How did immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych become antivax?

The Vaxxed bus is in Washington state and they took some time to interview the world’s only antivax immunologist, Tetyana Obukhanych.  She is interviewed by Polly Tommy.

Skeptical Raptor has already published a nice post about Tetyana, so you can read it to learn about her background.

tetyaya copy

First, she discusses her qualifications and how she has a PhD.  She only worked in research labs and has no experience in medical clinics. She claims to have done some research at  Harvard but I am only aware of a post-doctoral lab assignment at Stanford University. She explains how she is a not a clinical immunologist, but is a research immunologist and used mice models to study the human immune system. She says vaccines were not mentioned in her studies except to talk briefly about Edward Jenner.

She claims that, at one point, she started seeing “things” that did not quite fit into theory. For example,  she noticed mice could be immune activated but they would not develop immunity to a pathogen, which told her that immune response does not necessarily equal immunity. At that point, she started paying attention to vaccine research, comparing immune response to efficacy. She believes some vaccines are only studied for immunogenicity and not efficacy.  When she went to get her green card, she looked closely at her own medical records. She recalls having measles as a child. She found out she had a MMR at age 1 and another one at age 5 but still got measles at age 12. This didn’t make sense to her. How could a person get measles after vaccination, she thought? She then realized she had been “indoctrinated” into believing vaccines work but they clearly do not.  She started also looking into safety and efficacy studies for flu vaccine and research showing that flu vaccines do not work. She says she occasionally tried to bring this up with the senior research scientists but would routinely be told vaccines work and be quiet. She also told a strange story about a department at Stanford where psychologists are charged with talking to parents of children with autism about vaccines. Tetyana found this odd because psychologist don’t know much about vaccines, except Marcella Piper-Terry. (Tetyana claims Marcella is a psychologist). Tetyana then decided she should be the one to talk to parents about vaccines, as an immunologist. So, she started meeting with parenting groups and it grew into her writing her self-published book.  Note: To my knowledge, Marcella, founder of vaxtruth dot org, an antivax website, is not a PhD in psychology. She currently travels the country with the Vaxxed bus and is listed, on her Linkedin page, as a “biomedical consultant.”

Next, Polly asked Tetyana what she thinks about inserts and ingredients. Her answer is that pharmacology is not the focus but the vaccine reactions and immune reactions. She believes vaccines cause long term health issues. She is also concerned with why we need to eradicate diseases, that we should look at childhood infections as have positive benefits. She claims that the life long immunity one gains from having childhood diseases is beneficial in many ways as certain viruses are associated with lower risk of certain cancers.

Her latest project is lecturing about how to keep children healthy without vaccines. She discusses a new website, called bbch dot community, that will be launching soon. Building Bridges in Children’s Health will help parents learn about vaccines and develop communication resources. The goal of the community is to educate about vaccine dangers, the benefits of childhood diseases, and how to manage if you are being bullied by a pediatrician or reported to CPS for your healthcare choices.

She also helps “educate doctors” so they can overcome their “indoctrination.” She does this at Physicians for Informed Consent. She and Polly fervently believe autism, allergies, epilepsy, asthma, SIDS and other issues are all caused by vaccines and doctors need to be “awake” to see this reality. She wants to see legislation passed at the state level so doctors will be free to practice medicine the way they see fit.

Polly asks Tetyana about the criticism that she, Tetyana, is not a vaccine expert. Her answer is that no one is a vaccine expert because no one is trained in vaccines. (I guess she has not met Dr Paul Offit or any other immunologist or epidemiologist who works with vaccines. Or a person with a public health degree who specializes in vaccines.) Tetyana’s theory is that people just don’t want to listen to her expertise. She also explains that she left academia because the focus was too much on sick people, not on the healthy immune system. She claims research grants all come from drug companies wanting to expand their markets.

My thoughts:

Tetyana seems sincere, in this interview. She seems like she believes what she has read. What confounds me is why she has chosen to cherry pick studies that back her point of view (vaccines cause autism, etc) rather than look at the whole body of science. She also makes some outrageous and false claims, such as pharmaceutical companies stopped paying attention to vaccine safety in 1986, after the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986  (NCVIA )was passed. She says that because pharmaceutical companies have no liability any more, for injuries, they don’t need to make safe vaccines. Apparently, she is completely unaware that you can sue vaccine makers, after you first go through the “vaccine court” system. That is outlined in section 300-21aa in NCVIA. Skeptical Raptor blog explains more about the legalities in this blog post.  She also seems unaware of all the ways vaccine safety is assured, through legislation and testing standards.

I also wonder why she does not understand that vaccines do not confer 100% immunity so it is not unheard of for a child, like herself, to get measles in a big outbreak.  If she did, indeed, have two MMRs as a child, she would theoretically have been 99% likely to be immune. If she did get measles, she was in the 1%. According to numerous records I read on the WHO website, measles is a problem in Ukraine and has been for years. So, it is not surprising that a vaccinated child could still get sick. Natural immunity also does not necessarily confer 100% immunity for life. As I often say, I had chicken pox twice in my childhood. It is well known you can get pertussis and tetanus more than once. Natural immunity lasting a lifetime is a myth.

Tetyana ends the interview with the idea that humans have survived for millennia without vaccines. Diseases only became a problem, she says, due to crowded conditions and unhealthy food and water. Now that we know how to eat well and clean our water, our bodies will handle infection just fine. The healthy body will “sail right through” without complications. This is a very naive manner of thinking that puts the blame for disease complications squarely on the shoulders of the parents, mostly the mother since most children have their mother in the primary caregiver role. If as many as 90% of pediatric flu deaths are unvaccinated, then this line of thinking says the deaths are the fault of the parents for not nourishing the children properly. I find this way of thinking abhorrent. Survivorship bias downplays real risk and real efforts to minimize or prevent them and distorts reality. It is also a form of deception, in my opinion, because parents are led to believe they can control the course of illness. It is like telling a veteran soldier that war is not bad because, hey, you survived.



In conclusion, Tetyana buys into all the usual antivax tropes and has not used her formal education to her best advantage. She has cherry picked the science to show what she wants it to show, that vaccines are not perfect. This is a real shame. No, Tetyana, we are not ignoring you. We just know better than to believe your version of science.

Remember to always think for yourself. And don’t cherry pick!






38 thoughts on “How did immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych become antivax?

  1. Why is it that the pro-vax to the max brigade find it necessary to attempt ad hominem attacks – on the individual, not the claims – against anyone who seeks to question vaccines?

    Could it be because there is a lurking fear that their position is unfounded and a fear of the dissenter as in those who question religion, once literally burned at stakes, but now, when the religion is science-medicine, burned at metaphorical stakes?

    Surely in a civilized world people can make up their own minds to vaccinate or not and respect the decisions that others make.

    Let’s face it, China forced 99% vax rates and the US has gone a long way toward it but outbreaks still occur, because, there will never, ever, ever be 99% vax rates worldwide and that means, unless a nation seals its borders and allows no-one in or out there will always be exposure.

    Beyond the fact that herd immunity does not exist for vaccine-manufactured disease and doesn’t always exist for naturally acquired disease, the exposure factor means it matters not a whit if 10% or 30% are unvaccinated.


    • I questioned vaccines, 14 years ago, when I had my first baby and I discovered that some people think vaccines are toxic. I carefully examined the ingredients with my toxicologist husband. I made friends with doctors and nurses, epidemiologist and other scientists, and I discovered that pretty much everything antivaxers claim is a lie or misleading because either they don’t understand the science or they mislead on purpose to sell their supplements, videos, etc.

      When you mention China and 99% vax rate, you are likely referring to the measles study shared on both greenmedinfo and natural news. I like that example and use it often. They both claim that China vaccinates 99% of citizens and they still have measles. They count on their fans not reading the actual study. Here it is.

      What they found is 99.0% vax rate in Zhejiang province was not enough to stop measles because one dose is not enough. They also found that measles incidence is decreasing, thanks to rising immunization rate.

      Always verify your statements.

      If herd immunity does not exist, how is it that native rubella is gone from the entire Americas, cape to pole? Hint? Very high MMR vax rate.


      • The Chinese example simply demonstrates that unless a nation seals its borders, since there is not and unlikely to be,99% vax rates worldwide, there will always be exposure so the mythical herd immunity is meaningless.

        Scarlet Fever also disappeared with no vaccines involved. Diseases have always been cyclical.

        The biggest factor in human life has been improved sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, which, where it happened, saw incidence and mortality levels plummet, long before vaccines.

        And these diseases were in steep decline in general, before vaccines.

        Can you please link the data showing the comparative health of fully, partially and non-vaccinated children? I don’t believe it exists, in which case, vaccines have not been thoroughly tested.

        Can you also link to the research from more recent times, studying the impact of vaccines on the brain, now that it is known the immune system and the brain are physically connected by lymphatics and so what is done to the immune system will impact the brain?

        Vaccine theory and methodology was invented in ignorance of this link.

        If your toxicologist husband had data studying the impact of the cocktail of toxins – I know it has been done singly, but I have never seen evidence of it studied in cocktail form, I would like to see it.

        Can you also link the studies looking at the combined effect of the neurotoxin, Aluminium which from my understanding has never been properly deemed safe, but believed to be safe for one vaccine, but where children often receive six, seven, up to 16 vaccinations at the one time?

        Sixteen times the basic dose might be a problem don’t you think?

        Most of those who question vaccines are parents who formerly believed the propaganda and vaccinated their kids and had them injured or dead because of it and so set out to do the research.

        those questioning vaccines are from the most highly educated segments of all societies. Ponder that.

        I don’t know any who sell dvd’s, they just want freedom of choice on how their children are to be poisoned, or not.


      • Mexico has a 97% MMR vaccination rate

        and has had 3 cases of measles since 2000

        Aluminum salts in vaccines are safe

        and we get more via our food or breastmilk or formula. Naturally.

        For the limit, you are likely confusing TPN limit for aluminum with vaccines. It is a common mistake, perpetuated greatly via antivax and “health” blogs

        TPN limit cannot be compared with vaccines, for obvious reasons.

        “Most of those who question vaccines are parents who formerly believed the propaganda and vaccinated their kids and had them injured or dead because of it and so set out to do the research.”

        I disagree. What happened is snake oil salesmen and women, like Andy Wakefield and Sherri Tenpenny and Joe Mercola, started sharing online their opinions about vaccines and linking to the products they and their friends sell to boost health in lieu of vaccines. They started cherry picking the research and making baseless claims about vaccines being more risky then beneficial. They perpetuated the claim that vaccines cause autism. Parents who are smart enough to ask questions but not smart enough to actually understand risk analysis or immunogy, started reading these claims and believing them. Now, we see parents concerned that anything bad that happens within years after a vaccine is the fault of the vaccine. We see people wanting to detox their children because a vaccine caused minor swelling and redness. They blame literally everything on vaccines because they don’t understand that autism and SIDS have always been here. It is out of control. The only recourse is mandating vaccines, which is what is happening all over the world. Today, France announced it will mandate the rest of the childhood immunization schedule. It had previously only mandated DTaP. Germany and Italy are doing same. Australia has “no jab no pay.” USA will see tighter legal restrictions on state vaccine mandates. This is the only way to fight pseudoscience, unfortunately.


      • Measles is not a dangerous disease. No vaccine was ever needed. Incidence and mortality began to fall wherever sanitation, hygiene and nutrition was improved as happened with all other infectious diseases.

        Your problem is that there are too many of us still alive who know that the bullshit claimed for Measles and other minor childhood diseases, is, well, bullshit.

        You cannot say Aluminium salts in vaccines are safe because they have never, ever been tested. The placebo contains them so no placebo, no test.

        INGEST IS NOT INJECT. You science types seem poorly educated.

        You disagree because you have no idea. The movement to question vaccines began with parents who did as they were told, ended up with dead or damaged kids, and then did their research.

        The fact that medical professionals like Wakefield became involved was because of questions from parents.

        Parents are concerned. Vaccine theory and methodology was invented before it was known that the brain and immune system were physically connected. What you do to the immune system will impact the brain.

        That has never been tested. Aluminium accumulates, particularly in the brain. Children are sickly today. Epidemics of Autism, Behavioural and Learning Difficulties, and worse, Brain Cancer….of course parents are worried.

        I hope you can live with yourself when the damage done by vaccines can no longer be denied.

        The irony is that your position is a travesty of science and academia because prejudice and subjectivity turn you into a censor.


      • Measles not dangerous? Wow. I am sure all the parents of children who got measles and then developed into mental retardation and were institutionalized for life would disagree. All the parents of kids who went deaf from measles would disagree. All the parents of kids who died from measles would disagree.


      • Some people may fall for your propaganda, but you know, I had Measles, my siblings, cousins, friends all had Measles, my kids had measles, etc. my parents had Measles and no-one ended up mentally retarded or deaf.

        as doctors in the past recognised, poverty and poor sanitation, hygiene and nutrition made all diseases dangerous in ways they were not in developed countries from the early 20th century.

        Look at the graphs, plummeting long before vaccines.

        The parents of brain-damaged children after vaccination don’t agree with you.

        As the generations who were lucky enough to have these diseases in childhood die out, the immuno-compromised vaccinated will be in deep trouble as the pool for vaccine-induced disease grows.

        The few unvaccinated or minimally vaccinated may well be the saviours of humanity.


      • Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. I am sharing sound science, backed by evidence, and not related to a political ideology at all.


      • Science-medicine is mostly ideology.

        It is theoretical and it is like religion, there is dogma and theology which cannot be questioned.

        Vaccines is part of it. The delusion that the body can be reduced to the purely material or chemical is another. The fantasy that chemotherapy is effective medicine.

        If it is sound science why the tyranny of forcing vaccines?


      • Quote: One in six US children has a learning or behavior problem. One in ten has asthma. One in ten has ADHD. One in thirteen has a food allergy. One in fifty has autism. Thirty five hundred children a year die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Seven hundred and fifty thousand children suffer from seizures.

        All of these problems can be traced to the toxic witches’ brew of vaccines, that recent evidence has shown to be contaminated with unsuspected chemical and biological agents. As our understanding of science gets better, we now understand that the vaccine program has been an unrestricted experiment in immuno-therapy on our children and they are suffering the consequences.


      • IDEA is only 40 years old and only recently fully implemented. When I was a child, if you were severely disabled you were in an institution. If you were slightly disabled, you were ignored, teased, and you failed school. It’s a good thing we have IDEA now. Children are getting the help they need, finally! There is no evidence whatsoever that all these stats indicate anything new. We used to diagnose 3-5% of children mentally retarded and now we diagnose 1-2% ASD and 1% intellectual disability. And we no longer institutionalize for life. This is good!


      • Hm, I can think of some people who do not sell DVDs?

        Dr Walter Orenstein
        Dr Paul Offit
        Dr Frank De Stefano
        Dr Eve Switzer
        Dr. Elias Kass
        Dr. Jen Gunter
        Dr Vince Ianelli

        And a whole host of other provax doctors.


      • Look thanks for your time but we have no common ground.

        Those who question vaccines doubt the machine can be stopped, unless something so ghastly happens it cannot be ignored. Swine Flu and Narcolepsy was pretty ghastly but not ghastly enough it seems.

        The goal of people like me is to force some ethics into science and medicine and to ensure proper studies are done, proving without a doubt that the claims about safety are true, and removing as much of the experimental and toxic material as possible.

        We also want to see less vaccines, given at older ages, always in single form and no experiments, medical fascism or tyranny.

        And we will get it. Either the vaccine industry will destroy itself through ignorance and arrogance and breathtaking hubris, or vaccines will be put where they should be – something chosen freely and used in moderation.


      • Quote:

        Other outstanding issues include:

        The most basic form of testing a drug – comparing those getting the drug with a placebo group who don’t – has never been done on the MMR vaccine.

        There are no long term studies to investigate the effects of getting multiple vaccinations.

        One reason the original research suggesting a link between gut bacteria and the brain was dismissed was because at the time no such connection was thought possible.

        The microbiome is now known to be extensively connected with brain development, the immune system and inflammation.

        Parents are, quite rightly, desperate to know the truth about the risk of vaccination, especially since the number recommended for children has increased so dramatically. The policy of asserting that all is well in the face of mounting evidence of issues that need addressing has not proved reassuring.

        They deserve better treatment especially since, if the critics worst fears are realised, the consequences will be catastrophic.


      • 1. MMR has been around 50 years. Why do we need to conduct testing with a saline placebo now?

        2. Here is but one long-term study of multiple vaccines. Pubmed is your friend.

        3. Vaccine benefits vastly outweigh risks. That is the point.

        4. Parents concerns have been heard. Vaccines have been studied in connection with allergies, asthma, SIDS, autism, epilepsy, and other health conditions. That a tiny percentage refuse to accept the medical evidence doesn’t mean there needs to be more research.


      • Really? The MMR is exactly the same as when it started?

        I don’t think so. And it is 46 years not 50 and it has never been properly tested and its introduction sees the start of a timeline for disease epidemics in children, including Autism.

        Since vaccines have never been properly tested it is impossible to claim the benefits outweigh risks.

        Parents concerns have not been heard or we would not now see medical fascism where vaccines are forced on people.

        Surely if science had integrity there would always be a need for more research?

        Fact is, the toxins in vaccines have never been tested for the cocktail effect.

        The safety claims for toxins are only for the singular and not in combination and do not take into account that a child can have three, four or sixteen doses in one session.

        No comprehensive study has ever compared the health of fully, partially and non-vaccinated children.

        No placebo has ever been used because the fake placebo also contains Aluminium as an Adjuvant.

        Sorry, what medical evidence are you talking about? There is no real medical evidence, that is the point.

        This toxic experiment on our babies and children is using them as the labrats.


      • Saline placebos? What quaint faith you have.

        “Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated

        “You know all those thousands of clinical trials conducted over the last few decades comparing pharmaceuticals to placebo pills? Well, it turns out all those studies must now be completely thrown out as utterly non-scientific. And why? Because the placebos used in the studies weren’t really placebos at all, rendering the studies scientifically invalid.”This is the conclusion from researchers at the University of California who published their findings in the October issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. They reviewed 167 placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals in 2008 and 2009 and found that 92 percent of those trials never even described the ingredients of their placebo pills.


      • Roslyn: “The MMR is exactly the same as when it started?”

        Which one? It is different depending on the country, and date of introduction. The one used in Australia is very similar to the improved version introduced in the USA in 1978. It was improved by using a component that had been used in Europe for several years. The ones used in Russia, India, China, and Japan cannot be compared to what is presently used in Canada, USA, UK and Australia (which are all different, but similar).

        There is no “one” MMR. But still, they have all been tested thoroughly.

        I find it odd that you argue “testing” since you are a fan of homeopathy, which is literally nothing:

        Also the “1 in 6” bit, is just the ratio of those who fall more than one standard deviation below the mean of a standard normalized bell curve. Your claim is just as valid as saying all kids in Garrison County are above average. It is a high school level statistics class fail.

        This is why I usually ignore you on ViolentMetaphors, and now here (same Gish Gallop, changing of subject and moving of goal posts). Unless you can produce the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that the present MMR used in Australia or the USA cause more harm than measles, mumps or rubella… I will still ignore you. But you have failed to do that for several years, so I don’t expect you to start now.


  2. What a novelty a saline placebo would be in vaccine studies.

    “But what is a placebo, really? One definition describes a placebo as “an innocuous or inert medication; given as a pacifier or to the control group in experiments on the efficacy of a drug.” The operative term here is the word inert. But in four of the five trials, Gardasil placebos contained a substance called an adjuvant, “a substance which enhances the body’s immune response to an antigen.” According to one of the trial publications, most of the Gardasil trial placebos actually contained an “amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulfate adjuvant… and was visually indistinguishable from vaccine.” So although the majority of the placebo treatments in the Gardasil trials did not include Gardasil VLPs, they were by no means inert. In control populations representing nearly 95% of all “placebo” recipients, the study subjects received a formulation that actually included an immunologically active (and potentially harmful) aluminum adjuvant.

    “One of the five trials, however, was different. In this trial, the only one that examined a younger population of nine-to-fifteen year olds, the placebo recipients did not receive an aluminum adjuvant. By contrast, and according to most of the FDA documentation, the nearly 600 control subjects in this trial received a formulation most commonly described as either a “non-alum placebo” or a “saline placebo.” The safety results of this trial deserve special notice, since it’s the only trial that compared Gardasil to a solution that could reasonably be described as “inert.”

    “But even that assumption would overstate the case. Although the “saline placebo” did contain water and sodium chloride (ordinary table salt), the FDA was incorrect to suggest that there were no other active ingredients. According to the published description of this trial’s methods, “The placebo used in this study contained identical components to those in the vaccine, with the exception of HPV L1 VLPs and aluminum adjuvant, in a total carrier volume of 0.5 mL.” Formulations like this, which are made up of everything in the vaccine except its immunologically active components, are sometimes called a “carrier solution.” The correct description of the placebo as a “carrier solution” rather than a “saline placebo” was provided only once in the CBER review, buried in a table on page 301. Nowhere in either the CBER review or the published account of the trial can one find any description of this placebo’s ingredients.


  3. There are over 100 auto-immune disorders I’ve found that even some nurses who administer the vaccines are unaware to be considered auto-immune disorders (and the list is still growing which tells us that we still don’t know enough about the immune system and all it’s functions to make the wild claim that vaccines are safe to give to young child who are still developing.) but the nurses were all aware that vaccines cannot be given to children with auto-immune disorders. (How do we even know if there is a disorder or not if it’s not even fully developed? How can we be certain that a vaccine didn’t compromise an immune system that caused an auto-immune disorder only discovered after the immune system was fully developed, long after the first vaccine was even given and multiple vaccines since? How can they be so adamantly called safe and effective on infants if it is considered immoral to do any field studies? With ever-changing environments how can the production of the vaccines stay accurate enough, with optimal results every time, as the scientific factors are always changing? ) One of the package inserts even warns that adverse reactions may occur if administered to patients without optimal iron levels (I have yet to meet someone who was told to get their child’s blood tested, or test anything, before a vaccine. Parents are asked simple questions to their knowledge but they are not treated seriously enough by the professionals).

    Even if vaccines worked, the education (or lack there of) behind them is preventing them from being as effective and safe as they say they should or could be. I could go on but the bottom line is that they MUST be studied more and we all need to be more cautious with them. We all WANT it to be as simple as we’re told it is but that’s why we are easily manipulated and threatened with biological terrorism (my words) because we want to be protected so badly that they use our fears against us and brainwash us into thinking they’ve done the work for us and their main priority is keeping us all safe. Our generation is used to quick fixes and others doing things for us and it just doesn’t work for our health (yet 😉 and by accepting that they are already there what incentive is there to make vaccines safer or more effective when people naively think they’re already there? It would just costs more money and more research means more time before they can go to market and since there is no threat of liability why piss the investors off? I get that it’s a catch 22 but people have the right to know and not participate.

    I will give you small sample: The NIH or National Institute of Health funds very ‘trusted’ research but it’s bias by the fact that it is a business fueled by investors and in order for a research project to get their funding they have to prove a direction that will “…maximize investments in investigator-initiated biomedical research…” That’s the first line in their funding policies and it specifically says “…discoveries that advance understanding of human health and disease.” They are smart people with smart lawyers who chose their published words carefully. ‘Understanding’ human health and disease is very different than bettering, preventing or even just advancing by itself. (I may be over-analyzing but I may not, which is why everyone should have the right to make their own decisions).

    The diseases are terrible, sometimes deadly and can have long-term repercussions and a form of prevention may be a possibility but vaccine injures are also terrible, sometimes deadly and can have long-term repercussions but 100%, without a doubt preventable. which one a child is most susceptible to would depend on everything from genes and lifestyle to hygiene and accessibility to healthy food and, worst case scenario, hospitals. Natural protection against most diseases is possible but it can be a lot of work and sometimes require a whole family lifestyle change and some willpower. People who choose not to vaccinate should also be made aware of the challenges of protection without the help of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The problem right now is that those who choose to go through all of this work and put a ton of effort into being healthy to naturally build their immune systems are not applauded and respected but instead shamed and ostracized and accused of making someone else’s child sick because they didn’t inject their perfectly healthy child with some pharmaceutical. A perfectly healthy child will be blamed for another child getting sick and yet the sick child’s family will go back to living a simple and unhealthy lifestyle (knowingly or not) with nothing but love and support. Someone can smoke in the same house as a child who eats sugar and processed foods every day but if that child goes to the hospital with measles, things that made them susceptible to getting sick would not be an issue and they would go right back to living that same lifestyle but the healthy unvaccinated kid at that child’s school will be demonized (with no evidence that they were even a carrier) before the diet, lifestyle, hygiene, genes, effectiveness of a vaccine or health choices of the family will ever even be considered.


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