The Truth about vaccines 2, more lies

This episode is sub-titled What is in vaccines, are they effective, and what about polio.

I accessed the documentary by joining the email list. From there, I got a daily email with a link to watch today’s episode free for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the episodes are available for purchase at the Truth about Vaccines website. I am not going to share a link to the video because I don’t want anyone to think I am an affiliate with them, trying to earn referral dollars. On their website, you will see that they have a referral program where can earn $1 per person you refer. (I have taken screenshots)

My goal in watching this series is to “take one for the team” and blog about the worst mistruths and list in each episode.

The series is hosted by Ty Bollinger. Ty is a CPA. See episode 1 for information about Ty. 

So, let’s look at the top ten lies from episode two.

One: Robert Kennedy, Jr states all vaccine safety studies are epidemiological and they are notoriously prone to manipulation.  Epidemiology is the study and analysis of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations.  For example, he states, the CDC eliminates all autists from safety studies.

Let’s look at the reality. There are three parts to this claim: A, that all the safety studies are done by the CDC; B, that all safety studies are epidemiological; and, C, that children with autism are not included in these studies.


A. There are many different sources for vaccine safety studies. In the USA, one source is the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which is collaborative project between CDC’s Immunization Safety Office and nine health care organizations. These studies are published in journals, but the CDC also has a link to them their website. These studies are not conducted by the CDC. The CDC also publishes yearly reports on vaccine safety. Some of these studies have authors who are affiliated with the CDC and some of these studies were done by the CDC but by far most are NOT affiliated with the CDC. Vaccine safety studies are also done by researchers in other countries.

B. Safety studies are all epidemiological.  ‘Epidemiology is the study of how often diseases occur in different groups of people and why.” Thus, all safety studies are epidemiological. This is true.  But, this is a deceptive comment in that it implies that safety studies should be not epidemiological.  I think what RFK means is that there should be a study on a group of children purposely left unvaccinated for the sake of science, a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study. This would leave those children vulnerable to disease, for the sake of science, and would never be approved by any ethics committee in any country. Even this study would be epidemiological. In other words, there really isn’t a good alternative. It appears the RFK does not understand the term.

C. Children with autism are not included in safety studies.  This is simply untrue. Here is a study from Denmark. The implication is that vaccine safety studies are not done on special populations but that is simply untrue. Here is a study from Cuba that included physically and mentally disabled persons. Here is a study from Japan that included handicapped persons. Here is another Japanese study.  Much thanks to Dot for helping me to find these.

Two:  Brandy Vaughan, who sold Vioxx for Merck for two years, makes a claim that no vaccine safety studies include sick or disabled children. See 1C for refutation.

Three: Suzanne Humphries and Sherri Tenpenny state vaccine studies never use saline placebo.  But, here is a flu study that used a saline placebo. Here is a literature review of HPV studies, some of which used saline placebo. Here is another flu vaccine study with saline placebo.  Here is a meningococcal serogroup B safety study with a saline placebo.  Why am I easily able to find many saline placebo studies on Pubmed when these two doctors cannot?

Four: Mike Adams appears in his lab to tell us that healthy people will always make a strong immune response to wild flu because they will immunize themselves. This is simply untrue. Studies show that more unvaccinated children die of influenza than vaccinated, even in those previously healthy.

Five: A common topic, in this series, is that vaccine ingredients are toxic. Not once does any of the so-called experts mention how toxicity varies by dose. Irvin Sahni, MD, claims vaccines have the herbicide glyphosate in them as well as anti-freeze. What is amazing about these claims is this man has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.  He should know better than to make claims not grounded in science. Parents need to know that the glyphosate in vaccines issue has been debunked and there is no antifreeze in vaccines. A single component of anti-freeze, polyethylene glycol, is used in some flu viruses but it is not anti-freeze and it is not toxic.

Are you beginning to be as annoyed as I am at these lies? I make this face a lot lately.



Six: There is glyphosate, an herbicide, in vaccines. This is a claim made by many of the “experts” in the documentary but no one discusses the reality, which is that there is one study done by Moms Against Monsanto, where in glyphosate was found in vaccines which use mammal cells. The theory is that the animals who eat the grain which has been sprayed with glyphosate have it in their tissue, which is then used to grow vaccine viruses, and that is transferred into the vaccines. A great discussion of the reality of this claim comes from The Genetic Literacy project. As you can see, the results of this MAM study have been challenged by many and they have been replicated by no one.

Seven: Ty claims formaldehyde in vaccines is not the same as what is made in our bodies or what is in our foods, naturally, because it cannot be broken down by the body. Formaldehyde is used to inactivate pathogens and toxins. Ethyl acetate is used to precipitate formalin out of solution in a gas chromatography tube. So, there is not actually any formaldehyde in the vaccines. It is just used in the process of manufacturing. The CDC explains how some ingredients are removed before the vaccine is given. Just the Vax blog explains how even what is possibly left is not a health concern.

Eight: This is a new claim, for me. Toni Bark and Lawrence Pavelsky, both doctors who are against vaccines, claim that polysorbate 80, when used in conjunction with other drugs, opens the gut and blood brain barriers. Further, they claim, because everything with them also gets into the gut and brain, then nanoparticles of viruses, bacteria, and aluminum are also getting into these parts of our bodies. Larry says polysorbate 80 binds to the viruses and and aluminum and “walks into the brain the way a ghost can go through a wall.”  He concludes that this is what is causing vaccinated children to have autism and other neurodisabilities.

Now, first of all, we know vaccines are not causing autism. Secondly, aluminum salts in vaccines are microparticles, not nanoparticles. Polysorbate 80 is used with nanoparticles of certain drugs, like loperamide, to deliver them to the brain when necessary.  These drugs only cross the blood brain barrier  when loaded onto polybutylcyanoacrylate (PBCA)-nanoparticles and coated with polysorbate 80. But, aluminum salts are microparticles, not nanoparticles. There are experiments underway using aluminum salt nanoparticles but all existing vaccines use microparticles of aluminum salts and those are much too large to cross the blood brain barrier.  Aluminum salts are about 2 um or 2000 nanoparticles in size.

Nine: Ty, and others, claim the amount of aluminum in vaccine exceeds the FDA limit. Ty is referring to a document on the FDA website which refers to aluminum use in total parenteral nutrition. The TPN limit is 25 micrograms per liter. TPN is a method of feeding people bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. Sick newborns, for example, may receive TPN via a vein. Children and adults with bowel disease may also get TPN. Adult daily requirements for TPN are 30–40 mL Water (/kg body wt/day).  This has nothing to do with vaccines and is not the aluminum limit for vaccines. In fact, an “FDA study found that the risk to infants posed by the total aluminum exposure received from the entire recommended series of childhood vaccines over the first year of life is extremely low” and  “the maximum amount of aluminum an infant could be exposed to over the first year of life would be 4.225 milligrams (mg), based on the recommended schedule of vaccines. Federal Regulations for biological products (including vaccines) limit the amount of aluminum in the recommended individual dose of biological products, including vaccines, to not more than 0.85-1.25 mg. For example, the amount of aluminum in the hepatitis B vaccine given at birth is 0.25 mg.”

Ten: I cannot believe I got all the way to #9 and I still am only half way through this episode!  The rest of the episode is about polio and Salk and SV40.  Suzanne plugs her book and claims there was a diagnostic criteria change around the time the polio vaccine was invented and that is the reason polio rate dropped. She claims the vaccine had nothing to do with it. Sayer claims women pass SV40 to their fetuses and he got it from his mother who had that vaccine. Toni claims the polio vaccine causes massive paralysis in developing countries, but it is not tracked.


In lieu of debunking all these claims, I am going to link to Mr Skeptical Raptor, who has done a find job debunking polio vaccine claims. These all specifically address claims made by the movie, although these blog posts were written well before the movie. Antivaxers like to recycle the claims. Skeptical Raptor fully cites all sources and backs all claims.

Polio, and SV40 do not cause cancer

Jonas Salk is an American Hero

Polio vaccine did not cause 47,000 cases of paralysis in India

Bill Gates is not trying to depopulate the world with vaccines

And, finally, to learn more about the single greatest public health initiative of all time, wherein we went from polio paralysing 1000 children a day in 1988 to 37 cases of polio (wild and vaccine-derived) last year, please visit the The Global Polio Eradication Initiative website.

Remember to always think for yourself,





46 thoughts on “The Truth about vaccines 2, more lies

  1. “Larry says polysorbate 80 binds to the viruses and and aluminum and “walks into the brain the way a ghost can go through a wall.” ”

    If he believes in ghosts, it is absolutely no surprise he believes in antivaccine mythology.

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  2. Thank you for your commitment to calling out these lies and myths. It is hared to imagine that people still align themselves to these fraudulent quacks and their conspiracy theories. Critical thinking skills are lacking!

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  3. Whether you are pro- or anti-vaccine, as folks who are concerned aobut their health, more attention should be paid to what is inadvertently enterimng our bodies through food, water and the air we breathe. The regulatory boides are pretty much “asleep at the wheel” or in cahoots with polluters


  4. Thanks for taking one for the team, Kathy! Watching the videos, I would just get annoyed that the same BS – already repeatedly discussed and debunked – gets repeated over and over and over . . .


      • After you survive this week, you need to take a day for yourself. Do whatever you need. Seriously, I don’t think my laptop would survive watching this stuff.

        I don’t know what “your day” would be. I don’t do spa days. I made it a tradition on Mother’s Day that I could garden in peace. That way I could do weed therapy and prune therapy without having to respond to the calls of “Mom, can you….?” Also, someone delivers my lunch, and I did not have to make dinner.


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  5. Kathy, I’m sure you mean well. What are you precise qualifications that make you qualified to comment on The Truth About Vaccines?


    • I’m not clear what kind of qualifications you think are needed. After all, the series maker and many of the guest have no credentials in vaccines science.

      At any rate, the rebuttals are carefully sourced and anyone can check that they’re accurate.

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      • Therein lies your biggest error. You have just PROVED that anyone with zero qualifications can do research and cast opinion on the subject of vaccine safety, by using references and resources. Which is what parents do when they question vaccines yet people like YOU denounce them for being ‘unqualified’. And the irony is, you won’t see this!

        You denounce those in the documentary as being ‘biased’ or ‘unqualified’ yet what are you? Who are you? Pro-vaxxers just LOVE to trash people who question vaccines and vilify them because they are not a doctor or a qualified medical professional, as though only someone with a degree is allowed to give opinions on vaccine safety.

        And here you are, an unqualified person, expecting people to give you credibility simply because you link to that shill site skepticalraptor, one of THE most biased and unscientific sites on the planet.

        Why is it that if someone takes a prescription medication and suffers either an immediate or delayed reaction to that medication that the medication is investigated and the patient taken off them? Yet give someone a vaccine who gets an immediate or slightly delayed reaction and YOU and DOCTORS go immediately into cognitive dissonance and say “oh but it’s just a coincidence”? You even have the audacity to blame the child for having an immune problem or pre-existing condition! So now it’s the child’s fault. This is WHY vaccines are not ‘one size fits all’. This is WHY vaccines should not be mandatory. This is also why your illusory ‘vaccine herd immunity’ is simply a theory on a bit of paper. Absolutely useless, worthless and impossible to achieve.

        People are not falling for these lies anymore and that’s why The Truth About Vaccines is going to wake up people all over the world to the nasty truth about vaccine injury and death.

        This is not even about money any more, it’s about a ‘house of cards’ falling down. Imagine if the truth really were to be published where it should be and the whole paradigm of vaccine ‘safety’ is shattered beyond repair? The lawsuits would just fly non-stop and doctors, physicians and paeds would be hounded out of business – and quite right too. The pharmaceutical companies would not survive this holocaust.

        Remember, even IF vaccines were not as profitable as some of the major drugs, vaccines create a MUCH BIGGER BUSINESS for the pharmaceutical companies because of the OTHER DRUGS THEY SELL for allergies, pain relief, antibiotics, cancer ‘treatments’ and more.

        You, my dear, are in complete and utter denial and one day you will find it in your heart to say “I’m sorry”, but clearly that day is not today.

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      • 1. I have never denounced anyone for asking questions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

        2. Ty makes the claim, throughout the documentary, that the series is unbaised and truthful. As my facts point out, he is wrong.

        3. Doctors do not tell patients that every perceived vaccine reaction is coincidence. SIDS and autism, for example, have been researched the world over as possible vaccine reactions and proven not to be.

        4. If you would like to open all my links and contact those authors and talk to them about why you perceive their studies as lies, I am sure that would be fine. In the meantime, citing scientific consensus, on my part, is not a lie.

        5. If this is not about money, why is Ty selling this video series?

        6. It is inappropriate to use the term “holocaust” with vaccines. It shows a remarkable lack of historical context on your part.

        7. You are welcome to post the evidence supporting your claims. The evidence used in the documentary series is appallingly poor quality.


      • “vaccines create a MUCH BIGGER BUSINESS for the pharmaceutical companies because of the OTHER DRUGS THEY SELL for allergies, pain relief, antibiotics, cancer ‘treatments’ and more.”

        What to vaccines have to do with those conditions other than preventing many bacterial infections and some cancers? Do please provide some actual verifiable documentation to show the economics of using vaccines versus not using vaccines. Something on the same level of rigor as:
        Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009

        Also, most the people in that video make money off of desperate people. Making these scaremongering videos is Ty Bollinger’s business:


    • The problem is – well, one of the problems – that the people in “Truth about Vaccines” have been presented as experts, when their qualifications (or, rather, lack thereof) show that they are indeed far from being experts in vaccines.

      If a person is going to make a claim that is directly contradicts mountains of evidence that show how vaccines have saved lives, how their great benefits outweigh their small risks, etc., then they really, really, need to understand what they are talking about *and * they need to present high-quality evidence (relevant, replicated, and not distorted by bias) to support their claim. The “experts” in this fake-umentary have neither the qualifications or anything that resembles adequate evidence.

      It is also important to understand these so-called experts biases, with respect to their real occupations (how they make $$ scaring parents away from vaccines and into “alternative” medicine) and their own involvement in vaccine-related litigation.

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  6. @Chris, I’m not accusing Kathy of making money from this blog – nowhere have I said that. You also fall into the trap of not allowing anyone but doctors, the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies to make a living. That has absolutely nothing to do with the scientific evidence of the harm that vaccines can do. When people start attacking the messenger and not the information, then they have already lost the argument. Tens of thousands of parents are trying to make their voices heard about the injuries that their children have suffered. How are THEY trying to make money out of their pleas to be heard? Why is it that people are simply not allowed to question a medical treatment like vaccines? And remember, parents who have claimed that their child was vaccine injured were not anti-vaccine – they mostly vaccinated their children according to the prevailing schedule.

    Why is it that ANY doctor – with an unblemished record of medical success, many of whom have exceptional careers – who DARES to speak out against vaccines is IMMEDIATELY and unconditionally vilified and denounced as a quack? Yet until that fateful moment when they DARE to question vaccines, they are lauded as highly eminent, respectable, successful and distinguished?

    Many doctors/medical personnel/scientists know very well that the moment they go public with their concerns about vaccines they will be in for a rough time, yet they go ahead anyway, even though they know their career will probably take a nose dive. Why would they do that? Why would they commit career ‘suicide’ and lose their medical career, if it was just about the money? Which, of course it is not?

    In the USA, the so-called ‘land of the free’, is anything but. It’s a case of “I believe in your right to freedom of speech, but only if you agree with what I say”. If the rabid pro-vaxxers had their way vaccines would be totally mandatory. Well, guess what! Watch out for the ADULT vaccination schedule! Wait until they start forcing ADULTS to take all their boosters and ‘flu shots! Pro-vaxxers will then start squealing like stuck pigs!! You want herd immunity?! Well you had better get all your adult vaccinations done then! Because right now, MOST of the people in the USA are NOT vaccinated!!!

    Wait until you guys can’t even get on public transport without showing your vaccination status. You’ll be banned from bars, restaurants, public places, flights, you name it. Oh boy, you guys are gonna squeal!!!

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    • I have been asking this question for 14 years and no one has ever answered it. Let’s see if you can answer it, Sadie. Can you find me at least one study demonstrating that vaccines have greater risks than benefits? No one has ever been able to do so because vaccines DO NOT have greater risks than benefits. And that is the point.

      I don’t see that any doctor who dares to speak out against vaccines gets immediately vilified. I see that people wonder “what makes this person go against international scientific consensus” and the answer is often that the person has switched to practicing integrative medicine (which is basically naturopathy) and/or they have a product to push in lieu of vaccines (like autism “cures”). Since we all want healthy kids, it is important to scrutinize the claims these doctors make. When we do so, we find they are not based on any good, sound science whatsoever.

      No, we don’t want to make vaccines mandatory for all. That is a paranoid conspiracy theory pushed by many of the “experts” in the documentary.

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    • You need to answer my question about the economics of preventing diseases with vaccines, or not vaccinating. To be fair, the comment had two links and was recently approved.

      “That has absolutely nothing to do with the scientific evidence of the harm that vaccines can do.”

      And what are those harms exactly? Please tell us, just provide the PubMed Identification Numbers of the studies done by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule cause more harm than the disease.

      “Why is it that ANY doctor – with an unblemished record of medical success, many of whom have exceptional careers – who DARES to speak out against vaccines is IMMEDIATELY and unconditionally vilified and denounced as a quack?”

      Uh, huh. So why did they listen to John Salamone? He is one reason I want to know the harms of only vaccines used in 2017, mostly because for polio the OPV was replaced by IPV. Also, why don’t we use the DTP anymore? Who pulled the first rotavirus vaccine, RotaShield, from the vaccine schedule? Did Maurice HIlleman commit “career suicide” when he requested his employer, Merck, replace the rubella strain of the MMR vaccine with a better/safer one developed by Stanley Plotkin?

      A good scientist will always question the science, and this is how it advances. If given actual evidence you can change their minds. This is something that those in this film have failed to do, especially Wakefield.


  7. @Chris – there is a HUGE, MASSIVE mountain of scientific papers showing correlation between vaccines and various types of injury, from allergic reactions, to seizures to death. But I can guarantee that any reference I post here you won’t accept. You will immediately attack the author/scientist/researcher and deny the existence of the evidence. Add to this the fact that doctors continually deny vaccine reactions and will NOT record them or even acknowledge them. Look at the current spate of huge numbers of reactions to the HPV vaccine. These young women are being told that their pain and paralysis is ‘psychological’. How ridiculous. Deny, deny, deny.

    I can point you to Neil Z Miller’s excellent books about studies showing the harm that vaccines can do but you will dismiss him as somebody unqualified or unsuitable to do the research. I can point you to Dr Russell Blaylock and the excellent research that he does about the effect that all vaccines have on the developing brain, but you’ll dismiss him as a quack and ‘earning money’ from his work. You will attack any doctor who goes against vaccines as being biased because they earn a living expressing their views.

    @ Kathy – The definition of a holocaust is : destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. How is this inappropriate? The reason is that you have been brainwashed into believing that the ONLY holocaust was the Nazi holocaust where they murdered millions of Jews. Yet almost as many non-Jews were also murdered : gays, lesbians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gypsies and other nationalities

    Here is the USA adult vaccination schedule :

    The future of vaccination is being mapped out for you with the Healthy People 2020 plan. Here is the link:

    Here is an extract from the article (although no doubt you will trash Dr Tenpenny so that you can nullify the article and the information contained therein…..)

    “Elimination of Exemptions: The Playbook

    On page 75 of this document, the playbook for the current flurry of vaccination laws is succinctly and shockingly laid out.

    Increasing Vaccination Rates: Improving the nation’s vaccination rates to help prevent disease, mitigate suffering, and reduce healthcare costs. The Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recommend a number of actions that can be taken to increase vaccination rates for children, teens and adults around the country, including:

    Minimize vaccine exemptions: States should enact and enable universal childhood vaccinations except where immunization is medically contraindicated. Non-medical vaccine exemptions, including personal belief exemptions, enable higher rates of exemptions in those states that allow them [implying religious and philosophical exemptions should not be allowed.]

    Increasing public education campaigns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines: Federal, state, and local health officials, in partnership with medical providers and community organizations, should conduct assertive campaigns about the importance of vaccines particularly stressing and demonstrating the safety and efficacy of immunizations. Targeted outreach should be made to high-risk groups and to racial and ethnic minority populations where the misperceptions about vaccines are particularly high. [hence, the 2015 measles media blitz in California that resulted in the passage of SB277, eliminating vaccine exemptions]

    Expand alternate delivery sites: The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) recommended including expansion of vaccination services offered by pharmacists and other community immunization providers, vaccination at the workplace, and increased vaccination by providers who care for pregnant women. [schools have vaccinated children without parental consent.]

    Bolstering immunization registries and tracking: States should take steps to integrate immunization registries and EHRs to help track when patients receive vaccines, improve information sharing across providers, remind providers to routinely provide recommended vaccinations, remind patients of vaccinations and address gaps.
    Requiring universal immunization of all healthcare personnel for all ACIP recommended vaccinations: According to a joint policy statement by the Association of Professional in Infection control and Epidemiology (APIC) and Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), mandatory immunization programs are the most effective way to increase healthcare personnel vaccination rates. As such, medical societies support healthcare employee policies that require healthcare workers to demonstrate immunity or document receipt of ACIP-recommended vaccinations as a condition of employment, unpaid service [volunteers will be vaccinated], or receipt of professional privileges [doctors vaccinated to work].”

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    • 1. No one denies vaccines cause harm. But it is rare. That is the point.

      2. No one attacks the case studies about the rare vaccine adverse events.

      3. Neil Z Miller is not a scientist and he confuses correlation with causation and does not understand validity and reliability issues. Because of these facts, his work is very poor quality.

      4. HPV reaction reports have been studied in many countries, by many researchers and found to be nearly all not related to vaccines. POTS is not caused by vaccines.

      5. Blaylock is a shyster. He has no credibility.

      6. “The definition of a holocaust is : destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. How is this inappropriate?” The term means “sacrifice by fire, burnt offering,” which is why it is appropriate to use in reference to WW2. It is not appropriate to use in any other manner.

      7. I have read healthy people 2020 plan and it is not about forced vaccination. I fully support the plan.


  8. As you suggested, I am thinking for myself! Here are my answers to your points:
    Point 1 : there are sufficient voluntarily unvaccinated children who could be studied, but the CDC steadfastly refuses to acknowledge this. The excuse that it would be ‘unethical’ to do a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study is simply that, an excuse.

    1. Postlicensure epidemiology of childhood vaccination: the Danish experience. This is not a study that was used to test the safety of a vaccine prior to licencing. This study acknowledges “However, inherent limitations in the prelicensure assessment necessitate continued epidemiological evaluations of efficacy and safety issues after the introduction of vaccines into use….”. Yes, in other words the pre-licensing testing IS INADEQUATE TO TEST THE SAFETY OF A VACCINE.
    2. this ‘study’ is a joke. First of all, it wasn’t a study to test safety for licencing. Second, it declares the vaccine gave 100% protection because nobody contracted Hep B “After 14 years of follow-up, none of the subjects was positive to hepatitis B virus surface antigen, neither were they affected by acute hepatitis B, which meant 100 % individual protection”. Really?! Did they expose all the children to Hep B to test the vaccine?! No, of course they didn’t! This is a classic case of ‘correlation does not equal causation’. Were these children intravenous drug users, prostitutes or living with anyone with Hep B? Were these children at real risk of Hep B? They didn’t state how many children were in the two groups in the abstract. This is not a safety study in any sense of the phrase.
    3. again, hardly a safety study. 29 subjects, only 8 of which were children, the rest were medical staff. Very little detail to go on – absolutely zero proof of anything. Certainly not a safety study to determine safety for licencing.
    4. again, hardly a safety study with 103 subjects. The vaccine was proven to be only 18% ‘efficient’. I certainly wouldn’t be touting this study very much.

    The fact is you had to search really hard for these and they prove absolutely nothing. These ‘studies’ were not used prior to licencing and can in no way confirm the safety of any vaccine.

    Point 2 : see point 1 above. Brandy Vaughn was absolutely correct in that no safety studies on unhealthy subjects are carried out prior to licencing.

    Point 3 : “A refined search of clinical trials, multicenter studies, and randomized studies were screened for only randomized controlled trials comparing HPV vaccine to controls (saline placebo or ALUMINUM DERIVATIVES)”. This is a literature REVIEW which doesn’t give much information at all but it included ALUMINIUM DERIVATIVES as ‘controls’. not a safety study prior to licencing. Note also that they used HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS. note the use of HEALTHY subjects, not immuno-compromised subjects. Also, very, very low numbers – 170. Does not constitute a safety study.

    If these are all you can find, it certainly proves a point that they do not do many large scale studies with true placebos.

    Point 4 : this study again is meaningless without knowing how many children in the USA were vaccinated and how many were not. If there are 5 million children in the specific age group analysed, and if only 1 million were vaccinated, then it stands to reason that MORE unvaccinated children are at risk.

    Points 5 / 6: how can laboratory reports of contamination by Glyphosate be ‘debunked’?
    The tests were conducted here :
    ” Anthony Samsel was not passing opinion on this. Rather, he collected vast samples of these popular vaccines and got them tested by multiple labs in USA for presence of Glyphosate, and found, as he suspected, the vaccines to be largely contaminated by it.”

    Point 7 : yes, free form formaldehyde is in trace amounts in vaccines. Accept it.

    Point 8 : Dr Palevsky did not state that aluminium is a nano particle. He stated that it is such a structure that it can pass through the BBB because bacteria and viruses bind tightly to the Aluminium which is then bound tightly to Polysorbate 80. Please get your facts straight.

    Vaccines are associated with the onset of autism. It is merely a scientific ‘get out’ to say that they do not ’cause’ autism. Thousands upon thousands of parents see their children regress immediately after vaccination. The CDC buried data showing that the MMR vaccine is causally associated with the onset of autism. That’s in another epidsode….

    The reference to nano-particles was in the Shaw study on mice.

    Point 9 : Aluminium. You are in complete denial about the toxicity of aluminium. Injection IS parenterally given! It’s not oral so therefore it is parenteral. It’s toxic and it’s accumulative. And it crosses into the BBB.

    Point 10 : Skeptical Raptor is hardly a site of scientific worthiness. Here is the review by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

    The incidence of NPAFP was strongly associated with the number of OPV doses delivered to the area. A dose–response relationship with cumulative doses over the years was also observed, which strengthens the hypothetical relationship between polio vaccine and NPAFP. The fall in the NPAFP rate in Bihar and UP for the first time in 2012, with a decrease in the number of OPV doses delivered, is evidence of a causative association between OPV doses and the NPAFP rate.
    Copyright © 2015 by the American Academy of Pediatrics”

    And what about:

    1. The FDA admits that foreign DNA is in vaccines and they don’t know what this DNA can do?
    2. The adverse effects of Polysorbate 80 on the reproductive ability of humans? And that it may cause cancer?
    3. What about mercury still in trace amounts in some vaccines at 600ppb when the it is deemed toxic at 1pb?
    4. Or how about the fact that Robert F Kennedy Jnr and Robert De Niro have offered $100,000 to anyone who can produce a study proving THIMEROSAL is safe and that no-one has produced one?!
    5. What about the Simpsonwood meeting where the dangers of THIMEROSAL were discussed and where they could not remove the fact from the studies that it is proven dangerous, no matter how hard they tried to massage the statistics? Or about the book THIMEROSAL, Let the Science Speak and the close on 500 studies on mercury in vaccines and most of these studies conclude that it is toxic?
    6. Or about the Centre for Biological Evaluation and Research which says that antibody response has nothing to do with protecting the person from disease?
    7. Or about DDT and polio and how the use of DDT correlates to the prevalence of paralytic ‘polio’?
    8. Or how, as cases of ‘polio’ declined, cases of Aseptic Meningitis rose: July 1955 Polio was 273, July 196 it was 65 and September 1966 it was 5 but AM was 50 in 1955, 161 in 1961 and 256 in 1966?

    As for SV 40, well, if someone is really interested they can search for Dr Mary’s Monkeys and follow that rabbit hole…..


  9. frankly, just giving you te benefit of the doubt that vaccines have been the main force behind the eradication of these diseases (which i don’t really buy anyway), if it’s true and these diseases are at such low levels these days, then there shouldn’t even be a controversy. i shouldn’t have to talk to social services and my kid ostracized from society just because i don’t want to mainline inject unnecessary chemicals into them. in places with clean water and plentiful food it just isn’t really a relevant danger, especially considering that most of these diseases are not fatal. kids will get over measles. kids will get over chickenpox, kids will get over mumps. the idea that we need dozens of vaccine doses to run a working society is simply incorrect. this whole controversy is an embarrassment to this declining country.


    • Social services don’t care if people do not vaccinate unless you are also neglecting your kids in other ways. Then, not vaccinating gets added to the list. By itself, it is not neglect.

      I am sorry that your chemophobia makes you afraid of modern medicine but the rest of us will use sound science to make healthcare decisions and affect public policies.


  10. “…. in places with clean water and plentiful food it just isn’t really a relevant danger, especially considering that most of these diseases are not fatal.”

    Please thank your responsible neighbors who protect your family by vaccinating their children. They are increasing your community’s immunity to some very nasty diseases, and you are just getting a free ride.

    You do not have to look too far in the past see what happens when vaccination is reduced. It happened when the form Soviet Union broke down and diphtheria returned killing thousands:
    Emerg Infect Dis. 1998 Oct-Dec;4(4):539-50.
    Diphtheria in the former Soviet Union: reemergence of a pandemic disease

    Then in this century, Japan had a resurgence of measles: Measles vaccine coverage and factors related to uncompleted vaccination among 18-month-old and 36-month-old children in Kyoto, Japan

    See what happened:

    In Japan, measles vaccine coverage has remained low, and either small or moderate outbreaks have occurred repeatedly in communities. According to an infectious disease surveillance (2000), total measles cases were estimated to be from 180,000 to 210,000, and total deaths were estimated to be 88 [11,12]. Measles cases are most frequently observed among non-immunized children, particularly between 12 to 24 months.

    “the idea that we need dozens of vaccine doses to run a working society is simply incorrect. this whole controversy is an embarrassment to this declining country.”

    How does a working society do well when people are sick, or parents need to care for sick children? Do you actually have the time and resources to stay home with each of your children for two weeks just about every year because they get sick? I had chicken pox in first grade, measles in third grade, mumps (a second time!) in fourth grade, and another nasty non-vaccine preventable disease in sixth grade. This was not unusual for those of us growing up in the 1960s.

    You obviously don’t remember when schools would empty because diseases that we now vaccinate for were actively circulating. And newsflash: measles and mumps are back! And even though they are not as fatal as smallpox, they still cause permanent disabilities like deafness, blindness and paralysis. Also, one death per a thousand cases of measles is not minor, and neither is the slow grueling death from SSPE due to measles:
    J Infect Dis. 2005 Nov 15;192(10):1686-93.
    Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis: more cases of this fatal disease are prevented by measles immunization than was previously recognized.

    Those diseases do have an economic impact:
    Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
    Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

    And just because this is one of the most annoying things people keep saying but don’t explain in detail: “declining country.”

    Citation needed. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thank you very much. Your addresses were very useful. Not being a doctor makes it very hard to figure out which info are true and which are not (completely or partially).
    This said, being a father approaching vaccination time for my newborn, I’d like to know your opinion on this. In a comment, you claimed: “No one denies vaccines cause harm”. Then you claimed: “But it is rare. That is the point”.
    So, 1) what can I do to prevent any harm from vaccines?
    2) If that was the “list of lies” you found in this episode, I guess the reference to the Hannah Poling case must be taken as true. I searched articles on that case. It seems to me it was a very special case which allowed to have solid evidence of the damage caused by the vaccine. But normally it would be very hard to have clinical data, such as those, in order to confirm a connection between vaccine and autism. This seems to me the main problem in the “correlation vs causation” issue.
    I see autism as the worse-case scenario, but there could be less evident, or less impairing, damages. What’s your opinion about that?

    Thank you very much


  12. Can you comment on this? Is there is nothing suspicious regarding vaccines why would the Cochrane Collaboration make a complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over the maladministration at the EMA in regards to the safety of HPV Vaccines?

    You can read the initial report here:

    Click to access complaint-to-ema-over-ema.pdf

    Here are some quotes from the document:

    “…we question seriously the prevailing assumption, apparently also at the EMA, that the vaccine is so important for public health that it is justified not to communicate to the public 1) that there are uncertainties related to vaccine safety, 2) that drug companies cannot be trusted; and 3) that it is wrong to lump together results obtained with a genuine placebo with those obtained with a potentially neurotoxic placebo…This is totally unacceptable and contrary to good scientific practice to such a degree that we consider it outright scientific misconduct committed by the EMA.”

    “Our societies should no longer accept that assessments of drug safety are left to companies with huge financial interests and to a drug agency that receives 80% of its funding from the drug industry…the EMA’s director, Guido Rasi, has brought in a number of people from the drug company Sigma Tau that include Stefano Marino, his head of legal affairs. Rasi has worked with this company for many years and owns several patents together with the company…As far as we can see, the actions of the EMA in this case indicates that the agency is more concerned about protecting its own previous decisions and the vaccine than about protecting the citizens”.


  13. My kids were vaccinated as children. People against the toxins in vaccines bring up aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles. When I try telling them that they are macroparticles, they always show me evidence proving there are in fact nanoparticles. I can’t find anything otherwise on the CDC or pub med. It states that marcroparticles were once used but didn’t fight enough in the body so they started using nanoparticles. This is the link they show me. How are we suppose to fight that argument?


  14. The study from Cuba you stated in 1C only studies if the handicapped children were protected from hep B, not for safety. This is what I’m having troubles fighting.


    • Antivaxers want one study that answers all their claims. They don’t realize that science studies one thing at a time. That one studied the protective factors. You are right. It did not look at safety. The others did.


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