmed is your friend!

        Nothing in your post is new to me.


    • “We are still in our vaccine trials, using aluminium adjuvants, or indeed sometimes other aluminium adjuvanted vaccines as placebos or controls in clinical trials for vaccines, and clearly that’s wrong. Because in that way we are not testing the safety of the adjuvant.”

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    • Wow… You clearly just showed how much research you haven’t done. Even those that create and promote the vaccines state that “shedding” can occur after vaccination, just as it happens with chemo in cancer patients (which is a known fact), and it has also been documented that those who get the pertussis vaccination have the potential to carry the virus without symptoms (aka asymtomatic carrier).

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    • My son’s name is on that bus. He got encephalitis (diagnosed by our Harvard trained neuro) from the MmR and went from. Ever having a delay to severe ASD in 3 months. The stories are real and this “writer” is so desperate claiming Andy Wakefield claims the MMR causes autism. It does and the CDC has covered it up as proven in the 10,000 documents delivered to Posey.

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      • Gin Baggs. I am sorry to hear this. My son’s name is on the bus as well. Our health freedom movement is coming full circle as the truth keeps spilling all over Pharma’s corruption. They’re running out of places to hide. I won’t back down.

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      • I suspect the real story is that the neurologist only diagnosed the encephalitis, but did not give any real reason. Mostly because the reasons are often very difficult to determine.

        My son had seizures when he was two days old, and more later with a what may be a now vaccine preventable disease (just a guess). The neurologist would only say that the seizures “may or may not” be related to his neurodevelopmental delays, which he called “static encephalopathy” … which (as described by someone in his office) is neurologist speak for “we know something is wrong, but not what is wrong nor how it was caused.”

        Most likely what really happened is the neurologist shrugged his/her shoulders and said “maybe.” Mostly because the job of a neurologist is to work with the results of brain injury, not the actual reason. The tests they order are looking for relevant solutions (therapy, drugs, diet), not causes.

        The only blood test I have ever had ordered by a neurologist was for a weird metabolic disorder that would have required a special diet, nothing to do with viral levels (they are not infection disease docs). They rely on the tests done by the medical staff when the child is in the emergency center (which for my newborn was a CT-scan and EEGs, not blood tests, they just gave him antibiotics for a week just in case). They do give lots of EEG tests (the sleep EEG is not fun, try keeping a toddler up all night so they are asleep during office hours!), and will order other weird tests on the general status of bodily fluids, but not the two week effect of vaccines. (this was before MRI scans)

        The explanation from the neurologist about my kid’s had seizures after an actual illness was that the medical literature shows that some viral conditions might cause seizures. He did not even name the disease. The EEG taken in his office was normal, which is why he was not put back on phenobarbital (which he was given after his first seizures, but removed from it when he self-weaned by using the same small dosage by growing from a newborn to a walking toddler… a month before he got sick).

        Anecdotes are not evidence. Signing a name on the side of bus is not proof. Now if Gin Baggs got a favorable ruling from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, that might be something to pay attention to. But only after we read the full testimony of that neurologist.

        I hope her/his next post will be a link to that ruling to show us that Harvard educated neurologist positively proved the present American MMR caused encephalitis. Though we do need to remember that legal rulings do not equate to scientific evidence.

        This is admissible evidence:

        Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2006 Sep;25(9):768-73.
        Encephalopathy after whole-cell pertussis or measles vaccination: lack of evidence for a causal association in a retrospective case-control study.

        Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5;30(2):247-53.
        Lack of association between childhood immunizations and encephalitis in California, 1998-2008.

        Pediatrics. 2015 Feb;135(2):e321-9.
        Safety of measles-containing vaccines in 1-year-old children.

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      • I agree with you my daughter receive shot when she had flu I didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to get a shot was developing normal talking than next day bad yellow diarrhea wouldn’t stop dr said give her bananas in a can Spanish store i finally went to another doctor wouldn’t stop very bad smell i personal never smelled any thing like it i took care of my nephews nothing like it my daughter is healed now adult doctors say no autism pray and sonrise


      • Sadly, Maddie was very depressed and killed herself. I wonder if her mother blaming the vaccine for her symptoms led to her not getting proper treatment.

        As for Hanna, she was never vaccine injured. She had what is called conversion disorder and needed pysch help. Another story of a child denied good treatment because her mother irrationally blamed the vaccine.

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      • That article says nothing about the risk of the vaccine, it is only about its efficacy… in bonobos. Which is why the last paragraph say:

        Finding out exactly how the different vaccines convey immunity might lead to a better pertussis shot, which Harvill, Merkel and their colleagues hope to develop over the next several years. “Clearly, the natural infection and whole-cell vaccine are stimulating some response besides the antibody response, and we’re trying to find out what,” Merkel says.

        The DTaP also prevents the affects of the toxins caused by diphtheria and tetanus, not just that of pertussis. Plus there is no permanent immunity to any of those three diseases. If you survive a bout with diphtheria or tetanus, you can get re-infected almost immediately.

        Also, after coughing your lungs out for over two months with a wild pertussis infection, you can get it again in as short as five years:
        Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2005 May;24(5 Suppl):S58-61.
        Duration of immunity against pertussis after natural infection or vaccination.

        It is unrealistic to think a vaccine should convey better immunity than the actual disease. It a classic Nirvana Fallacy.

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      • The baboon studies, both of them, tell us that vaccinated baboons, when exposed to wild pertussis, don’t get sick but they can still have the bacteria in their throats. They are asymptomatic. They are not spreading disease. The unvaxxed baboons, however, got severely ill when exposed to wild virus and did spread it.

        The baboon studies also tell us that vaccinated pregnant baboons had babies who were also protected from pertussis.

        In other words, the vaccine may have a waning immunity issue but it is far better than nothing.

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      • I have never seen any one in the medical community say that something is NEVER caused by vaccines unless it has been well tested, like autism, and that conclusion is based on a lot of data. Epilepsy is another one that is not caused by vaccines but vaccines can trigger a seizure in an already existing seizure disorder.


  2. There are so many of these stories and they all fall along the same theme. Same story with our neighbors child. Sorry but there is something to this even if the author does not want to admit it

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    • All the more reason that they should turn to science to find out why. There are several known genetic sequences for autism and other genetic diseases, and they can help fill in the gaps. What they should do is sign up this:

      By the way, my son has a genetic heard disorder that is the most common cause of young cardiac death: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. They have discovered at least eighteen different sequences that cause, unfortunately he as none of those.

      It would be nice if he would fill out the forms, since he also has autism. Unfortunately he is an adult, and we can’t make him do. So I like to encourage other families to take part.

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      • There is NO genetic connection with those that have autism. The latest studies show its s link between various viruses and environmental toxins, both of which are IN VACCINES!

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      • Stephanie: “There is NO genetic connection with those that have autism.”

        Really? I am assuming you did not bother to click on my link. But, still do tell us all about it. But first watch this video:

        “The latest studies show its s link between various viruses and environmental toxins, both of which are IN VACCINES!”

        List them. Make sure they are PubMed indexed studies by reputable researchers.

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    • There are a few thousand of these stories and a few million stories about vaccine-preventable disease disabilities, suffering and death (from before vaccines). There are hundreds of millions, maybe even a few billion, successful vaccine stories. Why go with the itty bitty irrational minority?


      • What fuels the “itty bitty irrational minority” is mostly the medical neglect for kids who really were vaccine injured because “vaccines are safe.” They are swept under the rug and left to die. If it happened to your kid, you would want to burn the medical industry to the ground too.


      • What makes you think I don’t have a kid with autism? What makes you think I didn’t lose a kid to SIDS or have a miscarriage? What makes you think any of us provaxers haven’t dealt with pain and suffering in similar ways? We just handle it rationally and don’t blame vaccines for that which they are proven not to cause. We put our energy into actual science. Like, I know a few people who lost children to meningitis and now they work hard for meningitis foundations, to spread awareness. They both helped get Men B vaccine on the US market. I know some people who’ve lost babies to SIDS who work hard to spread awareness of the things one can to to prevent it: back to sleep, not smoking, vaccines, safe sleeping environment. I know people who suffered disabilities from VPDs, before vaccines were invented, who work hard to today’s children don’t have to suffer the same. I know people who have children on the autism spectrum who work hard to prevent abuse from unproven, dangerous “cures” and to advocate for awareness and support. I know adults with autism who work hard in same ways and also advocate for vaccines because they abhor antivaxers calling them damaged. I know lots of people who have a lot of reasons to be on the irrational Vaxxed bus but they chose to be rational and follow the evidence instead of their emotions.

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  3. VaccinesWorkBlog Kathy must be the coldest, most UNempathetic, bordering on the top narcissistic unconscionable megalomaniac human on the planet. Its people like her that make this planet hell.


      • Because….the disease gives you LIFETIME immunity, unlike the vaccines. My name is one that bus…you don’t know me or my story. You make more assumptions that the people you are criticizing. Your day of reckoning will come, hopefully before you’re too senile to understand the damage you’ve done.


      • You can have pertussis and tetanus more than once. It is not uncommon to have chicken pox more than once. I had it twice. There are so many strains of flu, that having one doesn’t give you lifetime immunity to the others. There are rare cases of people getting measles more than once.

        I have done no damage. I support what is the best way to keep the most people healthy and safe. I am proud of my advocacy. And, I never make threats to people or harass them.

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      • Wrong, wrong, wrongety wrong. I personally had mumps twice, the second time was in 1968 during a mumps epidemic. You never fully recover from chicken pox, it goes dormant to come back later as shingles. You can get tetanus and diphtheria again if you actually manage to recover. You can get pertussis again as early as five years after you have spent two months coughing your lungs out:
        Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2005 May;24(5 Suppl):S58-61.
        Duration of immunity against pertussis after natural infection or vaccination.

        And if a child survive measles their immune system is suppressed for years, making them more vulnerable to death from other diseases:
        J Infect. 2017 Jun;74 Suppl 1:S10-S17. doi: 10.1016/S0163-4453(17)30185-8.
        Measles, immune suppression and vaccination: direct and indirect nonspecific vaccine benefits.

        But since you dismissed a little boy dying a long and painful death from SSPE from getting measles, I assume you don’t care if kids suffer and die.

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    • Really? And yet I stated in the blog that I empathize tremendously with anyone who has lost a child or has a sick child but since most all these stories are of issues not caused by vaccines then these stories are not helping keep us safe. I want to keep the most children safe as possible. Seems narcissistic to me to blame vaccines for one’s issues and post about it repeatedly. That is all about getting the parent’s attention, now isn’t it? If it was about keeping children safe, they would go with proven, evidence-based facts.

      I think you are just butthurt because you got your world view shattered.


      • You believe your worldview is the only valid one. I do believe some of the Vaxxed bus stories may be cases of misdiagnosis, especially your point about the case of possible Krabbe’s disease. However, there are many formerly provax pediatricians who became vaccine skeptical after watching some of their own patients develop severe, regressive autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. Others mention seizures or SIDS happening within minutes or hours after earlier childhood vaccines. It made them research other countries that have been outcomes on those issues. Dr. Paul Thomas is one such doctor. Once he implemented a much more conservative vaccine schedule such as they had in Norway at the time he saw the regressive autism in his huge practice drop back to the 1 in 10,000 range, as used to the case in the USA.
        Please also explain away the huge rise in anaphylactic food allergies and deaths that occur each year. Schools now stockpile EpiPens. We need a true vaxed vs unvaxxed study to track these issues. The placebo used for vaccine studies includes all of the adjuvants and other ingredients. Those are meant to stimulate the immune system – perhaps they overstimulate it, thus causing an allergy to something eaten that day.

        The safety studies on the HPV vaccine were fast tracked and woefully inadequate. Look into it. There has been fraud at the CDC and in pharmaceutical companies regarding vaccine safety studies. Look into it. Refute them all. It will keep you very busy.

        I appreciate that you want to help others, but you need more education in order to be well rounded. Watch Vaccines Revealed for starters. There you will learn, among other things, that even in those vaccines safety studies that don’t have a true placebo, they eliminate people from the study who have a history of allergies, autoimmune diseases, and eczema and other conditions that may make the person more likely to react to a vaccine. Those conditions run in my family. So – people like us are were removed from the safety study due to a likelihood to have an adverse reaction.

        Maybe just look into the difference of how drugs are tested – with a true placebo — vs biologics. (vaccines) For more on this topic watch this free youtube interview: “VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KrpK0rbl9w

        Watch Vaccines Reveaaled and the interview above. Refute those instead of just a few cherry picked stories of distraught parents.

        And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


      • Okay, so it is pretty hard for Krabbe to be a misdiagnosis. The child’s parents said she demonstrated a shortage of the enzyme called galactosylceramidase, which is the cause of Krabbe. They just didn’t believe it could be them (genetics) as the cause.

        Febrile seizures can happen after a fever. A vaccine can cause a fever, but so can an illness. Febrile seizures are scary to parents but harmless.

        Dr Thomas has never published any data to support any of his statements.

        The rise in peanut allergies is being explained lately as resulting from late introduction of solids.

        HPV vaccine was not fast-tracked. It had been used in Australia, where it was invented, before it came to USA. There was no reason to reinvent the wheel and treat it as a brand new vaccine before approval here.

        If you check my index, you will see I have seen Vaxxed, Vaccines Revealed, and Truth about vaccines and found them all lacking in good science and full of lies.

        Here is a study of vaccines in patients with autoimmune disease.


        Here is a study of vaccine efficacy and safety in transplant patients.


        Here is a study of vaccine safety in children with allergies.


        Hey, guess what? Those videos lied to you. There are studies of vaccine safety and efficacy in patients with allergies and other health issues. And, if you use pubmed, you will find that almost all clinical trials use a saline placebo, as do many other vaccine safety studies.

        So, hey, the truth comes to those who seek it. Remember to always verify your claims!


      • That’s an interesting perspective. So, tell me please, if vaccines aren’t in any way associated with any of these injuries then WHY does VAERS even exist? WHY are there “black box labels” on specific vaccines… and even the “harmless” vitamin K shot? WHY do vaccine inserts, that include possible adverse effects, align with autism like symptoms, such as brain swelling and neurological damage? WHY is there a vaccine court set up that has paid out for countless injuries, of which were found to have been caused by VACCINES? And, WHY would the vaccine manufacturers keep such a court out of the public eye?

        It’s time to step out of your box. I can personally say I have seen the clear difference between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and the unvaccinated far surpass the health of the vaccinated ones. In addition, you may want to do some more research on these diseases you fear so much, as well as their history. There is much more for you to learn, outside of the fear based agenda that you’ve apparently fed into.

        Recommend you watch The Truth About Vaccines while you’re at it. There are far too many medical professionals and scientists speaking out now, and it will only increase.

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      • Vaccines can cause harm, but it is very rare. That is why VAERS exists. The black box label on the Vitamin K shot is warning providers not to give it intravaneously.

        I have seen the entire Truth (lies) about vaccines series. Consult my index.


      • Stephanie: “I can personally say I have seen the clear difference between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and the unvaccinated far surpass the health of the vaccinated ones.”

        Grab at least ten thousand of those stories, make sure they are verifiable… and you might have an actual study worthy to be published as a scientific study. Until then… you have nothing.


  4. Respectfully, you claim that several of these individuals are making these claims and decrying the lack of evidence of same, yet then go on to issue your own diagnosis based on your rather limited review of symptoms, and simply declare that you know better than the individuals as to the cause and source of these particular issues?

    You are in an even worse position to make such declarations than the parents experiencing these issues from day to day. Pardon me if I remain skeptical of your medical prowess in knowing the truth from the other side of a keyboard, without the concern of a patient’s full history or day to day symptoms.

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  5. correction:

    Here is why I believe that nearly all vaccine success stories are not really vaccine success stories: there is not only no evidence to verify a single one of the claims, there is abundant evidence to the contrary.



    http://www.stjosephpost.com/…/about-73-confirmed…/ Mumps – 73 confirmed and suspected, all vaccinated. November 2016

    http://www.thv11.com/…/mmr-vaccine-not…/357183577 Mumps – 1500 cases, most vaccinated November 2016

    http://www.thv11.com/…/mmr-vaccine-not…/357183577 Mumps – 1500 cases, most vaccinated November 2016

    http://www.kansascity.com/…/missouri/article115467353.html Mumps – 31 confirmed, 27 suspected, ALL up to date with two doses of MMR, November 2016

    http://www.ksdk.com/…/four-confirmed-mumps…/346486122 Mumps 4/4 vaccinated Nov 2016

    http://www.kcrg.com/…/Dubuque-Schools-say-skipping… Mumps – 32/32 vaccinated Nov 2016

    http://www.arkansasonline.com/…/mumps-ousters…/… Mumps – 98/98 vaccinated Sept 13, 2016

    http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/…/Comm…/Pages/Mumps.aspx December 2016 updated mumps 1872 people, 90-95% of kids fully vaccinated.

    http://www.fios1news.com/lon…/long-beach-mumps-outbreak… Mumps – 18/18 vaccinated Aug 1, 2016

    http://www.cnn.com/…/harvard-university-mumps-outbreak/ Mumps – 40/40 vaccinated, April 2016

    http://abcnews.go.com/…/mumps-cases-reported-nj-college… Mumps – 8/8 vaccinated 2016

    http://www.cbsnews.com/…/nearly-a-dozen-harvard…/ Mumps – Didn’t disclose numbers but said some were vaccinated (didn’t mention if any of them weren’t) April, 2016

    http://www.thecrimson.com/…/mumps-concerns-HUHS-director/ Mumps – 40 cases, “all required to have vaccine prior to Harvard entry.” April 26, 2016

    http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/24/health/ohio-mumps/ Mumps – 44/45 vaccinated March 24, 2014

    http://www.cambridgepublichealth.org/news/article.php?id=171 mumps – 16/16 vaccinated, March 24, 2016

    http://www.thecrimson.com/…/university-quarantines…/ Mumps – 6/6 vaccinated, March 7, 2016

    http://www.wlky.com/…/Health-officials-urge…/38305038 Mumps – 1/1 vaccinated, March 2, 2016

    http://denver.cbslocal.com/…/mumps-outbreak-in-denver…/ Mumps – 6/6 vaccinated February 24, 2016

    http://www.wkyt.com/…/UK-students-with-mumps-up-to-date… Mumps – 3/3 vaccinated, February 22, 2016

    http://www.wthr.com/…/update-butler-university-confirms… Mumps – 9/9 vaccinated February 19, 2016

    About 73 confirmed, suspected mumps cases at University of Missouri

    Meningitis vaccine making it worse in Africa


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  6. This is the most horrible article I’ve read, targeting families who are already going through too much. If you’re trying to convince people to vaccinate, this angle won’t help you. You raise more red flags to concerned parents. Signed, a parent who was on the fence about it.

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      • Most of the stories? You have looked into the majority of the thousands of cases on the bus? You make the lame point of the fact that most of these cases have not gone through the vaccine court. Most people are not even informed that it exists. VAERS, the reporting system, is vastly underutilized. VAXXED has at least made it known. The pharmaceutical companies were being sued so much that they said they would stop making vaccines unless they were protected from further lawsuits. I recently heard of a case of SIDS that happened to a perfectly healthy baby in the middle of the day within a few hours of getting his two-month shots. The coroner asked the ICU doctor if it could have been the vaccines given earlier in the day. The doctor said no. And so it was listed as SIDS. However, the pediatrician who had administered the vaccine earlier that day could not brush it aside, nor could he brush aside a case of severe and regressive autism that happened to a very healthy child, He started to look into things and gradually went from being a self-described “vaccine bully” to being an advocate for truly informed choice. He still vaccinates if the parents decide on that after accessing the risks on both sides.

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      • I have read a few hundred vaccine injury stories and only found one that was a true vaccine injury, compensated by vaccine court.

        Vaxxed is a pack of lies. I would encourage you to use my index to find my review of the manipulative film.

        If a baby died of a vaccine issue, you would see brain swelling or throat swelling from encephalitis or anaphylaxis. An autopsy would clearly find signs.

        There are many genetic disorders that cause regression. Duchennes Muscular dystrophy, Krabbe Disease, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Autism. They all have nothing to do with vaccines.


  7. Excellent article!! It is such a shame that some parents seek to blame vaccines for everything bad that happens. I hope they can one day get to the real heart of their children’s medical issues and stop endangering children like this.

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  8. “Here is why I believe that nearly all vaccine success stories are not really vaccine injuries: there is not only no evidence to verify a single one of the claims, there is abundant evidence to the contrary.”

    Your comment makes no sense.


  9. I read your piece with interest. As a family we are NOT anti vaccine in fact my children are vaccinated up to date. However I do take exception to the notion you put forward in regards to vaccine injury! I as a parent watched first hand my 5year old child go into near fatal anaphylaxis to school booster shots! He was a happy smiling healthy 5 year old one months and a mess the next! There is no coincidence here! To say these stories are not true and to select 3 studies from the thousands that are recorded is poor research and unobjective at best! It is articles like this one that causes confusion and miss understanding around vaccination and as a writer you should want to ensure that your pieces are not only accurate but also followed by credible studies of which you have referenced none! As a mother I would urge you to be objective when it comes to other parents experiences only the have lived them and I hope for your sake you never have to watch your small child suffer at the hands of a supposed vaccination programme that should protect them but clearly there are still safety issues here that need to be resolved to ensure no more babies or young children suffer whilst trying to protect them as best we can!


    • No one would question anaphylaxis. I suffered it from taking a sulfa drug. But, anaphylaxis happens within 24 hours and is a severe allergic reaction involving a severe rash, low bp, breathing issues, swelling. It does not cause developmental changes. I am not sure what happened to your child but I don’t think anaphylaxis is the correct term. What I would like to know is what the doctors told you and what you mean by “a mess.” What was the diagnosis.


  10. So… let me ask you.. why would 6,000 people show up to tell their life stories… and why would so many tell the same series of events leading to autism. You’ve really got to concoct a motive, and an explanation for this one. Then we’ll see if your lack of belief is believable.


    • Well, something like 40% of Americans believe the earth is younger than 5000 years and dinosaurs and humans co-existed. A certain percentage of Americans believe the earth is flat. Some people believe black salve can suck out only cancer cells and leave healthy cells intact. Some people think drinking their own urine will cure all their health issues. There is no way for me to completely understand why people believe in pseudoscience. 6000 is certainly a small number compared to a 230 million population. Perhaps it is a combination of mistrusting science and government and having their mistrust and pseudoscientific beliefs supported by Polly and her team. With autism, I think some people want very much to believe it is new and a product of vaccine damage because that absolves them of the guilt of it being genetic. They can think “it wasn’t me” and feel better. I find the damage rhetoric so very sad and I know adults with autism find it incredibly demoralizing. It literally portrays them as less than human. I think the parents who believe their children are damaged are selfish in that they cannot perceive of their autistic children as whole humans. Polly, herself, talks very badly about her own son. It makes me cringe to hear how she talks about him. And, of course, the supporting of parents who kill their autistic children, because their feelings matter more than the child’s, is abhorent.

      Bottom line, there are many reasons a small percentage of people buy into unproven ideas about vaccines but certainly the cheerleading they get from the Vaxxed bus and all the antivax groups is a big part of it.

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  12. It is a USA problem. With 50% of their people uneducated and without being assisted by a logic brain. Simply put. Poor genetics and poor social norms. And a system that supports such incredible dull-wittedness. The problem is they breed and multiply. The USA will go on making these sub-humans to the determent of the rest of their country. Not having a ‘tripe-antenna’ is a fatal flaw in their make-up and only education MIGHT help.


    • Sadly, not vaccinating is a first world problem. As the epidemic of measles grows in Europe, Italy, France, and Germany have had to take tougher stances on vaccines. Australia has recently made legal changes to public benefits, denying childcare benefits to antivaxers. It is not just USA.


  13. Mary Louise mentioned in her comment that a true vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study has yet to be done. Most of us realize that this would be unethical and too expensive to be practical.

    I have a question though. If a double blind study were to be done, how many anti-vaxxers would really allow their children to take part? Their children could get an actual vaccine, and they have no choice in the matter. Curious what anti-vaxxers would say about this.

    I know I would never want my children to take part, because I’d want to make sure they get all of their vaccines. I wouldn’t want to leave them unprotected.

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    • Because antivaxers don’t truly understand what they are asking, they think a vaxed v unvaxed observational study would satisfy their claim. They would willingly give their children to that study. They don’t realize they are asking for what you describe, which is 18 years of not knowing if their child is vaccinated or not. None of them would do that. I agree with you! I would never risk my children being exposed to diseases! Plus, no country would ever approve such a study.


  14. Since the 1920s, aluminum salts have been used primarily as the adjuvant in most childhood vaccines to optimize the body’s immune response to the injected disease. Aluminum is now known to be neurotoxic and the root cause of many serious illnesses including MS and Alzheimer. The aluminum adjuvant was only tested for 28 days, on two rabbits, and their remains have mysteriously disappeared. What the pharmaceutical companies don’t make public is how the aluminum adjuvant was never rigorously tested before going on the market and there were alternatives albeit slightly more expensive–available.

    Injecting Aluminum features interviews with MMF patients, doctors, scientists, and influential politicians who are speaking out for the very first time about the dangers of aluminum in vaccines. This groundbreaking documentary calls in to question the public health policies around aluminum in vaccines and the failure of health agencies globally to respond to the known neurotoxic effects of this powerful vaccine ingredient on the human body.


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  15. Vaccines may not have an immediate reaction in everyone. For those that do have adverse reactions, it can be a nightmare. I was pro-vaxx did everything doctors recommended. My daughter was given 2 month series including DTAP, Polio, and a couple more. That night she had 106.9 temp found her lethargic and almost non responsive. On 3-28-03 called Lakeville, MN 911, went to Apple Valley Health Partners pedestrian. Temp was a “common” response to vaccines, she would be fine. She started the encephalitic scream 3-29-03. I didn’t know it was a “thing.” Was told it was colic, although 2 days prior it didn’t exist. 3 daycare providers asked us to not bring her back within 2 days. It was an ear piercing scream. Then the otitis media started. ENT’s, 13 ear infections, living on antibiotics. Told the mast cells swollen spot in her leg for over a month was normal and just massage it everyday. I never made connection all were related to vaccines. Delayed speech until 28 months. We actually taught her sign language to stop her from screaming at me all the time. Eczema – again another Big Pharma product. Etc etc. Manufacturers DTAP insert states last sentence of known adverse reactions – SIDS. Read the entire insert. In addition it states, serious consideration should be given whether to administer any additional vaccines containing pertussis for anyone the experienced > 105 degree temp after DTAP. Well, she was given 5 more doses. 4 doctors at Riverway Clinic in Elk River, promised these fevers only happen to 1 in 13,000 babies and my second daughter would be fine. They gave her both Tylenol and Ibuprofen in the office prior to administering just the DTAP. Well you guessed correct, 105.4 temp with fever reducing meds on board and I held her and stayed awake to monitor her. Repeat otitis media, colic, acid reflux, eczema, antibiotics ~ you know money making ill babies for doctors and Big Pharma. Fast forward 5 years, find out I am pregnant with baby 3. Fear. I explained I couldn’t live with another screaming sick baby to Dr. Seth my Chiropractor for a neck injury. Anyway, he educated me. Really taught me to read inserts and understand adverse reactions. But of course, like all pro-vaxx people, my doctors have the best interest for my babies and they are significantly more educated in medicine then I am. They would have told me all those things my oldest two suffered were vaccine related. Correct? It took me awhile to start to listen and believe everything Dr Seth was trying to get me to understand. 3 baby, vaccines yep you guessed it. Only doctors and I are “smarter” this time. Instead of antibiotics for the ear infections, ENT’s would put tubes in and take his Adenoids out. Yes remove part of his lymphatic system so he wouldn’t suffer as bad from adverse reactions to vaccines. Ok perfectly health baby, prior to vaccines. It will be a good idea to remove part of his lymphatic system so he doesn’t react badly to the vaccines at 8 weeks old.
    So if you are still following this long story (I am no author, and trying to relay all the info quickly as I need to get going) This is screaming stupidity. My Chiropractor is trying so hard to convince me to understand the big picture. I am bull headed, Chiropractor’s are quacks and doctors, ENT Specialists, (now we have a Pulmonologist for the 3rd at Children’s) Pulmonologists, AT Children’s, are extremely educated and have repeatedly treated these illnesses they obviously know best. Right? But, my Chiropractor took away my migraines, but he took away my severe neck pain without medications (from an injury when I was a police officer 12 years prior). Insert Congnative Dissonance……………… Could the quack be right and all those doctors and hospitals wrong.
    We’d find out. Stop vaccines.
    HUGE surprise, birth control NuvaRing = positive pregnancy test with it still inserted, (can we trust Big Pharma, that wasn’t effective).
    Anecdotal evidence. Chiropractor – cognitive dissonance………….:
    Chiropractor research….. your baby doesn’t need Hep B vaccine at two days old unless the mother has Hep B, you anticipate your baby using dirty needles or having unprotected sex. What? Yes, hospital will give your baby the Hep B vaccine. Um no, not necessary.
    Chiropractor research vitamin k. Read diverse articles. Be informed. Well ok….

    Um ya, linked to childhood cancers. My brother had childhood cancer. Lip tie, tongue tie = baby doesn’t have acid reflux they need medicine for, they are tied and nursing sucking causes gas. Clip.

    Baby #4: no vaccines, no ear infections, no screaming, no antibiotics, no ENT, no Pulmonogist, no pneumonia, no chronic ear infections, no adenoids out, no nebulizer, no encephalitic scream, no constipation, no 105+ temps, no eczema and steroids, no delayed speech. What? Really? Same parents, baby looks like a clone of the other three. happy baby what?
    How could this be?

    What, childhood illnesses are normal and build lymphatic immune system that later is strong enough to fight cancer?

    Measles cure for Multiple Myeloma cancer?
    Polio cure for brain cancer?
    Research it.

    Wait Bih Pharma make billions on vaccines, Big Pharma make billions and medicines to treat cancers? Carcinogens in vaccines, could this me true. Yes it is, research it.

    Gardasil banned in other countries. Other countries have law suits against manufacturers?
    This article will explain the concerns and research studies on all vaccines outside of the US. Big Pharma has high stakes and will discredit anything here.

    We shall see if my post gets edited. #real concerns
    You can’t make this stuff up.

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    • Inserts do not list side effects. They list adverse events reported without regard to causation. There is always more research done after clinical trials. Please read more than inserts.

      I don’t find healthy home economist a good source. She shills for a lot of different products. A couple of years ago, I followed all her affiliate links to all the supplements she recommends and kept a cost tally. If I had bought her recommended supplements for my family of four, it would have cost $900 a month. That is incredible for products one does not actually need if you just eat right.

      Gardasil is not banned in any country anywhere. Not in Japan, not in India, not in Ireland, not in Spain. Not anywhere.

      Childhood illnesses used to injure or kill tens of thousands of American children a year. Currently, we pay out 150 vaccine injury claims a year. The risks of diseases far outweigh vaccine risks. That is why me and mine are fully vaccinated.

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    • And I am sorry you have such unhealthy children. With children who have immune issues, we are lucky to have vaccines. VPDs would likely have killed your kids, in previous generations. We are blessed to have vaccines. Because of them, we have an all time low IMR and SIDs rate. See my three part series about infant mortality rate, link in index.

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    • Love this post… but Kathy here seems to bow at the temple of Scientism; she hasn’t realized that science with conflict of interest is not Science at all… shameful to mock the injured families

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    • All my children were fully vaccinated and not one of the three had a single ear infection. An unvaccinated child I know has had 2 sets of tubes. You are biasing your memory because you want life to be simple.

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      • Great maybe your kids can take penicillin but it killed my aunt ! And btw Scientism is a thing as is cognitive dissonance !


      • Scientism is a made up word used by antivaxers who don’t like that there is little to no scientific evidence to support their claims.

        Cognitive dissonance means the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. There is nothing inconsistent about my thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes. I know the difference between evidence and anecdote.

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  16. Now that Hannah Robinson has given birth to her unplanned baby, she must be missing all of the attention she previously enjoyed. Since she’s not the center of attention anymore, her health has mysteriously worsened, with many nebulous, unproven “symptoms” and a lot of whining online. I’ve been following her story for several years, and frankly I don’t think she has a conversion disorder. I think it’s entirely fake and she is aware that she is faking it. I believe she does this for attention and in order to not have to go to school, get a job, and live as an adult. By the way, from what I can tell, her enabling mother is the one who is ACTUALLY taking care of Hannah’s son.


  17. Interesting that you don’t feel the need to supply data of evidence yourself for this article. How is it okay for you to make statements and we are just supposed to accept that, but if a mother claims to have had a bad experience following vaccinations she should simply ignore it and follow the word of the ‘experts’.
    These are our children. If there is ANY question of risk, why are we not looking deeper?

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    • I am sorry you did not find the evidence I cited conclusive.

      Also, there is a great deal of scientific investigation into reports of adverse events after vaccination. How do you think we know vaccines don’t cause SIDS or epilepsy or autism? Because science looked. You should google the vaccine safety datalink and read the hundreds of studies they have done on VAERS reports.


  18. I whole heartedly believe the stories as my little sons name is on the bus. Kathy thank you for trying to prove parents of the injured wrong however her is our sons story. He was given a HIB vaccine and within 48 hours developed Kawasaki Disease, after 7 days of going in and out of Tenafly Pediatrics and the “MD” suggesting it was a virus. I screamed like a loon till Dr. Russell Asnes was called. He walked in the room; evaluated my son and within 3 minutes said how long has this child been this way. He immediately sent us to Hackensack Childrens hospital under the care of Dr. Boscamp. 7 months later, a pediatrician gave our son an MMR vaccine. Within 20 days our son stopped walking, started screaming and pounding his head and after taking him to the hospital we learned he had Vaccine strain, measles, the mumps and shockingly Kawasaki Disease again. He was admitted to Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. Doctors were coming in and out of the room and they left him in the ER for over 10 hours exposing him to hundreds of people. After I realized what was going on and later that night a young Dr. came in and said I have been going over your sons chart and its very strange that he was vaccinated prior to his Kawasaki Disease. That was the beginning of my journey. Our son was placed on the ASD spectrum and had severe ADD. It has taken us 9 years to heal our child. We stopped all vaccinations and began to heal his gut and change 99% of what we did in our home. He is organically fed, salt baths, Chelation therapy, Deep tissue therapy, Trampoline and a host of other things that have given our boy back to us. I thank God that he only received 1 dose on each day, I do not know that we would have been able to recover him if he was multi dosed, What is grossly negligent about what you wrote and responded to many parents is the fact that since 1986 3.6 BILLION dollars has been paid to the vaccine injured in this country. You would rather side with known Criminals than parents concerned about a change they experienced with their own eyes?? What kind of Science is that? The Pharma giants making the vaccines, all of whom engage in criminal and civil fraud and have paid fines to such extent of the law, are except from suit in their vaccine division. Even in the Patriot Act they waited till the 11Th hour to gain more exemptions. Here is a trade off. Kathy dear when you demand removal of the shielding of the Vaccine producers and let the attorneys have at them in an open court of law; then I shall believe what you have to say. We shall see first hand who is right and who is wrong. No member of my family shall ever be vaccinated again. In the first place, If I had known that aborted fetus cell DNA was in all live vaccines not one of my children would have ever been vaccinated. I must also say I am 100% unvaccinated and have traveled the world and grown up on the mean streets of NYC. I have never had anything other than my natural childhood illness. I am your actual herd. I am immune because I conquered the illness and my body has a magnificent immune system. I am not worried about children with cancer as much as I am questioning if shooting squalene and aborted fetal cell DNA into newborns is giving them cancer. Look at the seizure rate in the USA for little boys… its disturbing at best.
    I do not shoot anything made by continued criminal enterprises into my body or that of my child, and no-one else should either. Side note, our unvaccinated children are 100% healthy and in a recent step shut down at school were the only children in both classrooms that did not get strep. Unfortunately Science with a conflict of interest is not Science; it is Scientism and I do not worship at that temple.

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    • Please cite the case study written up on your son’s measles by vaccine. I have only heard of one case of this ever happening and it was written up in a published case study.

      Also, please link to your vaccine injury court opinion case number.

      When I have confirmed the objective evidence, I will write back.

      This is all proven pseudoscience. It is normal for children on the autism spectrum to improve as they age. “He is organically fed, salt baths, Chelation therapy, Deep tissue therapy, Trampoline and a host of other things that have given our boy back to us.” Children have died because of being chelated for autism.

      “the fact that since 1986 3.6 BILLION dollars has been paid to the vaccine injured in this country. ”

      That represents more than 3 billion vaccines given in 30 years and 5500 injury claims paid. 5500 divided by 3 billion is the vaccine injury rate. 0.00016%. So, literally 99.999984% of vaccinated Americans are just fine.

      There is no aborted fetal DNA in vaccines. You’ve been buying into misinformation and bad science. The only person making that claim is a prolife Catholic scientist trying to develop her own measles vaccine. She had to pay to publish her studies. Even the Catholic church doesn’t believe her.

      My children and I are fully vaccinated and none of us has ever had a strep infection.

      “Kathy dear when you demand removal of the shielding of the Vaccine producers and let the attorneys have at them in an open court of law; then I shall believe what you have to say. ”

      You can sue vaccine makers. The most famous example of this is case called Bruesewitz V Wyeth. Went all the way to the Supreme Court, where they lost. You can sue pharma after you go thru VICP.

      You are wrong, about everything. My cousin’s child was born with Kawasaki and she knows it has nothing to do with vaccines.

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  19. I’m 100% in favor of vaccination. I think the author has spoke effectively, fairly and non-threatening. I’m sad when I see the author attacked. It does make me realize, though, the people we are dealing with on the anti vaccine side. If you can’t read this, digest and not get offended, something is off. Even the authors replies to comments have been firm and fair, not mean spirited. Even if these vax injuries are true, who is to say that those 6000 are not the 1 in whatever that have vaccinate related injury? I weighed the chances of vaccines with my kids and was willing to take the “risk” associated with getting the vaccine. If one of mine would have developed an issue, it would be life altering, but I would hope I could step back and still see the great numbers that point towards vaccination acceptance as the right answer. Looking in the mirror at myself would be horrible, but if you did vaccinate your children I hope even before this anti vax push that you would have been smart enough to ask the risks and advantages and make the educated choice. If not, then I can understand the desire to point blame at vaccines. There are so many variables to this discussion but the shear numbers of less reported cases of certain diseases that have vaccines cannot be argued. To me the big pharma, rebuttal is dumb. If there is a big pharma conspiracy why create something that has extremely low “fail” rates designed to prevent? The money is made in treatment not prevention. There are more good people in this world than bad. It’s hard to realize that but there are CEOs and companies that do care about humanity.

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    • Thank you. I agree that the big pharma is bad rebuttal is irrational. I don’t get my information about vaccines from pharma. I look at the science, nearly all of which is independent of pharma. Look at Dr Offit and his rotavirus vax con-inventors. They were researchers with a university for 26 years, not making a ton of money, working on a vaccine that was might never have worked. That is how immunization science is done. The business side makes money but not the R&D.


  20. I had measles twice. As stated above, getting the disease does not guarantee lifelong immunity. I was born in 1958 which is why I didn’t get MMR vaccine (it didn’t exist.) Instead I had all the illnesses. I had measles a second time at age 17 and missed a month of school. I didn’t have to be hospitalized and had no complications thankfully, but I was very very ill and I remember the ordeal clearly since I was 17 rather than a toddler. It is a serious disease. I was lucky to make a full recovery.

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      • My son got the vaccine and got vaccine strain measles , mumps and Kawasaki disease that almost killed him. It was 100% the adjuvants known environmental toxins which Inflamed his little immune system!


      • Wow, he must have a case study written up on him, that is so unusual. Can you link to it? I have read only one case study of a child who got vaccine-strain measles from her own vaccine. Very rare indeed. Proof?

        Now you do know Kawasaki Disease has causes swollen lymph nodes, like mumps, and a rash, like measles, right? It is likely he only had KD, caused by a bacteria. I am sure that is what the docs told you.


  21. My son is on the bus his vaccine injury is documented through a neurologist . He was given hep b hib mmr dtap chicken pox and ivp all at once and had 2 seizures with 105 temps for a week we did file but by the time we were told what was actually wrong with him the statute of limitations was up by a year they kept telling me my son was fine even though he had stopped speaking started beating himself in the head and screamed for 4 years straight then the stupid doctor finely sent us to a neurologist think what you want it’s real it’s not rare and I’m just lucky my son didn’t die and is now somewhat recovered

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  22. Hi Kathy, I believe you and I have chatted before. It is an oxymoron to call the parents of the children, whose names are on that bus ‘anti’ anything. They did what they were told was good, was healthy, and a must if you want to be a responsible parent, and they paid a heavy price. To say it is genetic, or a coincidence over and over begs the question, is the coincidence really that people keep saying it is a coincidence every time a child is injured after vaccination? All of the non-pharma studies starting to arise in the human and animal world about the harm we are doing with the adjuvents, and the amount vaccines to developing babies, well, it still comes down to reading, researching, listening and parents making a choice that is best for their child. A mother always knows. As for the names on the bus, my children are on there. I didn’t know there were people scouring the internet for names, or faces like you are, sorry it is a little creepy and stalkerish. My son had a severe reaction to the Dtap that has left him legally blind and with a collapsed spine. His doctors have worked with me for over 17 years to create a vibrantly health human being – sans pharma. It is discouraging that you seen to see the mothers of injured children as the enemy or liars. We are actually the ones living a very hard truth. Every. Single. Day. Nancy

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    • All too often, these stories of immediate change after vaccination are proven wrong by medical evidence. The Brian Hooker case is a classic example. He swore for years his child changed immediately after MMR but his VICP case was denied because medical records showed the parents and the pediatrician all saw developmental issues long before the MMR.

      As for your son, I don’t know if your story is real or not. It seems highly unlikely DTaP could cause blindness or a collapsed spine. Those are not accepted vaccine injuries at all. There is no biological mechanism that could make a vaccine turn a person blind or collapse a spine.

      Finally, no one is stalking anyone. Are you not aware that the Vaxxed bus videos are spammed all over the internet? Almost every time a vaccine debate starts, someone posts a half a dozen Vaxxed videos, stories from their road trips. Polly believes every word every parent tells her, no medical evidence required. It is irrational and not helping children one bit. We need to use rational thinking and scientific evidence to keep children safe from diseases and healthy.

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      • that you have such a die-hard answer to everything, and seemingly a diagnosis as well, it makes one wonder if you are paid for your time doing this? It’s interesting how you are scientist, judge, and jury, and nothing you do is outside of the scope of ‘kind of ethical’ in your opinions. Tracking people on-line and digging through pictures is stalking, call it what makes you feel best.

        Cry-encephalitis, also known as the DTaP scream. It is brain inflammation. It is literally an allergic reaction to vaccines in the brain, and directly impacts the mitochondria, and the relationship between mitochondria and neuroinflammation is well studied and more studies are underway. – and it does have a direct link to eye sight and tissue development or not.

        There are even studies on this as well – “Although a variety of techniques have been used with varying success to induce scoliosis in animals, primates have rarely been used. A series of monkeys is presented where scoliosis developed incidentally during the routine virulence testing of live, attenuated, oral poliomyelitis vaccines by intraspinal injection. The site and extent of histological damage in the different anatomical areas of the spinal cord were examined in 25 scoliotic monkeys and 25 matched controls. Analysis of the data demonstrated that there was significantly greater damage on the convex side of the spinal cords of the scoliotic animals, particularly in the sensory areas-the posterior horn and Clarke’s column. Scoliosis was not thought to be caused by clinical poliomyelitis as the involvement of the anterior horn was not significantly greater than in the scoliotic animals than in the controls. These observations are taken to support the view that scoliosis may develop as a result of asymmetrical weakness of the paraspinal muscles due to the loss of proprioceptive innervation.”

        Experimental scoliosis in primates: a neurological cause.

        I know nothing will change what you think, nor is that my intent, but I think it bothers me in some way, on some level, that you feel superior with your choices, and condemning of others choices, lives, lifestyles. That this is your religion, your faith in some way.

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      • 1. What is a die-hard answer?

        2. I am not paid to post. There is an “about” section of this blog if you want to know more about me.

        3. How is watching the much spammed Vaxxed videos “tracking” people? All these stories are widely shared. All these stories have been shared widely on social media, not just the videos but also other versions. I don’t dig through people’s pictures. It is a violation of DCMA to take anyone’s pictures. The three pictures I shared are from public sites and have been widely shared themselves.

        4. “Cry-encephalitis” is not a medically recognized term. It is jargon antivaxers use but it always means the child was never taken to the ER and had no scans. It is not a real diagnosis.

        5. Are you kidding me? You blame vaccines for scoliosis? This is an evidence-based, science-based blog. I feel very, very sorry that your child has grown up with this nonsense.

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      • The DTaP did not exist in 1982, plus it is a vaccine for to protect against three bacterial infections: diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Poliomyelitis is a viral infection that can impact the spinal cord, and the study was on the oral vaccines. The OPV is no longer used in the USA.

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      • Crying after pertussis containing vaccines is not encephalitis, and is its own side effects. Experts think it’s because of local pain, which does not cause longterm harm. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8502521

        Encephalitis is not an allergic reaction, either. The oral OPV discussed in your article is not DTaP and you are not describing a DTaP reaction.

        Every child suffering is sad. Vaccines prevent such suffering, and serious harms from them are very rare.

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  23. My son Daniel Ramirez-Porter, was perfectly healthy up until he got 9 immunizations which included the flu shot.. 2 weeks later, he’s paralyzed in the hospital and a week after that he had a 20 min seizure that resulted in 2 strokes and his passing… no one ever considers the medals in the vaccines as being a problem… even common sense should tell you that an overdose of injected aluminum has nowhere to go but ultimately the brain… which causes the film around the brain to dissolve, allowing all those viruses to attack his brain and nervous system…. the Dr’s called it a mysterious poliolike virus.. his pediatrician lied and said he never got his flu shot and then got rid of the proof of his appointment, all except his actual immune. Records… the CDC got involved and did a separate autopsy, which 15 months later, still no report on that. On his death certificate it says C.O.D. being encephalitis and meningococcal meningitis, BOTH BEING symtoms of vaccine injury stated on the vaccine INSERTS themselves… but hey WTF do i know…

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    • I am so sorry about your dear child… My son was injured also, what a mean spirited blog… imagine someone who mocks the parents of the injured…. only in America…At least the Philippines has the common sense to sue these vaccine pharma hag corrupt makers.

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      • Asking legitimate questions – like “what injury” and did you file a claim with the NVICP is not mocking anyone…..as Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.”

        Vaccines are one of, if not the most tightly regulated products on the planet – and even countries who have no love for the West (or Capitalism) fully support vaccinations.

        So, if your entire worldview is reliant on vast global conspiracies, you really need a healthy dose of reality.

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      • Exactly. It is really important to give our children good healthcare and make decisions based on good evidence. When people blame vaccines for things they do not cause, like these few stories illustrate, they not only are NOT helping those kids but now they are denying other kids the consideration of soundly made choices! This is harmful to everyone.

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    • I am sorry for your loss. You live near me so I am familiar with the story. I would remind you that Seattle Children’s doctors told you your son had an enterovirus unrelated to vaccines. Polio is one kind of enterovirus. The common cold is another. There is quite a large range of different enteroviruses but only one is polio. Your son’s health issues were not polio and not related to vaccines.

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      • If that is true, that is even more reason to believe your son’s death had nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines. So, you now say he died of meningococcal meningitis? That is a terrible thing to hear. My condolences. That is caused by bacteria called Neisseria meningitidis and completely unrelated to vaccines.


      • “… tests came back negative for any enterovirus…”

        Having a kid with multiple medical issues, what is missing is the end of the sentence: “… that they know about,,,”

        My kid has a genetic heart disorder (it causes observable physical changes on an echocardiogram), but he did not have any of the known sequences of that time, The library of known genetic sequences is very limited now, more time is needed to fill in the blanks.


      • Also, why do you assume they have every viral sequence in their database? That is both presumptuous and premature considering that the technology is very very new.


  24. When I hear the term “vaccine-preventable” disease. I automatically think “magic-bean preventable” disease. Because there’s the same amount of actual science involved in both.

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      • I really like using Measles as an example, because it is so bloody contagious…..if 100 people were exposed, we would expect that upwards of 90 of those people would be infected.

        The Measles Virus can also survive in the air & on surfaces for hours after an infected person has left the area – this is why, in the US, it was expected that every child would have been infected by age 16 – resulting in hundreds of thousands of cases each and every year – with at minimum, hundreds of deaths & more from SSPE years later, thousands and tens of thousands of children with blindness or deafness – or other crippling complications.

        And recent research has pointed to evidence that Measles damaged the body’s immune memory – leaving the person vulnerable for up to several years from other diseases.

        Anti-vaxers just don’t get how successful vaccines have been.

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  25. The stories are real. Nobody has the bussiness to make them up. Who knows the children the most if not their own parents? Their own care giver 24/7.
    Parents know what their kids eat, what happens to them. So if they say “we went to the doctor and got 7 shots. We come home immediatly the baby’s temp goes up doesnt talk, bangs their head. No eye contact. Eczema all over the body. Seizures. And so forth.
    What do you think? The food caused that?
    You are wrong. It has to be something very heavy and something very toxic. Have look at the vaccine ingridients? In just one vial. Imagine getting that toxic dose 7 or 8 time at once.
    Pro vaxxers are ingorant and dumb. Sheeple believe everything they are told.
    I suggest you do a through reasearch before you rocks at the non vaxxers.

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    • “Who knows the children the most if not their own parents?”

      When it comes to medical issues, not this parent. My kid was born with a few medical issues including seizure (way before the HepB vaccine), speech disorder and a genetic heart disorder. I have learned much from the neurologists, speech/language therapists, and cardiologists.

      “Parents know what their kids eat, what happens to them.”

      Are you sure about that? Memory is tricky thing.

      “Pro vaxxers are ingorant and dumb. Sheeple believe everything they are told.”

      Why do you think insults are a valid form of verifiable scientific evidence?

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    • I am sure the health issues are real but they are not caused by vaccines.

      The thing is, nobody comes home and sees and immediate change in their child. There are always early warning signs missed. And there are other medical explanations that the people on the bus ignore. Like epilepsy is genetic but stressor – such as illness, vaccines, psychological stress – can trigger seizures. The vaccines didn’t cause the epilepsy. In the case of febrile seizures, the fever caused the seizure. Avoiding vaccines doesn’t mean epilepsy goes away. Avoiding vaccines doesn’t mean the toddler won’t get a fever, and a febrile seizure, from an illness.

      I am afraid you are acting like a sheeple if you think vaccine ingredients are toxic. I would encourage you to learn about toxicity and dosage issues. The EPA IRIS database is a great place to read toxicity information on every ingredient.


      CHOP has a marvelous website on vaccine ingredients that will also help you learn.


      I would encourage you to stop thinking anecdotes are real and think for yourself. Try verifying their claims. You will be astounded at the misinformation and outright lies in antivax circles.

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  26. This pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas was interviewed in the critically acclaimed documentary “Vaxxed- from cover up to catastrophe.” He owns a pediatric practice that care for approx. 10,000 children. He said (his own words) : “during my 10 years of managing my practice I noticed that my Unvaccinated children are by far the most healthiest patients. ”
    If you wanna hear the whole interview, watch the documentary. You can find it on Amazon prime.
    I found his practice’s website, link below. He also is an author of vaccine alternative schedule. Which is an spaced out vaccine schedule.
    Inform yourself really well before you vaccinate.
    You never can unvaccinate your child. #learntherisks


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  27. You may be right that 4 out of each 1000 are from other explainable causes….but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Would just like to see real science looking at synergistic effects, mutagenic, carcinogenic, and reproductive effects… Long term transparent unbiased studies using a true benign placebo- not aluminum hydroxide. Always think for yourself, and think critically… Like why did the death rate of scarlet fever, cholera, and typhoid fevers decline in same time period as polio but without the aid of a vaccine campaign? Why was there such a spike in polio cases in the years before the vaccine released (maybe teting?) look at the data from 1880-1955.

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    • How would you do a long-term study and explain all other variables, like diet, environment, genetics, etc?

      And why do you all keep harping on the placebo? It is perfectly acceptable to an already approved substance as a placebo. It is not acceptable to NOT vaccinate children for the sake of science.

      Scarlet fever rate is still very high. We call it strep throat, these days.

      Cholera rate dropped because that was related untreated water. Typhoid fever is caused by contaminated food or water. So, both typhoid fever and cholera rates dropped as we improved sanitation. Polio rate did not. Airborne disease rates were not affected by sanitation. The death rates dropped as we got better medications and starting quarantining the sick, but incidence rates were still very high. Look up morbidity data.

      Think for yourself.

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  28. Vaxxed bus injury #3605 here.

    Vaccines maim and kill.

    My unvaccinated 5 year old is healthier than all his classmates, he is also the smartest in his class. My fully vaccinated 8 year old son is autistic, adhd, suffers from severe allergies and is sick quite often.

    Where there is risk there should be choice! Vaccines are most definitely not a one size fits all.


    • You are not exactly an unbiased observer. My fully vaccinated youngest child is very healthy, she graduated from college Cum Laude (with honors). She just finished her first baccalaureate semester with a 4.0 grade point average.

      Her oldest brother got some of the diseases instead of the vaccines because he was born in 1980s. He is autistic, plus has other genetic issues (like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). I accept he got a bad roll of the genetic dice, and one of the reasons may be listed here:

      You might want to sign up for SPARKS and see if you oldest has a genetic sequence with known therapies.

      By the way, please thank you responsible neighbors who vaccinate their families. They are protecting your youngest by maintaining your community’s immunity to some very nasty diseases (trust me, one sent my oldest to the hospital!).

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    • My vaccinated 10 year old is healthy and in the gifted program. There, I can tell a story, too.

      You have a choice. And vaccines do not cause autism, adhd or allergies. Perfect example of why I don’t believe the Vaxxed bus stories.


  29. Well, some people never believe anything. What about believing that persons not or barely vaccinated are extremely healthy? I’m one of them. It’s absurd to think that from one generation to the next we suddenly need 100+ MORE vaccinations! That alone makes ZERO sense!


    • Why should we believe you?

      When I was growing up in the 1960s measles was still killing kids, and there was a mumps epidemic. Just a bit over twenty five years ago I went to a mom/baby social group and met a woman whose first child died a couple years before from meningitis that is now prevented with the HIb vaccine.

      My mother had two uncles she never got to meet. They both died before their tenth birthday from what was most likely diphtheria. Also, while I got vaccinated for smallpox, none of my children got that vaccine because the disease was eradicated. The reason the average lifespan increased during the 20th century was making sure kids don’t get sick:

      The only reason that you can claim good health by not being vaccinated is that almost everyone else around you is vaccinated (or are old enough to survive actually getting the disease, which does not include Roald Dahl’s oldest child — she died from measles). So please thank your responsible neighbors who vaccinated their families, they are protecting you.

      By the way, do know what we would believe: actual scientific research. Just provide us the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the diseases.

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    • What about believing that fully vaccinated persons are very healthy? And what about acknowledging that you are riding on herd immunity? Because of vaccines, you don’t have to worry much about catching measles, diphtheria, polio, etc in USA.

      100+ vaccines? No, we don’t need that.

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  30. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for ending with “remember to always think for yourself” ….do your research people, and not from the CDC who has been found with fraud time and time again! As an emergency nurse, I was for vaccinations and my husband against. We were expecting our first, so I wanted to vaccinate, he did not. We both researched and sat down multiple times to discuss what we would were going to do. I am so thankful for my husband and our joint decision to not vaccinate. Wow! Can the media, medical industry, government, and pharmaceutical industry pull the wool over our eyes!!! Now that my husband has shown me (and i of course tried to show him, and failed miserably..yay!!) how unsafe vaccines are, my eyes are opened! People of all ages come into Emerg post vaccine with issues, and the doctors ALWAYS say…not the vaccine!! (hmm…)…they of course are disrrgarded as a vaccine injury, and do you think they ever get reported?? NOPE!
    Educate, educate, educate, and I pray that your eyes may be opened too!
    I’ll end with…why is bill gates soooo for vaccines (funds them, etc) and sooo for populations control? He says “if we get vaccines right, we can decrease the population!”


    • ” and not from the CDC ”

      How about the NHS in the UK, and other scientists in other countries? Anyway, do tell us what is good science. Please make sure it is PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers, no matter which country. For instance you must approve of this study from Japan:

      Oh, and you will obviously like this study financed by SafeMinds:
      Environ Health Perspect. 2015 Jun;123(6):579-89.
      Examination of the safety of pediatric vaccine schedules in a non-human primate model: assessments of neurodevelopment, learning, and social behavior

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    • Given that there is 100% international scientific consensus that vaccines are far safer than diseases, I cannot fathom what led you to decide they are unsafe.

      People of all ages come to your ER with issues you blame on vaccines and the doctors know better and that does not teach you that you are wrong? Hm…

      Bill Gates does a lot to help the world be a healthier place. His foundation, the largest in the world, doesn’t make any money at all but helps people in developing countries live healthier lives. He is a great man. His foundation also helps women with family planning, that luxury you probably take for granted living in a first world country. Women in developing countries get access to birth control measures and family planning information. And, because their babies are not often dying before their first year, what this means is they don’t feel compelled to have a baby every year (or less) and they can control when they have more babies instead of getting pregnant often. Exactly what we do in western countries. This will lead to less population growth in developing countries and healthier people overall.

      Do your own research means don’t take youtube videos at their world. Visit the Gates Foundation website, for yourself, and see what they actually do.

      Seems to me that you aren’t really thinking for yourself.

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      • I have noticed an interesting trajectory on which studies are acceptable to folks like Jessica, Tam Sam and others. First they declare they will not accept studies from “Big Pharma.”

        Okay, here is a study from National Institutes of Health in the USA, another from the NHS in the UK, then there are others done by health agencies in Denmark, Finland, Canada and Japan.

        No! Because they have declared that governments are corrupt, so therefor it is not good science.

        So over here we have studies done by health insurance companies like Kaiser Permanente (a health maintenance organization).

        Again no! Because insurance companies are also bad for “reasons.”

        Obviously they have never had to get an insurance company to pay for certain things, it seems they don’t like paying money. In 1992 they denied coverage for my four year old’s well child checkup where he got his four year old vaccines to qualify for public school. That was not covered by health insurance, because they stopped well child care coverage at age three. Then the bills came in after the 1989-1992 measles epidemic (apparently hospital bills for measles pneumonia are expensive). They covered the four year old well child check up and vaccines for his younger brother two years later.

        So that is the major mainstream sources research funding. But wait! Safe Minds had funded research, and I just listed the latest result from a couple of years ago. But guess what…. they rejected the findings! Even though they had paid for it, and the preliminary studies years before — they did not like it.

        For a hint why, here are the conclusions (emphasis added): “This comprehensive 5-year case-control study, which closely examined the effects of pediatric vaccines on early primate development, provided no consistent evidence of neurodevelopmental deficits or aberrant behavior in vaccinated animals.”

        (I guess Jessica won’t like that particular paper either)

        Long story short: it is a full on moving the goal posts race, my estimate is that they are now sprinting along in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

        The only criteria to determine if a study is acceptable to that crowd is that it gives them the answer they want. Which is why they are perfectly happy even with a paper that was retracted because the data was found to be fake. That is not how science is done.

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      • Thanks. I did not know that. Actually I don’t think I partake in the social media that this was discussed (I do neither Facebook nor Twitter).

        What is “TM” ?

        By the way, I am terribly sorry this happened to him. But I understand how other things happen at weird times. I sometimes wonder if I would have blamed my son’s first seizures on a vaccines if he wasn’t too old to get the HepB at birth.

        Perhaps they have realized that if they do file, then all of the medical records will be put out into the public. About five years on a blog that no longer exists a journalist wrote about a news celebrity presenting anecdotes on HPV “deaths.” It turned out one of the grieving mothers had filed with the NVICP and lost.

        The reason was she did not have the necessary medical reasons. But there was also other disturbing testimony in the US Court decision: her college daughter had experienced some scary cardiac related issues. I think she took her daughter to a cardiologist for some tests, that actually showed some abnormal heart rhythms. Then not much else afterwards. (and I am really sorry I can’t link to it, I remember it happening, but the blog is gone)

        Okay, this hit me the face! My oldest has a genetic heart disorder, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Too many times it is only diagnosed after “sudden cardiac death.” Sometimes that happens when the young adult is sleeping in bed. The week before my son’s open heart surgery I went to a “EKG for athletes” event put on by a family who started this program after their son who played high school football died in his sleep from HCM.

        So, yes, there are things that can cause a seemingly healthy young person to die suddenly. And it isn’t just that one heart condition, there are several more reasons.


  31. If vaccines worked there’d be no need to defend them so heavily. The fact is we just don’t know yet. Cigarettes were deemed healthy until the facts came out. Same will happen with vaccines.


    • “Cigarettes were deemed healthy until the facts came out. Same will happen with vaccines.”

      Citation needed. They have been know to be dangerous since the Doctors Study done in the early 1950s.

      Ah, the “if vaccines worked gambit.” I find the intriguing. The following is US Census data on the incidence of measles in the USA during the 20th Century. I found it had something interesting in it, the number of measles cases dropped 90% between 1960 and 1970. Please give us the reason for that, and make sure you provide verifiable documentation to support that reason.

      But please remember, in order to stay on topic you must:

      1. Only use measles incidence. Do not mention “deaths”, since the data is only on the number reported measles cases.

      2. Please only use data from the United States of America, the US Census only does its surveys within its borders. England and Wales are not American states.

      3. Please only use data on measles. The Census data is only on that specific disease, mentioning another is known as “changing the subject.”

      4. Do not mention any other decade unless the drop of measles cases was at least 90% and did not go up afterwards.

      From http://www.census.gov/prod/99pubs/99statab/sec31.pdf
      Year…. Rate per 100000 of measles
      1912 . . . 310.0
      1920 . . . 480.5
      1925 . . . 194.3
      1930 . . . 340.8
      1935 . . . 584.6
      1940 . . . 220.7
      1945 . . . 110.2
      1950 . . . 210.1
      1955 . . . 337.9
      1960 . . . 245.4
      1965 . . . 135.1
      1970 . . . . 23.2
      1975 . . . . 11.3
      1980 . . . . . 5.9
      1985 . . . . . 1.2
      1990 . . . . .11.2
      1991 . . . . . .3.8
      1992 . . . . . .0.9
      1993 . . . . . .0.1
      1994 . . . . . .0.4
      1995 . . . . . .0.1
      1996 . . . . . .0.2
      1997 . . . . . . 0.1

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    • Vaccines do work. Cigarettes were known to cause cancer in the 1940s. Vaccines have been around for 400 years. Just when do you suppose they will be found unhealthy? 100% of science shows vaccines have greater benefits than risks.


      • No it has changed. The smallpox vaccine was dropped in the 1970s. Polio started with the IPV vaccine, then switched to the OPV vaccine, but a few years ago it was back to the IPV.

        Plus the measles vaccine from 1963 was combined with the 1958 mumps vaccine, and the rubella vaccine to create the MMR in 1971.

        Unfortunately kids kept dying of nasty diseases. One thing that was heartbreaking to doctors was how fast meningitis from haemophilus influenzae type b would turn a healthy kid to a dead kid. So that vaccine was introduced in the late 1980s.

        Does your question have a point?

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      • Typo: “he 1968 mumps vaccine”

        Also the DTP was changed to the DTaP.

        Also, there is a vaccine for chicken pox. Haven taken care of a six month old with chicken pox who was totally miserable and could not sleep due to the pain: I wish the vaccine had come earlier.

        Also, I do not have good feelings for those who think kids should suffer two weeks with dozens of itchy open wounds (pox). All three kids. Not much sleep for almost a month. Only a really evil person thinks kids should suffer so much.

        Really, do you have a point? Or some actual scientific evidence?

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    • Uh, huh. This is from the guy who lied about the CDC claiming smoking was good because he saw ads of doctors promoting a certain cigarette brand! (hint: that brand paid an advertising firm to tell that tale)

      Please provide the PubMed indexed that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the diseases.


  32. Vaccinated kids have gotten the chicken pox, so what makes you so certain it would have prevented your kids chicken pox? Now your child has lifetime immunity. Naturally and proven. Congrats bro


    • Nirvana fallacy.

      My kids all got chicken pox in 1994. They got the full two week full of misery. This was because it was a year before the vaccine was available. The school the oldest went to as a kindergartner was almost empty for a month. When he was healthy and went back to school, half of his class was out and missed the scheduled field trip to the science museum.

      Then fast forward to 1999 and my youngest is in kindergarten, the one who got chicken pox as a six month old baby. Apparently a couple of her classmates got chicken pox even though they had had one vaccine. They were out for less than a week, and were not as miserable. The vaccine provided some protection.

      Also, there was not as much absenteeism as there was five years before. Still the Advisory Committee on Immunization Committee decided to add a second varicella vaccine dose.

      “Now your child has lifetime immunity.”

      Not for chicken pox, dear person who cannot tell advertisements from actual science. Even though you recover from the disease, the virus is still hiding in the nerves. At times of stress they come back to become shingles.

      Here is the fun part about my youngest: a person is most likely to get shingles in their twenties if they had chicken pox before their first birthday (like at six months!), and when under stress (the kid is in grad school… is that stressful or not?).

      Seriously, this is common knowledge. How come you don’t know about shingles!? Wait, you did not know about the “doctors” recommending certain brands of cigarettes were advertisements!

      Do you live in a cave?


      • Medical journals used those ads, somehow nothing adds to up to you guys. Vaccinated kids still get chicken pox and shingles. So what’s your point.


      • So you’re ok with some protection. I really dont remember a time where anyone feared chicken pox as they do now. So your kid that had natural chicken pox didn’t get the chicken pox when her classmates had it? All natty is always better. Congrats man


      • I remember spending a week home from school, driving my mom nuts. I was lucky my mom did not work. If both my parents had been working parents, a week of missed income could have devastated our family. I also remember my best friend having chicken pox for three weeks. She was very ill. I also remember her toddler brother being hospitalized for it. No, their mom did not use Advil on them. It had not yet been invented.


    • Very very very few vaccinated kids get chicken pox. Thanks to the vaccine, my children don’t get to have it and they also will not get shingles. I had chicken pox twice, naturally, and now get to wait to see if I get shingles.


  33. I want scientific proof that shows it’s safe to inject a baby with hep B vaccine on day one of life. Safety test on babies has never been done. Assume its safe is what you do


    • Le sigh. It exists, but see my comment about you and your friends moving goal posts. Though on the bright side, you guys do like anecdotes. Here is mine:

      My oldest who was born in 1988 did not get many vaccines, still has autism.

      My next one who was born in 1990 just missed out on the Hib vaccine had a language delay. He got some help, and was nominal by the time he entered kindergarten. It was speculated his language delay was due to having a nonverbal older brother. He graduated from high school with honors, earned a BA in Math and got an adult paying job. Plus he is married.

      My youngest is the only one to the get the hebB at birth. The kid drove me crazy by crawling and walking early, read early, picked up sight reading music easily to skip the practicing part, and substituted high school credits with community college credits. Then after learning three languages graduated with a degree in linguistics before 21st birthday. Last month scored a 4.0 grade point average on post-baccalaureate semester on the way to get into a speech therapy pathologist masters program.

      Yeah, my anecdote beats every other anecdote. If you don’t believe me the pony up the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that the HepB vaccine causes more harm than the disease.

      And because you love anecdotes, this is what happens when a child gets hepatitis b as a baby:


      • Hep B can be passed via casual contact. That is why 10,000 kids a year, under age 10, used to become infected before routine vaccination began. And, prenatal tests can be false negatives and people can be positive for Hep B and not know where they got it and have no symptoms.


      • Wow, you finally found the apostrophe on your keyboard.

        I don’t have a wife, mostly because I am a mother. Again, why do you think insults are a valid substitute for actual evidence?

        Now answer my question: If vaccines don’t work why did the number of reported measles cases plummet 90% between 1960 and 1970 in the United States of America. Please provide actual factual scientific documentation for you answer.


  34. Why did Scarlett fever plummet? There’s no vaccine for that. What if measles went away on it’s own as SF did? Causation correlation blah blah blah


  35. Does it anger you guys that the antivax movement is growing everyday? We will have vaccine mandates all across the country eventually and we will have guys like Richard pan and paul offit to thank for the growing questioning of vaccines.


    • I find it frustrating that a tiny, itty bitty, microscopically small group of people use social media well and seem to have a loud voice. But, since I have seen what happens when you all convene in real life (your rallies draw tens, at most), I don’t worry too much. I also know that you all are increasingly irrational, racist, and sometimes crazy, so you put off as many as you draw in.


      • It’s growing though thanks to mandates like they have in California and the rest of the country to follow. You’ll have Richard pan to thank when the number of vaccine injuries increase every year. Does that make you angry that it’s going to grow and grow grow. It won’t be in the 10’s. Lol.


      • No, your ranks are not growing. I think you all thought they would but then the batshit crazy came out and scared a lot of people away. Plus, many people vaxed their kids after SB277 took effect, rather than deal with homeschooling. Vaccine injury rate is 0.000011%. So, if there are 6 million school-age kids in California and vax rates rose from 92% to 95%, overall, then that means 180,000 more vaxed kids in California because of SB277 and 0.0000011% of that is next to none. So, there will be no vaccine injured kids in California. But, there will be fewer kids with VPDs. Win!

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  36. This blogger doesn’t believe the stories of these parents but believes articles written by orac the the Dr who is connected to a cancer institute that committed fraud. Lol


  37. His TM might have been triggered by hpv vaccine. Also I haven’t insulted you at all. Chris said her kid takes the hep B shot so that’s why I question if she sleeps around or on drugs. Not an insult either. Just a ?


    • TM is not triggered by a vaccine. Learn more about how it works.

      I got my children the Hep B shot for two reasons. 1. People can test negative for Hep but but still have the infection and not even know it. 2. Casual transmission happens all the time. It is why 10,000 children a year used to become infected in USA, before we started vaxing babies. What if I had it, didn’t know it, and passed it to my baby? I have never done IV drugs nor slept around but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have gotten it through casual transmission. Better safe than sorry.

      For future reference, calling someone a meth addict, asking if they are on drugs, or calling them a prostitute is a very big insult.


    • While you are speculating on parents who actually protect their children with safe vaccines because we actually understand scientific research (a few case reports does not negate large epidemiological studies), I am still waiting for your answer as to why the rate of reported measles cases dropped 90% in the USA in one particular decade.

      Get on that, please. Make sure that you provide verifiable scientific documentation indexed on PubMed for your answer.

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      • Better infrastructure. The reason why provaccers like to bring up 3rd world countries when talking about rate of death due do disease


      • Your answer is missing something: “Make sure that you provide verifiable scientific documentation indexed on PubMed for your answer.”

        Which third world country did I bring up? Also, you missed the bit about not mentioning “death”, since the data was only on incidence.

        So please explain with actual verifiable documentation why the number of reported measles cases dropped in the United States of America 90% between 1960 and 1970. Do not mention “deaths”, nor other diseases, nor other countries.


  38. So now an angry Mommy blogger is now playing doctor online and Monday morning quarterbacking everybody’s post-vaccination medical conditions? This doesn’t lend much credibility to your cause, Kathy.


    • I am sorry that I am confused. To whom are you speaking? I am not angry. And I am presenting some facts. Please, feel free to refute my facts with your own evidence. I do it in quite a neutral manner. No anger at all.


      • Deaths from measles were going down, after WW2, thanks to modern meds. The highest incidence (aka morbidity rate) was the 1950s up to early 1960s. So, more people were suffering measles, even if fewer were dying. We provaxers care about incidence (morbidity) and mortality rates.


      • What chart? I gave you a table of US Census data, perhaps you can’t find it anymore, here is the question again:

        The following is US Census data on the incidence of measles in the USA during the 20th Century. I found it had something interesting in it, the number of measles cases dropped 90% between 1960 and 1970. Please give us the reason for that, and make sure you provide verifiable documentation to support that reason.

        But please remember, in order to stay on topic you must:

        1. Only use measles incidence. Do not mention “deaths”, since the data is only on the number reported measles cases.

        2. Please only use data from the United States of America, the US Census only does its surveys within its borders. England and Wales are not American states.

        3. Please only use data on measles. The Census data is only on that specific disease, mentioning another is known as “changing the subject.”

        4. Do not mention any other decade unless the drop of measles cases was at least 90% and did not go up afterwards.

        From http://www.census.gov/prod/99pubs/99statab/sec31.pdf
        Year…. Rate per 100000 of measles
        1912 . . . 310.0
        1920 . . . 480.5
        1925 . . . 194.3
        1930 . . . 340.8
        1935 . . . 584.6
        1940 . . . 220.7
        1945 . . . 110.2
        1950 . . . 210.1
        1955 . . . 337.9
        1960 . . . 245.4
        1965 . . . 135.1
        1970 . . . . 23.2
        1975 . . . . 11.3
        1980 . . . . . 5.9
        1985 . . . . . 1.2
        1990 . . . . .11.2
        1991 . . . . . .3.8
        1992 . . . . . .0.9
        1993 . . . . . .0.1
        1994 . . . . . .0.4
        1995 . . . . . .0.1
        1996 . . . . . .0.2
        1997 . . . . . . 0.1

        What happened in the 1960s? Respond with actual scientific evidence in the form of a PubMed indexed study by reputable qualified researchers.


    • Again, I did not post a chart. I posted a table. What rate dropping? Was it 90%? What was its relationship with an epidemic year?

      Here is another table, it is from an appendix of the CDC Pink Book. Please tell me where the rate starts dropping, and then explain what happened between 1960 and 1970::

      Disease: Measles in the USA


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