Vaccines do not cause autism

That’s a big claim, I know. You may have seen claims to the contrary, particularly that there are many, as many as 100 or more, studies proving autism is caused by vaccines. Perhaps you have read the claims made by the producers of the film Vaxxed that all the research done on vaccines and autism is based on the one CDC study for which Dr William Thompson claimed the study protocol was not followed. You may have read that Andy Wakefield was exonerated and his study claims replicated. You may think that all vaccine science is paid for by pharmaceutical companies and that vaccine inserts state vaccines cause autism.

That is all wrong. All lies or mistruths.

Let’s to through those claims one at a time.

  1. There are more than 100 studies proving vaccine cause autism
  2. All autism/vaccine research is based on the CDC/Whistleblower study
  3. Andy Wakefield was exonerated of claims against him and his research has been replicated many times.
  4. All vaccine science is paid for by pharmaceutical companies so it cannot be trusted.
  5. Vaccines inserts state vaccine cause autism, so that is proof they do.

So, let’s debunk!

There are more than 100 studies proving vaccines cause autism

This claim comes via a woman named Ginger Taylor who has compiled a large list of studies she thinks prove that vaccines cause autism.  Most of the list is mere suggestions of possible connections and/or theories that mercury or aluminum in vaccines are connected to autism.  Ginger is not a scientist but numerous scientists have looked at her list and found it wanting. In fact, nothing on her list really proves vaccines cause autism. Liz Ditz has taken the time to take the full list and link each study with writings on said study which go over exactly what each really means. Other bloggers, such as The Logic of Science and Doc Bastard have similarly gone through each list and debunked the claims.

Now, please, do not take my word for it. Read the three blogs I linked above and think for yourself about what they write for each claim.  You will see that it is clear no research supports vaccines cause autism.

All autism/vaccine research is based on the CDC/Whistleblower study

This is a claim often cited by the producers of the antivax film, Vaxxed. It is repeated often lately in vaccine debates. The study in question is the 2004 study Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan atlanta.   That study is cited in a few other studies but it is not referenced in all autism research and certainly it is far farfetched to claim that all autism research is based on this study. You can see on the link to the study that it is only referenced in 6 other studies.

Here is a list of 107 studies showing no link between vaccines and autism.   It is actually difficult to gain access to full studies if you do not subscribe to the journal, but I was able to find a few of these in full text, to check their references.

These did not reference the 2004 study:

  • DeStefano F., Price CS., Weintraub, ES.  Increasing exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides in vaccines is not associated with risk of autism.   Journal of Pediatrics.  2013 Aug;163(2):561-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2013.02.001. Epub 2013 Mar 30.
  • Fombonne, E., & Chakrabarti, S. (2001).  No evidence for a new variant of measles-mumps-rubella–induced autism.  Pediatrics, 108(4), e58-e58.
  • Hensley, E. Briars, L.  Closer look at autism and the measles-mumps-rubella vaccineJournal of American Pharmacist’s Association.  2003.  2010 Nov-Dec;50(6):736-41. doi: 10.1331/JAPhA.2010.10004.
  • Honda, H., Shimizu, Y., & Rutter, M. (2005).  No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study.  Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.  46(6), doi: 10.1111/j.1469-7610.2005.01425.x.

I got about halfway through the list, with all the studies for which I was able to find full links NOT using the 2004 De Stefano/Williams study in the basis for their claims. I don’t feel the need to go through the entire list.

Vaxxed is wrong.

Andy Wakefield was exonerated of claims against him and his research has been replicated many times.

The case of Andrew Wakefield is complicated. Describing it would take more blog space than I am willing to get. If you want to read the full story, Brian Deer’s website is your place to read. One of the most common claims from his supporters is that because one of the other doctors involved in his 1999 study, Dr John Walker-Smith, was exonerated of claims against him, then that must mean Andy Wakefield was also exonerated of all charges. But, that is simply untrue. Dr Walker-Smith removed his name from the original paper, after it was retracted. After a lengthy court case, the charges against him were quashed because it was obvious he was duped and led astray by Wakefield. Thus, Walker-Smith was exonerated because the misdeeds were really all Wakefield’s. You can read a full summary of those claims, including links to facts, at Skeptical Raptor.

As for Wakefield’s original 1999 study being replicated, that is false. If you see someone making that claim, simply ask them for the link to the study replicating his findings. How could they replicate findings for a study that was prepared in such an unethical and fraudulent manner? He performed medical procedures on children unnecessarily. He took money from an attorney to purposely find a link between vaccines and autism. He paid children, at a birthday party, for taking their blood. If you find any study where anything like that has been undertaken, you need to report those scientists to the editors of the journal which printed their study for they are equally unethical and fraudulent as Wakefield. That being said, there are simply no studies replicating Wakefield’s findings.


All vaccine science is paid for by pharmaceutical companies so it cannot be trusted

From the list above:

Other studies not funded by pharmaceutical companies:

And you can find a great deal of vaccine/autism research at the Autism Science Foundation. Most all of it has nothing to do with pharmaceutical companies.

It is irrational to claim that all immunization science is funded by pharmaceutical companies. Who makes those claims? People who make a living trying to get you to mistrust immunization science, like natural health bloggers, chiropractors, naturopaths, and homeopaths. Think for yourself.

Vaccines inserts state vaccine cause autism, so that is proof they do.

Try reading package inserts for yourself. You will find that none of them say autism is caused by vaccines. There was an older insert that mentioned autism as a possible adverse event, but adverse events are not the same as side effects. Adverse events happen in a time period during a clinical trial. They have not been proven caused by vaccines. Side effects have proof behind them.

For more information on inserts and how to read them, Skeptical Raptor has a very handy guide.

For actual vaccine side effects, read the Pink Book.


Thanks for reading and remember to think for yourself!










43 thoughts on “Vaccines do not cause autism

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  3. “Although it has not been thoroughly investigated, and although it has yet to be established conclusively one way or the other, one of the possible side effects of some vaccines when introduced into susceptible individuals, may be brain-damage which presents with outward symptoms indistinguishable from certain disorders which are now conventionally categorised as lying at some point on the autism spectrum.” If you truly believe that the preceding statement is false, and you feel you have the evidence to prove that it is, then I would be very interested to read it. If you cannot produce evidence to disprove this statement, then, logically, you must accept that, at this time: a.) good reason for further investigation remains b.) genuine cause for concern among parents exists c.) the absolute statements you are making on this blog about the safety of vaccines are false. Your move.

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    • I think you are confusing encephalitis, which can be caused by a vaccine in very rare incidences, with the claim that autism is an encephalopathy. Here is some information on encephalitis

      There is also something called regressive encephalopathy, which is not autism.

      Here is a study showing you should read


    • Thank you Elizabeth Fell. All attempts to debunk always ALWAYS cherry pick which parts to debunk and ignore completely the questions that still remain. Questions like: If mercury in fish is bad for pregnant women’s babies, why is even more mercury in vaccines ok?
      Or: Why did autism increase with the increased vaccination schedule and why did a pediatrician who recommended waiting till a child was 4 to receive vaccines (because the immune system is not developed until then) discover that only one child in over a decade of his practice was seen with autism?

      I have never heard anyone claim that the package inserts say the vaccine causes autism. But it does say it can cause side affects. What about the parents who take in perfectly healthy, normal babies for their vaccinations and within hours the baby have seizures and regress into autism? Are they saying those parents lied? I rather doubt that.

      Then there is the fund set up to pay for children injured from vaccines which tells me that there is a risk and the government knows it or they wouldn’t have that fund available. And no one answers why the pharmaceuticals needed immunity from law suits if the vaccines are perfectly safe.

      I could go on and on, but just watch Vaccines Revealed. It refutes claims made in the above article and leaves one wondering. I say, think for yourself.

      What is the harm of waiting 4 years to start vaccinating? Or giving fewer vaccinations than the ridiculous number the CDC recommends? Or not getting your child vaccinated for flu when there certainly IS plenty of proof that those shots don’t really work. They ARE loaded with Thimerosal (mercury) which brings me back to my first question.

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      • “Questions like: If mercury in fish is bad for pregnant women’s babies, why is even more mercury in vaccines ok?”

        Do you know there is difference between methymercury and ethylmercury? So do tell which vaccines on the present American pediatric schedule are only available with thimerosal.

        “Why did autism increase with the increased vaccination schedule …”

        Under what version of the DSM for autism diagnosis?

        Please answer with verifiable references.


      • Autism rate increased in correlation with increase in vaccination schedule because we kept changing the diagnosis criteria. In reality, autism has always been here. It is not new.

        There is no mercury in pediatric vaccines.

        Package inserts only mention adverse events reported during clinical trials without regard to causation. They sometimes mention car accidents and gun shots, in inserts, simply because study participants died of those causes during the trial. Do you think vaccines cause gun shots and car accidents? Inserts do not list proven side effects.

        Vaccines are not 100% safe. If you would like to learn why we have NCVIA, here is a good read.

        I watched all of vaccines revealed. Please see my index for my blog posts about the misinformation and lies in tha series.

        What is the harm in waiting? Serious infections. That is the harm. And, again, there is no mercury in pediatric vaccines.


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  8. I don’t know who you are…. Kathy… and who you think you are… but why should anyone believe you? Where do you get your data? What kind of scientist are you? What did you publish on vaccines? Lets hear some real information now… Every smart, educated person that can think for them selves can see right through your fake debunking unscientific silly skeptical blog and I wonder what makes you put so much time in it… but probably you don’t…

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    • You are welcome to read the about section of this blog. As for the science and data, all claims are verified so you can link to each study and read them yourself. I would encourage you to take the time read all the links.


      • No Thanks…. I heard it all, and it has all been debunked by The truth about vaccines, vaccines revealed and vaxxed… amoung many other real scientists and unbiased people. (not the other way around) .. This is a fake blog probably sponsored by GAVI. You just keep going on wasting your time with this sad attempt to maintain a dogma that has already been revealed and will soon be recognized by so many people. Good luck.


  9. Edward Jenner, the father of the very first vaccine, experimented on an 8-year-old boy. Where is your outrage about that? Wakefield did nothing different. He asked the parents’ permission and paid them. So what if it was at a birthday party? How else does science get done?

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    • If Edward did that today, that would definitely be cause to send him to jail and strip him of his medical license. 18th century medical ethics was different from today.

      “So what if it was at a birthday party? How else does science get done?” You enroll the children in a proper study, to be conducted at a proper medical facility.


      • “If Edward did that today, that would definitely be cause to send him to jail and strip him of his medical license. 18th century medical ethics was different from today.”

        I disagree. Medical ethics are far worse today because it’s ALL about the money.

        So who is to say that Andrew Wakefield isn’t a modern-day Jenner? You say he was ‘debunked’. Not really, but he was struck off by the British Medical Council, and isn’t it interesting that EVERY MEMBER of that committee that struck him off were professors and senior people at ‘proper facilities’ that were ALL heavily-funded by Merck? Every single one of them. It’s ALL about the money.

        If every innovator was forced to do things in a ‘proper facility’ whether it be medicine, science or anything, we’d never get anything done. Apple started life in a garage – by your argument, they shouldn’t be allowed to do that, and yet their computers are trusted with vital medical data every day. Not every innovator has access to a ‘proper facility’.

        Your arguments are incredibly weak.

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      • The whole birthday party thing is really stupid and nitpicking. If all the parents and children agreed, who cares? The people who want to use it as a weapon, that’s who cares.

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      • What makes you think all of the parents were there? Most times the parents drop off the child at the party, and then leave.


  10. Large pharmaceutical companies routinely test drugs on children in clinical trials. Where is your outrage against that? Worse, no Hepatitis B vaccine clinical trials have ever been carried out on children under the age of 6, and yet it is administered to newborns every day. What is worrying about that, is that NO-ONE, not even the top experts in their field, can fully explain the immune system of a newborn. Yet, pharmaceutical companies KNOWN FOR fabricating clinical trials data tell us they’re perfectly safe.

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      • “no one says vaccines are perfectly safe.”
        Thank you for finally admitting that! For that reason I should not be forced to vaccinate my children in order to send them to school. Some states actually do that and it is criminal!

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      • “Thank you for finally admitting that!”

        But are the diseases safer? Just post the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.

        Just remember that if there is an outbreak from pertussis, chicken pox, etc your child with be asked not to return to school for until the outbreak ends. That can be several weeks.

        The school vaccine requirement is for public safety. There is no law in the USA that says you must send your kid to public school. You can either send them to a private school with lax public safety rules, or homeschool them.


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