Racist keeps harassing Dr Pan

This racist, who actually is from Australia, keeps harassing California Senator Dr Richard Pan. Why? I have no idea. But, screenshots of this post, from about a year ago, were sent to her then employer, Rodan and Field, a skincare and makeup company, and they fired her. She no longer has this cover photo and goes so far as to deny she was ever employed by them. A friend saved this post because the internet remembers forever.



And here is Rodan and Field’s response



You would think that losing her job for racist posts would have taught her a lesson but she still pops up on Dr. Pan’s Facebook page, from time to time.  Usually, I just do my thing, posting evidence to counter her misinformation.  Today, however, she contacted me by Facebook private message and so the gloves came off a bit.  At first, she posted some misinformation and I sent her links to prove her wrong. Then, this happened.

Here are her messages to me on Facebook where she denies this is her. But, it is the same profile!!


harvey1 copy


harvey2 copy


I never lie. Ever. In my world, lying is the biggest sin of them all. I don’t normally get petty in my blogging but this horrible human had the gall to tell me my autistic child cannot possibly be healthy and then she sent me a slew of horrible private messages on Facebook. She is a liar and deserves to be outed. Here is the rest of her post to Dr. Pan, as of today. Dr. Pan’s page admin hides troll posts so it will likely be gone by morning.

Here is the original thread from Dr. Pan’s page, which was subsequently hidden from view by his page admin.

Screen shots live forever.

harvey3 copy.jpgharvey4 copy.jpgharvey6 copy


And, yes, my fully vaccinated autistic daughter is super healthy. Bite me if you disagree.


Why do people act this way? I honestly do not get this level of hatred for other people.  I am not a petty person. I don’t like ad hominem attacks. But, this woman keeps showing up on Dr. Pan’s facebook page, spewing the same racist and ableist and antivax nonsense, and I decided to make a lesson her. This type of person is not doing any group any favors. If this is representative of antivaxers, then you all are your own worst enemies. And, yes, I have seen many other racist, hate-filled posts from her. I only have a few screenshots.


Oh well, just shows what kind of people run in antivax circles.



3 thoughts on “Racist keeps harassing Dr Pan

  1. “I don’t normally get petty in my blogging but this horrible human had the gall to tell me my autistic child cannot possibly be healthy and then she sent me a slew of horrible private messages on Facebook.”

    So I saw this today after a Friday to Monday where I had to deal with the drama of seems to be an elderly dying cat at home. The kitty showed severe symptoms of what seems to be a cancer going into his brain on Friday, and the person who is house sitting and cat sitting is our oldest adult child who is diagnosed with Autism Level 2.

    That young man found the pet carrier and then walked the cat to the neighborhood vet who was terribly busy, so we had him call his sister-in-law who took him to the emergency vet who did some tests… and through several cross country calls we agreed to some tests and to send both home. The oldest noted the cat seemed better, but then yesterday the cat deteriorated. On his own walked the cat to the neighborhood vet who noted the kitty had lost weight.

    So back to the cat hospital! Younger sibling called him a Lyft ride, and met him at the vet. We decided to put kitty into the hospital, send the young man home… and I paid the vet over the phone while we were driving on the other end of I-90. Cell phone calls are often not clear over 3000 miles while in small towns. Fun times.

    After this past weekend do not ever throw shade at the compassion nor capability of a person with autism! That racist is not a person qualified to judge anyone!


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