Del Bigtree is not a scientist

On October 12, 2017, Del Bigtree,  a former producer of the television talk show, The Doctors, producer of the film Vaxxed, and founder of something called the Informed Consent Action Network (ICANDecide), sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wherein he outlined what he perceives as their “failure of HHS to conduct the proper science required to demonstrate vaccine safety.” This letter accuses HHS of everything from ignoring vaccine risks to not doing proper safety testing. For those of us who understand vaccine science, this letter almost seems like a parody. Alas, it was not only real but Del threatened HHS with a civil suit if they did not make the changes he suggested in the letter. He also made demands, such as wanting “vaccine safety advocates” to comprise half of HHS’s vaccine committees.  The letter was co-signed by 58 antivaccine organizations, including Weston A Price Foundation and World Mercury Project.

DEL is not a scientist

After October 12, nothing much happened at ICANDecide. In fact, not much has been heard from ICANDecide in a while.  Even their Facebook page has been quiet.

Until now.

Earlier this week, a notorious antivax crusader (I will refer to him as Pant) who despises Del Bigtree posted a link to a pdf he had created with the response from HHS to Del Bigtree. Pant claimed he was able to get the response through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  The response is from Melinda Wharton, MD, MPH, Acting Director of the National Vaccine Program Office, whom I have confirmed is real. The letter includes responses to all of Del’s claims and accusations, every single one of them proving Del knows nothing at all about vaccine safety.  All of his claims were disproven and all of his requests were denied.

This letter is a glorious piece of vaccine gold and when you read it you will understand completely why Del let this ball completely drop, pop, fizzle into nothing, and fade away.

For your reading pleasure, I bring you the HHS response to Del Bigtree.


Happy reading!


58 thoughts on “Del Bigtree is not a scientist

      • You don’t need to be a scientist to have a scientific discussion. You just need to read the scientific paper from peer- reviewed journals that state vaccines cause injury- some minor, some major and some cause death. The facts are there- just start reading.

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      • When you read those studies, did you notice how very rare vaccine injury is compared to disease injury? We compensate about 200 vaccine injury claims a year in USA. If we did not vaccinate for measles, every single child would get it, resulting in 4 million cases a year, 1.2 million hospitalizations, and 4000 deaths. From one vaccine-prevenable disease. So, if we did not vaccinate for 14-16 diseases, like we do now, we would have millions of cases of sick children, millions of kids hospitalized, tens of thousands of kids dead. Compared to 200 vaccine injuries a year.

        Millions vs. 200

        This is a no brainer. Vaccinate.

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    • You know why it’s so easy to debunk you idiots? All you do is insult while we’re actually reading and keeping our minds open to truth. We don’t desperately cling to vaccine dogma. It’s RELIGION with you people. We KNOW you aren’t doing any real investigating or you wouldn’t talk massive crap on these shill sites.


      • Why do you think a string of insults is a valid substitute for data? If you have evidence that vaccines cause more harm than the diseases, then please present the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers not on the Dwoskin payroll.


  1. Making sure you have seen this.

    According to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, Health and Human Services (HHS) was supposed to monitor vaccine safety and report to Congress every 2 years. That’s right: Since 1986 they were supposed to be doing vaccine safety studies and reports every 2 years.

    OAMF and many other concerned groups signed on with Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) in the fall of 2017 to a letter reminding HHS of this seemingly long-neglected and -forgotten requirement. Months passed with no real responses.

    HHS had to be compelled by court after ignoring freedom of information requests to admit (via lawsuit by Del Bigtree, ICAN, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr) THAT THEY DIDN’T DO IT ONE SINGLE TIME IN THE LAST 30 YEARS!! This was a condition of the law passed in 1986 that gave vaccine manufacturers a liability shield regarding vaccine injury. The only reason President Reagan signed it was because he thought this would be the checks and balances on the safety of vaccines, AND THEY DIDN’T DO IT FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS, NOT ONCE!!!”

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  3. Del Bigtree’s credentials are in presenting medical issues through media. Not many scientists have those credentials. He works with anyone. He is trying to discover the level of safety of vaccines. The science is not understood by many. Politicians are swayed by popular opinion and lobbyists more than science. Doctors don’t know much about vaccines but we trust they know more than most.

    It appears that the vaccine safety debate is fought on the Public Relations forum, not in science.

    @Chris the HHS are supposed to report to Congress every two years, please point us to those reports. The HHS settlement with iCan (Del Bigtree), revealed thet the HHS “could not find any”. That’s not a small thing . As a pro-vaxxer I would have expected them to have submitted these reports to Congress every two years. Brian Thompson at the CDC has also said some very disturbing things about the go to reference CDC-Congress study on the Autism vaccine link. Del Bigtree talks about these issues, he doesn’t need to be a scientist to do so, some of the people he interviews need to be scientists, like Professor Chris Exley.

    @Chris do you know who the PR firm is who have the Merck vaccine account? Is it Hill & Knowlton? Isn’t is a PR tactic to call vaccine safety researchers anti-vaxx? We were all taught at school how great vaccine science was and the theory seemed solid back then, so anti-vaxxers must be ignorant. But what about vaccine safety? Del Bigtree is not anti-vaxx. He’s doing more than scientists to bring HHS failures to the attention of Congress and the general public.

    The Pro vaxx versus anti-vaxx debate exits because of opinions not science. Science tells us that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, the vaccine inserts say so. Where do we go from here? It responsible and reasonable to find out if a section of the public is dangerously at risk at the time of vaccination. Not to do so is immoral.


    • Yawn. The paperwork issue is still a big nothing burger. Also, Bigtree is an idiot. And Exley is on the Dwoskin payroll. Who in the bloody blue blazes is Brian Thompson!? It looks like you are mixing up names.

      “Science tells us that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, the vaccine inserts say so.”

      No, the vaccine inserts are lawyer written CYA screeds that are definitely not science. What you</b need to do is just provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers not on the Dwoskin payroll that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.

      Also, here is what are the known causes of over half of the causes of autism (hint: it is not vaccines):


      • Agreed. But I was amused that the names were conflated, plus no one has heard a peep out of Thompson for years.

        It seemed like the standard cut and paste without much thought about the content. A symptom of spending too much time at certain websites and not thinking for themselves.

        We should also ignore Wakefield and the Geiers. And anyone paid by the Dwoskin folks.


      • It is probably not a coincidence that the folks that think “package inserts” are science also think the “cdc whistleblower” is a real thing.

        I actually met a Brian Thompson years ago at the one and only time I went to a James Randi Education Foundation TAM (The Amazing Meeting) conference. He was the very sleep deprived person taking donations for JREF at a “Bacon and Donuts” party hosted by Penn Jillette, the year before everything blew up:

        I was amused by the name mix up.

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    • Thank you for commenting.

      1. You say Del is trying to discover the level of safety of vaccines. So, why is he lying about vaccine safety studies? I disagree with you that vaccine safety debate is fought on the public relations forum. As there is a huge body of vaccine safety studies and several vaccines have been removed from market in my lifetime, for safety reasons, it is very clear to me that the CDC and HHS and ACIP and all their employees and members are very concerned with public health and safety.

      2. Yes, the HHS reports are not to be found. But, we don’t know of Congress was given reports by another agency. Yes, HHS should have submitted those reports unless some other agency agreed to do it in their place.

      3. I think you mean William Thompson. Please remember the tapes were highly edited and you were not given the facts by the Vaxxed team.
      Del doesn’t tell you the truth when he talks about these things.
      See my review of Vaxxed for info:

      4. There is vaccine science independent of Merck. Quite a bit. So, let’s focus on that and ignore them.

      5. Del is very much antivax. He is lying about the supposed “failures of HHS.”

      6. Actually, I cite science, not opinion. Del is not telling you the truth and I know that because there are a great many safety studies at PRISM and VSD. Please see this post for information:

      7. Where do we go from here? We start ignoring Del and JB, et al.


  4. The HHS admitted in their response that placebos aren’t used because it would be unethical… which is exactly what Del has claimed… which is 100% factual. What is disturbing is that you actually think that HHS’s responses prove anything at all about the safety of vaccines.


    • I read the ICAN HHS document and it does not say that. Many clinical trials use saline placebos. It would be unethical to use a saline placebo for a long term study but, otherwise, it is ethical.

      I never said HHS’s response says anything about vaccine safety. I said it says nothing whatsoever about vaccine safety. It merely says HHS did not submit a report to Congress, not that safety studies are nonexistent. Del lies.


  5. Well it turns out that HHS has completely failed to ever report to congress as mandated on the safety of vaccines and HHS admits after a thorough search they found they have no safety reports for the past 32 years. Isn’t that sweet. We give immunity to drug companies from lawsuits over injuries caused by vaccines and then HHS is mandated to insure the safety of the vaccine and it fails to do its job. Our vaccines could be made much more safely but there is no incentive for drug companies to do so.


  6. So this guy you call a loon beat the HHS and made them submissive in the Justice System and yet you say ? Ah yes, more big Pharma supporters and likely big corp and Government lovers.


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  10. You make an accusation of lying and then dont back that statement up which makes you the liar and also committing slander. Do you know what the definition of a lie is? I dare you to define succinctly and accurately a factual quote of a “lie” that he made and then prove unambiguously how it was a lie.


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