Articles organized by topic

1. Autism

vaccines do not cause autism

there is no autism epidemic

there is no science that proves vaccines cause autism list explained

Vaccines don't cause mass shootings
2. Movies

a provaxer watched Vaxxed

Matt Carey discusses Vaxxed

Vaccines Revealed 1 - a provaxer's view

Vaccines Revealed 3 - a provaxer's view 

Truth about vaccines episode 1

Truth about vaccines - who are the experts

Truth about vaccines episode 2

Truth about vaccines episode 3

Truth about vaccines episode 4

Truth about vaccines episode 5

Truth about vaccines episode 6: rotavirus

3. Infant mortality rate and SIDS

Vaccines save lives

US infant mortality rate is low, part 1

US infant mortality rate is low, part 2

USA does not vaccinate more than other countries, part 3

4. Book & film reviews and information about "experts"

Dissolving Illusions book review

How did Tetyana Obukhanych become antivax?

Suzanne Humphries and the Washington State Vaxxed bus misinformation

Who is James Lyons-Weiler

Del Bigtree is not a scientist

A provaxer watches the Pathological Optimist
5. Debunking myths and general vaccine science

Antivaxers challenged me to a quiz

Spreading fear and misinformation about pregnant women

Why I am not antivax

Why I don't believe the Vaxxed bus stories

Diseases and their risks

Why this vaxed v. unvaxed study is not valid

How a bout of rotavirus made me appreciate vaccines

10 things antivaxers should know

hpv ad controversy 

how much do doctors and nurses know about vaccines

yes I have read vaccine inserts 

hep b vax is safe and necessary 

do docs get paid to vax 

6. Miscellaneous

Are sock puppet accounts good or bad

Poison control is provax