Antivaxers bring up Hannah Poling and vaccine safety, AGAIN

Yet again, antivaxers are bringing up the Hannah Poling vaccine injury case as proof vaccines cause autism. This time, it is because JB Handley has published a new book and he has decided that the attorneys for the government admitted that vaccines cause autism and, therefore, all the Autism Omnibus cases are wrong and every child who has autism deserves compensation for a vaccine injury.

Except he is wrong.


del and jb

It all started with JB Handley’s appearance on Del Bigtree’s show last week to promote his new book. I watched this 90 minute episode so you don’t have to. Guests included JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, Rolf Hazelhurst, Robert Kennedy Jr, with Del Bigtree hosting. I will post some links at the bottom in case you want to learn more about these people. 

Here’s my summary:

JB – my book is revolutionary, blah blah
Jenny – I love JB
Rolf Hazelhurst and RFKjr discuss Poling case.
Del uses paper people to illustrate how Autism Omnibus hearings work.
Rolf says that dept of justice attorneys on his case lied about link between mercury and autism and MMR and that is the fraud. 

The end.


This is what they are excited about. This is a screenshot from the video. Mr. Matanoski and Ms. Ricciardella are attorneys who were involved in the Autism Omnibus hearings on the government’s side. Wiki actually has a really good explanation of these hearings, if this is new to you.


Del and JB, et al, think Matanoski and Ricciardella were lying when they made the above statement because Hannah Poling’s family was awarded compensation for vaccines injuring her and she is autistic. But, she was not awarded compensation for autism, a fact which Del and JB, et al, clearly refuse to understand. Here is the footnote from a more recent vaccine injury case, that of Brian Hooker:

I am well aware, of course, that during the years since the “test cases” were decided, in two cases involving vaccinees suffering from ASDs, Vaccine Act compensation was granted.
But in neither of those cases did the Respondent concede, nor did a special master find, that there was any “causation-in-fact” connection between a vaccination and the vaccinee’s ASD. Instead, in both cases it was conceded or found that the vaccinee displayed the symptoms of a Table Injury within the Table time frame after vaccination. (See Section I above).

In Poling v. HHS, the presiding special master clarified that the family was compensated because the Respondent conceded that the Poling child had suffered a Table Injury–not because the Respondent or the special master had concluded that any vaccination had contributed to causing or aggravating the child’s ASD. See Poling v. HHS, No. 02-1466V, 2011 WL 678559, at *1 (Fed. Cir Spec. Mstr. Jan. 28, 2011) (a fees decision, but noting specifically that the case was compensated as a Table Injury).

Second, in Wright v. HHS, No. 12-423, 2015 WL 6665600 (Fed. Cl. Spec. Mstr. Sept. 21, 2015), Special Master Vowell concluded that a child, later diagnosed with ASD, suffered a
“Table Injury” after a vaccination. However, she stressed that she was not finding that the vaccinee’s ASD in that case was “caused-in-fact” by the vaccination–to the contrary, she
specifically found that the evidence in that case did notsupport a “causation-in-fact” claim, going so far as to remark that the petitioners’ “causation-in-fact” theory in that case was “absurd.” Wright v. HHS, No. 12-423, 2015 WL 6665600, at *2 (Fed. Cl. Spec. Mstr. Sept. 21, 2015).

The compensation of these two cases, thus does not afford any support to the notion that vaccinations can contribute to the causation of autism. In setting up the Vaccine Act
compensation system, Congress forthrightly acknowledged that the Table Injury presumptions would result in compensation for some injuries that were not, in fact, truly vaccine-caused. H.R. Rept. No. 99-908, 18, 1986 U.S.C.C.A.N. 6344, 6359. (“The Committee recognizes that there is public debate over the incidence of illnesses that coincidentally occur within a short time of vaccination. The Committee further recognizes that the deeming of a vaccine-relatedness adopted here may provide compensation to some children whose illness is not, in fact, vaccine related.”


As you can clearly read, the Poling case does not lead to the conclusion that vaccines cause autism.  Therefore, there is no fraud. Vaccines do not cause autism. There is no autism epidemic. There have been many, many vaccine safety studies done in the USA in the last 30 years. There are many vaccine safety studies done with saline placebo.  


Remember: Del Bigtree lies. His friends lie. Everything they try to say about vaccines is a lie.


The characters

Who is JB Handley? He’s this guy who thinks his son’s autism was caused by vaccines and he never met a bad study he didn’t love. He ignores everything contrary to his view.  Here are a few blog posts about him.

My friend, the real truther, put together a video on JB

Rolf Hazelhurst is another guy who thinks his son is autistic because of vaccines. He has gone thru vaccine court, and lost, and tried to sue the pharmaceutical company and also lost. Last I heard, he was trying to sue the doctor who gave his son the vaccine and Robert Kennedy Jr was one of his attorneys.

Link to his vaccine court case:

Robert F Kennedy Jr has lately taken up a very distorted view of vaccines and has lumped them together with his environmental causes.  Good read about him here:

Jenny McCarthy is a former actress/playmate who founded Generation Rescue with JB. She claimed her son was autistic but healed but many think she is not telling the truth about his health.

Del Bigtree is, well, Del. I have written about him often. You can read here and here and here.

Remember to always think for yourself. Always verify claims. Never take youtube videos as fact.



28 thoughts on “Antivaxers bring up Hannah Poling and vaccine safety, AGAIN

  1. Kathy So are you saying vaccines do not cause injury? Other than your injury from the mmr. If there are more injuries other than yours, how often do they happen? You say Hannah poling was not injured by vaccines, she just suddenly got autistic. Every VICP injuries paid out over the years says on the settlement that they do not acknowledge that the vaccine did the injury.
    People like you use that as an excuse to say that vaccines do not cause injury. So you go through life thinking vaccines are 100″ safe. People with common sense see that yes the vaccine caused the injury but the industry does not want to admit fault. So VICP pays out without acknowledging fault, even though you still have to prove the vaccine caused the injury to get a payout.
    I am glad I watched the Del Bigtree Highwire show myself rather than go with your completely dishonest assessment of it. I did not see any lies, it was a rather interesting show.
    I can’t believe you link to Industry shill sites like “Respectful insolence and Science Blogs”. That could be your problem if that is where you get your information. Or maybe you are one of them? It is like me linking to the silly “Natural News” site.
    I am not saying done vaccinate, but lets be a little more honest. Vaccines do occasionally cause serious injury, and more often than they let on. I am one of these people below.
    - Which shows 13% of parents follow an alternate schedule, like giving vaccines one at a time and delaying “some” of them. And skipping others. 13% is a large number of people and studies show these are the highly educated people mostly. You should think about that.

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    • “Kathy So are you saying vaccines do not cause injury?”

      No. That is not what the above article says. Pay very close attention to the quote in italics from an actual Vaccine Court ruling.

      Shall I now accuse you of saying diseases do not cause injury, and are much safer than the vaccines?

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    • We have compensated 6000 vaccine injuries in USA in 30 years. We have given out f+ billion vaccines in that time. That means 99.99999% of vaccinated Americans are not injured.

      I think about the number of people making poor health choices a lot.

      Respectful Insolence and Science Blogs are not sites funded by pharma companies.

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  2. No, I do not say anywhere in my comment “do not vaccinate”. Though the link I provided says 51% of parents skip “some” vaccines now. This is 2018 not the 1920’s, we are now a clean society. Why does everybody treat this issue as a black or white, all or nothing issue? It’s not.

    I say it is now time to have a good hard look at the child vaccination schedule and make major changes, get rid of the one size fits all mentality.

    Yes there are too many vaccines. For example Half of Europe, including Sweden, does not vaccinate their infants for the Rotavirus, Hep A, influenza, or chicken pox. Sweden is doing fine, and a healthier population. There infant mortality rate is a third of what the US’s is.
    The Rotavirus is a 3rd world problem, there was only 20 to 60 deaths a year from this in the US before the vaccine, that does not warrant a vaccine with all it’s problems.
    Yes it is safe now to delay “some” vaccines. For example. It is 100% safe to delay the polio vaccine a few years. Google the “polio eradication program”. There is only 3 countries now with polio, and those cases are under control, and no, polio is not just a airplane ride away. And it is not nearly infectious as measles. The disease was far more dangerous than the vaccine, but not that it is gone, the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease. A Kid should get as few vaccines as possible until there over two.

    - I Have cut and pasted the key quote from this CDC page. IMPORTANT.
    “The NCVIA established a committee from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review the literature on vaccine reactions. This group concluded that there are limitations in our knowledge of the risks associated with vaccines. The group looked at 76 health problems to see if they were caused by vaccines. Of those, 50 (66%) had no or inadequate research to form a conclusion. Specifically, the IOM identified the following problems:
    Limited understanding of biological processes that underlie adverse events.
    Incomplete and inconsistent information from individual reports.
    Poorly constructed research studies (not enough people enrolled for the period of time).
    Inadequate systems to track vaccine side effects.
    Few experimental studies were published in the medical literature”

    The above quote shows the science “is not settled” We are not doing the studies that need to be done and that perhaps we have traded infectious disease for chronic disease. And remember the IOM report is done by CDC people who have to toe the party line, I suspect they are being conservative.

    People think. A teaspoon is 5ml. Each child vaccine dose is .5ml. At childs two month visit they get 5 to 6 vaccines if include Hep B and the oral rotavirus. So tiny infant gets “half a teaspoon” of toxins. Do you really believe no infants will get harm or long term damage? Please give them one at a time.
    Google “vaccine ingredients CDC”

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    • “The Rotavirus is a 3rd world problem, there was only 20 to 60 deaths a year from this in the US before the vaccine, that does not warrant a vaccine with all it’s problems.”

      Since my oldest had seizures and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to a rotavirus infection, I must ask you this:
      How many kids must die before you actually care?

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    • Seeing how you don’t care if several dozen families per year have to bury a dead child I need to ask you this question:

      Do you just hate kids that much that you like to see them suffer, or does your hatred also extend to the mothers who have to deal with sick kids? Trust me, it was no picnic dealing with a kid who had a river a poo for over a week from rotavirus. Do I need to remind you again about the agony of taking care of my youngest with chicken pox at age six months? What kind of monster would wish that on a baby!

      Also, you seem to be using the NVCIP numbers as if they mean something. They don’t. If you looked at them honestly you will see most of them are settlements (like the Poling case’s “table injury” … which is not a piece of furniture that broke), and it comes out to about one compensated case per a million vaccine doses given.

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    • “n the prevaccine era an estimated 3 million rotavirus infections occurred every year in the United States and 95% of children experienced at least one rotavirus infection by age 5 years. Rotavirus infection was responsible for more than 400,000 physician visits, more than 200,000 emergency department (ED) visits, 55,000 to 70,000 hospitalizations, and 20 to 60 deaths each year in children younger than 5 years. Annual direct and indirect costs were estimated at approximately $1 billion, primarily due to the cost of time lost from work to care for an ill child.”

      My first child was one of those American children who ended up very very sick from rotavirus, before the vaccine. I nearly cried from relief when I learned her sister could get the vaccine.

      The vast majority of what is in vaccines is saline. So most of that “half a teaspoon” is benign. The rest is such small doses as to be not a problem in any way.

      I know SIDS rate and IMR are at all time lows because of vaccines. Please visit my index for my series on those topics.


      • SIDS is also low due to the “Back to Sleep” program, which also includes advice to keep suffocation down by removing excess pillows and blankets from a crib. Plus the frowning on co-sleeping.

        Both of my boys were born before that campaign (also neither got the birth HepB vaccine). But my oldest could not speak. So when we got teh internets after their sister was born, I was able to sign up for a listserv (email group) for his disability (apparently many turned out to be autistic).

        Sometime in the early 2000s a grandmother asked me if my if I thought the “Back to Sleep” could be a cause of the rise of autism. I had to disappoint her just by the age of my kid.

        Rotavirus was horrible. Oh, wow. The rivers of poo, and even using multiple diapers with cloth/plastic combinations together did not work to contain it! (I sincerely doubt Toffles has every had to take care of a child with rotavirus)

        What is worse is that I had taken the kid to the doctor the day before the seizure. But the doctor interpreted the kid’s happy demeanor as it getting better. Little did we know that was wrong. It turned out he was the type of autistic kid that felt happy out of context. He laughed at odd moments, and it was just weird.


      • This shows you correct about SIDS, but not about unexplained deaths in SUDS which could be contributed to by Vaccines.
        The graph under the pie circle here shows that SUID deaths, or from “Unknown Causes” has increased by 50% or more, from 20 per 100k to 31.6 per 100k since 1990 to 2016. The Green line on the chart. Not that I trust CDC statistics much.
        SIDS appears to be a component of SUD’s, people mix up the two.


      • “which could be contributed to by Vaccines.”

        Why? Why does it have to be vaccines? There so many other plausible reasons. One could be undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, other common genetic causes of electrical system malfunction in hearts or many different kinds of genetic issues (apparently . Another could be some other infection that there is no vaccine like staph bacteria, or because it is not known about yet. Perhaps it is an unknown allergy to something in the environment, that could include any of the many insect critters that are in all of our houses.

        That green line is essentially flat. So those could not be attributed to the things that have changed after 1990: the increase in the number of vaccines, plus the “back to sleep program.” It would be interesting to see what the numbers were for premature babies. Apparently there are families where babies die more frequently, because if it happens once it could happen again. So the green line is mostly likely linked to genetic causes:

        That purple line is the scary one. It shows more cases of accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed. Now that is something that can be worked on. Just like not smoking nor vaping in the house. All of this in addition to making sure all vaccines are up to date.


  3. No I don’t get my numbers from anti-vax sites. The 20 to 60 deaths comes from the CDC here. Also one in 50,000 kids gets extremely painful intussusception(how many die on the operating table?) others kawasaki disease from the rotavirus vaccine that is only 75% effective. If a wealthy nation like Sweden does not use it, I would have a closer look at it if I were you.
    No I don’t hate kids, that’s why I do this. I am sick of all the chronic disease we see out there now.
    - 50% of kids now have a chronic health condition. Reread the link in my above post from the IOM which shows there could be 50 different diseases being contributed to by vaccines.
    The CDC refuses to do a “proper” long term study comparing fully unvaccinated to vaccinated kids. They say it is unethical, bull there is lots of parents now who don’t vaccinate who will volunteer for the study.

    -Chicken pox? Come on, quite fear mongering, it is only a serious disease in Adults. The United Kingdom has never vaccinated for chicken pox and they have almost no shingles, a horrible disease we get because of the chicken pox vaccine. This is a dangerous “live vaccine which has damaged many kids.
    One in a million chance of a serious adverse event. You have been drinking the kook-aid. VICP data, one in a million? That just shows how bad a program is.
    Now let me show you the real data that the CDC keep from you. I hope Kathy reads this to. This is the 2017 CDC – ACIP meeting on influenza(put online after the fact). Goto min 51:58 and start watching from there. This is all VSD data, not VAERS data which is awful and has 99% under reporting. If you don’t know what VSD data is, it is explained in this section as well.
    First you will see that the GBS rate is 5 to 6 times higher than the CDC says on their public page. More like 5 to 7 cases per million, not the one in a million they like to promote. A few minutes later in video you get the real data for 4.5 million flu shots given out. The rate of serious adverse events, if you ignore the several hundred cases of Bells Palsy, is 1 in 70,000 got a serious adverse event. There was 6 cases of Transverse Myelitis, 23 of encephalitis, 11 of anaphylaxis and 25 cases of GBS for 4.5 million flu shots given out. 1 in 70,000 that is just for the flu shot, what about the other vaccines?
    These are all serious life changing adverse events. Your risk of dying of influenza, if your under 65, is about 2 in a million, probably less if your healthy. So is it worth risking a flu shot that is only 40% effective on average?
    This VSD data is normally kept secret from the public, you have to have special permission as a researcher to see it. This is the only opportunity to see this data, is at a ACIP meeting. I hesitate putting this here as I fear they will pull it. But the public must see it.
    I have a lot more I could show you, but there is not room here.


    • “The intussusception hospitalization rate for children aged 8 to 11 weeks was significantly elevated by 46% to 101% (range: 16.7–22.9 per 100 000) in all postvaccine years except 2011 and 2013 compared with the prevaccine baseline (11.7 per 100 000).”

      This links says 50% of adults have a chronic health condition, a drug problem, or a mental illness. Adults. Not children.

      “The CDC refuses to do a “proper” long term study comparing fully unvaccinated to vaccinated kids. They say it is unethical, bull there is lots of parents now who don’t vaccinate who will volunteer for the study.”

      Do you mean a double blind saline placebo study? Because volunteering would not be double blind. Would you donate our children for science if you wouldn’t know if they were vaccinated for 18 years?

      Are you dim or just lying?

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    • “lso one in 50,000 kids gets extremely painful intussusception(how many die on the operating table?) ”

      The treatment for ntussusception is literally blowing air up the anus to correct it. it is non-surgical. There is no operating table, and it is lots less than what happened with rotavirus. Learned that on the most recent episode of “This Week in Virology.”

      Why do you hate children, especially very young children?


    • I just can’t… did you even watch the video you posted? You added up the numbers of cases in the risk window but deceivingly neglected to mention that people get sick for lots of reasons, and that’s why they use a control window.

      Encephalitis: 23 in risk window, 31 in control window
      Anaphylaxis: 11 in risk window, 6 in control window
      Guillain-Barre: 25 in risk window, 33 in control window

      In two out of these three cases, using your arguments you would have to concede that getting the flu shot actually PROTECTS you from encephalitis and Guillain-Barre because there were FEWER events right after the shots. Thankfully, scientists aren’t that dumb, and know that when you have small numbers like these you have to do proper statistics to interpret them, and when they actually do the statistics they found no evidence for increased adverse events as a result of the flu shots.

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      • which video? The one in which Del and JB lie up a storm? Link to the study where those stats come from and I will read the actual study again. It’s been a while since I watched the video.


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  7. Your readers should be aware that the opinion expressed by your title (your opinion I’m assuming) is in stark disagreement with the opinions of Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, Dr. Richard Kelley, and Dr. Jon Poling (Hannah’s father) all of the Kennedy Krueger Institute in Baltimore. They believed Hannah’s mitochondrial dysfunction was stimulated by the vaccination and that, without vaccinations, she could have gone on to live a normal healthy life.

    Dr. Zimmerman had been a long time expert witness for the vaccine court to help dispute parental claims that vaccines caused their children’s autism. He was the reigning national expert on the topic of autism at the time. Here is his quote on Hannah’s case from Dr. Zimmerman from a letter he sent to the Poling’s attorney:

    “The cause for regressive encephalopathy in Hannah at age 19 months was underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, exacerbated by vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves. This acute expenditure of metabolic reserves led to permanent irreversible brain injury. Thus, if not for the vaccinations, Hannah may have led a normal and productive life. Presently, I predict Hannah will have a normal lifespan but with significant lifelong disability.”

    Here is a statement made by the DA in Tennessee:


  8. Merck is under litigation and whistleblowers from inside their company have stated they were told to falsify results and to alter the specimens with rabbit blood. MMR=Autism, never mind if ur a preemie or a young black boy. Unvaxxed=healthier, anyone who opposes that either doesn’t know a thing about the matter or is funded by Big Pharma. It’s a simple algorithm


    • “It’s a simple algorithm”

      Cool. Now repeat this simple algorithm over and over again: Any claim made without supporting evidence can be safely ignored.

      When you are done with that, please produce the verifiable documentation dated before1990 that autism went up in the USA during the 1970s and 1980s coincident to the use of the MMR vaccine from its introduction in 1971. Be sure to specify which DSM the diagnosis was done, and make it consistent. This means it should be restricted to DSM II or DSM III.

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