The Truth about Vaccines Episode 1: Top Ten lies debunked


This episode is sub-titled The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety and the Current CDC Schedule. I accessed the documentary by joining the email list. From there, I got a daily email with a link to watch today’s episode free for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the episodes are available for purchase at the Truth about Vaccines website.


The series is hosted by Ty Bollinger. Ty is a CPA. He runs a seemingly successful business and website telling people factoids about cancer. For clarity, I am going to refer to everyone by their first name, after introducing them.

The first guest is author Jennifer Margulis. She makes a point is that if a patient did not want an antibiotic for a viral infection, they would never be called anti antibiotic, so why do we call people who question vaccine safety “antivax?”  Now, dear readers, do you see the logical errors here? As someone who is actually allergic to two different kinds of antibiotics, I know that being unable to take certain antibiotics and asking questions about antibiotic risks and benefits does not mean one is opposed to all antibiotics. It behooves my health to double check with my doctor that any antibiotic they are prescribing to me (on the rare occasion I need one) is not related to the two types which caused me allergic reactions.  By the same token, if you had a bonafide allergic reaction to a vaccine, you would want to find out which ingredient caused the reaction and avoid that one ingredient. Asking your doctor questions about your reaction and future vaccines does not make you antivax. What makes a person antivax is, for example, assuming that everything bad is a vaccine reaction or that a minor reaction is cause to avoid all future vaccines.  Also, doctors do not prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, so Margulis’ comment doesn’t actually make a lot of sense to me.

I do agree with Ty and Jennifer that we all want our kids to be safe. As I am oft to say, there is nothing wrong with asking questions. It’s the answers that are the issue.

The documentary says many falsehoods, such as the one above. I chose to narrow it down to ten and debunk just them.


One: The first lie comes from Dr Paul Thomas, a pediatrician from Oregon.  Paul explains that the AAP does not investigate vaccine safety. Ty claims that the issue is that we need to entertain the vaccine safety discussion. Now, do you see the lie?  The American Academy of Pediatricians is a professional organization.  They publish several journals, including Pediatrics.  They also research pediatrician office practices and they do research issues related to immunizations. In a way, Paul is correct that the AAP does not specifically research vaccine safety but this does not mean members are not involved in vaccine safety research nor does this mean that AAP ignores vaccine safety. In the journal Pediatrics alone, there have been many vaccine safety studies published. Therefore, it is untrue that the AAP does not investigate vaccine safety.

Two: Paul brings up iatrogenic, the idea that doctors cause harm by what they do. He says that doctors have lost their way and don’t look at the harms vaccines do. He discusses the connection between autism, vaccines, mercury in vaccines, the hepatitis B dose at birth, aluminum and how, in 2008, he had to make a decision to slow down and analyze vaccines for toxicity issues. His implication is that doctors cause grave injury to children, with vaccines, but they are not interested in learning why or how. This begs the question why then are doctors reporting adverse events to VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting system? Why are other doctors studying the medical information related to these reports and publishing findings in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a network of nine healthcare organizations across the country? Why are these findings published in journals to which doctors subscribe, such as Pediatrics, wherein they can be easily read? I have to think that Paul must be aware of these facts and is simply misleading viewers on purpose.

ThreeNeil Z. Miller comes to discuss all the side effects he thinks vaccines cause but he never brings up how he got these ideas from raw VAERS data nor does he discuss issues of validity or reliability of using raw VAERS data. The problem is that anyone can report anything to VAERS and reports are made, in comes cases, without regard to proving causation. This is important because the CDC and FDA and the VSD will monitor these reports and do studies of actual medical records to see if vaccines really do cause serious issues. For example, it was the results of these kinds of studies that the first rotavirus vaccine was removed from market in 1999 for causing intussusception more often than would occur normally. Neil should know how this works but he does not have access to medical records, so his studies only look at raw VAERS reports. This is not considered valid since none of the reports have been verified by medical evidence. SIDS is an example of something that may be reported to VAERS but, in reality, is not caused by vaccines. In fact, studies show SIDS rate in USA is not only at an historical low but that vaccines cut the risk of SIDS in half.  Therefore, Neil has nothing valid to offer and it was remiss of Ty to not mention these facts.

Four: Ty then comes on to claim that the CDC states informed consent issues are, according to the 10th amendment, a state’s rights issue. Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC founder, explains how vaccine laws are state laws. Vaccine laws are statutory, created by states. They are implying that vaccines are given to children without the parent being afforded informed consent; therefore, they argue, this is coercion. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss has written about the legalities this topic and states: “The informed consent process for vaccines is carefully regulated and thought through. A serious effort is made to provide patients with the information they need in a short, accessible format. As long as the healthcare provider performs the legal duty of providing the Vaccine Information Sheet before vaccinating, the patient – or parent – has before them the information necessary to make an informed decision.”  Therefore, patients and their parents are give informed consent and the filmmakers, again, have lied.

Five: From this point, Ty discusses how much medical education a typical doctor receives in medical school. Larry Pavelsky states vaccines are not very much discussed in medical school.  Suzanne Humphries says doctors are not taught anything at all about what is in vaccines. Paul talks about how his daughter is in medical school and she is still not being taught what is in vaccines. Shari Tenpenny says the problem is the “big ramp up in the number of vaccines.” Del Bigtree, film producer, comes on to explain that doctors entire understanding of vaccines is “just because.”   He says doctors know nothing about vaccines except that they were told vaccines are safe. This is fraud, in his opinion.  Ty spends some time going over the average medical school curriculum. He claims that only one course is offered, microbiology, which addresses vaccines at all.

standford copy.jpg


In reality, doctors spend a great deal of time learning about everything to do with the human body, disease, prevention, treatment, and more. As you can see from the schematic above, which is from Stanford University’s s 2016-2017 MD Program, doctors learn about immunology, microbiology, diseases, systems, and more. What those opposed to vaccines really mean, when they say doctors don’t learn about vaccines, is that doctors do not learn the ingredients to vaccines. This is true. There is nothing on this curriculum list about pharmacology. Do you know why? Because pharmacists learn about pharmacology, not medical doctors. Medical doctors don’t memorize the ingredients to the drugs they look up. They can look up ingredients and side effects on their laptop. If you want to discuss drug ingredients, find a pharmacist.

Six: Barbara Loe implies that all manner of pediatric health issues are all on the rise and, therefore, must be related to the increase in vaccines. She states that the worst public health report card in history coincides with the increase in vaccines. But let’s take a look at the actual data. This report, from AAP, noted that the prevalence of disability increased 16.3 percent from 2001-2002 to 2009-2010 with more children today having a disability than a decade ago, and the greatest increase is among kids in higher-income families. But, “while neurodevelopmental and mental health-related disabilities increased, those due to physical conditions decreased.” “The survey did not break out autism, but we suspect that some of the increase in neurodevelopmental disabilities is due to the rising incidence or recognition of autism spectrum disorders,” Dr. Houtrow said. ”

We also know, from my research project last summer, that shifting diagnosis codes is responsible for the increase in autism diagnosis. And, we know that increases in special education funding and programming have resulted in more children being diagnosed with learning disabilities who would have been ignored in past generations.

We also know that SIDS and infant mortality rates are at all time lows, in USA.

Therefore, it is a lie to say that pediatric health issues are on the rise.


Seven: Paul brings up how doctors were promoting cigarettes in the 1950s and implies vaccines are similarly waiting for studies to be done on them. This is a bit silly but since it is brought up often by those opposed to vaccines, I am going to give it some time. As you can tell from this 1956 Atlantic Article, science knew a great deal about how cigarettes were related to cancer, even back as far as the 1930s. “The year 1950 saw the publication of four independent statistical studies, each of which established a significantly higher percentage of heavy cigarette smokers among lung cancer patients than among any other group. There have now been more than fourteen similar studies, and without exception they arrive at this same conclusion.” So, why did doctors promote cigarettes in the 1950s? Well, because they were fake doctors in advertisements. The tobacco companies were not yet required to list warning about cigarettes and advertisers were allowed to lie back then. Laws changed in the 1960s. The Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act was not enacted until 1965. So, it is a lie to say that doctors were promoting cigarettes and there was not science about them being health hazards.

Eight: Paul comes back on to talk about how doctors don’t know what to look for, with regard to vaccine reactions. He says no one has looked at whether the unvaccinated have febrile seizures or die of SIDS.  He talks about how there are more allergies, more ADHD, etc and they have not been studied in relation to vaccines. (Does he really not know that these questions have been answered already? See #2)   Here is some information about febrile seizures. A lot is known about how they connect with vaccines. Some vaccines can cause a fever which could cause a febrile (fever) seizure. This is not epilepsy and it is not a vaccine issue, per se, but that some toddlers are prone to a seizure with a fever. An illness could also cause the seizure. We also know that vaccines cut risk of sids in half and that sids rate is at an all time low, in USA. 

Nine: Barbara  brings up how vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Toni reiterates this point. Toni claims that judges don’t understand this point when she discusses it with them. Unavoidably unsafe refers to a legal case Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss explains that it means “these products are beneficial enough that society wants to encourage their manufacturing. Therefore, while strict liability would be applied to most products, a manufacturer that prepared a drug or vaccine carefully and warned consumers of its risks should not have to pay for the side effects of a drug or vaccine whose benefits outweigh the risks unless that manufacturer can be shown to have been negligent.” Therefore, vaccines are not unsafe.

Ten: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger comes on to claim that vaccines are advertised as 100% risk-free, that the vaccine risk are ignored. He claims the vaccine injury wants us to ignore the risk-benefit ratio. He does not explain why he thinks the risk from vaccines is “very very high.” I am sure Mike knows that vaccine information sheets fully state the risks and that disease risks are much higher. Therefore, he is lying to viewers.  Here is a great explanation of risks of diseases versus vaccines from the National Center for Immunisation in Australia.

Sidebar to #10: Ty brings up the vaccine injury awards paid out. He mentions the risks but does not qualify them. We know that 5200 claims of vaccine injury have been compensated, along with attorney fees, in 30 years. We also know that we’ve given out 3 billion (at least) vaccines in those 30 years. Why does Ty not mention that makes vaccines 99.999984% safe?


As you can see, there were a great many mistruths and outright lies told in this first episode of The Truth about Vaccines. I hope this information helps you to debunk the film. Look for episode 2 debunking soon!

Some information about Ty Bollinger

Official biography

Woman following his protocol died unnecessary death

Ty Bollinger’s pseudoscience


As always, remember to think for yourself.











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  1. Actually, physicians do learn quite a lot about pharmacology. Although there is no longer a specific course called Pharmacology in Med School curriculum now (as there was in my day) it is taught in the systems approach (Cardiovascular System, GI system etc).

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  2. Physician Assistants and various Nurses are other medical professionals who may have prescriptive privileges. Their curriculums also have proscribed credit hours in pharmacology which may be a separate course or a systems approach. Pharmacology is much more than the composition of a medication. I would suggest modifying your retort after you come to a fuller understanding of the discipline of pharmacology.

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  3. I’m a,pharmacist, in fact I’m taking the immunizing pharmacist course and ingredients are not addressed in any substantial degree. There’s no mention of vaccine injuries outside of the 15 minutes “possible ” post vaccine reactions or the big AEs like intussusceptuon after rota virus vaccine. 1000s of parents have come forward showing how their interactive speaking baby went straight into autism after the mmr. Vaccines are not safe. Vaccines are often ineffective in preventing disease and in fact may contribute directly or indirectly to the spread of infectious disease. I address this in my book vaccines:a public health crisis. Doris is incorrect in stating that vaccines should not have product liability. The citizens of the USA deserve vaccine manufacturer product liability. Vaccines should never be mandated. The vis doesn’t even come close to addressing the many adverse events people suffer from vaccines. The vaccine hey day is about to end. Too many of us vaccine injured are coming forward. I went through the crooked vaccine injury court and got nothing because it took my team of doctors just over 3 years to diagnose multiple sclerosis caused by the hepatitis b vaccine. I’m happy to announce that I’ve discovered a 3rd mechanism of ms induction by the hepatitis b vaccine. Dr. Offit is incorrect in his stated theory of autoimmune induction.

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  4. I have a Question for the writer of this Blog, Kathy. You say you are a mother. Do you have any children with disabilities? I ask because those of us who do are typically seeking answers. We live everyday wondering why. I don’t know if the vaccine’s are to blame, but NO ONE can tell what is. I actually completely disagree with most of the points you have made above. I venture to state that if your child was developing normally and then all of the sudden lost the skills they had gained, you would be singing a very different tune.


    • My oldest is disabled. He had seizures as a baby, before he got any vaccine (before HepB vaccine). Sometimes things happen, and a reason may often never be found. He also has a genetic heart disorder in addition to his autism.

      The Simons Foundation is recruiting families to discover some of the genetics of disability. They have figured out several of the gene sequences that cause disabilities that are under the autism umbrella. If you would like to more and participate in the science, then please visit .

      I am not associated with this study in anyway, other than I tried to sign up my family. The problem is that my son is way over eighteen years old, and as an adult he has to do the online survey. So it is not going to happen.

      There is more information about the research in this video:

      At around the 27th minute they post slides of some of those genetic sequences showing the common phenotypes and symptoms. Starting at about 35 minutes in there is a pie chart of what is known. I will summarize it for you (there made errors in the transcription because the lack of video resolution, and my typos):

      5% are Genetic Syndromes like Fragile X, Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC1 and TSC2), …. etc

      10% are Copy Number Variants like 15q11-1, 1q21…. etc.

      2% are 16p11.2

      30% are De novo gene variants like DYRK1A, ADNP, … etc

      1% CHD8

      8% are rare inherited gene mutations (letters too small to make out).

      And 45% are still unknown, hence the massive recruitment for families for SPARK for Autism by the Simons Foundation (link in my other comment).

      At around the 57th minute there is a slide of various groups parents have formed around the specific genetic sequence their child has. It includes FamiliesSCN2A and ADNPkids.

      At 59 minutes there is a slide showing how knowing the specific gene sequence is important. For instance those with SCN1A need to avoid sodium channel blockers, and those with SCN8A need to use sodium channel blockers.

      Then the presentation concludes on research programs at the Simons Foundation and our local university. Then the presenters took questions.

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      • Autism Speaks, the Autism Society, the Autism Science Foundation, and others all agree autism are not caused by vaccines. They all agree that most cases are genetic in origin or related to environmental exposure in utero. Regardless, they all agree babies are born autistic.


    • Yes I have a child with challenges. No, they are not caused by vaccines. I know many people who have children with challenges, disabilities, whatever you want to call them, all of whom know vaccines are not the cause. I would urge you to find the website or facebook page for the Thinking person’s guide to autism. You will find a large community of parents and autists who know vaccines do not cause autism.

      In reality, the people who think vaccines cause all manner of disabilities are in a small group. They are just loud.

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    • I agree. This is a very poor rebuttal that picks and chooses a few parts of the documentary to respond to and pretends like all the other science didn’t exist. But again feeds those that don’t question and blindly follow


  5. My son was diagnosed with a brain cancer. He underwent forced vaccination in Germany only six months after completion of chemotherapy. Can you, please, name one peer study that shows that vaccines are safe for a child who has suffered brain damage caused by brain cancer (I ask myself if this disease was not vaccination long term side effect, however no way to find out)? I asked this question to the german doctors, but I still haven’t received any answer (a month has gone by). They have decided to delay the hep B vaccine for 6 months (the mother asks too many unconfortable questions). Wait a moment! Why on earth does a 10 years old boy (who went through so much lately) need to get this vaccine so urgently? I’m sure you can understand that forced vaccination poses me a huge problem, right? I forgot to mention that I live in a country where vaccination is not compulsory


    • I don’t see how I could even being to speak for doctors in Germany who treated your son. You need to ask them why they felt vaccines were important for him. It is likely that they felt he would be at risk for measles, since that is epidemic in Germany at the moment, and wanted to protect him from it.

      I highly doubt he was forced.

      Every country has it’s own unique vaccination needs. If Hepatitis B is not an issue in Germany, then they can schedule the vaccination differently that USA.


    • My youngest child was fully vaccinated apart from chickenpox (which still isn’t on the vaccine schedule here!)

      His earliest memory is of chickenpox and sitting in the yellow Pinetarsol bath to ease the itching, so yes, he’s had the “preventive” illness.

      As a teenager he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Raised intracranial pressure resulted in full cardiorespiratory arrest. Scientific medicine allowed him to survive and recover.

      A decade later, following his professional degree, he remains scientifically literate. He looked into whether vaccines could have contributed to his illness and laughed at the poor quality of evidence provided by those opposing the scientific consensus.

      These days he’s amongst the first to see his GP for influenza vaccination, although he doesn’t exactly recommend brain cancer as a way to get free vaccinations!


  6. Can’t wait to hear you debunk Dr. Lee’s discovery through autopsies, of the HPV virus present in healthy children who died right after receiving that vaccine, and had no other way of contracting the illness other than from the vaccine. There have been more deaths from that vaccine than from cervical cancer (which the vaccine is supposed to be protecting us from). Vaccines ARE unsafe-some deadly- and there is no incentive for drug companies to make them safe, because they only care about money and can no longer be sued, so not held accountable. And vaccines should absolutely NOT be forced-we all have the right to control what happens to our own body (or our children’s). Plenty of children have sensitivities to them, as you do to antibiotics. What do they do to try and determine that before they are damaged? There is no validity to the herd immunity theory. Your arguments are weak and baseless, to say the least. And please do explain why autism rates have gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50 if it’s not due to vaccines. We know that aluminum is a neurotoxin and that it is injected into babies while their immune systems are immature and developing. There are numerous studies showing a correlation. We have much higher rates of infant mortality than countries who wait to give vaccines after a year old. The more vaccines that are received at once, the more health problems that occur. They need to give single dose shots, later, and further apart. Cognitive dissonance is a blinding you. I could go on, but I fear it would fall on deaf ears.


    • I’m afraid it’s you who suffers from cognitive dissonance, and frankly some of the assertions you make are untrue.

      Deaths in 2014 in the UK from cervical cancer: 890 (
      Deaths attributed to HPV vaccine in 2014 in the UK : 0
      Doses administered of HPV vaccine in 2014/2015 : 297651 (Gov.UK)

      As for the herd immunity having no validity, do you have anything to back up that statement? Most if not all microbiologists (and I dare say medical professional (ie doctors)) would disagree with you.
      And as for autism rates having shot up, that’s been shown time and time again in studies that’s almost complete due to changed diagnostic criteria and that the DSM has now a far wider variety of disorders on the spectrum. And Wakefield has been discredited over and over again as a fraud.

      As for the vaccine industry being big $$$, again you’ll be disappointed. It’s estimated be worth $48 billion, whereas the dietary supplement market size is estimated to be $278 billion, the homeopathy market is $18 billion.
      With all the supposed big pharma shills needing paying off and the widespread corruption alleged by anti-vaxxers, I don’t think there will be much profit if any left 🙂

      I could go on but I fear you’ve already set your mind on vaccines being harmful.


    • Dr Lee’s notions about the HPV vaccine/virus have been clearly debunked.
      There have certainly not been more deaths from vaccine than cervical cancer (there were over 4000 deaths from cervical cancer in 2015 in the US, with around 30,000 cases of HPV induced cancers occurring). There have been a tiny handful of deaths blamed on the vaccine, and most of these have scanty medical verification, being purely anecdotal.

      Infant mortality is calculated differently in the US than in most other countries; if the same criteria were used, the US rate would be closer to that of Sweden, which has one of the lowest. US IMR has dropped from over 30 per 100,000 births in the 1960s to under 6 per 100,000 today; that has happened while the vaccine schedule has expanded hugely. If vaccines contributed to infant deaths, then mortality should have risen, no?

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  7. Cathy
    Doctors are supposed to be interested in their patients safety by using and studying the VAERS system. They should be discussing causes of injury that they see repeatedly. This is reality. That’s why we see UNSAFE vaccines being withdrawn to protect the public from ongoing serious injury and death. No scientific proof required. Just because some reactions are assumed co-incidental does not prove they are, or mean that the majority are then false. If this is a problem what percentage are false and what suggestions could we discuss to improve on such a poor system. It shouldn’t be just about using its shortcomings to argue against those who choose not to vaccinate or question vaccination.
    Is the vaccine sheet the same as the vaccine insert? Could the patient be missing vital information on the vaccine insert? Informed consent is an important conversation, because the parent is left responsible for their child if they get an injury from a vaccine. What are the implications of doctors having no knowledge of vaccine ingredients, where they go and what they do to the body? How does a patient access information if they wish to research these matters to properly assess the risks for their child?


    • Reports to VAERS are monitored via the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which is 9 medical centers in the USA who do research.

      Vaccine information sheets list side effects and other vital consumer information.

      Vaccine inserts are legal documents produced only after clinical trials. They include reports of adverse events made without regard to causation and are not updated after further research is done.

      There is no proof that doctors have no knowledge of vaccine ingredients. Just because they don’t memorize all drug ingredients does not make them ignorant of them.

      “How does a patient access information if they wish to research these matters to properly assess the risks for their child?” You should find reputable, valid, reliable places for information, like the vaccine safety datalink above. Never get information from blogs or websites that also have stores.


    • I am sorry your son had lifelong issues related to seizure disorder. I am sure you have read the research showing seizure disorder to be genetic in origin. Vaccines and illness can both cause seizures to appear but the underlying cause is genetic. I wish you peace.

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      • The underlying cause can be genetic, but aren’t you adding insult to injury when you inject a child that is already prone to life threatening seizures with an ingredient that will “turn on” that reaction or genetic predisposition? It’s like playing Russian roulette hoping your child is not predisposed to the condition to find out later the vaccine actually triggered it. Genetics do play a huge role. So, why not spend the money on preventing the reactions and discovering possible predispositions rather than deal with the collateral damage after the fact?


      • The genetic predisposition or disorder could be turned on by stress, illness, injury, or a strong immune response to a vaccine. So, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely shelter the child from genetics. It is going to happen. It is not a vaccine reaction. That is why you cannot get compensated for this type of health issue after vaccination. It is not a vaccine injury. And, people with genetic disorders deserve to be protected from serious diseases which could also trigger devastating seizures.

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      • “So, why not spend the money on preventing the reactions and discovering possible predispositions rather than deal with the collateral damage after the fact?”

        Actually that is exactly what vaccines do. They prevent the diseases that can cause an even greater reaction. My oldest had what used to be known as a “grand mal” seizure due to actually getting a disease several years before its vaccine was available.

        Though if you have evidence that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more seizures than the disease, just post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers.

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  9. Thanks for your wonderful debunking.
    As a UK doctor, I can tell you that the undergraduate medical course has some vaccination related education and training, with most being covered in paediatrics or in infectious diseases/microbiology.
    The bulk of specific knowledge follows after med school, with specialisation in the various disciplines. Doing microbiology, immunology, public health, infectious diseases, paediatrics and general practice will all have training that is vaccine related. Some specialties have further subspecialisation within them; for instance you can do diplomas or masters in child health, in preventive medicine and public health, in tropical medicine and infectious diseases etc.
    A large chunk of education and training is devoted to clinical aspects of vaccination, including side effects, contraindications, development, constituents and pharmacology and immunology of the vaccine response.

    It is laughable that these speakers tout themselves as “World experts” in vaccines, when many are not even doctors, and none have the relevant training or experience, and none have done any clinical research in the topic (just done data dredging surveys from VAERS and the like)

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  10. vaccines do work, in rare occurrences, lol. but the side effects are killer. I love how everyone is waking up to vaccine damage and the greedy corps destroying human health in the process. its hardly even debatable anymore how dangerous vaccines are. its great to see people knocking down pro-vaccine articles like this. I will say its not just vaccines causing all these problems, its our entire environment from GMO food to our glyphosate drenched food supply, from nuclear “accidents” to weather geoengineering. the corporations have almost completely taken over our government. we no longer live in a democracy(of which we were never suppose to be, founding father set up a republic) but we now live in a corprotacracy. but thanks, I got a good laugh out of your article and even more so enjoyed the comments. much love


  11. This is not a debunk at all. The reality is that doctors do not provide informed consent. I’ve had both of my daughters vaccinated and been vaccinated myself as an adult. Not one piece of information about the benefits vs risks was discussed with me.
    Thank you for the great laugh though!
    People are learning the truth and I love it:)


  12. Dear Kathy,
    Looking at the very first response to your ‘blog’, it’s clear that you’ve already got YOUR facts wrong and are offering to amend your comments.

    Do you even realise how hypocritical that is?

    Would it be possible, that at the end of your next hypocritical dribble, that you include your last name? That way, when the proverbial poop hits the fan and the lid of this unscrupulous industry is blown off, once and for all, I’ll be there laughing at the egg on your face.

    Oh…and before you start screaming ‘Antivaxxer!’ at me…. My children have been vaccinated. Fully. I have done my own research and come to the conclusion, just like the Scientists, Parents, Lawyers, Journalists, Doctors, Immunologists, etc. in the ‘Truth About Vaccinations’ by Ty Bollinger, that there are fundamental problems with the safety of vaccines and the amount being given to our children. If there is nothing to hide, then there should be no problem with the setting up of an Independent Safety Council, since it’s very clear that the CDC has been compromised.

    Anyone being belligerent to people, who are genuinely fighting for the safety of our children and the freedom of choice of our nations, need to go live in North Korea. They will fit in well there.

    Kind regards,


      • Wrong?
        Kathy, you wouldn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘wrong’ if it was tattooed on your own forehead and smacked you on the ass every time you saw it.

        I could pick through every piece of information you’ve tried to justify in your ‘blog’, but it’s clear you have no inclination to look at all the facts and wasting time is what you do, not I.

        With you it’s either black or white and there’s no grey in the middle. You’re so set on the fact that you are right(even the name of your blog suggests that!), that you can’t even imagine a scenario where some vaccines may be safe, but some most definitely aren’t. This makes your ‘blog’ ridiculous and makes you look completely stupid.

        In all honesty, I haven’t even wasted my time reading everything you’ve said, because it’s full of old, one-sided, misleading and not factually correct information. If you can’t be swayed by the facts and the experts on ‘The Truth About Vaccines’, then anyone trying is simply wasting their time.

        Just one other thing…Dr Andrew Wakefield was completely exonerated…and I’ll say it again…COMPLETELY EXONERATED of all the FAKE charges that he was accused of. Anyone who suggests otherwise, or prefers to ignore this fact because it suits their own agenda, is nothing short of laughable.


      • “Wrong?”

        You still have not pointed out what was “wrong” with any kind of evidence.

        Instead of making a blatant claim like “Wakefield was exonerated”… just directly quote the wrong points and then post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researches to support your claims.

        Anything less is just being a lazy blowhard. Sure you can bluster, but can your actually deliver real evidence?

        (since Wakefield has been legally stripped from practicing medicine in the UK, and could never ever legally able to practice medicine in the USA… or elsewhere, he is not considered “qualified” nor “reputable”).

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    • I notice you have pointed to nothing inaccurate in the blog post.

      People can become anti-vaccine, even if they were not that to start with.

      As to being belligerent, I suggest re-reading your comment. The post was factual, explaining the issues with the series.

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    • What you observed is someone who was told they were incorrect, so they asked for evidence and when that evidence was presented, accepted they were incorrect, and assimilated that into their body of knowledge. That is how a body of knowledge develops. Perhaps you don’t recognise the process, because you have bought into a thought process that relies on not accepting anything other what agrees with you ie exercising confirmation bias. And people like you are the worst, because you yourself and your children are protected, yet you follow people who actively encourage people not to be protected. Your American centric argument also falls flat, because every country in the world vaccinates, many on a very similar schedule to the US, plus many countries have stricter laws around vaccination. You whine about freedom of choices, when you live in a country where you are allowed to write what you just wrote with no ramifications. Your first world privilege is showing.

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  14. “Vaccines Work” FOR WHOM? They work for the corporations that produce toxic chemicals that the US Supreme Court says are “unavoidably unsafe” in a 2011 ruling in favor of Wyeth corporation. They work for rich pigs in those corporations that get rich by selling toxic chemicals that have been given FULL legal Immunity which means that when vaccines HARM “unavoidably” that those vaccine makers are completely protected by law. They work for investors in these toxic chemical potions which know that without prosecution for dangerous and defective products they will continue to see their profits grow. Yeah…..vaccines work for rich, pathological people without a conscience. Nice!


  15. Will you please provide references to the peer reviewed articles supporting your statements above, specifically those on vaccine safety? TIA


  16. Kathy wrote “… more children today having a disability than a decade ago, and the greatest increase is among kids in higher-income families … neurodevelopmental and mental health-related disabilities increased …”
    Professional two-income households are “higher-income families”. If parents careers caused them to postpone having children, that increases the probability their children will have autism, see …


  17. Two questions and thoughts if you don’t mind… is there a real legitimate risk to not vaccinating on the schedule assigned by the CDC? If so, have there been reputable studies that show potential adverse or not significant effects of multiple vaccines at once; looking at the possible use of multiple metals coupled with anti-bioics and live micro organisms (as in the case with some vaccines)? I understand that there are thousands if not millions of people who are vaccinated in recent years go without any known or obviously visible effects. Is there something out there that looks at (or currently in the process of being developed ie. database) that could show a longitudinal reality between these two groups and see if there is any statistical significant deviation between them? Seems like we have a number of those willing to participate.


    • “…is there a real legitimate risk to not vaccinating on the schedule assigned by the CDC?”

      Yes. It would be something like your child has cancer. Speak to your doctor. My oldest son had neonatal seizures when he was two days old, so he did not get a pertussis vaccine (he got the DT instead). But this was 28 years ago, and they have now discovered that the DTP did not cause seizures but it was often a genetic disorder.

      ” If so, have there been reputable studies that show potential adverse or not significant effects of multiple vaccines at once; looking at the possible use of multiple metals coupled with anti-bioics and live micro organisms (as in the case with some vaccines)? ”

      Um, kind of yeah… just in the use. Also what “multiple metals”? Anyway there is the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink, which there are lots of studies:

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks I’ll look those over.

        Metals such as:
        11 elements, namely aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, thallium and zinc,

        Some are used as a stabilizer some used to antagonize the immune response some used as a delivery system and some used for preservation. They are used in the production of individual vaccines but now some cases multiple vaccines are given in one shot mixing them. They vary in concentration albeit low and again depending on the manufacturer. Not ALL metals always present. Just wondering if they all need to done at the rate and speed with which they prescribe. (All before less than 1yo)


      • From your link “Power analyses demonstrated that safety studies of aluminum could detect relative risks ranging from 1.1 to 5.8 for a range of adverse event incidence.”

        So, when you read the full document, what did that mean? What were the conclusions?


    • 1. The risk to not vaccinating is not being protected from preventable diseases and contributing to the lack of herd immunity.

      2. There are no studies on record showing vaccine risks outweigh benefits.

      3. There are no metals in vaccines. Aluminum adjuvants are compounds, not metals. Thimerosal is a compound, not a metal.

      4. There are too many variables to weigh then comparing vaxed v unvaxed. The vaccine safety datalink, however, analyzes and studies reports to VAERS.


  18. I stopped reading this after “vaccines cut the number of SIDS in half.” Kathy is either very ignorant, or evil. Neither is much qualification for writing a blog that other people might read.

    I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


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