Another antivax quiz

I love when antivaxers challenge us provaxers with quizzes. They are so easy to debunk. So, while I enjoy my holidays (I hope you are, too, if you celebrate) and while I work on a few other research project/blog posts, here’s the answers to this quiz.


dumb antivaxers copy

Original quiz from here. All original comments in black. My comments are in italicized deep purple.

Ask your pediatrician these vaccine questions. 

Why? Why would your pediatrician want to waste time with these dumb questions. Okay, I will answer them. 

1, What are 10 ingredients in vaccines other than the viruses themselves?
(Aborted fetal tissue, polysorbate 80, MSG, aluminum, formaldehyde, bovine cells, thimerasol, canine cells, lactose, Phenoxyethanol)


Well, the vaccine ingredient (excipient) list is easy to google. I don’t know why you think your doctor should have them memorized.

2, Which vaccine ingredient opens the blood brain barrier allowing toxins to enter the brain?
(Polysorbate 80)


Uh, none. There is nothing that small in vaccines. This was made popular in the video series, the Truth about vaccines, episode 2.   

As I wrote in my review

This is a new claim, for me. Toni Bark and Lawrence Pavelsky, both doctors who are against vaccines, claim that polysorbate 80, when used in conjunction with other drugs, opens the gut and blood brain barriers. Further, they claim, because everything with them also gets into the gut and brain, then nanoparticles of viruses, bacteria, and aluminum are also getting into these parts of our bodies. Larry says polysorbate 80 binds to the viruses and and aluminum and “walks into the brain the way a ghost can go through a wall.”  He concludes that this is what is causing vaccinated children to have autism and other neurodisabilities.

Now, first of all, we know vaccines are not causing autism. Secondly, aluminum salts in vaccines are microparticles, not nanoparticles. Polysorbate 80 is used with nanoparticles of certain drugs, like loperamide, to deliver them to the brain when necessary.  These drugs only cross the blood brain barrier  when loaded onto polybutylcyanoacrylate (PBCA)-nanoparticles and coated with polysorbate 80. But, aluminum salts are microparticles, not nanoparticles. There are experiments underway using aluminum salt nanoparticles but all existing vaccines use microparticles of aluminum salts and those are much too large to cross the blood brain barrier.  Aluminum salts are about 2 um or 2000 nanoparticles in size.

Links are all live in the blog post 

3, Which vaccines contain either human aborted fetal tissue, canine cells, monkey cells, chicken cells?

See #1.  Cells, not tissue, are used to grow viruses. They are not actually in vaccines. The viruses are removed and purified before being used in vaccines. This helpful website post will teach you more. 

4, Which vaccines contain neurotoxins such as aluminum or mercury?

None. As you can see in the excipient list, there is no elemental mercury nor elemental aluminum in any vaccine. Thimerosal is out of most vaccines. It is only in a few flu vaccines. Aluminum salts are in some vaccines but not elemental aluminum. 

5, Which vaccines contain carcinogenic ingredients?

None. Nothing causes cancer in all doses. For example, there is a naturally occurring formaldehyde in our own bodies and food but it can cause cancer if you inhale too much. The EPA IRIS database tells you more

6, Which vaccines have not been tested on pregnant women yet are recommended by doctors?
TDaP & Flu have both been tested on pregnant woman, though not in clinical trials because those are all done. Antivaxers don’t seem to get this point. Here are links where you can find the safety research. 


Flu vaccine pregnancy safety studies

TDaP pregnancy safety studies 

7, Which vaccines are known to cause either anxiety disorders, anorexia, developmental disorders, autism, seizure disorders, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, SIDS…per scientific peer reviewed studies?



Vaccines are proven to cut the risk of sids in half. 

Vaccines do not cause autism. 

Vaccines do not cause epilepsy 

I could go on. Vaccines don’t cause anything on this list. 

8, Who is Dr. William Thompson and what role does he play at the CDC?
(Senior Lead scientist at the CDC, turned whistleblower)

The William Thompson, “cdc whistleblower,” nonsense was proven false in August 2014.  My fellow blogger at Harpocrates Speaks has been keeping track. 


9, Which vaccines contain live viruses which infect the recipient and can shed to others?

There are no known cases of vaccine viruses causing outbreaks. My fellow blogger, Dr Vincent Ianelli, explains. 

10, Which country is having dozens of outbreaks in highly vaccinated communities?

Since the year 2000, all outbreaks in USA have been caused by unvaccinated and mostly affect unvaccinated.  Data here. 


11, Which vaccine is causing an outbreak by the tens of thousands in India and Africa?

There are no known outbreaks of vaccine-derived illness causing huge outbreaks. Antivaxers think that a one-year anecdote of 47,000 cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis were caused by polio vaccine but they fail to note that the cause was not polio. That is why it was called “non-polio.”  Again, Dr Ianelli explains. 

In reality, the near eradication of polio is one of the greatest achievements of humankind. This website has the latest data.

12, Which vaccine is routinely given *after* an injury despite it being a preventative vaccine?

Tetanus vaccine is critically important

This explains wound management and why vaccines are given. 

13, What are the various cancer-causing ingredients in vaccines?

See #5. 

14, What is the 1986 vaccine Injury act?

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 is an important law which does not remove all liability from vaccine makers but sets up a system and fund for compensating individuals who can prove, within the vaccine injury table guidelines, that they have been injured by a vaccine. 

15, How many billions of $$ has the United States vaccine injury court system paid out?

About $4 billion for 6000 compensation awards and 5 billion vaccines given. Thus, the vaccine injury rate is 0.0000011%.  Source

16, Does acquiring mild childhood illnesses such as measles and chickenpox have any long-term health benefits?

No, there is no valid evidence having a terrible infection is beneficial. 100% of international scientific consensus concludes vaccines have infinitely greater benefits than the diseases. There are no links here because there is no data. No one has ever proven this statement wrong in the nearly 1000 times I have made it. 

17, Which renowned Children’s Hospitals have notified recently vaccinated individuals to not visit patients with autoimmune disorders?

None. Here are policies for visitors to St  Jude’s and John’s Hopkins. Antivaxers like to use old policies to make points but that is not valid. 

18, Where is there proof of vaccine-induced herd immunity?

Herd immunity is a well-established scientific principle. Our fellow blogger at Thoughtscapism has more information.  


Also, we challenge antivaxers to prove to us how rubella could be eradicated from the entire Americas without herd immunity. 

19, Which virus in a vaccine is being manufactured into a cure for cancer?
It is true that measles has been used in a vaccine to cure one person of cancer. Very promising but not a reason to get measles. 

20, Why is it a horrible idea to give Tylenol before or after vaccines?

We agree with the American Academy of Pediatricians that giving Tylenol before a vaccine is unnecessary. 

21, How many milligrams of aluminum make up to 75 doses of vaccines given to children

Aluminum is a safe ingredient in vaccines. 

22, Which vaccine given the day of a child’s birth contains dangerous levels of aluminum?

None. Antivaxers worry about Hep B vaccine because they don’t understand the issues. I explain here

23, Which industrialized country has one of the highest, if not the highest, infant mortality rates as well as vaccine rates?

The USA has a higher infant mortality rate than countries with universal healthcare but we all have similar vax schedules and immunizations are proven to cut the risk of SIDS in half. I discuss here, here, here, and here

24, Which vaccine was given to 40 million Americans and was later revealed to contain a cancer-causing monkey virus?

None. Skeptical Raptor does an excellent job of explaining here. 

25, Which industrialized country has the fanciest hospitals, the highest rate of cancer in children, the highest rate of children with autoimmune disorders, and most profitable pharmaceutical industry in the world?


I am pretty sure there are “fancy” hospitals in all countries. Denmark has the highest cancer rate. Pfizer, based in USA, has the highest pharma company profits but Roche, based in Switzerland, is #2. So what? Does profit equal corruption?  No. Antivaxers just think it does. 

26, Which vaccine was involved in the recent CDC whistleblower scandal showing a link to autism and the CDC covered it up?

None. See #8

27, Which states in the US require children to maintain the CDC vaccine schedule in order to attend school?

All 50 states. 

28, What is wrong with natural immunity?

It comes with very high costs. See here

29, ….. Dr. So And So…
Do you have any idea how many children you are poisoning and lives you’re adversely affecting by your med school indoctrination, ignorance and denial???😠

Zero. Antivaxers are irrational.


Remember to always think for yourself!!!


2 thoughts on “Another antivax quiz

  1. Which vaccine ingredient opens the blood brain barrier allowing toxins to enter the brain?
    (Polysorbate 80)

    And, just maybe, even proven by science, the highest exposure of any individual to that infernal vaccine ingredient Polysorbate 80 is in that wretched, never to be ingested, damned food, known as ice cream.


  2. These stupid questions have – in the last day or so – been posted on a certain closed Facebook group as a way to argue with provaxxers. The overwhelming majority of the comments are people asking the OP to post the answers 🤣

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