Provax autism mom reads JB Handley’s “Autism Epidemic” book

Yes, indeed, this pro-vaccine mom of one spectacular autistic teenage girl spent the last few days reading JB Handley’s new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic.  Please be aware this blog post is going to be very long because I want to cover everything.



I hemmed and hawed about whether I should read it or not but, in the end, I decided it was worth the $10 for the Kindle version to have something to say when antivaxers post a link to it, which they are doing often lately.  The Kindle version did not have page numbers so please note that all quotes are referenced to book section but not to exact page.

Note: please excuse the wonky spacing. I originally wrote this as a Facebook file and the formatting did not copy and paste well to Word Press. I chose not to spend an excess of time figuring out how to space every paragraph identically.


The book dives right into the story of JB’s son,  Jamison’s, 2-month well baby visit, after which his health apparently “deteriorated” and developed eczema and insomnia. He had frequent ear infections and digestive pain. By 18 months of age, Jamison apparently was more sick, not talking much, and had what they thought were odd behaviors. JB and his wife had an “excruciating” time getting him screened for autism. (apparently a long wait list is excruciating). The diagnosis of severe autism was a nightmare for JB and his wife. They “wallowed in misery” for a long time, according to the introduction to the book. Of course, thanks to my friend, The Real Truther, we know that JB’s story has actually changed a lot over the years and JB doesn’t actually have a firm timeline for Jamison’s health issues nor is JB sure what was the cause of these issues.
One thing I note about the introduction is it is mostly about JB’s personal experiences and less about anyone else’s. As we have seen with antivax autism warriors, they really do enjoy getting attention for their troubles. And, there is no comparison to what other parent’s who have disabled children feel nor to what the children feel. This is all about JB.
The introduction ends with JB and his wife taking Jamison to an integrative doctor named Lynne Mielke. At the time, she was a Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) doctor. Dr Mielke convinced them vaccines definitely cause autism because she said she had seen hundreds of patients with the same story as Jamison and she had seen many of them improve with her DAN! protocol. They claim that starting Jamison on this protocol helped return some of his health, including eye contact. At this point, Jamison was two years old and JB and his wife had spent a lot of time on the internet “researching” and wondering why the doctors at Universities didn’t believe in DAN! protocols. JB describes how, at this time in their lives, he was very angry and spent most of his free time “researching.” This is the point, in May 2005, where he and his wife founded Generation Rescue.
It is good to note that JB at least is not completely antivaccine. He says, in the introduction, that “While I acknowledge that vaccines provide some benefit to society in reducing cases of certain acute illnesses, they also cause brain damage in some of the vulnerable kids who receive them.” Note that he is calling autism “brain damage.”

Part one: The lies about vaccines and autism

Chapter 1: there is no autism epidemic

This chapter begins by discussing Steve Silberman’s book,  Neurotribes, which JB found very annoying. I will say that I enjoyed reading this book and own it.  At the time it was published, we were just getting our oldest formally diagnosed with autism. She had always exhibited behaviors and social skills and deficits outside the norm but it was not until she was ten years old that her doctors started talking about autism. She has what we would have once called Aspergers, but today is diagnosed Autism Spectrum Diagnosis.  Thus, I am an autism mom but I will agree that my child’s path has not been easy  but I have been blessed to not have a severely disabled child.
JB counters Silberman’s arguments with data from a book called Mental Disorders and Disabilities Among Low-Income Children and he claims that since he never knew anyone with autism when he was a child and the rate has grown so much then Silberman must be completely wrong.
JB asks the question: “Where are all the adults with autism?”  I find this point of view annoying. I did know people who were “mentally retarded” when I was growing up. Why does JB deny they existed just because he did not personally know one?  People who ask this question are ignoring the changing diagnosis categories (read my “there is no autism epidemic” blog post here) Worse still, when autism rate was 1:45, Robert Kennedy Jr asked “Why isn’t one in forty-five older people you see walking around the mall, why isn’t one in forty-five wearing diapers and wearing a football helmet, and having seizures, head banging and stimming?” This is an offensive description since most all people with autism are not in diapers or having seizures and being in diapers and having seizures are both symptoms NOT of autism alone but a co-morbid condition.
In other words, JB and RFKjr are offensive and ignorant. It is also highly offensive that they assume that everyone with autism is severely disabled and requiring massive assistance to exist.
JB claims that there must be close to 5 million adults with autism, if the data is correct; however, he thinks they don’t exist. Apparently, Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill also published a book recently on this topic, called Denial, and JB believes that because he cannot find cases of autism like his son’s in history then they did not exist. Again, this point of view ignores the history of institutionalizing people with mental retardation, Down Syndrome, schizophrenia and other health issues, some of which we now diagnose as Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Basically, JB denies these people exist.
This quote really sums up JB’s feelings: “Unfortunately, the Good Doctor is like a guy with a small limp and a cane representing paraplegics to the world. His story is fascinating and compelling but bears little resemblance to the autism most parents, myself included, actually deal with every single day.” Because JB lives with an autistic person, he believes his son’s version of autism is the sole version. He believes Silberman fans are “romanticizing” autism while we Silberman fans understand that JB has an extremely limited view of autism. What is confusing is that his idea that autism includes seizures and diapers is not backed up by his own definition of autism: “Despite what you may have read, the definition of autism has remained remarkably consistent over time. Because autism can’t be diagnosed with a blood test, it’s diagnosed through observation, and anyone possessing enough qualities of autism has autism. The hallmarks of an autism diagnosis include early onset of symptoms (typically before thirty months), an inability to relate to others (called “social-emotional reciprocity”), “gross deficits” in language development, peculiar speech patterns, and unusual relationships with the environment.” My own child did not exhibit “gross deficits” but she definitely had peculiar speech patterns and unusual relationships with her environment and social-emotional reciprocity issues, from toddlerhood.
JB is correct that there is research showing autistics have greater incidence of epilepsy and anxiety. My own child suffers extreme anxiety.
JB concludes this chapter with some quotes from RFKjr wherein they believe that denial of an autism epidemic is the government’s way to not accepting responsibility. Strangely, he claims Brian Hooker as a source, calling him a “Simpson University epidemiologist” but Dr Hooker is, in fact, a chemical engineer who now works as a biology professor.  To remind you, Brian Hooker appeared in the film, Vaxxed, to claim his child’s autism was caused by vaccines but saw his vaccine court case dismissed because the evidence proved otherwise. 
In sum, JB and RFKjr believe that pharmaceutical company profits are at risk of collapsing if autism is proven to be caused by vaccines and the government is colluding with pharma companies to cover up this “epidemic.” “The dollar signs associated with the epidemic are so large that it’s worth billions for the prime suspects to evade accountability.” They claim Dr Paul Offit is at the top of the “denial food chain” and that repeat the oft-debunked trope that he makes millions off the rotavirus vaccine and that is why he promotes vaccine in general. (Dr Offit does not own currently any vaccine patents). Because Dr Offit is the Maurice R Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, which is a chair endowed by Merck, JB and RFKjr see conspiracies everywhere. These two also claim Dr Peter Hotez, Dr Eric Frombonne, and Dr Paul Shattuck are “industry mouthpieces with deep ties to the vaccine industry.”
So, they see conspiracies everywhere but provide no proof to back them up.
JB makes another claim I find offensive: “Denying the autism epidemic is to deny the suffering of millions of children and their families and also to deny the exploration into the true cause so the epidemic might end.” This is so bad. Provaxers never deny anyone is experiencing health issues or suffering. We want to find the actual causes so we can treat people effectively.
JB defines his “three main arguments by deniers:
1. The diagnosis has improved. JB does not believe this is fact. He cites the 2012 Autism Congressional Hearing conversation between Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and CDC’s Dr Coleen Boyle as evidence, which is silly. That conversation has been taken out of context so many times by antivaxers I would be rich if I had ever bet on it. Dr Boyle tries to answer the questions about what the CDC studies and is interrupted by Congresswoman Maloney and then told to send her the studies. That conversation doesn’t prove anything.
2. Autism is mental retardation reclassified. JB believes the “autism epidemic” started in the 1980s.  I debunked this here, as did Emily Willingham here.
3. The definition of autism has expanded. This is scientific fact so I am unclear as to why JB has issue with it.
JB concludes this chapter with a look at James Lyons-Weiler’s opinions on the issue of whether autism is genetic or not. (Skeptical Raptor echoes my thoughts on this guy)
JB ends this chapter with the following: “Pouring cold water on the severity of the autism epidemic inhibits the call to action we all need to find causation. It gives scientists on the fence an “out” where they can describe the autism epidemic as “up for debate.” It denies the suffering of so many impacted children, and it’s prevented a redirection of research dollars to find environmental causes. In the end, saying the autism epidemic isn’t real is simply a lie, and it’s a lie that extends the suffering of so many children.”
I am sorry but I had to roll my eyes big time here. As far as I have seen, no one denies how some people on the autism spectrum have severe issues. There is a massive amount of research going on to find causes and supports. Just because biomedical ideas are discounted doesn’t mean autism is not taken seriously. Many of us want to support and love autistics, not refer to them as damaged and try to change them.

Chapter 2: Vaccines are safe and effective.

This chapter attempts to make the point that vaccines are not safe and effective. The argument is made that since mortality (death) rates dropped after clean water and refrigeration were introduced then vaccines did not save us. But, no mention is made of morbidity or disease incidence rates. Here is an example of measles mortality overlayed with morbidity, so you can see the difference. The study from which this graph originates clearly points out how the vaccine made a huge difference in USA.
The Leicester example for smallpox is used to make the argument that vaccines did not stop smallpox. The Leicester example of quarantine is but one case but does not conclude the vaccines had no value nor that quarantine alone in all cases effectively works to eradicate the disease.   I am not sure why antivaxers persist in using this as an example. My friend at Vaxopedia explains.
A few more claims from JB:
JB then goes on to state how he is a herd immunity denier.  Herd immunity is fact, like gravity.
JB believes NCVIA indemnifies vaccine makers from responsibility. The reality is that vaccine court is easier to navigate than claims court.
Other countries give fewer vaccines, JB argues but he is not correct. I blogged about this point a while ago.
JB argues that there will always be outbreaks but the reduction in the rate of measles and other VPDs, post vaccination, counters this claim. The Pink Book is the best source on American disease rates pre and post vaccination.
JB claims that because the majority of mumps patients in a Harvard University outbreak, a few years ago, were vaccinated then vaccines must not work. But, there were 41 cases out of tens of thousands of students, nearly 100% of whom are vaccinated. So, that is a vaccine win. More students would have been sickened if not for vaccines.
JB believes vaccine safety testing is inadequate. He does not make a valid case here. Vaccines are tested much more strictly than other drugs. He further claims that adverse event rate is closer to 1:50 and bases that on a Harvard Pilgrim study but that is one health center and we know that nearly all adverse event reports are for mild reactions, none of which are a reason to avoid future vaccines. He then claims adverse events are not studied well and multiple doses of vaccines are not studies, neither of which are true. (link studies here). He goes on to cite a very old study of the DTP vaccine from Guinea-Bissau which was only published recently. This is classic cherry picking. There is absolutely no reason to consider this one study more valuable than the huge body of immunization science literature. He further cites a Dengue vaccine issue that is unique. Again, this is not a reason to avoid vaccines. And, he writes about a Canadian flu vaccine study that seemed to indicate more flu vaccines might lead to less efficacy.
Then, we have a section of this chapter devoted to Gardasil. JB pays no attention whatsoever to any studies which prove this vaccine safe and efficacious.
Finally, we have some links from JB to studies showing vaccines might be linked to autoimmune disease. He cites the oft-cited trope about the “textbook” that is actually used in not one medical school on earth, called Vaccines and Autoimmunity, as proof that vaccines cause autoimmune disease. This is not a valid source!
JB is a cherry picker. He posts only studies that make his point and does not care if they are valid or replicated. In my opinion, this is a form of lying. He is lying by omission in that he fails to report the vast plethora of studies which prove his points wrong.
At this point, I am getting very annoyed at JB’s cherry picking. He even has a section devoted to doctors who are questioning vaccines, as if that tiny group of shysters is a reason to avoid vaccines.

Chapter three: the science is settled

JB claims that because only thimerosal has been studied, with regards to autism, that vaccines cannot be ruled out as causing autism.  He cites some opinion statements from antivax persons as proof the studies looking at thimerosal and vaccines are faulty. But, he does not prove we have any reason to validate these opinions. Again, he has cherry picked points that confirm his own biases. He then goes on to bring up the “whistleblower” Dr William Thompson, which is so ridiculous I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (read the facts of this story here ). And the Thorson trope! Read more on that here. Goodness, JB is grasping at thin straws.
JB devotes the last part of this chapter to a study from Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman at SUNY Stony Brook which looked at rates of Hepatitis B vaccine and special education rates.  This study correlated hep b vaccine rates with rates of special education in American boys. They did not, however, analyze how special education services expanded during the time period. Correlation does not equal causation.
JB then discusses the twice retracted Mawson study as if it is valid. (OMG!) This study has been retracted twice for shoddy methods and not validating data.
At this point, I am seriously wondering how JB looks himself in the mirror daily and takes himself seriously. But, I digress….

Chapter 4: The reward is never financial

This chapter begins by discussing the custody battle between Michigan mother Lori Matheson and her ex-husband, which centers on vaccination issues. JB claims that Dr Stanley Plotkin was supposed to be a witness but then recused himself and, in the meantime, the lawyer for the mother presented a great deal of proof that her son should not be vaccinated. Having followed this case, I think JB is living in LA LA land. I did not see the attorney expose “more truth about vaccines and the vaccine industry in one document than I’ve ever seen.” JB spends a great deal of this chapter on the Plotkin deposition, even claiming the mother’s attorney decimated Dr Plotkin. No proof is given for this point. The attorney, Mr Siri, asked Dr Plotkin about payments received from pharmaceutical conpanies over the years but he never proved this in any way makes vaccines ineffective or dangerous. It was a very strange line of questioning, based solely on conspiracy theories. Much ado is made of the clinical trials for vaccines not using a saline placebo in all trials, but no scientific explanation is offered as to why this is an issue. Dr Plotkin is asked many questions about clinical trials but none about post-licensure safety studies. A great deal is made about the limitations of the pertussis vaccine, but no explanation is given as to why this is a reason to avoid vaccines. Human diploid cells are discussed at great length but no comparison is made between child and infant death rates before vaccines as compared to the legal abortions of the fetuses which cells are now used to make vaccines and save billions of lives. Dr Plotkin is asked some questions about human experimentation as if vaccines are some nefarious plot to experiment illegally on humans.
The whole thing is disgusting. No wonder Plotkin pulled out. The questions have no bearing whatsoever on the father’s right, in this case, to have his child vaccinated.
Then, JB compares tobacco to vaccines. At this point, my eyes rolled so hard I got dizzy and needed to take a break.  Good grief.
At this point, we get to his thesis: “If all parents believed they had a one in thirty-six chance of their child developing autism from vaccines, the vaccination rates would plummet. And if the pharmaceutical industry were proven to have created an epidemic of autism of several million children worldwide, the economic liability would be astronomical. Just doing some basic math, the average cost of lifetime care for a person with autism is estimated to be $2.4 million dollars.”
JB then spends some time trying to prove Andrew Wakefield is innocent and correct about MMR and again my eyes rolled so hard my BPPV was resurrected. Kidding/not kidding.

End part one

Part II – The truth about vaccines and autism

Chapter 5- Emerging Science and Vaccine-Induced Autism

Chapter 5 begins boldly: “Since 2004 there have been eleven groundbreaking discoveries in separate but related scientific fields that, taken together, reveal the cause of autism. Because of this science, we now know that autism is created by immune activation events in the brain during critical phases of brain development, typically by the time a child is thirty-six months old and that these immune activation events in the brain can be triggered by the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines.”


Let us go over the discoveries, but please note that I could probably write a post on each of these discoveries. I will endeavor to link you to information about each but there is no way I can produce a complete list for each.  I am but a humble special education teacher and mom. Please link in comments to more information, if you have it, and I will update this post. 
1. JB believes that Dr Carlos Pardo-Villamizar discovered “autism brains are permanently inflamed.” However, it appears that JB has cherry-picked parts of this study that suit his whims without regard to what it is really stating. The myth that this study supports the idea that vaccines cause autism reached the study author who issued a statement in 2008. “Another issue that is important to clarify is the notion that neuroinflammatory responses mediated by innate responses and neuroglial activation are directly associated with injury. At present, we are not able to conclude that these neuroglial reactions are deleterious for the central nervous system.” This study does not conclude vaccines cause autism, according to one of the main authors.
2. Dr Paul Patterson discovered that immune activation events lead to autism. They found that, in mice, immune activation led to mice with autism-like behaviors. However, they noted that mice models cannot be extrapolated to humans. And, they focused on the relationship between mothers who have infections during pregnancy being at higher risk for having an autistic child. He wrote several papers on how infections during pregnancy can lead to a higher risk of having an autistic child or a schizophrenic child. Note there is nothing about vaccines here. Again, this is not showing vaccines cause autism.
3. The cytokine interleuken-6 is the key biomarker for immune activation. This is again about Patterson but, again, Patterson was not studying vaccines. He was studying infections. Here is a good read about Patterson’s work.
4. Immune activation can take place after birth. This appears to be a theory by someone who hides behind the online moniker “Vaccines Papers” and nothing more. No data, no studies published, just a thought, which is not valid in and of itself.
5. Aluminum in vaccines can produce behavior and motor function deficits. Here, JB brings up the work of Christopher Shaw. Shaw is a Canadian scientist who’s work is funded by the Dwoskin Foundation. Dr Shaw primarily works with Dr Lucija Tomljevnovic at the University of British Columbia. Their interest in aluminum adjuvants coincides with getting grants from the Dwoskin Foundation, aka the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute. These two have had a few studies retracted for being badly done. Also, the World Health Organization published a page about them, pointing out the flaws in their methods. In sum, their work does not lead us to conclude vaccines cause autism
6. Aluminum adjuvants can be carried to the brain by macrophages. This study is well explained by Scientist Abe over at the Blood Brain Barrier Scientist. Abe is an actual scientist in neurobiology who teaches at an American university. In his post, he also discusses several of the previous “discoveries.” It is a good read. In sum, Gherardi may have stumbled upon something genetic in the French that makes them more susceptible to immune issues after vaccines. It is only, thus far, something seen in France. Or, it could be a correlation. Not enough data to leap to the idea that vaccines cause autism.
7. Aluminum adjuvants stay in the brain longer than anyone realized. This is again about Gherardi and his ideas that aluminum adjuvants can travel to the brain. But, there are serious flaws and bias issues in his work. First of all, like Shaw, he has funding from CMSRI, a group clearly devoted to finding a link between aluminum and autism. That is their goal which makes any research they fund completely tainted by bias. This is also a very poorly done study. Read here to learn about the flaws and questions. Again, this is not a reason to think vaccines cause autism.
8. Small doses of aluminum adjuvants are dangerous. This is apparently about something Vaccine Papers noticed. I am really quite shocked that JB would think that citing the opinion of a person who hides behind a pretend name is valid. We have some ideas who might run Vaccine Papers website but we don’t have confirmation. All we know is he likes to read studies in his own wonky way and then argue a lot about it online. I cannot fathom why we should consider his opinion on this autism matter. But, this is again a mouse study from the Gherardi group in France and we have already discussed their limitations. There is no reason to give this study any validity. Here is an excellent explanation as to why antivaxers have turned their sights on aluminum as the cause of autism and why the theory is bogus.
Side note to the discovery list is the interest JB takes in the opinion of Vaccine Papers. Many times I have debated VP and noted that nobody cares if he does not like the Dr Rober J Mitkus, who wrote the paper “Updated Aluminum and Pharmacokinetics Following Infant Exposures Through Diet and Vaccination.” (link here). VP feels this paper is flawed and gets upset that Mitkus ignores the aluminum studies by Shaw, Exley, Gherardi, etc. In sum, JB and VP both are upset that the poorly done studies they like are not given attention by Mitkus.
9. Aluminum causes immune activation in the brain. This is a rat study where aluminum may have increased inflammation. Again, not related to vaccines, not about humans.
10. Hepatitis B vaccine causes immune activation in mice. This is a study from China. I remember when JB blogged about this study. This is yet another study on rodents that proves nothing. What is interesting is how the ideas in this study connected to misunderstandings about the work of Patterson and Pardo. And, this study overdosed rats, so it cannot compare to humans and vaccines.
11. High levels of aluminum found in autistic brains. This study is by Christopher Exley and it is twice affected by conflicts of interest. Exley is not only on the board of the journal which published it but he is also on the board of CMSRI, the group which funded it! And the study is terrible. Basically, Exley got some precious brain samples from deceased persons with autism. We don’t know how they were exposed to aluminum but he analyzed brain samples for it. His data was all over the map so he averaged it and came up with his idea that autistic brains are smothered in aluminum. Hardly! This study has been discussed here and here and here and does not show any link between vaccines and autism.
JB goes on to pronounce these eleven discoveries “light a clear path to autism.” I feel sad for JB. Or I might if he was not such an angry man who is incredibly rude to anyone who gets in his path. However, I do feel sad for people who will read this book and take him at his word and not read what the studies really say. They certainly do not indicate vaccines cause autism. And I am actually quite shocked JB used Vaccine Papers as a source throughout this book. Really bad, JB. That is not a valid source.

Chapter 6: The Clear and Legal Basis that Vaccine Cause Autism

Chapter 6 is about what JB thinks if the legal basis for vaccines as the cause of autism. He writes “In late 2016 two scientists, in legal depositions, affirmed everything I could have hoped for, and more. And not just any scientists, but Drs. Andrew Zimmerman and Richard Kelley, arguably the two leading mainstream autism scientists in the world. Their intimate relationship with the “vaccine court” almost ended the autism epidemic in 2009, and their ongoing willingness, to tell the truth, will likely contribute to the ending, I hope very soon.” This relates to the case of Yates Hazelhurst, an autistic young man whose parents have instigated three lawsuits to prove vaccines caused his autism. They have lost the first two. The first was in “vaccine court,” where Yates’ case was one of the Autism Omnibus cases. You can read his case here and you can learn more about the Autism Omnibus here. In a nutshell, in 2007, three special masters in the US Court of Federal Claims, heard three test cases selected by a group of petitioners who all believed their children were made autistic by vaccines. The Hazelhurst case was one of them. In each of these cases, the special masters rejected the causation theory. In other words, the evidence did not convince them vaccines cause autism.
In this chapter, JB outlines how he believes something Dr Andrew Zimmerman stated on record during another vaccine injury case, that of Hannah Poling, lends credibility to the argument that vaccines cause autism. It does not. The Poling case was unique. The special masters have written, “In Poling v. HHS, the presiding special master clarified that the family was compensated because the Respondent conceded that the Poling child had suffered a Table Injury–not because the Respondent or the special master had concluded that any vaccination had contributed to causing or aggravating the child’s ASD.”
An excellent explanation of the concerns about the Poling case and the facts can be found here.
JB also brings up, in this chapter, the idea that there are more cases where children with autism have won vaccine injury claims. This is partly false. There are children with autism who have had their vaccine injury claim approved but not because of autism. They have won a claim of vaccines causing something else, something on the vaccine injury table. It is obvious JB wants very badly for vaccines to be a cause of autism, but no vaccine causes autism claims have even been won in “vaccine court.” Here is a good explanation. Also, here.
The rest of chapter 6 is quotes from dialogues between attorneys and two doctors, Dr Andrew Zimmerman and Dr Richard Kelley. Thanks to my friend, Dorit, I was able to read the deposition of Dr Zimmerman myself.  Apparently, JB has copies of the depositions these doctors gave as part of the lawsuit the family of Yates Hazelhurst has filed against his then pediatrician for not being aware that vaccines could cause autism. According to JB’s account, these two doctors can confirm that Yates had a mitochondrial disorder and, thus, vaccines caused his autism. In fact, JB states that “these depositions confirm their opinions that Yates Hazlehurst—remember, one of the original test case children in the OAP—had the same mitochondrial deficit that Hannah Poling had, and that vaccines caused his autism.” JB believes that, had this evidence been presented during the Autism Omnibus hearings, “the current state of the autism epidemic would be very different.”
Who are Drs Zimmerman and Kelley? Dr Zimmerman is a pediatric neurologist practicing at UMass Memorial Medical Center and he is also a faculty member at University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is the scientific advisor at N of One. Dr Kelley is the Director of the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and the Division of Metabolism at Kennedy Krieger Institute. I am not sure if they are “two of the most respected autism scientists in the world,” as JB believes, but they are definitely involved in autism research, albeit on the biomedical side. Both have had their research summarized by Dr Vincent Ianelli, here.
The dialogue at the end of chapter 6 summarizes the depositions of both doctors, wherein they lay out how they believe Yates Hazelhurst suffers from mitochondrial disorder and vaccines caused his autism. Key points, according to JB, are that Dr Kelley believes upwards of 40% of autistics have mitochondrial disorder and that Dr Zimmerman believes many physicians hold the opinion that vaccines cause inflammatory response that leads to autism. Zimmerman is quoted as stating “People who work in the field of autism see, commonly see a relationship between infection, inflammation, and onset of regression.” Further, he believes that vaccines cause an inflammatory response which then leads to regressive autism, particularly in children with mitochondrial disorders. Dr Zimmerman concludes that the research is still on-going but he foresees that, in the future, our understanding of metabolic disorders will enable us to prevent regressive autism. In Dr Kelley’s deposition, he agrees that there is research showing vaccines can cause autism but is not accepted by the “very authoritative groups who say there is no proven association in large cohort studies.” Dr Kelley goes on to add that he believes the “cdc whistleblower” is real because the CDC is “clever in how they publish data to avoid public attention that there is an association.” And, he believes that because vaccines cause inflammation, multiple vaccines at once can cause deterioration.
Having read the deposition of Dr Zimmerman, I am appalled at how JB cherry picks only the parts he likes.  Dr Zimmerman is pro vaccine and even vaccinates his patients.
JB does note that neither Dr Kelley nor Dr Zimmerman conclude that all vaccines cause autism. Furthermore, if you read the actual deposition, Dr Zimmerman explains how he continues to vaccinate, even in children with mitochondrial disorders, as he understands the benefits outweigh the risks. JB cherry-picked only the parts of the deposition that suit his argument.
Dr Zimmerman also believes autism is primarily a genetic disorder. He goes further and states he does not agree with the parents of his patients when those parents believe vaccines caused autistic regression. He further explains how he the Yates Hazelhurst medical records show no signs of regression, as he reads them, and encephalopathy is a separate condition from autism and “mitochondrial autism” is not a term recognized as valid. To me, these points Dr Zimmerman makes are important as they contradict JB’s cherry-picked deposition comments.
Continuing with the deposition, Dr Zimmerman is prompted to testify that Yates was never diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder until recently.

Chapter 7 The Critical Mass of Parents all saying the same thing

This chapter is primarily about JB’s frustration that parents are not taken at their word when they describe what they perceive as “vaccine injuries.” He cites a study called “Validation of the Phenomenon of Autistic Regression Using Home Videotapes,” as proof that early regression exists and parents should be taken at their word. But, the study actually made a very important conclusion which JB ignores: “While we cannot be certain from these data that children with autistic regression were developing entirely normally before the regression occurred, the results of the present study suggest that at least some children with autism do not display prototypical impairments in joint attention, such as a lack of declarative pointing, nor do they display obvious delays in their use of language at the end of their first year of life. Although these core autism symptoms were not observed at age 12 months in the present study, it is possible that the infants with regression did have other types of unusual behavior before the regression occurred.” No one disputes that children can regress. The issue is “do vaccines cause the regression?” This study does not lend to JB’s argument.

Part Three: A reckoning to end the epidemic

Chapter 8: They would have told us

In this chapter, JB tells us about how Robert F Kennedy, Jr got involved in vaccine politics and how immunization advocacy groups are basically all shills for big pharma. He compares vaccines to lead paint and cigarettes. JB’s point is that the truth, in his opinion, is being hidden by corporate interests.  JB believes the NCVIA indemnifies vaccine makers from liability and safety testing of vaccines is inadequate. Readers know, from reading my blog and others, that these points are false.  JB also believes that more and more parents begin to report regression after vaccine appointments in the mid- to late 1990s, the CDC responded by publishing studies to quash concern. This is an unproven conspiracy theory.  Further, he thinks that when British doctor Andrew Wakefield raised concerns about the MMR vaccine in 1998, a kangaroo court strips him of his medical license, and the ensuing media frenzy morphs into a defense of the entire vaccine schedule and an attack on anyone who reasonably questions it. This is false.

JB further goes over, again, the points he has made in the previous chapters.

Chapter 9: Next Steps: a twelve-point proposal

In chapter 9, JB outlines how he thinks vaccines cause all the problems in our children, from ADHD to learning disabilities, anxiety, allergies, and more. To JB, vaccines are the reason 13% of American children have special education plans. His plan, to solve this issue, is to follow the advice of his family’s pediatrician, Dr Paul Thomas. These two believe children should be vaccinated much less and, if we do that, we will see much less autism, better-behaved children, and fewer children with special education needs.
This is their plan:
  1. Immediately reduce the number of vaccines given to children. He believes children should get only DTaP, HIB, polio and MMR and they should get no vaccines until 12 months of age.
  2. Children should only be vaccinated if healthy.
  3. Separate MMR into three single shots
  4. Substitute titer tests for booster shots
  5. Screen vulnerable children for genetic vulnerabilities.
  6. Scrap the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, as they are too mainstream.
  7. Remove vaccine safety from the CDC.
  8. Scientists who know vaccines cause autism should speak as one.
  9. A congressional hearing should be held on the 83 autism cases supposedly linked to vaccines, as described in a paper by Mary Holland.
  10. Dr William Thompson should be compelled to testify.
  11. The drug suramin should be accelerated through the approval process.
  12. The AAP needs to pay more attention to the biomedical doctors.

At this point, I am tired of reading debunked antivax and autism warrior tropes.  None of these ideas are valid nor do JB’s ideas give us any reason to even consider them valid.

Chapter ten: Treatment and Recovery


In this chapter, JB outlines how biomedical treatments can recover children from autism and recommends various treatments and books, including the drug suramin, drinking silica mineral water to detox aluminum from the brain, eating a ketogenic diet, healing the microbiome, and taking nutritional supplements.
Epilogue: wherein JB details how he feels guilty for depriving his son a normal life.
I am not tired. This book was exhausting to read if only because it is ableist and unscientific and repeats all the tropes JB has written about at Age of Autism and his own multiple blogs. I really feel sad for parents who take him seriously. There is no good science here. We know some children regress because of age, not vaccines. Autism is not the only developmental issue that causes regression. It is offensive and ignorant of JB to ignore the other developmental issues, like Prader-Willi and Krabbe and Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, all of which cause children to change late in infancy to early childhood.
Sometimes, I feel sorry for parents who have children needier than my own.   Then, I get upset at them and think about M and D and C and D and K and Chris and my other friends who have autistic children far needier than my own but THESE LADIES DO NOT BLAME VACCINES AND THEY DO NOT WALLOW IN SELF PITY.   They don’t feel they got dealt a bum hand and act sorry for themselves. They raise their spirits, advocate for their children, use sound medicine and science to care for them, and pretty much metaphorically flip antivaxers the finger for being selfish drama queens and kings.
To you, C and M and D and D and K, I send you big fat internet hugs. And especially to Chris.  Screw JB.

Remember to always think for yourself,


Hugs from Kathy!

91 thoughts on “Provax autism mom reads JB Handley’s “Autism Epidemic” book

  1. Reblogged this on False Prophets and commented:

    MUST READ! J.B. Handley’s new anti-vax propaganda book has been officially DEBUNKED! Read this thorough & outright DAMNING expose by our friend at Vaccinesworkblog that reveals how J.B. cherry-picked bad “science” to hawk his book. And thanks for the shout-out!

    I challenge anyone after reading this absolute & brilliant takedown of his propaganda to believe this book still represents real, unbiased science.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for taking one for the team!

    I can’t believe how the anti-vaxxers are gushing over this book and mailing it to politicians. Sounds like the same old stuff.

    Love the cherry picking image you threw in there!

    Society has changed. Back in the day people with severe disabilities were put in institutions. You didn’t see them. They existed, they were just hidden. How can someone really say that autism didn’t exist before the 1930s??

    Maybe anti-vaxxers need to take some history classes. Do some reading that isn’t vaccine “research.”

    Great review, thanks!


      • Finally, I want to ask a question that’s come up
        in the literature in the last few years—should we
        really be promoting universal maternal vaccination?
        The flu vaccine has been recommended routinely
        to pregnant women in the United States since
        1957. The official policy of the Centers for Disease
        Control states that “administration of vaccines to
        women seeking prenatal care is an opportunity
        for preventative intervention that should not be
        wasted.” Now you might say, “Well, of course,
        you don’t want to get the flu if you’re pregnant!”
        But remember that double-stranded RNA experiment—we
        activated the immune system, and it
        caused all these downstream effects on the fetus.
        And what does a vaccination do? It activates the
        immune system. That’s the point of vaccination.
        In practice, not all pregnant women receive flu
        shots, and I think that universal vaccination of
        pregnant women could get us into a whole new
        set of problems. I’m hoping, therefore, that a way
        will be found to intervene somehow and repair the
        damage or reregulate the immune system. This
        mouse model is an excellent place to start.
        This is the last paragraph in Patterson’s work that you talk about in point #3 in Chapter 5. You may want to delete this is if you’re trying to disprove a link between vaccines and autism.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “The flu vaccine has been recommended routinely to pregnant women in the United States since 1957.”

        Citation needed. When I was having babies starting about thirty years ago I was never given the opportunity to get a flu vaccine. It was never mentioned. I wish it had because I had a nasty flu when I was pregnant with the first two kids.

        “And what does a vaccination do? It activates the immune system.”

        So does actually getting influenza, and I know from experience it is miserable when you are pregnant.

        Simple question: why would an influenza vaccine cause more harm than the actual disease.

        Answer in your own words and not this “cut and paste” by JB Handley that has been plastered all over the place.


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  5. I will just comment on your review of chapter two of JB’s book. You overlay the two graphs mortality and morbidity. JB should have showed both graphs. But you completely ignored the importance of the mortality chart he talks about.
    The graph showing mortality or death, shows deaths dropped from 10’s of thousands in the 1910 era to around 2 or 3 hundred by late 1950’s to 1962 just before the measles vaccine was invented in 1963, and that was in-spite of a rapidly increasing population. So few were dying by the time the vaccine was invented. Can you explain to us why this mortality figure dropped so much? It could not possibly be because of clean water, plumbing, better health care, etc, So why? Tell us please.

    The other graph showing morbidity, or number of cases, shows that this only dropped about a third by the time the vaccine was invented. And then after 1963 the vaccine completely eliminated measles for us, that’s good. The measles vaccine works.
    JB bring up many other good points which you ignore and you only point out the faults. This is not a book review but a hatchet job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So what? Mortality only shows increase of better hospital care. One of the great inventions of the 1950s was artificial respiration to keep those who get pneumonia alive longer. Ever heard of iron lungs?

      One of the major reasons for death in measles is pneumonia.

      “And then after 1963 the vaccine completely eliminated measles for us, that’s good. The measles vaccine works.”

      Yes it does. It is also much much easier and cheaper to prevent a disease than to treat it. Respiratory care is expensive.

      Liked by 1 person

    • By 1963, measles had evolved to become a relatively mild and beneficial disease in the vast majority of children, causing three to four million cases a year in the US, the entire birth cohort, 99% of American children having antibodies to it from natural exposure by the age of 18, and only 450 death a year out of four million cases. The disease itself had evolved to become less virulent, although improved nutritional status helped as well. The natural disease improved immune function for life, giving girls the ability to protect future newborns for the first year of life through placental immunity and breastfeeding. It substantially prevented many chronic disease in later life, including every kind of cancer but breast cancer. Measles was the best, but having a number of febrile diseases in childhood has been shown to reduce lifetime cancer risk by about 20% for each disease, up to 80%. We had no need for the vaccine. Everyone born in the US before 1958 is presumed to have had natural measles, and may not be forced to take the measles vaccine. Measles is good for the vast majority, while the MMR is bad, preventing beneficial childhood diseases and causing a huge number of serious vaccine reactions, including autism and bowel disease.

      Chris, there has never been allopathic treatment available to treat measles. In the case of a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be used to treat it, but most measles complications are viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics. Other than that, there is nothing a hospital has ever been able to do to treat it. Mortality went down because the measles virus evolved, as well as improved nutrition.

      J.B. discussed many important points in great detail, debunking all the damage denialists standard lies about the autism epidemic, that there has been no real increase, when obviously there has been, that autism used to be called mental retardation, etc. See his discussion of these points. He discusses many studies which, taken together, prove that the aluminum in vaccines can cause autism, the most recent of these studies being published in 2018. He discusses the court testimony of Dr. Plotkin, word for word, which shows at the least how unaware of the issues involved he is.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ” and only 450 death a year out of four million cases. ”

        How many children need to die for you to care? Remember, the population of the USA is double than what it was before there were vaccines, so you are cool with about a thousand deaths due to measles and several tens of thousands of kids being permanently disabled. That makes you a horrible vile child hating adult.

        “Measles was the best, but having a number of febrile diseases in childhood has been shown to reduce lifetime cancer risk by about 20% for each disease, up to 80%.”

        That is some prime cherry picking. It was a survey of old Japanese men, from a population where everyone got measles. Please stop lying.

        “there has never been allopathic treatment available to treat measles.”

        That is why we prevent it through vaccination.

        “Mortality went down because the measles virus evolved, as well as improved nutrition.”

        The virus did not evolve. There is treatment for the most common complication and cause of death from measles: pneumonia. That is why artificial respiration helped keep very sick children alive. Please stop lying.


      • If you would thoroughly read my post, you will see that none of the aluminum studies proves a thing. And I also address the court depositions.

        Measles is not good for anyone. Common complications include ear infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, and encephalitis. Medications are offered to help these complications and those are what led to a dramatic reduction in death rate before vaccines. Prior to vaccination, measles infection was one of the major reasons for children being diagnosed mentally retarded and deaf. That is not good for anyone at all.

        Cia, you really should just stick to using the one name. You claim, on disqus, that your posts are screened and deleted and then feign ignorance about how you spam the same comments everywhere. But, you do same the same thing everywhere and it is not hard at all to recognize your posts. Of course you like JB’s book. His ideas totally fit your narrative. I suppose now you are going to say that aluminum caused your daughter’s autism, changing your story with the times just like JB changes his continually. The both of you are just sad.


      • “Celia, who is really Cia (Cynthia) Parker,”

        I know, which is why I did not pull any punches. Her “helpful” advice advocates for misery and death to children.

        She needs some serious mental health intervention. I feel very sorry for her family, who have probably tried to help her. Though I know through dear spouses painful experience with a family member that is often a lost cause.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. You somehow failed to mention that not only Dr. Plotkin is asked questions about human experimentation, he answers those questions under oath. He admits that he’d tested his vaccines on mentally retarded children, orphans, and babies born to mothers in prisons. He also admits that it’s better to perform experiments on those who can’t make any contribution to society. He admits that his experiments in Kongo involved more than a million of people.

    So, I wonder, what exactly do you find disgusting? The fact that he is forced to admit human experimentation?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately that was the norm before the Belmont Report.

      The irony is now the JB Handley and friends now insist on a vaccine versus unvaccinated study which would violate the Belmont Report. Do you have a point?

      Liked by 1 person

    • “He admits that he’d tested his vaccines on mentally retarded children, orphans, and babies born to mothers in prisons.”

      That is detailed in Chapter 12 of the book The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease by Meredith Wadman. It was done in 1963, which predates the Belmont Report. What he did there was not as bad as the other researchers actually in other institutions. Perhaps you should stop clutching your pearls and read that book. Also learn about the Belmont Report, and the irony of Handley and other anti-vaxers calling for studies that violate ethics:

      By the way, you claimed that he answered questions for eight hours, yet the video is just one hour long. That screams creative editing.

      Do tell us how that played out in the courtroom… just post the link to the final ruling.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. I am shocked that they would put a man of his age through that. I suspect we missed much in the seven hours not included in the Youtube link.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Also, I was kind of asking about how Matheson fared in the courtroom. I doubt she will win. But I am not surprised that I am in the dark about much of this because I don’t do Facebook.

        Though if I had a chance, I would ask what she would do if her child was bitten by a rabid bat (or raccoon, etc). Would she allow the use of the modern rabies vaccine that was developed at Wistar with those “evil aborted fetus cells”?


      • I see you have some problems with technology. First Russian hackers. Now you don’t see the videos. Older generation? Sixties? There are 9 videos each 1 hour long. In the total of 9 hours. I’ll leave it up to you to look for them. Also, while you are looking, look up “deposition” and how is it different from court

        Liked by 1 person

    • What he is talking about is what was done decades ago. We don’t do that in USA anymore. It was also, at the same time, considered valid to institutionalize your own child for life, from birth, if they were born disabled. A lot has changed in the last 50 years.

      You antivaxers are fond of manufactroversies.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Now we know this propaganda from the Russians! An hour long video without introduction as to who is talking and why, and you want us to sit through that? Here is some more relevant and entertaining videos:

      Liked by 1 person

      • This is an 8 hour long recording of Dr. Plotkin’s deposition conducted by Lori Matheson’s lawyer Aaron Siri. It was made public by Lori Matheson before the opposing side vetoed it. So, the cat is outa the box — it’s all over YouTube now. If you love conspiracies and want to blame the Russians (or Israel, or NYC lawyers lobby for that matter) — blame them for paying Dr. Plotkin to blow the whistle. Oh wait. Is he even telling the truth? Hmmm. Maybe they payed to him to lie under oath.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nope, not going to go by a biased recording. Videos are not verifiable evidence. Come up with a PubMed indexed paper about it, or just move along.

        Still, does not mean much and shows some history, in the most boring way possible. Yes, several vaccine researchers used children in institutions and those in developing countries. It is exactly why the Belmont Report was created, a document that Handley and others wish to violate.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have seen clips. It is Dr Plotkin answering questions that yes, he did conduct scientific experiments on what we would now call vulnerable populations. This has nothing to do with whether vaccines work or not. It’s a diversion.


    • Yes, it is irrelevant because it is ancient. We don’t do this anymore. And Dr Plotkin was not the only one who did things like this. You may recall women were once considered the property of the men in their lives. A lot has changed. History is fascinating.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t forget the Tuskegee study with syphilis! This is what the vax/unvax test advocates want to return to. Give kids a placebo vaccine and not tell them, so they don’t know if they need to be careful in a measles or chicken pox outbreak.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. The fact that you call Dr. Plotkin’s own words under oath scaremongering tells me something. You probably realize that impression they make. They are all over the web now. That is an example of a perfect PR campaign — congrats, provaxxers, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I am calling your words scaremongering. It is still just a YouTube video that pertains just to one so far failed legal case. It has nothing to do with vaccines being safe or effective.

      Now, do try to tell why it is better to not treat rabies instead of getting the modern rabies vaccine that was developed in 1968 with Plotkin as one of the researchers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • List the logical error, with the direct quote and an explanation of its flaw.

        Please give me a direct quote of the “ad hominen.” I do not see anything where I dismiss the argument because of the type of person they are. I am describing their verbiage as scaremongering is not an “ad hominem.” Try to learn what a Latin phrase means before you use it.

        Also, questioning an elderly man for a full day is tortuous and cruel. Not a good look. Just read his papers. Though I did think the Cyrillic text on the video was cute, it screamed Russian. That was hilarious, there is no way to take it seriously in the era of Russian trolls.

        Also the accusation of “industry shill” is just a last resort insult from someone with no valid argument. Why should I care about what you think?

        Wait! You must be a Russian troll yourself, which is why you must be responding to comments about that video five months later. Did you make that video? You must be disappointed it did not work.


      • And how do you know that? I am a random person on the web yet you claim to know not only my actions but the reasons behind them. I honestly think Plotkin’s words speak so well for themselves, I didn’t need to add any words of my own.
        If you think that’s not a big deal: a doctor admitting that he performed human experiments on the underprivileged in the 60 — everybody done so back then — well, that’s your opinion. Vaxers or not, you probably realize, that this will be a big deal for a lot of people. Ancient is a poor, poor argument. Johann Rehbogen ring a bell?

        Liked by 2 people

      • Well, your motives are pretty obvious, so there is that. And Dr Plotkin is talking about events from 50+ years ago. Non issue today. Yes, it was not good but it was the norm back then. I am certainly not going to fault him for doing something considered the norm anymore than I would fault a parent of a Down Syndrome baby for institutionalizing their baby back then. We know better so we do better. And, anyway, the science still stands. What Dr Plotkin said or did doesn’t change the fact that vaccines work and Lori Matheson’s child is now vaccinated.


      • No, she didn’t.

        My point is — the people will get angry when they learn all the juicy details of your renowned champion of the vaccine industry career. They are getting angry already. And rightfully so. If you think that human experimentation is all he had to say, you are wrong. It is just a tiny fraction of a fraction of a pie. Her lawyer is very good, he’s been asking questions for 8 hours, and now it is public. (in video format, mind you — who will read autism anti-vax book — no one, who will watch a video on Youtube — a lot of people) No Anti-vaxing-Russian-Hacked-Fearmongering-Conspiracy-and-Thruth-Exposing website ever managed to expose that much truth about the vaccine industry as Dr. Plotkin himself.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t see why anyone rational would get angry when they know that this was typical in the 50s and 60s and we do better now. This is merely a diversion from actual facts.

        Tell me something. How does this change the efficacy and safety of vaccines?

        It doesn’t.


      • “My point is — the people will get angry when they learn all the juicy details of your renowned champion of the vaccine industry career. ”

        And yet those of us who actually read about it and know the historical details are not alarmed (seriously, read the book a I referenced more than once!). It is like we learn about these things in context to the era. Especially since our kids would not have been allowed to enter public school because they could not do something as “simple as talking” until 1974. (do you know what the original title of the “Individuals with Disabilities Education Act” was?… it is not pretty)

        Answer my question: would Matheson use Plotkin’s 1968 rabies vaccine to save her kid if they had been bitten by a rabid animal like a bat or raccoon? Is she so beholden to those “religious beliefs” to let a kid die because of how the vaccine was created?

        Seriously, how did she fare with the final custodial decision?

        Liked by 1 person

  8. No, you wouldn’t. You would, however, fault a Nazi crime perpetrator for warcrimes. You wouldn’t say — but everybody done so back then. That was a long time ago. He is not even the worst. A la guerre comme a la guerre. Would you? Just saying

    Liked by 1 person

    • At the time of WW2, the crimes perpetuated by Germans were crimes. At the time Dr Plotkin, et al, were using vulnerable persons in studies, those were not crimes. I am glad we don’t do this in USA today. Does it change immunization science? Nope.

      You antivaxers love your manufactroversies and diversions.


      • Do you know how those crimes were defined and when did it happen?

        They were not crimes under Reich. Human experimentation was not a crime in the USA in the 50s and 60s. They were crimes from the ethics perspective. As was human experimentation. You are aware of the fact that there were medical ethics lawsuits involving human experimentation in the USA since eighteen hundreds, right? They were crimes before the Belmont report as they are now. The fact that some of the people involved not only haven’t answered for those crimes, but still remain in the position of power in medicine, doesn’t undermine them. “I am sorry, but unfortunately everybody has done so” is not an excuse suitable for a fifth grader cheating on a test.

        I am not going to argue with you about vaccine safety, you and me both know — that is a waste of time.
        Let Dr. Plotkin speak (and do not be afraid of the Ruskies, this YouTuber is a fellow American) about randomized placebo controlled studies and lack thereof:
        Starting at 15:34 and starting at 25:36.

        Liked by 2 people

      • What Dr Plotkin was talking about was not human experimentation like what the Nazis did. My goodness, you’ve gone off the deep end. He did not say he never got approval. Children are used in vaccine studies to this date, with their parents approval. Nowhere did Dr Plotkin state he did not have approval from caregivers/guardians/parents.

        Love how you think I have not heard his comments before. I just won’t watch the full hour dearie, but I have read the deposition in full.


    • Actually, you are quite wrong about that. Due to being a parent of the high school science club I helped find a speaker for one of the “Science Evenings.” I reached out to the local university’s human studies trainer on ethics.

      She gave a terrific presentation. As it turns out there are lots of gray areas in the Nazi research. While they condemn some, there are bits that gave useful information that they would never ever perform today… mostly about cold tolerance. She accepted it, and yet she was Jewish. Plus she gave the kids much to think about, like doing financial research in a small town where everybody knows everyone.

      You really need to learn some history and biology.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Again: the Belmont Report.

      Why are you so bad at the googles? I even gave you the link to a series of blogs about science studies, ethics and the Belmont Report. Do you not know how to click on links?

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh, yeah, clearly, he got the approval of the inmate mothers, caregivers of human orphans and mentally handicapped “humans in form but not social ability”, and also of single one out of million people in Belgium Congo. Too bad he never mentioned it — but you believe that he did anyway.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. wow – this is hardly a rebuttal at all. You provide no proof of your comments, and just rely on opinion, quite the opposite of what the book you’re trying to debunk does. And just for the record: schizophrenia, mental retardation and Down’s Syndrome are NOT the same as autism.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I would like to translate your very important work into Hebrew (Chapter 5 was cited in an anti-vax website and I want to publish an answer). If you agree, please email me your permission to do so.


  12. Keep sipping the cool-aid, sweet pea! Referencing bumper sticker slogans on CDC’s website is not scientific data to prove your point. The CDC and all US Heath agencies are in bed with big pharma. Where do you think their funds come from? JB is on point on everything stated. If you did your own REAL research and not side with popular consensus, you would know it too. Saying vaccines are safer than other drugs is a complete lie! Since 1986 National Childhood Baccine Injury Act was signed into law, the HHS has NOT received a SINGLE study or report from vaccine manufactures to support vaccine safety in over 30 years! Meanwhile the health of our children in this country is declining at a rapid pace. If you want to talk smack about JB then at least start with some facts, not lies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “If you did your own REAL research and not side with popular consensus, you would know it too. Saying vaccines are safer than other drugs is a complete lie!”

      Please present that “REAL research.” Just post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that are not on the Dwoskin payroll.

      “Meanwhile the health of our children in this country is declining at a rapid pace. If you want to talk smack about JB then at least start with some facts, not lies.”

      Citations needed. Just post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that are not on the Dwoskin payroll.


      • Not actually. Those are just a couple of the long list of questions these folks refuse to answer, or at least honestly. It is just to show how their fairy tales are empty, and give others something to think about.


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