There is NO Science that shows Vaccines Cause Autism, EXCEPT ….. explained

You may have seen this copypasta show up in a vaccine debate.

There is NO Science that shows Vaccines Cause Autism, EXCEPT in ALL THESE Government Published Studies which show Vaccines Cause Autism.

This list was made by Marcella Piper-Terry of the website,

Let’s take a look at this list and see what the studies actually say.  I will indicate a YES or NO after each to indicate if the study shows vaccines cause autism. I do have access to full studies and will be interpreting those, not abstracts.


First of all these studies come from pubmed which is a database managed by the  US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of Health.  It commprises more than 27 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites. It is not a list of “government published studies.”  The studies are mostly published in independent journals.

This study used raw VAERS data, which is not confirmed by medical evidence and, therefore, not valid. Also, two study authors, David and Mark Geier, have a notorious reputation for performing shoddy science in support of their work chemically castrating autists.  Senior Geier, the medical doctor, has lost 11 medical licenses for causing serious harm to children. NO

This is just a correlation between vaccination rate and autism.  The author analyzed disability rates compared to vaccination rates without regard for diagnoses changes nor increasing disability rates linked with increasing services in schools. Medical records were not verified. She did not analyze historical rates of disability by comparison. I do not find this study to have much validity. No

This is just a commentary regarding the perception, via the film Vaxxed, that Dr William Thompson of CDC found a higher risk of autism in children vaccinated with MMR. Since we know this is untrue, this commentary is meaningless. No

This study’s authors include Geier senior and junior as well as Boyd Haley and Brian Hooker, both antivaxers also very convinced mercury is behind autism. The study, a literature review, was funded by CoMed, the Geier’s business. What they have done is take a list studies that may show mercury can cause neurological damage and try to link that with autism. This study was written in 2014 but an excellent summary of why mercury preservative in vaccines is not accepted as causing autism comes from the Brian Hooker vaccine injury claim from 2016.  No

This is a very small study that compared MMR antibodies in autistic and not autistic children. Study authors conclude vaccines save lives and are necessary but that measles may elicit an autoimmune response in genetically susceptible children. They do not conclude vaccines cause autism.  No

This is just a comparison of hepatitis birth vaccination rate and autism. Study authors found 9 autistic children  received birth dose of Hep B vaccine and 22 autistic children had not. This study has been analyzed by several people I respect, including Matt Carey and a few other science bloggers.  No.

This study has been discredited by many, including WHO.  No

This is just an opinion piece about the supposed dangers (all not true) of vaccines. No

This was written by the Geiers (see above for more about them). They used hair analysis to test for metal toxicity. Hair analysis is a dubious practice that is not accepted as scientifically valid.  When combined with serious conflicts of interest from study authors and their nefarious history, this study is not valid. No

Full text was not available for this one but it is also written by the Geiers.  Their theory is that mercury poisoning and autism are similar so autism must be mercury poisoning. This has been proven untrue. No.

More Geier and Haley. They are again using hair samples. See above.  No.

This study is postulating that children with autism are sensitive to thimerosal. Since thimerosal is out of all pediatric flu vaccines, except multi-dose flu, and has been proven not causative of autism, this is also a no.

The author goes through every possible explanation for autism that has ever been proposed, without regard to changing diagnostic criteria, and postulates vaccines must be contributing to rise in autism rate. It is merely her opinion.  No.

This is just an editorial about another study.  No.

Very old study theorizing autism is caused by mercury poisoning. We know this to be untrue.  No.

I was unable to gain full access to this study. Geiers blame mercury preservative in Rho(D)-immune globulins given during pregnancy for autism. Given their past conflicts and shoddy science, I am going to call this a no.

I was not able to gain full access to this document but it appears to be a hypothesis that conjugate vaccines may be linked with increase in autism rates, not an actual study in and of itself. No.

This is a paper by the Geiers on all the uproven and dangerous treatment options they used to offer autists before Geier senior lost all eleven of his medical licenses.  This is just their opinion on how to treat autism.  No.

This is a look at haircut samples from babies, which we already know is bogus because hair sample tests are unreliable and not accepted as valid. No.

Authors postulate that heavy metal poisoning from thimerosal in vaccines can cause toxicity issues in children, leading to autism. They exposed a small survey of cells from autistic children and not autistic children to ethyl mercury and zinc and found up-regulate metallothionein to be low in the autistic children’s cells.  While I was not able to access the full study, based on the abstract I do not see this implicating vaccines as causing autism because we have removed thimerosal and autism rate did not decrease. And, this study does not conclude vaccines cause autism. No

The author, retired neurosurgeon Russel Blaylock, shares his opinion that vaccines causeimmunoexcitotoxicity (he coined this term, he claims). It is problematic that he cites the now retracted, infamous Wakefield study in his review of literature. This indicates Blaylock is not using quality research methods in his review.  Furthermore, this is just an opinion piece in an alternative health magazine, not a study on vaccines causing autism. No.

Safe Minds, an antivax group devoted to connecting autism to mercury, wrote an opinion piece/literature review stating that “all US influenza vaccines, all mono- and divalent diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, some immunoglobulins routinely given to pregnant Rh-negative women, and some over the-counter ear drops and nasal sprays” have enough mercury in them to cause mercury poisoning and should be removed from the market. This is not saying vaccines cause autism.  Also, thimerosal is out of pediatric vaccines, except multi dose flu, and autism rates did not decrease. No.

Study authors subcutaneously injected mice with thimerosal-mercury at a dose which is 20× higher than that used for regular Chinese infant immunization during the first 4 months of life. I have no idea whatsoever why anyone thought that would be a valid comparison to the amount of thimerosal in vaccines in some countries. No.

Study authors Hooker, Geier, Geier and others from CoMed compared neurodevelopmental rates to vaccination with thimerosal.  First of all, there are serious conflicts of interest here. Comed is a troublesome organization. Secondly, their funding came from Dwoskin Foundation, a known antivax group dedicated to connecting vaccines to autism. Thus, they went in to this study already assuming vaccines cause autism due to mercury poisoning.  Thus, this study has some serious conflicts of interest and cannot really be seen as valid.  If there are any studies independent of this group which confirm their results, I would be happy to change my No.

This is an analysis of raw data from the Vaccine Adverse Event reporting system (VAERS) comparing vaccination to reported deaths.  Since no medical evidence was confirmed, this study is not valid. No.

This is an extremely small study (n=23) of children in New Zealand in 1977 who got DTP and live polio vaccines and has nothing whatsoever to do with autism. No.

This is an analysis of vaccination rate compared to infant mortality rate, but authors do not tell you that infant mortality rate in USA is at all time low, as is SIDS rate. The authors are disingenuous and lying by omission. See my blog series with actual IMR and SIDS facts.  This study has nothing to do with autism.  No

This study has nothing to do with autism. No.

This study has nothing to do with autism. No.

This study has nothing to do with autism. No.

Author postulates a correlation between autism rate and vaccination rate. Correlation does not equal causation. No.


Authors suggest measles vaccine may cause autism. Several large studies, including this one, have proven that wrong.  So, No .

No, thimerosal is not the cause of autism. Just No.

Not about autism.

No, thimerosal is not the cause of autism. Just No.

This study’s authors have been discredited by many, including WHO.  No

An antivax group in New Zealand surveyed their members and did not verify medical records. Not valid. No.

Several others listed at this point had bad links so I could not read the studies. Then, there were a few studies about flu which had no relation to autism.

Again with hair analysis, which is proven faulty.  No.…/
This is about Tripedia vaccine, claiming the insert shows FDA concludes vaccines cause autism. Tripedia vaccine has not been used in years. It was discontinued. And, inserts don’t imply causation. No.


As you can see, none of these studies are written by the US Government and none conclude vaccines cause autism. 

Marcella offers more!

1.…/124-Research-Papers-Supporting-the-… This is Ginger Taylor’s list of studies she thinks implicate vaccines as causing autism. This has been debunked. As you can see, Ginger also cannot read studies accurately.

2. Marcella wants us to believe there are cases where families have been compensated for vaccine injury causing autism. She links a number of cases but did not read them accurately. Here and here are explanations on why that idea is wrong.


In conclusion, not one study on Marcella’s list actually shows vaccines cause autism. This list is cut and pasted (copypasta) EVERYWHERE. So, now you can feel good about debunking it as horseshit.


Remember, always think for yourself,





104 thoughts on “There is NO Science that shows Vaccines Cause Autism, EXCEPT ….. explained

  1. “This study’s authors include Geier senior and junior as well as Boyd Haley and Brian Hooker,”

    These guys are just some of the reasons I specify citations by “reputable qualified” researchers. For instance, Papa Geier is by definition not reputable since he lost his medical license in many states. Hooker is just not qualified.

    Speaking of which, I stumbled upon the Vaccine Court ruling on Hooker’s case:

    The Special Master has some very special words on the use of the Geiers as a “expert” witnesses. It is a fascinating read.


  2. The advice to think for one’s self is good advice. I take it this means you support voluntary vaccination and not mandatory. Otherwise, thinking for one’s self is a tad pointless is it not, if medicine takes a fascist position and forces a treatment on you, despite what you have thought for yourself.

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      • Here is the ridiculous thing, unless every human being is vaccinated with boosters every couple of years, since vaccines do not immunise, it is pretty irrelevant if anyone is vaccinated and since these diseases break out in the vaccinated, pretty irrelevant fullstop.

        Good sanitation, hygiene and nutrition are the foundation of robust health and where that can be had, the immune system will do the work which needs to be done vastly more efficiently than any vaccine and without toxic materials being injected, let alone animal and bird material.

        You do know that Autism rates in children of US soldiers are vastly higher than the rest, but they are the most vaccinated of all Americans and experimentally medicated as well.

        As for homeschooling, here is the stupidity, unless you lock those children up, i.e. prevent the ever being in a public space, it matters not a toss if they go to school or stay home.

        I find the lack of logic and reason in pro-vax to the max arguments to be troubling but then vaccines do impact brain function so perhaps the more vaccines people have, the less able they are to think coherently.

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      • Every vaccines lasts a different amount of time but many last a life time and do not require boosters past childhood. For example, most adults only need a TDaP and a flu vaccine to be up to date. Check the CDC.

        Most VPDs are airborne so good sanitation and hygiene don’t keep them away. Good nutrition is always a great idea. Why not eat right AND vaccinate?

        Children who are homeschooled spend the majority of their day at home. I homeschooled last two years so I know how it works. They are not in close quarters with other children 7 hours a day.

        As for autism and soldiers, please verify that claim.


      • I have never had the Flu and I suspect many people who think they have had the Flu just had a bad cold.

        The people I know who have had the Flu had the vaccine.

        I lived for many decades in India and four African countries without vaccines. Eating sensibly, sleeping well are enough.

        Vaccines are poisonous. We have epidemics of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the max-vax age. And Aluminium, whether you admit to it or not, is conclusively linked to Alzheimer’s which means it is a likely factor in Autism, Dementia and Behavioural and Learning Difficulties in children.

        If it is yellow and it quacks it is probably a duck.

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      • I never had influenza in my life until I was 39 years old. I always say that if you did not feel like death would be welcome, you did not have influenza. I was not vaccinated.

        Vaccines are not poisonous and do not cause alzheimers or dementia or autism.

        Ducks are yellow and sometimes quack. I would also say that if it is against vaccines and sells cures and supplements and videos and books, it is a quack.


      • I have had the occasional bad cold but do not believe I have ever had the Flu. I don’t recall anyone having it when I grew up either.

        Many people now call a bad cold the flu and even doctors don’t know the difference since they have lost the art of diagnosis, so reliant are they on tests and various bells and whistles.

        I spent 30 years living in India and four different African countries without being vaccinated. Or taking malaria medication which is toxic for kidneys and liver. Never got malaria, never got sick.

        I was sensible about practical and non-toxic precautions – good diet and sleep and doing the inner work, which are the foundation of health.

        Vaccines are poisonous. They contain many poisons, toxins. Ergo, they are poisonous. The belief is that they are not poisonous enough to cause harm but then the various toxins have only ever been studied in the singular, not in combination and any chemist knows that something on its own is quite different to that which it may become when combined. Why has combination research not been done.

        You cannot say vaccines do not cause Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism because no-one knows.

        What we do know is that Aluminium is conclusively linked to Alzheimer’s, and vaccines contain Aluminium as the Adjuvant, injected into the body of babies within hours of birth and then more than 50 times in the first five years of life, in ways and form impossible in nature and for which no human has ever evolved.

        If we see in a couple of decades early onset Alzheimer’s in thirty and forty year olds, the most likely culprit will be Aluminium in vaccines.

        Surely the research should be done now, even if it closes down the vaccine industry?

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      • The growing awareness of microbiome simply reveals the general and abject ignorance in science medicine of human physiology.

        No-one should take any medication unless their life depends on it and then they should work to get off it as soon as they can.

        Iatrogenic, doctor or medical induced deaths are the third biggest killer in the US and rising, and high in other developed nations – MOST OF IT FROM PRESCRIBED MEDICATION.

        modern medicine and its maybe approach where people are treated for diseases they do not have and may never get with toxic drugs, is the new form of snake oil.

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      • I will just say, I appreciate your consideration and patience in regard to this conversation but we do seem to be going around in circles a bit. I am happy to finish up.

        You seem an intelligent and reasonable sort of person and maybe at some point you will read some of the links I have posted – scientific sources – which challenge your worldview on vaccines. Take care.

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      • Subject yourself to the demands of a corrupt society or be banished from said society. I’m self employed so that’s fine for me but forcing my kids to get vaccinated? If vaccines work then what difference does it make or is it that they are actually ineffective hence why we need to force all kids to have them? Don’t give me all that poppycock about herd immunity, if vaccines were truly effective at preventing diseases then those vaccinated would not get infected, yet there are numerous documented cases of vaccinated individuals contracting the very disease they are vaccinated against. I shouldn’t have to provide citations seeing as you are the expert, I’m sure you are well aware of at least one or two….


      • No one is forcing you to vax your kids. You are more than welcome to homeschool them and send them a small college (since the big ones all require vaccines).

        Vaccines don’t work 100%. Hence, herd immunity.



    Click to access oc0367.pdf

    Al is a neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Our results, supported by the Hill’s criteria for establishing causality between exposure and outcome indicate that a causal relationship may exist between the exposure to Al from vaccines and the rising prevalence of autism in the Western world.

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    • Okay, the first one is very hard to understand but they do conclude that more research needs to be done.

      Shaw is bunk.

      Total parental nutrition is IV nutrition and has different dosage standards than vaccines. Try again.

      Aluminum is all around us. Nothing is neurotoxic in all doses.


      • I think you will find that those who question vaccines simply take the view that more research always needs to be done, given that questions should be the basis of science and only an idiot would claim they know all there is to know about human physiology.

        Total parental nutrition is not IV nutrition and only someone whose thinking is distorted by materialist reductionism could ever think that it was.

        Synthetic and mechanical will never equal natural and physiological.

        Aluminium is all around us but only in recent decades. In other words, no humans have evolved to deal with it.

        Certainly nothing is neurotoxic in all doses but the amount of Aluminium in vaccines exceeds safe levels, or rather, what science at its current level of knowledge and ignorance believes is safe, and no-one takes into account a baby can have 6-16 doses of different vaccines in one session. Insanity.

        You like most science acolytes seem to not know the difference between ingest and inject. I suggest you look that one up in a good dictionary.

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      • I have found that those who question vaccines tend to fall in these categories.

        1. Children not healthy, blame vaccines for everything.
        2. Children had mild reaction, blame vaccines, freak out
        3. Children have autism, blame vaccines
        4. Friends have one or more of the above
        5. Conspiracy theorist, also believe earth is flat, 9/11 is a hoax, sandy truthers, birthers
        6. Disease rate so low no need to vaccinate
        7. Diseases didn’t save us (conspiracy theorist)
        8. Truly did experience something bad related to vaccine but irrationally fell off deep end,

        “Yes, they are different. However making a broad and sweeping claim like that without context; being exact about the substance, amount and how the body processes it, is vacuous. And the difference should not be overstated because vaccine ingredients are actually safe in these tiny amounts.

        The ingredients considered by many to be the “toxic chemicals” in vaccines are really so tiny compared to other sources, that the route of entry difference does not negate the point that these amounts are not enough to do harm. And it’s not like an injected substance just sits there. The body has processes through which it disposes of substances that penetrate the skin. For example, foreign particles can be eaten in a process called phagocytosis or they can attach to carrier molecules in the blood which are then excreted.”


      • I am sure that is what you have found because that is what prejudice and projection will create.

        Let me deal with your assumptions:

        I have found that those who question vaccines tend to fall in these categories.
        1. Children not healthy, blame vaccines for everything.

        In my experience a sensible parent and doctor, if a child is not healthy would look carefully at all possible causes – vaccines is just one of them, however, following disease rates and development through the vax-max timeline should make any intelligent person suspicious.

        2. Children had mild reaction, blame vaccines, freak out.

        You have clearly never read the information sheet which comes with vaccines. You should. You have also never met a parent who has had a child dead or damaged by vaccines. You should.

        3. Children have autism, blame vaccines.

        Autism at epidemic levels tracks the increase in vaccines so only a fool would reject it as a possible cause.

        However, a sensible person would consider all of the changes over the past 40 years as well, but vaccines are the major factor in manipulating physiology in children and should be done first.

        4. Friends have one or more of the above.

        More likely family. Most of those who question vaccines and opt to limit or reject have reached that position after seeing someone they loved injured and they have embarked on extensive research. That is my position.

        5. Conspiracy theorist, also believe earth is flat, 9/11 is a hoax, sandy truthers, birthers.

        None of the above are relevant to the debate. I for one have no need for conspiracy theories as I find humans ignorant, arrogant, stupid, deluded, brainwashed enough to create any sort of chaos, often with the best of intentions. I believe vaccines fall into that category.

        6. Disease rate so low no need to vaccinate.

        Since it is clear that better health and less disease resulted from improved sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, the experiment of vaccination is simply unnecessary. A robust immune system keeps and gets us well and poisoning it with vaccines, and tricking and deceiving it with vaccines, is hardly going to help it become or remain robust.

        7. Diseases didn’t save us (conspiracy theorist).

        You mean vaccines did not save us. No, they did not and the evidence for that is available to everyone.

        8. Truly did experience something bad related to vaccine but irrationally fell off deep end,

        Perhaps you have never known someone with a dead baby or child or a severely brain-damaged one. People do tend to fall off and when they can link it to an experience, in this case vaccination, they are going to ensure their other children, if they have them, are not so damaged or dead.

        “Yes, they are different. However making a broad and sweeping claim like that without context; being exact about the substance, amount and how the body processes it, is vacuous. And the difference should not be overstated because vaccine ingredients are actually safe in these tiny amounts.

        If ingest and inject are different, and we both know they are, then the amount of formaldehyde in a pear is a ridiculous argument for anyone to make.

        Can you post the research into the combined cocktail effect of toxins in vaccines? I know it has been done singly but I have never found it studied in combination.

        Any good chemist knows the singlular and the combined are very different beasts.

        The ingredients considered by many to be the “toxic chemicals” in vaccines are really so tiny compared to other sources, that the route of entry difference does not negate the point that these amounts are not enough to do harm. And it’s not like an injected substance just sits there. The body has processes through which it disposes of substances that penetrate the skin. For example, foreign particles can be eaten in a process called phagocytosis or they can attach to carrier molecules in the blood which are then excreted.”

        And yet, as you blithely claim that which is unproven, science did not know until a couple of years ago that the brain and immune system are connected by lymphatics. In fact, they did not believe such a connection was possible.

        They were wrong. Science gets a lot wrong and when our babies are the labrats we should err on the side of caution.

        Science has no idea what injecting animal, bird and material from aborted human foetuses can or would do to the human body long-term.

        Since science did not know the brain and immune system were physically connected it has never studied the impact of vaccines on the brain. You cannot study something you do not know exists.

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      • 1. I have read plenty of stories where people blame this, that, and the kitchen sink on vaccines, mostly irrationally.

        2. I have read information sheets and inserts.

        3. Autism is not an epidemic

        4. See #1.

        5. If you can find it on whale dot to, it is a conspiracy theory. Case closed.

        6. A boosted immune system has autoimmune disease. Most VPDs had very high incidence and suffering well after we knew to wash our hands and drink clean water, in USA. And, in countries that still don’t have clean water everywhere, vaccines save lives.

        7. Yes, should read vaccines didn’t save us. Will edit. Look up morbidity rate for all VPDs in the decade before the vaccine came out.

        8. Yes, grief can cause people to be irrational. Luckily, most people don’t go full on conspiracy theory irrational.


      • Morbidity rates cannot be understood without the consideration of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition factors. Ditto for disease incidence.

        I don’t dismiss a source out of prejudice. I try to remain objective. You should try it.

        I don’t do conspiracy theories. I find humans ignorant and arrogant enough to create any kind of chaos without the slightest plan. Hubris is the destroyer and it is destroying science as a system of enquiry.

        So, Autism rates of one in 10,000 in the Eighties compared to one in 68 in the US today is not an epidemic? Interesting interpretation of data on your part.

        Denial only lasts so long and does more damage in the waiting.

        Even if we factor in more diagnosis, the sweeping of Asperger’s into Autism stats, which is ridiculous, but there you go, from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68 in around three decades is what most people call an epidemic.

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      • To be strictly accurate you should say, by current scientific understanding there is assumed to be no difference between a synthetic version produced in a laboratory and the same thing produced in nature.

        There is already evidence emerging that synthetic supplements do not have the same effect as naturally produced. We will soon see, as indicators reveal that synthetic cannabis for instance and the real thing, are different beasts.

        You have no way of knowing if chemicals care where they are made. That is assumption and projection.

        One thing is certain, the formaldehyde your body produces is no the same as having a laboratory concocted version injected into your body, just as eating a pear would be different to injecting it into your baby.

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      • So, your position is that science at this point of time knows absolutely all it can ever know about the natural world and the human organism?

        I isn’t? Of course it isn’t. So, chemically CH20 made in a lab is not necessarily the same as that made in nature because the nature of it is still largely unknown.

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      • What I am curious about is what do pro-vaxxers think would happen if vaccination were ended next week?

        I presume you are of the school which would see millions if not billions dead and dying in the streets.

        But, as someone who is older than you are, I suspect, I lived through an age when vaccines were minimal, and my parents and grandparents through ages when they did not really exist, and no-one died or even ended up in hospital.

        My mother had Diptheria at the age of 10 and recovered without going to hospital. My father had Polio in his late Twenties and was isolated for six weeks but recovered completely.

        But with my parents and their siblings, eight of them – no-one died; my great grandparents with around a dozen children each, no-one died, except one son of Cancer at the age of sixteen; and my four siblings and dozens of cousins all had these minor childhood diseases, as did friends and schoolmates – no-one died.

        So, if in times past without vaccines we did not have the dead and drying strewn across the streets, why is there so much fear now when vaccines are questioned?

        In truth, the fear may be justified because vaccines trick and manipulate natural immune function and the vaccine age must mean more people with poorer general health and immune response, so, if diseases did reappear, particularly the mutated forms created through vaccines, we might well see a lot of dead and dying.

        But would that be worse than generations of people with early onset Alzheimer’s and higher rates of Brain Cancer? I doubt it.

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      • So, why are the unvaccinated not ill and/or dying? And they are not. Studies show unvaccinated children healthier than vaccinated with less disease incidence.

        If you were correct, the unvaccinated would display your prediction and they do not.

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      • That remains an unproven claim but I understand why you must hold onto it.

        Systems drive behaviour and the belief in vaccination is like a religion where dogma and theology are maintained despite all evidence.

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      • Surely any responsible scientist or medical professional should be concerned about this:

        Quote: Tricking the immune system gets tricky. We understand very little about the immune system but we have decided to trick it.It is not a story you expect to end well.

        Vaccination is, in the main, a game of smoke and mirrors based on more ignorance than knowledge and a great deal of arrogance. It is the modern snake-oil.

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      • Why would I care about an opinion piece by a person not affiliated with any research institution and seemingly without any education in the field? All his papers are self published. Whoopdeedoo.


      • In terms of the study previously posted and in response to your comment that parents blame anything they can, including vaccines, when the logical, rational and scientific position is to blame the vaccine since their safety is unproven:

        Quote: 56 In the WHO methodology described by Wraith et al. Vaccines are assumed safe until proven otherwise. This does not make any sense.

        With widespread molecular mimicry between vaccine antigens, contaminants and self antigens, vaccines can impact numerous functions in the human body.

        Therefore,if any disease occurs after vaccine administration, vaccines MUST be assumed to be the cause unless one can prove otherwise

        .The only way to ensure that all the immune pathways required for natural autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms are triggered is to make the vaccine produce the disease.

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    “Instead of asking, ‘How do we study the immune response of the brain?’ ‘Why do multiple sclerosis patients have the immune attacks?’ now we can approach this mechanistically. Because the brain is like every other tissue connected to the peripheral immune system through meningeal lymphatic vessels,” said Jonathan Kipnis, PhD, professor in the UVA Department of Neuroscience and director of UVA’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia (BIG). “It changes entirely the way we perceive the neuro-immune interaction. We always perceived it before as something esoteric that can’t be studied. But now we can ask mechanistic questions.”

    “We believe that for every neurological disease that has an immune component to it, these vessels may play a major role,” Kipnis said. “Hard to imagine that these vessels would not be involved in a [neurological] disease with an immune component.”

    Before 2015 it was believed that the brain wasn’t connected to the lymphatic system. The discovery that it is indeed connected to the lymphatic system makes clear that vaccines not only trigger immune responses in the body but also in the brain. Hence it should be obvious that neurological brain damage could be caused by vaccines. It should also be obvious that the link between vaccines and autism (for instance) cannot have been thoroughly been investigated prior to 2015. It’s also obvious that the immune system is poorly understood by a medical science that excluded the brain from it prior to 2015… Still, they keep injecting babies, kids and pregnant women with known toxins and other dangerous stuff, even after they found out that all this junk goes straight into the brain. The emperor really isn’t wearing clothes…

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  5. Junk science bias manufacture funded repeated garbage. No studies have been done proving efficacy and safety ever especially long term studies of the toxic soup. They make billions of dollars, NO liability for there toxic injections. All of the chemicals used should not be ingested let alone injected into the skin.

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  6. Tons of scientific peer review studies showing that vaccines can cause a number of health issues. Aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80, Glyphosate, MSG, Formaldehyde, human and animal cells which have been shown to cause cancers, ASD, chronic illnesses, allergies, CFS and that’s just a few.

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  7. I appreciate Rosross response…we need more evidence to show we aren’t harming the hell out of people’s nervous/immune/lymphatic/gastro and other systems with the synergistic effects of the numerous toxic chemicals…more research to prove we are not, please.
    This article alone should raise the interest of people on both sides of the argument:

    Click to access aluminium-and-other-metals-may-pose-a-risk-to-children-with-autism-spectrum-disorder-biochemical-and-behavioural-impairments-2161-1459.1000120.pdf

    Thank you rosross.

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  9. what a terrible blog with so many miss information, you have soooo much miss information it’s hilarious actually. To state that mercury and aluminum that is in needles is same as by mouth shows how knowleable you are on the subject. a shot lasts for years within you while orally it goes thru the system after a day or two. the simple fact that you don’t know this shows how much more you need to learn about vaccines. Not just this but many many many points that i’m not going to waste my time pointing out because you seem to be strictly pro vaccine and specially manditory vaccine, that type of people are way too stubborn to understand vaccine and the fact that you only consider government work as facts shows how deep of a hole you’re in kiddo. because those people that are losing their licenses left and right are being silenced, they don’t want the truth out and big pharma, cdc and fda all get paid very very very well to keep people hush hush, people have died trying to get the truth out if you haven’t research it well enough so please before you waste more time blabbering nonesense, do yourself a favor and study it from someone who is against vaccine and try to understand why they are and why there are millions agianst it, not only that, there are countries that don’t touch vaccines and have some of the sharppest people in the world. america itself is made by immigrants, without them this country would be the dumbest in the world…research and stop believing this governement….here is a hint…follow the money…

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    • “To state that mercury and aluminum that is in needles is same as by mouth shows how knowleable you are on the subject.”

      Who says that? And please tell us which vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule is only available with thimerosal. Do not mention influenza since at least three are thimerosal free.

      Okay, I am trying to read your screed, but it is very disjointed. Here is a hint for clarity: paragraphs and proper capitalization. And some actual grammar.

      “here is a hint…follow the money”

      Oh, wait, this is something that has some substance. What money? Please, please, with a cherry on top… provide us the evidence that preventing diseases with vaccines cost more than treating actual diseases. Measles has a habit of causing pneumonia, both the one from the measles virus and a secondary one from a bacterial infection because it suppresses the immune system. This causes about one in ten measles cases to end up in the hospital trying to keep a kid alive by machines that keep them breathing to antibiotics for the secondary bacterial infections. Plus measles suppresses the immune system for years, making a kid more likely to get sick later on:
      J Infect. 2017 Jun;74 Suppl 1:S10-S17. doi: 10.1016/S0163-4453(17)30185-8.
      Measles, immune suppression and vaccination: direct and indirect nonspecific vaccine benefits.

      That is very expensive. So is keeping a baby alive who has contracted pertussis.

      So if you are going to invoke the “follow the money” meme you need to come up with the valid economic analyses that not vaccinating saves money. Really, prove to us that treating some rather nasty diseases is cheaper than getting a few vaccines. Provide us the verifiable economic analyses that counter the following:
      Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
      Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

      Please, please, please tell us why hospital care is so much cheaper than getting a vaccine.


      • ‘Plus measles suppresses the immune system for years, making a kid more likely to get sick later on’….rather like the vaccine itself, so without the vaccine there is less likelihood of illness and so mooting your point… ‘provide us the evidence that preventing diseases with vaccines cost more than treating actual diseases’ as there would be no disease to prevent.
        Where is your critical thinking and logic on this one…


      • ‘Feel free to counter my supposed misinformation with studies proving me wrong.

        Until then, nothing you’ve written here is an any way scientific.’

        Neither is what you have just replied!!


      • I am merely disseminating your constant criticism of anyone who contradicts you and your methods of debate which have less to do with debate and more to do with character assassination, trying to belittle and silence opposing views rather than openly discussing the real problems and harms of vaccination.
        Your tactics leave a lot to be desired and as most provaxxers your arguments are the same old tired and flawed rhetoric that no longer washes among the enlightened.


  10. I find it very naive of you to say vaccines are not dangerous or poisonous. If you look up side effects for each vaccine you will find over 200 of them. From seizures to autoimmune disease. Whether it causes autism or not, it still can cause life changing side effects. After reading your sarcastic and ill educated comments your blog is now just the rambling opinions of a pushy woman with no thorough understanding of how our bodies react to chemicals (you know, poison). Some jobs need to be vaccine mandatory, but children don’t get jobs so that wouldn’t apply to them. As we get older our bodies are able to handle the chemicals and won’t react as a child would. If you don’t vax then you need to be prepared and well educated, that’s the only way you will succeed. My children aren’t fully vaccinated yet they go to school, church and other extra activities. I also know what I’m doing and make sure my children have a certain lifestyle. If you want to be taken seriously, at least make sure your making educated statements and not some hair brain opinions.

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    • “If you look up side effects for each vaccine you will find over 200 of them.”

      Then you will have no problem listing the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers than any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the diseases.

      For instance, not only does measles cause encephalitis in about on in a thousand cases, it also suppresses the child’s immune system for several years making them more vulnerable to other infections:
      J Infect. 2017 Jun;74 Suppl 1:S10-S17. doi: 10.1016/S0163-4453(17)30185-8.
      Measles, immune suppression and vaccination: direct and indirect nonspecific vaccine benefits.

      So just point out how using the MMR can cause even more harm.

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      • Chris, instead why don’t you list the Pub Med indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes less harm than the diseases it is meant to prevent, and why not it’s efficacy whilst we’re about it.

        By the way for those of you who don’t know, Chris’ favourite quote,’….list the Pub Med indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers…’, PubMed is a free search engine accessing primarily the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics and MEDLINE is a Global manufacturer and distributor of medical products…. Conflict of interests……hmmmmm.


  11. You can not find any science showing vaccines cause autism because of the system that as been created to protect those who support the agenda and destroy those who don’t.

    There is an environment where it is not possible for anyone who investigates the harm caused by vaccinations to be given any credibility. We have seen careers of educated professionals, previously respected, ended because they questioned vaccines.

    I’m sceptical because of the way governments, mainstream media and pharmaceutical companies demonise people who don’t want to be vaccinated. It’s no secret that the media, government and medical industry have lied to the public in the past to protect their agenda, how do we know they are not doing it now?

    It’s reasonable to assume that if a professional genuinely wanted to find a link between vaccines and autism they would not be able to do it with the funding from any ‘respected’ sources or publication in an ‘respected’ journal because no one wants to be associated with anti-vaxers for fear of ridicule of financial loss.

    There are thousands of testimonials from people who have severe reactions to vaccinations and many vaccine inserts have lists of scary reactions. There is a vaccination in my country of Australia which lists a large amount of possible side effects with this line at the bottom of the list. ‘Other side effects not listed may occur in some people’, well that basically covers an infinite amount of side effects.

    My point being is it is reasonable to be sceptical about vaccines and it is unreasonable to force vaccines on me or my family.

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    • There is no system that automatically gives everyone questioning whether vaccines cause harm no credibility. That is silly. Many credible researchers investigated the link between vaccines and autism and found none. Even Safe Minds, that notoriously antivax group, investigated the link and found none! They were shocked that the study they funded didn’t go their way.

      Also, I don’t believe their is a vast conspiracy to demonize anyone who questions. If you look at the studies funded by CSMRI/Dwoskin Foundation, pretty much everyone should be able to see the problems in those studies and why they are routinely retracted from publication.

      Also, since five vaccines have been removed from market in USA in my 51 year lifetime, it stands to reason that vaccine safety is taken very seriously. Look at what happened in your country with Saba Button? That vaccine was removed from the market? Proof positive that vaccine safety is taken very seriously and there is no coverup.

      Inserts do no list reactions proven caused by vaccines. For example, the Gardasil insert lists, amongst the deaths during the clinical trial period, gun shots, car accidents, and suicide. Those are definitely NOT caused by the vaccine but there are in there because of timing. Same with autism and SIDS on other inserts. They are in the insert because of timing and then more research, after the trial, proves they are not caused by vaccines.

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  12. Great article, it was interesting seeing what these “studies” people kept citing were actually about and equally fascinating seeing why they’re complete garbage masquerading as “real science”.

    Then I get to the comments and good grief, do these people even have brains?! I had to stop reading after seeing the same arguments over and over again, all of which were invalid or just lacked any substance whatsoever. I’m so sorry you had to deal with these idiots and I admire you for slogging through it regardless. Thanks for trying to educate them, but they just don’t seem to want to be educated sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ‘Then I get to the comments and good grief, do these people even have brains?! I had to stop reading after seeing the same arguments over and over again, all of which were invalid or just lacked any substance whatsoever. I’m so sorry you had to deal with these idiots and I admire you for slogging through it regardless. Thanks for trying to educate them, but they just don’t seem to want to be educated sadly.’

      Clearly you feel threatened by the intellectual dexterity that you are unable to counter. All you can say is, ‘Please list the Pub Med indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers.’ repeatedly as you have nothing original of your own to offer. Character assassination and personal attacks are your weapons of choice along with belittling peoples comments and downright bullying.
      Unfortunately you and Kathy are both hell bent in your cognitive dissonance or you are actually paid shills, either way you refuse to accept a change in perspective and the advancement of science so persevere all you like but you will not change any hearts or minds, especially with your distasteful attitudes towards those who oppose you.


      • You do realise that I am not the same Chris as the one further up in the comments asking for PubMed articles don’t you? Also, the irony of accusing me of personal attacks whilst attacking me personally is just too much 😀


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