The deceptions of Erin Marie, RN explained

Note: as you read this tale, please be aware that I will not be linking to Erin Marie Olszewski’s movie, book, or any interviews she has done. I assume you are here because you have seen something about them.  As such, we do not need to give them more traffic. The point of this blog post is to explain what Erin Marie Olszewski did and why she is so very wrong.  I watched her video myself and the points herein are an aggregate of my thoughts as well as those of others.




One of the greatest tragedies of the American response to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic (aka COVID19) has been the paranoid pseudoscience crowd’s elaborate cherry picking of science, ideas, and evidence.  One such purveyor of misinformation is Erin Marie Olszewski, a registered nurse from Florida USA. Erin spent weeks at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens New York City, called by some “the epicenter” of the American COVID19 pandemic, as a temporary nurse in various units in that hospital. She originally went because she thought the pandemic a hoax and wanted to expose “the truth” but quickly found the pandemic to be very real. She then changed her focus to be how patients were managed in New York City hospitals. In her documentary, she claims patients were mistreated, to the point of being murdered. COVID19 hit New York City hospitals very hard. By May 2, 2020,  a total of 13,831 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19–associated deaths, and 5,048 probable COVID-19–associated deaths were recorded in NYC.  Hospitals were overwhelmed but there is no evidence supporting Erin’s ideas that patients were mistreated or ignored for profit. Doctors and nurses who traveled to NYC went there to help. Erin is the only one who traveled to NYC to wear hidden camera glasses and make a documentary based on false facts.

With a documentary deal with Journeyman Pictures and a book deal with Skyhorse Publishing on the line, she switched over to using her hidden camera glasses to document what she feels is horrible care received by patients at Elmhurst. She filmed patients, their chart information, discussions with other healthcare providers, and more, without telling anyone what she was doing or asking permission, all to document what she calls murder.  In her mind, patients at Elmhurst were intubated too quickly and put on ventilators only for profit and healthcare providers did not care about the patients at all. She is also highly critical of decisions made by doctors and other healthcare providers at Elmhurst and assumes she knows more about how to treat COVID19 patients than anyone else.  Since the movie and book came out, she has made the rounds of low-brow, conspiracy shows like The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

For several months now, a team of science advocates and I have been combing through her Facebook posts, reading and watching her interviews, watching her film, and following her in the media.  We have carefully compiled information and evidence to show who Erin Marie is and why what she says in her movie and book is dangerous misinformation. This is a long story and this blogpost is just a summary of the basic facts.  More posts, with more details, will follow. *



So who is Erin Marie Olszewski and why did she go to NYC?   Why did she make a movie and write a book and what is she accusing Elmhurst Hospital of doing wrong?

Erin Marie Olszewski is a registered nurse from Florida. Public records of her license background show she originally was licensed in Wisconsin and then moved to Florida and become licensed there.  It is unclear how much she has worked as a nurse in Florida.  She is also an Army veteran, having enlisted in 2000 and remaining active for about 7 years.  She spent time in Iraq and became a nurse upon returning to USA.  There is no documented evidence she had any advanced training or experience working in an emergency department or critical care unit.

She is the mother of three young boys, one of whom she claims regressed into autism after a vaccine. She is a passionate antivaxxer and founded two groups: Florida Freedom Alliance and Nurses for Vaccine Safety Alliance, Inc.  Looking at their Facebook activity, FFA’s objective has been to thwart legislative attempts in Florida to pass any vaccine bills and NVSA seems to be a group of people who question scientific consensus. In the past few years, she has attended ACIP meetings, one of which I detail in this post, to ask that the connection between autism and vaccines be studied more.  Of course, savvy readers know vaccines do not cause autism. 

During the height of the pandemic in New York City, Erin contracted with Krucial Staffing to spend weeks in a NYC hospital as a temporary nurse. Krucial is a temporary agency which staffs various professions, including sending medical professionals into areas hard hit by COVID19.  Hundreds of nurses from all over the USA were brought with the promise that they would make up $10,000 a week in hard hit hospitals. Erin was sent to Elmhurst Hospital, considered by many to the be epicenter of the NYC outbreak because of how busy they were and how many deaths they saw. Many doctors and nurses are returning home from spending time in NYC and sharing harrowing and tragic stories of a city overwhelmed by COVID19 and of hospitals struggling to manage a novel disease with all the knowledge they could muster.  Most stories are supportive of the hospital system and acknowledge the complexity of the disease.

“It was definitely overwhelming, nothing like any health care provider has seen in their lifetime,” she said. “I’ve seen death constantly, I’ve seen death frequently, but to this magnitude? Never.”


Elmhurst Hospital, where Erin was sent, is located in the Queens Borough of New York City. Queens struggles with not enough health resources to meet needs.  Queens is a very diverse borough, with almost half of residents being foreign born.

“Queens has 1.5 hospital beds per 1,000 people, compared to 5.3 in Manhattan. Typically serving what the health care industry calls an “unfavorable payer mix” and as a result dependent on government funding, public hospitals often lack the resources of the parallel nonpublic hospital system in New York City.”


“Yet health care workers and community leaders say it is indisputable that the pandemic has disproportionately affected the Hispanic day laborers, restaurant workers and cleaners who make up the largest share of the population in an area often celebrated as one of the most diverse places on earth. Latinos comprise 34 percent of the deaths in New York City, the largest share for any racial or ethnic group, according to data released by state officials on Wednesday.

The neighborhoods also have large communities of Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino and Nepali people, and a score of other ethnicities that have been devastated by the pandemic.

The city-run Elmhurst Hospital Center was one of the earliest and hardest-hit by the virus. Dozens of Covid-19 patients have clogged hallways as they wait for beds, terrified, alone and often unable to communicate in English.”


No one doubts that Elmhurst, amongst other hard hit hospitals in less areas of USA, struggled with COVID19 patients during a time when little was known about the novel coronavirus and personal protective equipment (PPE) was in short supply.  No one doubts they struggled with so many patients that they sometimes had to bring in doctors and nurses and other health professionals who did not have the experience or the advanced training in infectious diseases or intensive care units.  No one doubts that they struggled with whether and how and when to intubate patients and whether or not to use drugs like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  Doctors and nurses struggle with making the right decisions for patients on an average day. To be working during a pandemic, when the hospital is full of patients who almost all have a NOVEL (new) kind of virus, makes the job even harder.  But, they still try hard to keep their patients alive. Erin spends the entire film arguing that HCQ should be given to patients, even arguing with doctors about it, and that patients were being intubated too fast for nothing more than simple anxiety.  No one, no doctor on earth, would put a patient on a ventilator for anxiety. Erin obviously does not understand the SARS-COV-2 (COVID19) virus and how it presents

To quote ZdoggMD, from his excellent analysis of her video, what Erin did with her video and book is become a “criminal, unprofessional con artist” in spreading misinformation and lies, to fit her predetermined agenda, in a time when people are getting sick and dying because they refuse to follow medical advice to maskup and practice social distancing. Her video and book have the purpose of instilling doubt in the minds of people who are already very concerned about the quality of medical care in America. 

So, here are her points:

  • She claims people who test negative to COVID19 are put in same area of the hospital as people who test positive, thereby exposing them to COVID19 and making them more sick.  In reality, up to 40% of negative COVID19 tests will be false. When a person comes into a hospital with symptoms of COVID19 and the test comes back false, they are often indicated as a presumptive covid patient because that leads their treatment plan. If 40% of negative tests are actually positive, you need to treat the symptoms not just the test results. If the symptoms match COVID, of course the patient is going to be put in a covid unit, particularly when the hospital is full to bursting. Erin’s claim that the hospital negligently gave people covid is a conspiracy theory not backed up by actual evidence.


  • She claims the hospital is coding patients as positive to make money off them.  Erin claims Medicare pays the hospital $29,000 for each patient who is diagnosed as positive for COVID19 and placed on a ventilator. She seems to believe $29K is enough money for Elmhurst to be coding them this way on purpose to make a profit. However, a patient in ICU will cost the hospital much more than $29,000 in care. For example, after 62 days in the hospital with COVID19, a Washington man’s bill was $1.1 million. Erin fails to mention what an actual COVID19 patient costs the hospital because this is merely a conspiracy theory of hers. Again, this idea is not backed by real evidence.


  • She claims the doctors and residents are incompetent.  At one point in the movie, Erin is heard arguing with a cardiac critical care fellow, a medical school graduate who is spending a year learning advanced care in Cardiac Surgery, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology and Surgical Critical Care. Meaning Erin tries to argue about what patients need with a person in training to be an expert.  The doctor is heard patiently explaining to Erin why her ideas are not valid but instead of learning, as one would hope a nurse with no documented experience in critical care would do,  Erin continues to berate and harass this fellow, as well as other doctors in the hospital. It is remarkably unprofessional to harass people with more expertise than you. Instead of making a film and writing a book, if Erin were truly concerned about patients she could have taken her claims to the media or the federal government, as a true whistleblower. There are actual standards for how to take care of COVID19 patients, but Erin does not present that information in the film. Erin’s goal was not to save lives, however, but to manufacture a controversy. Both of these screenshots are from very early into her NYC stay.  As you can see, she went to NYC with a clear agenda to defame and libel the hospital and doctors and not with the intent of helping people.



  • Erin presumes hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), along with zinc and vitamin C, should be given to all patients. Having spent time reading her posts on Facebook now for several months, I understand she got some these ideas from disgraced former researcher Judy Mikovitz. Mikovitz came out with her own conspiracy video about COVID19 before Erin’s came out but the theme is similar: conspiracy, cherry picking evidence, treatments being hidden from public. We know, from reading many of Erin’s comments on her Facebook page, that she reveres Judy and spends time talking with her almost daily. We also know Judy espouses some crazy ideas about COVID19, all of which are easily debunked. HCQ is not currently recommendedfor COVID19 treatment, after a great deal of research done this spring, but Erin is unaware of that fact.


  • She also claimed patients were sent to nursing homes with active COVID19 infection and that led to high death rate in those places. However, as has been said time and again by Governor Cuomo, nursing homes were refusing to receive healthy and stable patients at a fear of COVID outbreaks in their facilities. so New York State made it so that patients who were stable and past the window of transmission of COVID were to be accepted by nursing homes. This was very important because we needed to keep the beds in the hospital free to take care of new and acute patients. There was a report recently done that showed that the patients who left the hospital to go into the nursing homes were not the cause of the nursing home outbreaks.


  • The most egregious of her actions, portrayed in the film, is the filming of patients and their medical records without permission. This is a clear violation of the health privacy law, HIPAA, and she has been reported by multiple people for having done so.  Only someone without a conscience could film people at their most vulnerable, without permission, and film their medical records for her own use. Her goal was to make herself fame and make money. Her actions should, we hope, lead to a huge fine and the loss of her nurse license in all states. That she could violate her patients’ privacy in such a way proves her motives were purely selfish.


  • Again and again, Erin demonstrates that she came to NYC with her own ideas about the virus and treatment and refuses to learn anything new. If she had been truly concerned about patient safety, there are not only reporting capabilities in place for situations where patient safety is a concern, but by law and ethical guidelines all licensed medical personnel are required to report patient safety issues to hospital administration and in some situations local law enforcement—and she did neither of those things. She cherry picks studies that make her points rather than stay up to date with current science. She spreads misinformation rather than listen to what people with greater expertise are telling her. Worst of all, she is instilling fear in people at a time when people need to be listening to healthcare professionals. She is even anti-mask.


emfired copy

Thankfully, Erin Marie Olszewski was found out as the disingenuous person she is and fired from Elmhurst.  I know people have been in contact with the hospital’s attorneys about Erin but I am not sure what is happening. Attorneys often take a long time to establish a case and are not exactly going to share their thoughts with us.  She has been reported for her HIPAA violation and that action is moving forward.

Thank you to everyone on Facebook who has helped organize details used in this blog post. I did not compile or analyze all the facts herein myself. A dedicated group found most of them so that we could compile them together into a generalized area.  Their help was invaluable.

Please stay tuned for more to come. We have accounts from nurses and doctors who worked with Erin Marie Olszewski at Elmhurst we hope to share next.

Remember to #maskup!




30 thoughts on “The deceptions of Erin Marie, RN explained

  1. This is an excellent resume but it does not go far enough into her military claims.
    1. She claims to have co-piloted a military C130 aircraft. That is a LIE,
    2. She claims to have a Purple Heart from being injured on a special forces operation. LIE.
    3. She claims to actually have been special forces. LIE.
    Those are lies and while she may have been a medic in Iraq she was not a medic they would take to battle, or on ops, with them.
    4. I have doubts if she was remotely present or involved in any way with the sad Chinook crash because of her being taken off for a “mission”. LIE.
    The documentation on this crash states the personel involved were going on leave- “The soldiers aboard the chopper were on their way to rest and recuperation leave in the United States and in Qatar, Pentagon sources said.”
    No soldier on active service would be taken off their entitled R & R and diverted to a “mission” There was no mission to go on, any time. It is doubtful if she ever went on so called missions and more likely she sat in base twiddling thumbs waiting for something to arrive. Her overview of being someone imvolved in a real life version of the TV series “MASH” is false.
    It would be good to send a Fof I (FOI) for her DD 214 which should show more.
    We know all she can do in real life is LIE. I call SCAM


    • I actually served with Erin in the Army as a superior so I can provide some first hand perspective as I knew her for years. She was an average Soldier, nothing special, only attained the rank of Sergeant, the lowest NCO rank. Erin was not an especially brightest person and was not a natural leader. She was kind of a spoiled brat, but a lot of Soldiers her age were and never knew a day of hard work. When I first saw her pop into national media for this COVID farce I was not surprised because when I knew her she was always attention seeking and cared very much about appearance. During our combat tour overseas, Erin used her “female” charm and the fact that there were very few women to thousands of men to get what she wanted. She was overly concerned with her physical appearance and did not conform to wearing her uniform like a normal Soldier was expected to. She would wear her hair in a fluffy bun with pieces hanging out, too much makeup, and add top gun reflector style glasses against standards. Erin had to stand out always. During our deployment she lost a significant amount of weight and got shockingly unhealthy, thin. She would spend excessive amounts of time sunbathing in her bikini and was unhealthy dark tan, almost black by the time our unit reorganized in Kuwait. You can see the pics of her in NY surrounded by medical and firefighter, the center of attention are no different than the girl in Iraq soaking up photo ops surrounded by men. Look at her book, full of these same photos. I recognized many of these photos. Erin as they say markets herself to sell: fake lip injections breast implants, tan. She over does it for the “illusion”. She was almost unrecognizable on Fox news with the work on her face. As for her claims, several of these are elaborated stretches of truth or outright lies. Our unit was Civil Affairs classified as Special Operation Forces or SOF, which does have special training and classification, but it is not the same as Special Forces. She definitely was not qualified to fly as a pilot, but she did drive a Humvee a lot, because as a lowly E-4, her lot in life during deployment was to drive and do menial activities for the CAT-A she was a part of. Yes, we ran troops to Qatar for R&R during our very long deployment with limited leave slots available to CONUS, but I don’t think the helicopter story brush with death is exactly true as she has dramatized her role with an event. It is not uncommon to be bumped from flight manifests on flights, all the time or to get pulled around for weather etc. As for her medical experience in the service, bullshit. Erin would have been a CLS, Combat Life Saver, which is a minimal today medical training that teaches administration of IVs and other basic procedures to nearly all Soldiers. It is laughable how poor this training is conducted in the Reserves, which by the way is what Erin was, a weekend warrior with 1 deployment. Yes, we did conduct missions, often dangerous with our active duty units which would take us right out in the civilian population and country to do our jobs. Lots of purple hearts in our unit and Combat Action Badges. By the time Erin went to Elmhurst she had a only few years of licensed nursing experience under her belt, not the years she claims, falsely including military medical experience that is nonexistent. Everything about Erin is a lie to further her fame or money making. I stayed in touch throughout the years, heard the trainwreck updates of her personal life after she left the military. A lot of drama she posted on social media. Divorce on and off again. Lots of stuff normal people do not post online about their significant others and custody – uncomfortable, awkward. When she claimed her son had autism because of a vaccine, I had no idea she would go off the deep end, risk her job as a RN in WI, and become a major anti vaccine conspiracy theorist. Now I see the depths of what I thought was a just a sad, desperate girl has grown into a full fledged dangerous, pseudo science manipulator for profit.


      • I am not familiar with Erin Olszewski, but to bash Dell Big is not nice! He was the producer on the Doctors show and a wonderful person with integrity!!. He left the show because he was not allowed to say one negative thing about vaccines or even bring up the subject or he would be fired! He found it very curious and started to do his own research and discovered horrible corruption surrounding this topic. He has nothing to gain from speaking out and everything to lose, like his life!!! He has been censored from many social media platforms for telling the truth that makes SOME people VERY nervous! He has offered to get on and debate his detractors and provide the science to back up his claims. They will not debate him. They just smear him! Something fishy going on here.


      • Please tell us where Mr. Bigtree got his medical credentials, because producing a talk show with doctors is not enough.

        It is not worth debating someone who actually lies. I am sorry his “truth” goes only as far as it causes others to send his cash. Perhaps you should try telling us a “truth”: please give us the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that the DTaP vaccine causes more harm than diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

        Also please tell us why Oregon taxpayers had to fund this:

        Liked by 1 person

      • must have got turned down by her, I retired military would never speak of anyone like that but have seen many men who couldn’t get to first base do so. You seem to not give a shit about anyone’s service except your own. I too watched her video and it was appalling, so the fact that her sunbathing and such has nothing to do with it I find it strange you would bring that up. I too lost a lot of weight in the desert as it was 135 to 150 degrees over there. This has nothing to do with it, she only said she served in the military. Not sure you even served but I’m sure you were a top-notch squared away dude or so you think.

        Liked by 1 person

      • No Superior Officer with any shred of integrity would say ANY of the trash you’re spewing – true or not. You’re obviously a shill trying to defame someone you don’t even know. Good luck with that weight on your soul. P.O.S.


      • Interesting. I find it hard to believe what you say because you claim to have been her superior in the Army and said she was “the lowest NCO rank” and then later said she was an E-4. Um, if you were actually her superior, you would know that E-4’s are not Sergeants. You must have been insanely jealous of her.


      • all I hear from what you say is jealousy, what does Erin taking care of her appearance have anything to do with the covid hoax that she exposed?


    • Are you a complete idiot??? The covid lies are real you loser. What stopped your cowardly self from doing a FOIA before you wrote this bull? It takes 5 min. She has video which is transparency. Try it sometime, it is your first amendment responsibilty…not just your right. Try reading this thing called The Constitution, learn you moron,. She didn’t have to ask or inform anyone about filmng live. Supreme Court appreciates it. You need to get a counselor, and some class. Then go to class.


  2. I read the whole preface by J B Handley and the cover commented by Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Seems this blogpost concentrated on Erin Olsewski but none on them. The book out on sale in August and so far since July nothing updated. I am very skeptical about this blogpost which I so happened to come across and read. I have almost completed reading her book and although I don’t understand much about health science, there are some disturbing incidents she pointed out in the book. Why was a 37 old man entered the hospital and out in a body bag? What about a fifty something man she said was recovering and then died when she was sent down to emergency? She said family members were not informed about the condition of their love ones and not allowed to visit them. I don’t read any of this dispute here. Once I finish her book, I would learn more.

    Next, come to Cuomo’s executive order to have covid patients sent to nursing homes, why there were so many death of nursing home residents after these covid patients were sent there? No explanation.

    Thanks for your time.


  3. Cathy McMahon, Your making a lot of false assumptions about me, but this is not about me. I’m not out to gain notoriety or profit, I only came out because I’m so disgusted by what Erin has done at Elmhurst and continues to do publicly to profit of the endangerment and suffering of others. I know Erin and can provide first hand knowledge of her, you cannot. The specific examples I provided about Erin’s behavior & character in the military service, were given because the way a women behaves around in uniform on duty in combat matters and Erin acted childishly, manipulative, and had improper relationships which disparaged not only herself but endangered the units she served with. Anyone who has served would immediately recognize the issues with a Soldier acting in this way, in a combat zone. This is about Erin and her fake, appalling lack of character which she had as a young woman and continues to show today as a threat to public health and others by spreading her conspiracy theories and antivaccine propaganda.


    • “I only came out…”
      You did not come out; you are hiding behind “1 Soldier”.
      And every other person posting here to smear Erin is hiding behind a pseudonym.


  4. Praise Erin for doing what most are too scared to do. If any of you are confirmed with covid go home, turn your oven on 125 degrees and breath that heat until you’re ok. It ain’t be easy but that temp is Saudi summer and very possible to survive. This virus doesn’t like heat so… This has been my plan since day#1. I’m definitely not a physician but it appears, by some, education Trump’s common sense. I honestly believe Erin’s story and most definitely ask the actually footage of other people expressing their opinions. Doctors aren’t God; yet they get this attitude they know what’s best regardless. I know this because I was raised around a hospital and I’ve spent a large portion of my military time in our around hospitals; as a patient. These doctors wanted to amputate my left arm after a car accident. I told them that arm would dangle next to me for the rest of my life and to duck off. I now have full use of that arm with limited endurance but it’s still there. I’m also a software engineer with 30+years of experience. It would have been very difficult in this career is I has listened to the doctors. Just my two cents. Fauci is an absolute lier and the medical industry is cashing in on us!!!
    Stop this crazy stuff and meet in DC on the 6th. A reconning is coming.


    • Breathing in heat wont work, just wear a very tightly sealed n95 whenever you leave your house and use alcohol and shower when you get home and youll be fine. And dont touch your face, thats it. As for Fauci yes he is a liar, he admitted to lying about wearing masks to protect health care workers. The CDC has been corrupt for decades and there were already tons of mainstream coverage about it until recently they “Forgot” their own broadcasts. Fauci gave us the AIDS epidemic, and they did nothing to stop it, he is incompetent and lies straight faced and doesnt know much and is certainly NOT an expert on virology. Listen to the South Korean doctors they actually know what theyre talking about.


      • Amen. Constitution says we are supposed to film. Read it. Supposed to. Supposed to keep tyrany all kinds out of our country. Not just those of us that have the balls to while others whine and spew their factless crud. It says WE THE PEOPLE! No idea who you are but you sound like a jealous school girl. At minimum, she is a ballsy gal.


  5. Sorry but this article is not entirely true and Eric is not entirely false. Even now hospitals and Urgent Care testing facilities are TESTING patients and making them wait in COVID infected areas, potentially infecting them and exposing the patients to COVID who may not even have it. This has been discussed with the doctors and they “know that” and “they live in danger too” These hospitals and urgent care centers ARE infecting people to some degree who do not have COVID, based on assumptions they might. The Anxiety issue is 100% true as I have seen this inside the hospitals myself. So to all naysayers I say wake up. Also know that Elmhurst is rated one of the worst hospitals in all NYC and is a very corrupt hospital, along with Jamaica hospital. All of the workers know this. The area is full of illegal aliens too.


  6. do not take a covid test in the hospital unless you are very obviously sick (sneezing, coughs) it is better to do a drive through test and just wait 2 days. going into a facility or a urgent care 100% exposes you to covid from all the other positives who have been in there and have been breathing and polluting the air with virus.


  7. I do not know what is the point of this blog. If yu guys are trying to descredit Erin, you are not doing a great job at it. I just read rage. And this guy that “says” he served at the army and all this blah blah about Erin…He could show his face if he exists ; ). In any case, if Erin was such mediocre and unprofessional soldier, why the system allowed her to stay with them for 7 years?. Surely it was not out of kindness.
    Anyways, I will not waste more time here. I am going to look out for Ms. Mikovitz. I did not know about her and I want to hear what she is informing us of. Thanks ; )


  8. This whole article in response to Erin Marie is so full of brainwashing propaganda! To the person who wrote this: educate yourself and realize where the word “conspiracy theorist” actually came from, since you are using it for every third word. The CIA coined that word in 1963 when JFK was shot. They coined that word to discredit/devalue the people asking questions about what really happened that day. Funny how we are still using that word today whenever someone is going against the narrative of the government or the news media. It’s sick. This woman (Erin) had the courage to risk everything to let America and the rest of the world know what’s been going on and what she has seen first hand. Corruption reins in our world. Especially now. Covid is real… but the way this has been handled is criminal. Real health does not come from masks/world lockdowns and vaccines! The facts about survival rates are real 99% recovery rate for the majority of us. The yearly death rates are not of a “pandemic” when back in 2019 the yearly death numbers were practically the same as 2020. Our freedoms are being delegated by a very faulty PCR test. Read that again. Furthermore, a vaccine is not going to be our saviour. But it will make all involved Billions and billions of $$$. This is an experimental mRNA. It will permanently alter your DNA. Go talk to someone who has a degree in bio engineering or molecular genetics like I did. Or a microbiologist. It’s not hard go online and do some digging. This vaccine was also rushed past the animal studies and not approved by the FDA. Virtually nothing is known about short term effects and ZERO on long term effects. Do your research everyone and educate yourself. To whoever wrote this damaging article: you think vaccines don’t cause autism? They are filled with carcinogenics that cause more than autism. It actually says so on labels of the vaccines. (Look it up) nobody ever does. Look at the side effects that are on the vaccine labels. Also while your at it.. look up the website “circle of mommies” and then come back and tell me all those parents are lying or just “conspiracy theorists “ !! only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported but the vaccine companies have dished out over 3 Billion dollars since 1986 in lawsuits. The truth is out there and the truth about this pandemic won’t be silenced forever. Calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” is a lazy way of not wanting to have an intelligent conversation with them . Calling someone names (especially when you know the origin of the word) does not discredit them. It only makes you look pathetic.


    • “This whole article in response to Erin Marie is so full of brainwashing propaganda!”

      Okay, if you say so. Though claims made without actual evidence, can be safely ignored without further evidence.

      “only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported but the vaccine companies have dished out over 3 Billion dollars since 1986 in lawsuits.”

      Here is a little math story problem for you. Now math cannot include propaganda, can it? Here is the most recent VICP data:

      Now look at the first table, then roll your finger down to the bottom row. The one labeled “Grand Total.” Now find the total number of doses given up to the end of 2018, 3,761,744,351 vaccine doses. Then run the finger across to total compensated claims, 5,351 compensated. Now here is the hard part, take a ratio of those numbers (divide the first number the second number),

      Now answer these questions:

      1: What is that number?

      2: What does it mean?

      3: What is the difference between the columns of “Compensable Concession”, “Compensable Court Decision” and “Compensable Settlement”? (hint the answer is on Page 3 of that document)

      Bonus question: How did Brian Hooker do with his Vaccine Court case?


  9. I believe Erin. These bully tactics attempts to discredit her are about as convincing as the bogus science behind the “evidence” for the new “variants.”


  10. Hmm…let’s see….more ‘proof’ and updates promised almost a year ago…NONE delivered. The first line of defense against someone exposing something is – discrediting & ridiculing them. I lost a sister to Covid – perhaps unnecessarily so. She went in to the hospital on her own…walking…talking…they convinced her to be put on a ventilator….she never came out alive. The medical profession is called a ‘practice’….guess why??? Necessary evil, I suppose, but really it’s just experimenting. This entire situation would not be the first time the gov’t used the general public or select groups as guinea pigs. I trust very little, if anything, that they say – and neither should you.


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