The Truth about Vaccines Episode 1: Top Ten lies debunked


This episode is sub-titled The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety and the Current CDC Schedule. I accessed the documentary by joining the email list. From there, I got a daily email with a link to watch today’s episode free for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the episodes are available for purchase at the Truth about Vaccines website.


The series is hosted by Ty Bollinger. Ty is a CPA. He runs a seemingly successful business and website telling people factoids about cancer. For clarity, I am going to refer to everyone by their first name, after introducing them.

The first guest is author Jennifer Margulis. She makes a point is that if a patient did not want an antibiotic for a viral infection, they would never be called anti antibiotic, so why do we call people who question vaccine safety “antivax?”  Now, dear readers, do you see the logical errors here? As someone who is actually allergic to two different kinds of antibiotics, I know that being unable to take certain antibiotics and asking questions about antibiotic risks and benefits does not mean one is opposed to all antibiotics. It behooves my health to double check with my doctor that any antibiotic they are prescribing to me (on the rare occasion I need one) is not related to the two types which caused me allergic reactions.  By the same token, if you had a bonafide allergic reaction to a vaccine, you would want to find out which ingredient caused the reaction and avoid that one ingredient. Asking your doctor questions about your reaction and future vaccines does not make you antivax. What makes a person antivax is, for example, assuming that everything bad is a vaccine reaction or that a minor reaction is cause to avoid all future vaccines.  Also, doctors do not prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, so Margulis’ comment doesn’t actually make a lot of sense to me.

I do agree with Ty and Jennifer that we all want our kids to be safe. As I am oft to say, there is nothing wrong with asking questions. It’s the answers that are the issue.

The documentary says many falsehoods, such as the one above. I chose to narrow it down to ten and debunk just them.


One: The first lie comes from Dr Paul Thomas, a pediatrician from Oregon.  Paul explains that the AAP does not investigate vaccine safety. Ty claims that the issue is that we need to entertain the vaccine safety discussion. Now, do you see the lie?  The American Academy of Pediatricians is a professional organization.  They publish several journals, including Pediatrics.  They also research pediatrician office practices and they do research issues related to immunizations. In a way, Paul is correct that the AAP does not specifically research vaccine safety but this does not mean members are not involved in vaccine safety research nor does this mean that AAP ignores vaccine safety. In the journal Pediatrics alone, there have been many vaccine safety studies published. Therefore, it is untrue that the AAP does not investigate vaccine safety.

Two: Paul brings up iatrogenic, the idea that doctors cause harm by what they do. He says that doctors have lost their way and don’t look at the harms vaccines do. He discusses the connection between autism, vaccines, mercury in vaccines, the hepatitis B dose at birth, aluminum and how, in 2008, he had to make a decision to slow down and analyze vaccines for toxicity issues. His implication is that doctors cause grave injury to children, with vaccines, but they are not interested in learning why or how. This begs the question why then are doctors reporting adverse events to VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting system? Why are other doctors studying the medical information related to these reports and publishing findings in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a network of nine healthcare organizations across the country? Why are these findings published in journals to which doctors subscribe, such as Pediatrics, wherein they can be easily read? I have to think that Paul must be aware of these facts and is simply misleading viewers on purpose.

ThreeNeil Z. Miller comes to discuss all the side effects he thinks vaccines cause but he never brings up how he got these ideas from raw VAERS data nor does he discuss issues of validity or reliability of using raw VAERS data. The problem is that anyone can report anything to VAERS and reports are made, in comes cases, without regard to proving causation. This is important because the CDC and FDA and the VSD will monitor these reports and do studies of actual medical records to see if vaccines really do cause serious issues. For example, it was the results of these kinds of studies that the first rotavirus vaccine was removed from market in 1999 for causing intussusception more often than would occur normally. Neil should know how this works but he does not have access to medical records, so his studies only look at raw VAERS reports. This is not considered valid since none of the reports have been verified by medical evidence. SIDS is an example of something that may be reported to VAERS but, in reality, is not caused by vaccines. In fact, studies show SIDS rate in USA is not only at an historical low but that vaccines cut the risk of SIDS in half.  Therefore, Neil has nothing valid to offer and it was remiss of Ty to not mention these facts.

Four: Ty then comes on to claim that the CDC states informed consent issues are, according to the 10th amendment, a state’s rights issue. Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC founder, explains how vaccine laws are state laws. Vaccine laws are statutory, created by states. They are implying that vaccines are given to children without the parent being afforded informed consent; therefore, they argue, this is coercion. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss has written about the legalities this topic and states: “The informed consent process for vaccines is carefully regulated and thought through. A serious effort is made to provide patients with the information they need in a short, accessible format. As long as the healthcare provider performs the legal duty of providing the Vaccine Information Sheet before vaccinating, the patient – or parent – has before them the information necessary to make an informed decision.”  Therefore, patients and their parents are give informed consent and the filmmakers, again, have lied.

Five: From this point, Ty discusses how much medical education a typical doctor receives in medical school. Larry Pavelsky states vaccines are not very much discussed in medical school.  Suzanne Humphries says doctors are not taught anything at all about what is in vaccines. Paul talks about how his daughter is in medical school and she is still not being taught what is in vaccines. Shari Tenpenny says the problem is the “big ramp up in the number of vaccines.” Del Bigtree, film producer, comes on to explain that doctors entire understanding of vaccines is “just because.”   He says doctors know nothing about vaccines except that they were told vaccines are safe. This is fraud, in his opinion.  Ty spends some time going over the average medical school curriculum. He claims that only one course is offered, microbiology, which addresses vaccines at all.

standford copy.jpg


In reality, doctors spend a great deal of time learning about everything to do with the human body, disease, prevention, treatment, and more. As you can see from the schematic above, which is from Stanford University’s s 2016-2017 MD Program, doctors learn about immunology, microbiology, diseases, systems, and more. What those opposed to vaccines really mean, when they say doctors don’t learn about vaccines, is that doctors do not learn the ingredients to vaccines. This is true. There is nothing on this curriculum list about pharmacology. Do you know why? Because pharmacists learn about pharmacology, not medical doctors. Medical doctors don’t memorize the ingredients to the drugs they look up. They can look up ingredients and side effects on their laptop. If you want to discuss drug ingredients, find a pharmacist.

Six: Barbara Loe implies that all manner of pediatric health issues are all on the rise and, therefore, must be related to the increase in vaccines. She states that the worst public health report card in history coincides with the increase in vaccines. But let’s take a look at the actual data. This report, from AAP, noted that the prevalence of disability increased 16.3 percent from 2001-2002 to 2009-2010 with more children today having a disability than a decade ago, and the greatest increase is among kids in higher-income families. But, “while neurodevelopmental and mental health-related disabilities increased, those due to physical conditions decreased.” “The survey did not break out autism, but we suspect that some of the increase in neurodevelopmental disabilities is due to the rising incidence or recognition of autism spectrum disorders,” Dr. Houtrow said. ”

We also know, from my research project last summer, that shifting diagnosis codes is responsible for the increase in autism diagnosis. And, we know that increases in special education funding and programming have resulted in more children being diagnosed with learning disabilities who would have been ignored in past generations.

We also know that SIDS and infant mortality rates are at all time lows, in USA.

Therefore, it is a lie to say that pediatric health issues are on the rise.


Seven: Paul brings up how doctors were promoting cigarettes in the 1950s and implies vaccines are similarly waiting for studies to be done on them. This is a bit silly but since it is brought up often by those opposed to vaccines, I am going to give it some time. As you can tell from this 1956 Atlantic Article, science knew a great deal about how cigarettes were related to cancer, even back as far as the 1930s. “The year 1950 saw the publication of four independent statistical studies, each of which established a significantly higher percentage of heavy cigarette smokers among lung cancer patients than among any other group. There have now been more than fourteen similar studies, and without exception they arrive at this same conclusion.” So, why did doctors promote cigarettes in the 1950s? Well, because they were fake doctors in advertisements. The tobacco companies were not yet required to list warning about cigarettes and advertisers were allowed to lie back then. Laws changed in the 1960s. The Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act was not enacted until 1965. So, it is a lie to say that doctors were promoting cigarettes and there was not science about them being health hazards.

Eight: Paul comes back on to talk about how doctors don’t know what to look for, with regard to vaccine reactions. He says no one has looked at whether the unvaccinated have febrile seizures or die of SIDS.  He talks about how there are more allergies, more ADHD, etc and they have not been studied in relation to vaccines. (Does he really not know that these questions have been answered already? See #2)   Here is some information about febrile seizures. A lot is known about how they connect with vaccines. Some vaccines can cause a fever which could cause a febrile (fever) seizure. This is not epilepsy and it is not a vaccine issue, per se, but that some toddlers are prone to a seizure with a fever. An illness could also cause the seizure. We also know that vaccines cut risk of sids in half and that sids rate is at an all time low, in USA. 

Nine: Barbara  brings up how vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Toni reiterates this point. Toni claims that judges don’t understand this point when she discusses it with them. Unavoidably unsafe refers to a legal case Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss explains that it means “these products are beneficial enough that society wants to encourage their manufacturing. Therefore, while strict liability would be applied to most products, a manufacturer that prepared a drug or vaccine carefully and warned consumers of its risks should not have to pay for the side effects of a drug or vaccine whose benefits outweigh the risks unless that manufacturer can be shown to have been negligent.” Therefore, vaccines are not unsafe.

Ten: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger comes on to claim that vaccines are advertised as 100% risk-free, that the vaccine risk are ignored. He claims the vaccine injury wants us to ignore the risk-benefit ratio. He does not explain why he thinks the risk from vaccines is “very very high.” I am sure Mike knows that vaccine information sheets fully state the risks and that disease risks are much higher. Therefore, he is lying to viewers.  Here is a great explanation of risks of diseases versus vaccines from the National Center for Immunisation in Australia.

Sidebar to #10: Ty brings up the vaccine injury awards paid out. He mentions the risks but does not qualify them. We know that 5200 claims of vaccine injury have been compensated, along with attorney fees, in 30 years. We also know that we’ve given out 3 billion (at least) vaccines in those 30 years. Why does Ty not mention that makes vaccines 99.999984% safe?


As you can see, there were a great many mistruths and outright lies told in this first episode of The Truth about Vaccines. I hope this information helps you to debunk the film. Look for episode 2 debunking soon!

Some information about Ty Bollinger

Official biography

Woman following his protocol died unnecessary death

Ty Bollinger’s pseudoscience


As always, remember to think for yourself.










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  1. Over the weekend, I tried to post a new comment in reply to SS, but when I hit the post button, it did not appear afterwards. This prompted me to try twice again, using the different options available So excuse the fact that three identical comments of mine were all posted.

    However, since they are all visible on my computer, with the words “held up for moderation,” or something like that, I am assuming that SS and others can also read them.

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    • Same thing for my comment: “held up for moderation”.
      What? till Kingdom Come!? So annoying!!
      Stifling healthy debate. Shame.
      Maybe like ‘Chris’ it is the moderator Kathy who is getting too “bored” and “yawning” too often to do her job.


      • Yes, it’s like they are banished to purgatory until we go their to get them back. However, many blogs like this are run by way too few people who don’t have sufficient time to do everything the ways that they should, or else there’s a glitch of some kind that does that to our comments.

        Its nice to find something I can agree with you about, so just have a good night.


    • I also tried to leave a review.
      I found these dvd’s very informative. I thought they had a lot of truth, insight and well educated doctors, naturapaths and scientists from many backgrounds giving there professional opinions from there own education and experience with patients and parents. I found this very informative and gave me a clearer insight into what I’d like to do with this information. It was also scary to see what the government is planning for this process. How they are slowly taking away our right to choose if we want to be vaccinated.

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      • I also wanted to mention, that I am open to hearing both sides and Ithought these videos had a lot of detail that took a lot of things into consideration. One was the thorough discussion on that our immune systems are assumed to not be good instead of thinking they are good and how to strengthen this . I love the “informed consent” I know when I went to the doctors after my son was born, I was told it was vaccine time. No information. Although I felt my doctor was good, she did not educate me around the vaccinations, pros and cons. (There are always pros and cons to every drug, Why not vaccines? This was 20 years ago and I really haven’t talked to parents that have children presently). It was just…it’s time to get them. I did my own research with my partner at the time, and made our decision based on that. I think that’s the whole message here. That we need to educate ourselves before we vaccinated. Discuss, talk to other parents? The problem is no one wants to talk about it. What are the side effects etc. I really like informed consent. It gives parents the feeling that they are involved in this decision.

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      • “well educated doctors, naturapaths and scientists from many backgrounds ”

        Were any of them infectious disease doctors? Not the pediatrician. I can tell you the naturopaths were not qualified since their education is limited. See:

        Ty Bollinger is not a doctor, nor a scientist. He was an accountant. Neil Zimmer is not a doctor, nor a scientist, he was a journalist. Barbara Loe Fisher is not a doctor, nor a scientist, she was in public relations. Jennifer Margulis is not a doctor, nor a scientist, her PhD is in English. Mike Adams is not a doctor, nor a scientist, he did computer stuff that included devising ways to spam more folks.

        Now please list the actual doctors and scientists that were mentioned, and explain why their backgrounds were significant. As mentioned before, don’t bother with the naturapaths since “ND” stands for “Not a Doctor.”

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      • “No information.”

        Thanks to the efforts of Barbara Loe Fisher, each time a vaccine is given in the USA since 1988 they must receive a “Vaccine Information Sheet.” I received one last month when I got my flu vaccine, I got them whenever my kids got their vaccines.

        They list the dangers of the diseases, the risks of the vaccines and information about the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program:

        If you did not get the sheets and live in the USA you would have cause for legal action. Which is why when my kids were little I had to sign a sheet saying I had received it. Perhaps you should check that out. Though if you live in another country: sorry American laws do not apply to you.

        By the way fully informed consent means knowing the relative risks between the diseases and the vaccines. Measles outbreaks are happening here and there in the USA, and more often in other countries in Europe and even Australia. About one in ten who get measles become hospitalized due to pneumonia, and about one in a thousand get encephalitis. Plus you get the extra bonus of being immunity compromised for several years after recovery:
        J Infect. 2017 Jun;74 Suppl 1:S10-S17. doi: 10.1016/S0163-4453(17)30185-8.
        Measles, immune suppression and vaccination: direct and indirect nonspecific vaccine benefits.

        You really need to tell us with PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that the MMR vaccine used in your country causes more harm than that.

        Pertussis is a bit trickier since it mostly tends to kill babies. Getting the disease as an older child or an adult is still miserable. It is not called the “Hundred Day Cough” for nothing. The problem is that someone suffering by coughing their lungs out for over three months has a high chance of infecting a vulnerable infant. So while you are doing all of your research, do tell us why the DTaP and Tdap are more dangerous than diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis with PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers. Perhaps you could also explain why it is a good thing to spend three months coughing, coughing, coughing. Which would still only give you immunity for just five to twenty years (personally I think getting a vaccine booster is better than getting sick again):
        Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2005 May;24(5 Suppl):S58-61.
        Duration of immunity against pertussis after natural infection or vaccination.

        Come on! Do educate us why it is better to get sick with fever, rashes, chances of secondary infection and possible death than getting a vaccine. As always, support your answer with PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers.


      • Mathew 24:21-25

        For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is HAMASHIACH, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Mashiachiym, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so much so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. MATTHEW 24:21-25

        Georgia guide stones, ted turner, bill gates, hitler, illuminati, masons,


      • Bill Gates says his foundation’s focus is helping women plan the size of their families, helping the have healthy babies, and keeping those babies alive with healthcare and vaccines. This will lead to less population growth, in the long run, but a healthier population. Thus, he is not interested in population control. He is interested in giving people in developing countries the same choices those of us in western countries already have – choosing our family size, not having a pregnancy every year if we choose, having a healthy pregnancy, and keeping our children alive with good healthcare.

        Visit the Gates Foundation website to see what they do instead of getting your information from highly edited youtubes.


      • His focus for lowering CO2 emission is targeted at the wrong thing. Although burning fossil fuel does contribute to global warming about 13%, animal agriculture is the number one issue producing 51% yet we neglect it as the item of giving up meat isn’t worth saving the planet.


  2. Sorry, but you haven’t convinced me on any of your points apart from the one about “doctors” promoting the smoking of cigarettes. And anyone could be fooled by that. I looked it up and have learnt something new. So thank you.

    Look, there are far too many people in the medical profession that refuse to vaccinate their own children. I know some myself. This is mentioned a few times in the series too. What is your answer to that?

    I am VERY open to hearing about possible lies in this series because I have just purchased a copy and will ask for my money back if I find it is full of nonsense. There are just too many well-educated people and whistle-blowers who are talking facts and backing them up, often with damning information from the actual promoters of vaccines (if they haven’t destroyed the evidence first).

    I mean, I am assuming you also believe things like cellphones to be safe? Or modems, smart meters, fluoride, GMOs, etc. The dangers of these things are coming to light. And the only reason they are marketed is because of profit. Greed. That is all. Same with vaccines. What the heck is the point of the HepB vaccine in newborns (from parents who are tested negative)? Isn’t that just plain suspicious? Not really. Again, it is just greed, plain and simple. There is money to be made.

    Most importantly, though, no matter which side of the fence we are on, the fundamental freedom of choice is the real issue. No one should ever, ever be forced to vaccinate. Same with adding that neurotoxic chemical waste product, fluoride, to our drinking water. It is a crime against humanity to force such things.

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    • This cut-and-paste below from “Observer” (and the endorsement from “avatar”) is essentially unanswerable by the pro-vaxxers on this blog, so I, Cosmos, will not add to it!
      Observer John_Smith • 16 hours ago
      Well it seems very few of us are actually aware of the problem based on how few signatories we can get on petitions like this:


      “Should their ignorance cost them their health and their lives”

      It is not a matter of ‘should’ because that IS the cost of ignorance! Ignorance endangers, awareness protects!

      “should we be doing more to change the laws and imprison those looking to commit Medical Jihad.”

      (rant alert)

      Of course, the main thing we can and must do is keep communicating the truth to anybody who is willing to listen.

      So much of this is all about will. Do people have the will to hear and face the truth. If they do not then they will never hear the truth no matter how clearly we communicate. It will not get past their belief systems and their implicit filtering/distorting biasing of information which conforms it to their pre-held beliefs.

      We live at a time where access to the knowledge of the world is at our finger tips. Yet we see terrible and egregious levels of ignorance in the population. It is because so many people are trained to be mindless followers, incapable of thinking for themselves, unaware of history nor the nature of government and the nature of good and evil. Those who do not think for themselves have absolutely no need to QUESTION! Such people use their will, what little of it they have to choose to remain ignorant! Willful ignorance is the breeding ground of evil. We can see this truth made manifest in the MSM propagandists, and groups like antifa, as well as all these marxists and communists that are infesting this nation. Even the highly educated like allopathic medical doctors fall into this category. Perhaps it is not merely ignorance though because at some point these people must reflect on their lives, their actions, and at some point these people realize what they are doing is evil. Yet they continue because they have committed to evil, it has become their nature.

      Now when we are talking about the vaccine program, we are talking about a program of genocide that does not necessarily target a specific race or populace (although it has and does in specific areas of the world) we are talking about the genocide of the human race.

      For example the gardasil vaccine, and its massive, world wide push. The reality of it is that it has already proven not only to not work as advertised (it infects you with the very virus it claims to protect you against, and this infection can and will cause the very cancers that it claims to prevent) but to be an extremely harmful poison that can cause catastrophic damage including death.

      With the worst ‘adverse event’ being death. Well gee, what is the best case? Apparently the best case is the infection of HPV, which stays with the victim potentially for life. If it does not sterilize the victim from acute damage it can induce cervical cancer from the infection which also ends in sterilization. If the victim avoids that fate, well guess what they are still infected and can and will pass on the infection to their offspring!!!

      They have transformed a non-issue, into a global pandemic!

      Apparently the SV-40 cancer virus being in the polio vaccine was not enough for them. Now they add cancer causing viruses into new vaccines while at the same time claiming they prevent the very cancer that they will most assuredly cause.

      Vaccines are the favored tool of eugenicists, they are the vector being used to wreck the human species, to destroy its vitality, and its viability. Eugenicists do not use their weapons on themselves, they want to be elite not just in monetary status, they want to be elite in physical form and of mental capability. When the population is systematically retarded, autistic, crippled, deformed and ugly, and otherwise helpless and feeble both physically and mentally, then the eugenicists will have won their war. Sadly they are very close to achieving that goal when you consider 90% of Americans are vaccinated with at least 1 vaccine, and that the rate of autism in American children is 1 in 20, with projections of it being 1 in 2 by 2025 if the pattern continues!! America has the worst infant mortality rate in the world! We are allowing the most innocent and vulnerable of us to be systematically harmed right in front of us!!!

      The fact that all those who have worked in the vaccine industry, and all government agencies, bureaucrats and politicians, and all the judges/lawyers/attorneys who protect them are not either dead or in prison for the rest of their lives truly shows that America has already lost, we are in a war for our existence and are not fighting back!

      Eugenicists believe that we deserve to suffer and die because we allow them to do this to us. Ignorance may be bliss, but it always comes with a cost. Eugenicists utilize the infinite gullibility of the ignorant to both enable and sustain their war. They are making the cost of ignorance compound every generation through the defiling and destruction of our dna/genes. Even if we ignore the direct damage to dna/genes and consider the epigenetic effect of exposure to toxins, well epigenetic changes have been found to be passed on through four generations (from a single exposure, non-chronic)! So not only are they targeting newborns, toddlers, children, teenagers, but the damage they are causing is harming the yet-to-be conceived!!! Even if we 100% stop all vaccinations tomorrow, the epigenetic changes will still be impacting us for 4 generations. As for how many generations it will take to recover from the explicit dna/gene damage, I do not know, it really depends on if such damage and subsequent distortions are inherited in offspring (HPV being an obvious example of such since it affects the reproductive organs!).

      I truly have no sympathy whatsoever for allopathic medical doctors and nurses who are participating in this genocide. Their ignorance is willful, their apathy is that of evil, they have NO EXCUSE to be doing this evil!!!

      I think one of the reasons that allopathic doctors and nurses know not what they do is because to face the truth is to admit to themselves that they are party to, and participated in the most egregious holocaust (still ongoing!) in human history. They went into the medical field with supposedly good intentions, they belief themselves to be helping those in need, so the truth of what they do is too dark, too ugly, too horrendous for their egos to face, the mere notion that what they do is causing harm is not allowed to be pondered upon. Such is the power of belief systems, normalcy bias, and the highly educated mind that remains devoid of the knowledge of truth!
      •Reply•Share ›
      Dee78 Observer • 11 hours ago
      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 You are perhaps the most enlightened individual that I have read a comment from in a long time!! EVERYTHING that you said was TRUE & on point!! I wish that the sheeple would open their eyes & realize that all of the things that they’re promoting are all about population control, “they” (government) feel like the less the better & it’s such a shame that more people can’t see through their agenda. Please keep your posts coming because we need as many people as possible to read & soak in every word that you wrote (I will be copying/pasting this to other websites if you don’t mind). Stay vigilant. 😉
      They have transformed a non-issue, into a global pandemic!

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      • vaccinesworkblog commented on The Truth about Vaccines Episode 1: Top Ten lies debunked.
        in response to Cosmos:
        This cut-and-paste below from “Observer” (and the endorsement from “avatar”) is essentially unanswerable by the pro-vaxxers on this blog, so I, Cosmos, will not add to it! ——————–
        Observer John_Smith • 16 hours ago Well it seems very few of us are actually aware of the problem based on how few signatories we can get … Continue reading The Truth about Vaccines Episode 1: Top Ten lies debunked
        vaccinesworkblog commented: “You two are nuts.”
        Cosmos: “I acknowledge the impressive depth of your 4-word science-based rebuttal of “Observer” and of “avatar’ herein. LOL!!!”.

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      • “I can elaborate, if you like. You two are not grounded in reality and evidence. This blog is about scientific evidence. You two are not rational people.”
        Rationality, or not, depends on one’s worldview’s presuppositions. e.g. Jihad Isis suicide-bombers have logic and rationality compatible to their worldview’s presuppositions, but is judged as utter insanity by other world-views. Raw data often is interpreted accordingly as “evidence” for both sides of the Vaccine divide.
        I do wonder how many pro-vaccinators have vaccine-damaged kids who are, after the sad event, mentally justifying their parental naivety, by hyping “the greater good” in this, and other, public forums.
        Your offered “elaboration” would need to be highly nuanced and encompassing to achieve merit .. ..

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      • Since ‘vaccination mandates’ are ‘the new kid on the block’ (challenging time-honoured natural immune systems) surely the required onus of “proof’ rests more urgently with your worldview than with mine, or with other blatheringly-alleged-by-you “Nuts”. Have I just stalemated you?!

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      • In the USA, vaccine mandates date back to the Revolutionary War. There are zero studies proving vaccines have greater risks than benefits, from the entirety of immunization history dating back several hundred years.

        So much for “new kid on the block.”


      • Natural immunity has been around since the dawn of said infectious disease. Death and disability, from said infectious disease, are also God-given. Thankfully, God gave us brains and science to help people suffer less.


      • So, indeed, ‘vaccines and their mandates’ are chronologically (as I opined) “the new kid on the block” . Thanks for conceding my point. Now for your needed tightly-nuanced, cogently-presented justification of same. Me, as a tennis fan: “The ball’s in your court”.


      • The perhaps too-subtly put ‘point here’ is: Who has the burden of providing positional proof? Either the pro-vaxxers OR the anti-vaxxers (allowing for a sliding-scale of opinion in both camps). I maintain you do… as an historically Johnny-come-lately ‘pro-vaxxer’, whilst you maintain the historically-antecedent ‘anti-vaxxer’ does. Hence ‘glass-half-full or glass-half-empty’ stalemate territory?!

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      • As matter of intellectual honesty I respectfully accessed all recommended links including yours. Assuming you adhere to a level playing field you would have accessed my link to you.
        Btw, I often note underhand-tactics and clever-deception and ‘elephant-hurling’ within both polarised camps. E.g.,(as described one of your links) one latter-day anti-vaxxer stupidly continued to have her 6 kids vaccinated despite each having apparently related-to-vaccines genetics-caused adverse episodes… only her two youngest of her 8 kids were spared the same result. Of course her doctor was also negligent and arguably more culpable than the mere medically-trusting mother.


      • Only antivaxers have issues with vaccination versus immunization. Get over it.

        treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; inoculation.

        noun: immunisation
        the action of making a person or animal immune to infection, typically by inoculation


      • cosmos: “(allowing for a sliding-scale of opinion in both camps)”

        It is not a matter of “opinion”, but the actual scientific data. Just produce the actual factual scientific documentation in the form of PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers to support your “opinion.”

        While that criteria is not perfect, it beats “argument by blatant assertion.”


        This link mentions the U.S.A.’s somewhat-placatory Vaccine Injury Compensation Court which has absolutely NO equivalent here in Australia. Here we enjoy a ‘No jab, no pay!” and a “No jab, no play!” policy, to ensure no-one gets out of line. And a ban of entry for anti-vaccination speakers:- .
        Three cheers for the revived nazism ‘down under’. How dare any aussie even dream of exercising lateral thinking and/or attend lectures advocating free speech!


    • Yes! Thank you , Leonard. Follow the money. learn the risk. This blog has pharma $$ written all over it. “The truth about vaccines” and “vaccines revealed” are excellent sources of information. Anyone who believes vaccines are safe and effective is willfully ignorant and will likely end up helplessly dumb due to all the aluminum that accumulates in their brain from their flu shot every year.


      • I am intrigued about this argument on financials Please tell us how it is cheaper to let kids get sick than prevent diseases with vaccines. I really want to see those numbers.

        Please provide the financial data that opposes these two reports:
        Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009
        An economic analysis of the current universal 2-dose measles-mumps-rubella vaccination program in the United States

        Before the 1960s just about every kid got measles because it was so transmissible. It caused lots of pneumonia, and in the 21st Century about one in ten cases ended up in the hospital. So I really want to know why you think it is so much better for kids to suffer with high fevers and lots of pain instead of getting a simple vaccine.

        Get us that science! And those financials! Come on, hop to it. Let’s follow the money! Does Jake Spice actually work for big hospital supply and janitorial services? Does he require more sick kids to clean up after?


      • Aargh, my comment is in moderation. But I am intrigued by your financial question. Please, do tell us why it is cheaper to let kids get sick instead of preventing the diseases with vaccines.

        Oh, aluminum. Uh, huh. So do you panic when a child falls and skins their knee in dirt… a substance that includes aluminum? The third most common element on this planet’s crust after oxygen and silicon. You must really get freaked out by the sight of aluminum clad windows, chain link fences and general aircraft. Should I even freak you out more by telling you that the minerals in common soils that food crops are grown in contain aluminum!

        Seriously, why is it cheaper to treat diseases in ahospital instead of preventing them!?


      • If you check the about for this blog, you will learn that I earn no $$ at all from his blog and am not a government employee nor a pharma employee.

        Stick to the facts.

        Vaccines are far safer than diseases. 100% of immunization science proves vaccines have far greater benefits than risks. Try proving me wrong. You won’t be able to because there are zero studies proving vaccines have greater risks.


    • In Episode 9 of The Truth about Vaccines Docu Series, there is actual footage in the first half hour at least, of an inhouse discussion by some medical fraternity in some symposium or conference of some kind where the participants vote on recommendations for manufacture and use of said vaccination.
      Those present in the behind scenes of this medical fraternity (don’t know what its called), plainly state that safety is lacking, trials are lacking, data for efficacy or reactogenics (I think it is called) is lacking, and so on.
      YET, yet, 100% of those present vote in favour of the vaccine under question. Comments are allowed after voting has been secured and some voices do express their concerns.
      One concern is that more and more health professionals are raising questions about vaccines. Another comment was made was – “We have a very wobbly proffesional health frontline”.

      Not suitable for public viewing???


  3. Your proces of debunking this documentary seems so stupid that the word stupid can not describe that level of its stupidity.

    You wrote: ““The informed consent process for vaccines is carefully regulated and thought through. A serious effort is made to provide patients with the information they need in a short, accessible format. As long as the healthcare provider performs the legal duty of providing the Vaccine Information Sheet before vaccinating, the patient – or parent – has before them the information necessary to make an informed decision.” Therefore, patients and their parents are give informed consent and the filmmakers, again, have lied.”

    I come from Slovenia. Our medical doctors study medicine for 7 years. They are one of the best in the world. My parents never received any informed consent from our doctors.
    In our country we have a process of systematic health overview in every high school. Vaccination is one part of it. Again, we were not given any informed consent about vaccines.

    I can speak for hundreds of people for which I KNOW they did not receive the informations they should receive from our pedriatriciants.

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    • Our sincerest apologies that American federal regulations created in 1986 were not in effect in Slovenia. End sarcasm.

      This is a documentary made in the USA by an ignorant American accountant. This critique of his silly ignorant documentary is being done from the USA by an American citizen who is relaying in that quote the requirements of an American federal law passed in 1986. Also, the Vaccine Information Sheets had started about a decade before:

      Click to access vis-history.pdf

      Quote from that page:

      Along with creation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the NCVIA mandated the development and distribution of written information materials for vaccines covered by the VICP (essentially thosevaccines routinely recommended for children).

      What you are doing is comparing apples to oranges. Your experience in Slovenia would not be equivalent to a child born less than thirty years ago in the United States of America. Perhaps you can petition your government to start a similar program.

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      • I don’t need to petition my government to start a similar program as you’ve said. We already have laws for that (one can read Slovenian laws for whole life and will not get through). But, somehow, our “experts” find it difficult to follow that law. Why? Severeal reasons… They don’t want to “complicate” things (it’s so paradoxial if observed in long run), or they “don’t have time” (I kind of believe that, there are a lot of sick people around… because the system is poisoning them and they do not resist enaugh) or they are not fammiliar with this laws, or they simply mess their faith, dogma, religion, you call it… where it does not belong (I bet this is most widespread reason). Etc.

        You claimed I am comparing apples to oranges. You’ve mislead yourself a little. The thing that in your comparison you’ve mixed the whole US vaccination program into one big logical mess.

        I’ll give you an example of Vaccine Information Sheets for hepatitis MMR vaccine.

        They really call it Vaccine Information Sheet. It is a peece of commercial crap, nothing else. However, in Slovenia we haven’t even get this crap. You have to see that, I’am not willing to explain myself for not giving proof for my claims. If you can’t see it, you “have to” get yourself the “vaccine against blind faith in the authority rightnes” One can be smart as smartass, it doesn’t help until you have this kind of doubt. You really need a lot of it these days.


    • “Are you capable to distinguish between having American federal regulations and living that regulations?”

      Yes, because we have legal recourse when they are broken. A doctor can be sued if they do not follow those regulations. Though most of the time the parent is handed the sheet and just tosses it in the bin. In that case it is the parent who is at fault.

      I gave you a link to the history of the Vaccine Information Sheets, and yet you responded that it is “commercial crap.” This means you did not bother to read it. And you also seem to be “happy” it is not available in Slovenia.

      I spent a good deal of my youth in a couple other countries not the USA. One thing that irritated me to no end were American tourists coming in and complaining that “they don’t this like they do at home.” Well, boo hoo hoo.

      So here you are complaining about an American legal recourse that you do not understand because you did not experience it in Slovenia. Well, boo hoo to you. You are behaving exactly like those ignorant American tourists.

      You are just using as a silly excuse to complain about Kathy’s review of a terrible horrible stupid anti-vaccine documentary by a money grubbing scammy American accountant.

      Next time, just bring up some actual data and evidence. For instance, you are going on about the American MMR vaccine which was first approved for use in 1971 (remember the country of origin is important). It was also the preferred vaccine for the USA Measles Elimination Program in 1978. I assume you are unhappy because it does not mention autism.

      Of course, there is no evidence it produces autism. Because if it did it would have shown up in the USA, a country much much larger than the UK and had been using for twenty years before Wakefield knew of the existence of any MMR vaccine (UK actually introduced three in 1988, removed two in 1992 and introduce their present MMR in 1998). So just come up with verifiable documentation dated before 1990 that autism went up in the USA during the 1970s 1980s coincident to the use of MMR vaccine.

      Also, you could clarify which MMR vaccine Wakefield was researching for his now retracted case series in the Lancet? He really muddied the waters by including an American kid.


      • “I gave you a link to the history of the Vaccine Information Sheets, and yet you responded that it is “commercial crap.””
        Please read things as they are written. Ok? This is not what I said is commercial crap.

        “A doctor can be sued if they do not follow those regulations.”
        And what happens next? You have to do theory vs reality check.

        ” I assume you are unhappy because it does not mention autism.”
        You assume wrong.

        “So here you are complaining about an American legal recourse that you do not understand because you did not experience it in Slovenia.”
        Do you have mental or time issues? I’ve already explained we do have that kind of laws, right here:


      • “Though most of the time the parent is handed the sheet and just tosses it in the bin. In that case it is the parent who is at fault.”

        I agree with that. But I have a surprise for you. Why do they just tosses it in the bin? Is it maybe because they think the “Big pharma” would not produce something that can, not only harm, but actually kill their children? And why do they think so? Is it maybe because they are stimulated to such belief? Like every day…


      • I assume you are unhappy because it does not mention autism.”
        You assume wrong.

        Then explain what actual fault you see in the MMR vaccine information sheet that makes it “commercial crap.” I had to just guess.

        Do you have mental or time issues? I’ve already explained we do have that kind of laws, right here

        And I am supposed to believe you? When the American regulations were being implemented you were still part of Yugoslavia, there was no independent government in Slovenia. Vaccine laws are different in each country, and change over time. Your neighbors in Italy are now trying to enforce mandatory vaccines. At least they will not be as dire as the tropical country I lived in that when there was a Yellow Fever outbreak you had better carry your shot record around, or the local police would march you in to a clinic for a vaccine whether you wanted it or not.

        “Why do they just tosses it in the bin? Is it maybe because they think the “Big pharma” would not produce something that can, not only harm, but actually kill their children?”

        Possibly because they are busy, and it only becomes an issue when a child gets diagnosed with something else that decided it was the vaccine, and not something more plausible. Possibly by going to the same shoddy websites you visit.

        By the way, I love the “Big Pharma” argument. Do tell us why it is less expensive to treat disease like measles, pertussis and diphtheria. Provide verifiable PubMed indexed studies to support your answer.


  4. Have you ever watch Star Trek? The process of receiving informed consent in my experiences and hundreds of others for which I know seems like Borg process of assimilating. The only thing you need to know when Borg cames, is: “We are Borg. You will be assimilated.”


  5. You are entitled to your opinion, like everyone. It’s a good thing nobody cares about what you think. Good luck with your close-minded personality problem.


  6. I did read the study Vaccineworksblog. You are right, I mis-wrote Brian Hooker being a CDC associate. Was meant to state he was contacted by William Thompson who told Brian he was right about the connection. Why would William make it up? What’s his angle if he is lying? Why do thousand of cases go to VAERS about children having adverse effects right after getting vaccinated? I want to believe in herd immunity, but something needs to change. The CDC continues to not accept accountability for there mistakes.


    • We don’t actually know what William Thompson said other than in the legal statement he released back in August 2014. This is part of that statement:

      “My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.

      I have had many discussions with Dr. Brian Hooker over the last 10 months regarding studies the CDC has carried out regarding vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders. I share his beliefthat CDC decision-making and analyses should be transparent. I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.”

      And you will find the explanation about the data here


    • Dustin: “Why do thousand of cases go to VAERS about children having adverse effects right after getting vaccinated?”

      Quick! Go to your closest community college and sign up for their introductory class in statistics. in the first week or so you will learn the term “self selected” in regards of statistical bias.

      While you wait to be accepted due to your English/math scores on the tests required for entry, please read how Hooker’s plea to Vaccine Court played out:

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      • That’s interesting. I guess there must be another reason why the autism rate in 1985 was 1 in 10,000. Today it’s 1 in 55. And it’s funny when the CDC stopped making single shot measles vaccination when someone question the MMR. Will never have to wait to be excepted. I make my six figure salary just fine without ever paying tuition.


      • Dustin: “And it’s funny when the CDC stopped making single shot measles vaccination when someone question the MMR.”

        What is even more hilarious is that the USA first introduced the MMR in 1971, which it being the preferred vaccine for the 1978 Measles Elimination Program. Please provide the verifiable documentation dated before 1990 that there was an increase in autism during the 1970s and 1980s coincident to the use of the MMR in the USA. Which is a country much larger than the UK, and using the MMR vaccine for a much longer time, where if that vaccine caused autism it would have been noticed long before.

        “I guess there must be another reason why the autism rate in 1985 was 1 in 10,000.”

        Actually there is. Think very very hard and tell us what DSM was being used in 1985, and how it is different from the most recent DSM.

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  7. I do not find any convincing argument in your blog against the documentary series. I have watched that series among others and I had my son vaccinated but agree I did not receive the actual copy of the insert on these vaccines. This is entirely different from the product information sheet. I know doctors that have told me that they do not themselves review the safety tests and results that are conducted from the manufacturers, they literally just spew out what the manufacturers claim without much more research than that, assuming that the profit-based manufacturers are doing their dilligent testing. I am choosing to detox my son and warn others about the false safety testing and manipulated lab results. The fact that they even show the actual email communications that discussed how they could not manipulate the data to make the autism effect go away is proof enough to me. Written by the scientist conducting the research and report and then you have all the people that profit heavily from vaccines getting cushy positions with the drug manufacturers and the one board member selling off their patent after they get their vaccine on the CDC schedule. Way too much corruption clearly in this process. If you want to inject your babies with these and inject yourself with the toxins, by all means, I am all for it, but I will fight for my right to choose AGAINST vaccines.


    • “… I did not receive the actual copy of the insert on these vaccines. This is entirely different from the product information sheet.”

      If you did not receive the federally required Vaccine Information Sheet if you live in the United States of America, then you have a legitimate grievance to file.

      “I am choosing to detox my son and warn others about the false safety testing and manipulated lab results.”

      So what is this “detox” protocol? What is the science behind it? Also please post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that the DTaP vaccine used in the United States of America has more toxins than those created by the bacteria that cause diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Really, do show us that tetanospasmin is safer than the vaccine.

      Also, I suggest you look for SPARK for Autism, a research program by the Simons Foundation that is finding out real answers, and even treatments.

      “…then you have all the people that profit heavily from vaccines getting cushy positions with the drug manufacturers …”

      Please tell us how refusing vaccines and letting kids get sick is more cost effective than the present American pediatric vaccine schedule. Provide us a verifiable economic analysis that we would all be better off by not preventing measles, pertussis, diphtheria, etc. An example analysis:

      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

      Plus some papers on what happens when vaccination stops:

      Emerg Infect Dis. 1998 Oct-Dec;4(4):539-50.
      Diphtheria in the former Soviet Union: reemergence of a pandemic disease.

      Pediatrics. 2002 Jan;109(1):E2.
      Philosophic objection to vaccination as a risk for tetanus among children younger than 15 years.

      Expert Rev Vaccines. 2005 Apr;4(2):173-84.
      Acellular pertussis vaccines in Japan: past, present and future.

      BMC Public Health. 2005 Jun 4;5:59.
      Measles vaccine coverage and factors related to uncompleted vaccination among 18-month-old and 36-month-old children in Kyoto, Japan.

      J Infect Chemother. 2013 Oct;19(5):787-98.
      Vaccine chronicle in Japan.

      (long story short: the lesson is to not make vaccine policy based on politics, because it tends to kill kids)


    • Doctors don’t have to give you the insert. The insert is a legal document and not meant for consumers. The most important reason is that consumers routinely misread and misunderstand them. The vaccine information sheet is clear and simple to read.

      There is nothing to detox so you are subjecting your son to unnecessary and possibly dangerous treatments. I will hope he does not suffer.


  8. I was an ER Physician for 16 years. There is without a shadow of a doubt an increase in epilepsy and chronic neurological disorders, especially in children and infants. Countless times I’ve had to tell parents that the vaccines that were given to their child (most came in the same day after receiving shots) were not related to what their child was experiencing. And for most of my career I believed it, never even crossed my mind that there was any correlation.
    We as human beings naturally trust our .”handlers” and those in power who say “Everything is fine.” But it’s not, the proof is there. There is no debating this. Our government has done this on purpose, they have experimented countless times on groups of people without their knowing. THEIR own people mind you.

    You are suffering from cognitive dissonance, or you are paid representative for pharma. Take my advice and DO NOT do not be fooled by your government or the mainstream media. Think for yourself. We must rise up and fight these evil doers who are guilty of ruining hundreds upon thousands of innocent lives and futures. They must be held accountable and we the people will rise up and secure a better and safer future for our children and children to come. With the truth will we always prevail. And people like the “writer” of this blog, you will be the one licking the heels of your cloven-footed master’s in the end.


    • “I was an ER Physician for 16 years.”

      Why should we believe you?

      “There is without a shadow of a doubt an increase in epilepsy and chronic neurological disorders, especially in children and infants.”

      As a physician you should have no trouble coming up with the verifiable evidence for this claim. It should be in the form of PubMed indexed paper, which does include statistics like that.

      “And people like the “writer” of this blog, you will be the one licking the heels of your cloven-footed master’s in the end.”

      Why do you think insulting the blog owner is a valid substitute for verifiable evidence?


    • I am sure you know that vaccines are but one thing that can trigger and underlying seizure disorder. Illness or stress are two other causes. It is disingenuous to claim otherwise unless you really are not familiar with this research.

      I am not paid by pharmaceutical companies. A simple reading of the about section would explain that to you.

      As cognitive dissonance means the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change, that also does not pertain to me. I know the evidence is clearly presented in my posts. All the blue words are links, in case you are not familiar with word press.


  9. This was so weak it hurt the cause more than helped. I did a search entitled ‘tell me why the truth about vaccines is wrong. I WANT to believe it is a one-sided slime job…but the points in this piece do nothing to disprove it …and if they are the best there is It leads me to believe there is no valid refutation to the series?


    • Don’t you think the fact that every “expert” in the series is lying is reason enough? What about how Dr Paul ignores vaccine safety studies and claims there are none? What about that he thinks doctors don’t care about vaccine injury but there is a vast body of science researching vaccine adverse events? What about that SIDS rate is at an all time low but Neil Miller doesn’t mention that fact? What about every single lie I bring up in all 7 of my blog posts? Those are not enough for you?


  10. I want every parent to have the CHOICE. If a parent does a ton of research and concludes that they want the vaccines for their children, that’s fine. If another parent does the same research and decides to forgo the vaccines (or some of them), they should not be vilified. Every parent wants the best for their own child. This has become more like a religious/political finger-pointing, name-calling feud than a scientific discussion among people who supposedly all want the same thing – healthy children.

    I also look at the motivations of both sides. Even if you conclude that Ty Bollinger & company are a bunch of quacks, what is their motivation? They are criticized and sometimes ostracized. Doctors’ careers are destroyed if they raise questions or argue against vaccines. Why would they set themselves up for that if there wasn’t some validity to their claims? The fact that these people are simply personally attacked instead of their arguments being calmly disproved raises red flags.

    Let’s look at the other side – pharmaceutical companies. What is their motivation for developing vaccine after vaccine? Those mandated vaccines become a built-in demand – money, money, money. And, often, government agencies are run by former executives of, or others with direct ties to, the pharmaceutical industry, so unfortunately we have to question their motives.

    We also have to question the motives of those who post comments (yes, including myself!). I read an earlier comment that complained that Bollinger was suggesting that antibiotics be given to combat viruses, when that was not at all what he said. His comment was that there is no one-size-fits-all antibiotic, nor should there be one for vaccines; and, that we have choices with all of our other medical care, but not vaccines. There were other incorrect references to the documentary in that same comment. If you want to disagree with the documentary, fine, but at least disagree with what is actually being said.

    Therefore, I would encourage everyone to watch the documentary in its entirety and make their own judgment. Don’t only read these comments, including mine, to decide.


    • “I want every parent to have the CHOICE.”

      Every parent does have a choice. Though sometimes that choice comes with consequences like the child needs to stay home if there is an outbreak. For chicken pox outbreaks that could be as long as six weeks.

      Or they can choose to home school.

      “Let’s look at the other side – pharmaceutical companies. What is their motivation for developing vaccine after vaccine?”

      Because they are made up of intelligent human beings who dislike seeing children suffer from preventable diseases. It must be nice to be you, someone who has never met a mother who lost her firstborn to Hib, or like me who had to take care of a six month old with chicken pox. Please thank you responsible neighbors who protect your children by increasing your community’s immunity to these and other diseases.

      “Those mandated vaccines become a built-in demand – money, money, money.”

      In a way: yes. In reality it is very expensive to treat many of those vaccine preventable diseases. About one in ten cases of measles require hospital care (usually due to pneumonia). It is very expensive to help a baby with pertussis breathe (and no one wants their baby intubated). Plus there are many parents who do not get sick leave and lose pay, and sometimes have to choose between paying rent or getting groceries (by the way, in 1994 when our three kids got chicken pox it was staggered so they had be isolated for a full month).

      Why is cheaper to let kids get sick, and for parents to lose paychecks than to protect them with fairly inexpensive vaccines? Provide a verifiable economic analysis that disproves this:
      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

      Then you can also explain why we should be getting medical advice from a Certified Public Accountant (Bollinger) instead of an infectious disease doctor like Anthony Fauci, MD.

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    • Every parent in USA has a choice, with regards to vaccinating their child.

      Ty’s motivation is money. He found a niche, with cancer quackery, and expanded to vaccine quackery.

      The only doctor who’s career as a doctor was destroyed by his vaccine malfeasance is Andy Wakefield. Otherwise, all these antivax doctors seem to be doing just fine and making plenty of money. Andy makes more money now than he ever made as a gastro doc in UK.

      Pharmaceutical companies actually don’t do as much R&D of vaccines as you think. For example, the HPV vaccine was developed by two researchers in Australia working at their University. Their initial research was not funded by any pharmaceutical company. They did sell Merck a partial patent to help fund clinical trials. Their motivation? Finding a way to prevent terrible cancers. Merck now sells Gardasil to make money, but the vaccine as invented by scientists simply wanting to find a cure or treatment for cancer.

      I do agree with you that everyone should verify claims for themselves.

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      • Antivaxers love to diss Dr Offit but he and Drs Clark and Stanley spent 26 years as research academics, studying their rotavirus vaccine. They never knew if it would work or not. They never expected to benefit financially from sharing part of the patent with Children’s Hospital of Phillie, their employer. They were selfless in their pursuit for a way to prevent a terrible disease.


  11. WIth point 5, I would say that some doctors should go over the side effects, and yes dr NEEDS to know the side effects and how one with a MEDICAL issue will be affected. Oh, and also parent should be made more aware of the side effects so that they can know what to look for. Also, They need to be informed of both sides. There are some clients in offices who do feel that they aren’t getting questions answered at times. And maybe it just needs to be better communication in general among people.


    • The vaccine info sheets you get with every vaccine go over the side effects and what to do. For example, here is the DTaP VIS which lists the mild, moderate, and severe side effects possible and what to do if one happens.

      Click to access dtap.pdf

      Of course, mild side effects are no reason to stop vaccinating.

      A regular appointment is 15 minutes while a yearly checkup is usually 30 minutes. Doctors simply cannot take much more time than that so if you have a lot of questions to ask, you may not get them all answered. If that happens, make another appointment to come back and talk more.


      • ” Very rarely, long-term seizures, coma, lowered
        consciousness, or permanent brain damage may
        happen after DTaP vaccination.
        As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance
        of a vaccine causing a severe allergic reaction, other
        serious injury, or death.”

        I’m sorry, but please do not attempt to sell the idiotic notion that vaccines are “safe and effective” for all people and that all children and adults must get them regardless of any possible outcomes. It doesn’t matter how rare the possible adverse reactions are because if you happen to be one of those parents whose child is damaged or killed by said reaction, touting “the greater good” means absolutely nothing, sadly. And, THAT is a fact that cannot be disputed in any way.


      • Sure, right after you provide a PubMed indexed study by reputable qualified researchers that show any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease. Do please educate us on how the DTaP causes more harm than diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

        Just take another three years to find that evidence.


    • Seriously, the most common side effect is fussiness and a slight fever. Nothing more. Which happens every other month with any kid under the age of three… with or without vaccines.

      The difference is that you don’t end getting an ambulance trip to the hospital (seizures from rotavirus dehydration) or not sleeping for two weeks (chicken pox in six month old, and easiest to potty train five/six year old so sick he wets the bed). Do you not understand that vaccine preventable diseases do impact your life more than a couple hours of a fussy baby?

      Apparently, they cause actual hospitalization (one out of ten cases of measles). Been there, done that… trust me, it is something you want to avoid.

      Trust me, it is better to cuddle a fussy baby than to call 911 and ride in the ambulance with them to the hospital. Which I have had to do due to dehydration seizures from a rotavirus infection (I burned the “natural health baby” book that recommended apple juice, which made the diarrhea worse… stick to pedialyte, better yet: prevent that disease with a vaccine).

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    • So we are just supposed to believe you? Why? Who are you? What is your evidence?

      Just submit the PubMed indexed studies that show any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more deaths than the diseases. This season influenza has killed 84 children, just provide the evidence that the influenza vaccine has caused more:

      Also, as far as shilling —- you seem to be pushing for the diseases. Are you a shill for Big Hospital Supply or Tiny Child Coffins? Perhaps you should explain why it would be cheaper to let kids get influenza, measles, mumps, pertussis, diphtheria, chicken pox, Hib, etc. Make sure to provide a valid economic study like this:
      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

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    • To whom are you writing? If you had read the about page, you would know I don’t make any money off this blog nor am I paid by any pharmaceutical company for anything.

      What would you like me to study? Can you link me to some studies proving vaccines have greater risks than benefits?

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  13. As a nurse, I would have to say we over vaccinated that tar out of our children. Can you list all the ingredients (preservatives) that are in MMR, pollo, etc? BTW, some of the illness such as German Measles, pollo that was eradicated years ago is making a come back.


    • German measles, aka rubella, was declared eradicated from the entire Americas, pole to cape, a few years ago, thanks to vaccines. Almost all VPDs had declining mortality rates, before vaccines, thanks to good medical care. But, incidence rate for all of them, particularly polio and measles, was highest in the years immediately before the vaccine. Measles and polio both had highest incidence in the 1950s, of any decade in 20th century.

      What would you like to know about the ingredients? I am very familiar with them but not concerned about any of them. My children’s father is a toxicologist and we know toxicity is based on dosage. Vaccine dosages are too miniscule to be concerned about any of the ingredients, even formaldehyde or aluminum salts.

      And, no, German Measles is not making a comeback. Neither is polio. Here are some helpful websites.


  14. Hey thanks for making this blog. All these other people yelling about vaccine harm and things seem to be someone like my mom, the kind who just read things on facebook and instantly believe them because they have a ton of likes, and obviously THAT many people can’t be wrong right? So keep doing what you’re doing and know that most of us are logical people who actually just found your blog informative and the comments distressing considering the amount of believers in vaccine harm such as autism.

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