Vaccines Revealed 3 – a provaxer’s view

Did you read about episode 1? Please check out this post, which has links to all the information about this series and it’s major players.

Patrick Gentempo interviews Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Jr. 

Right off the bat, Kennedy talks about studies that link vaccines, thimerosal and autism. He says the public perceives otherwise, but there is a large body of research supporting vaccines cause autism. Kennedy claims the pharmaceutical industry is paying of the press to post otherwise, to keep these studies out of the press.  One can only assume he is referring to work by Geier and Geier, and others, which have been debunked as very badly done studies. He essentially blamed it all on Rubert Murdoch, saying that only a few entities control the press and they are bought off by pharmaceuticals.

He says the CDC buys and SELLS $4 billion worth of vaccines yearly. However, he is referring to the Vaccines for Children program, which gives away FOR FREE vaccines to programs for children living in poverty.

So, let that sink in a bit. Robert Kennedy Jr is a conspiracy theorist. He believes theories not supported by science and that “BIG PHARMA” controls the media. He also claims Paul Offit is on the payroll of Merck. No, I am sorry Bobby, but Dr Offit works for CHOP. And, yes, he was on the team who developed one of the two rotavirus vaccines but he did recuse himself from voting on the approval for that vaccine. Also, he and the other vaccine developers sold the vaccine along with their employer, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. And no one ever claimed the transaction was bad. Ever. Only you, Bobby.

Here is a large list of studies looking at thimerosal and vaccines and autism. Notice they all conclude no connection.

Bridges case, vaccine court

Bobby spends a lot of time talking about how many vaccines children are given today. He claims that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) is the reason we have more vaccines today, because pharmaceutical companies are immune to liability. But, this is all simply untrue. NCVIA mandates that you go through “vaccine court” first, in most situations, but section 300-aa21 does allow for when and how you can sue pharmaceutical manufacturers for claims.

Bobby also spends time talking about how there are no double-blind, saline-placebo or placebo-controlled studies on vaccines. But, most clinical trials are done as such. Pubmed has lists of them.

Again, I have the same impression as with other Vaccines Revealed speakers: Is he lying? Or ignorant?

Bobby goes on to spend some time linking thimerosal to autism and other neurological disorders, without regard to how diagnoses expanded and changed throughout the 1980s and beyond. He appears to not know anything at all about the history of special education and psychology.

He really is a conspiracy theorist, in the classic sense. This is a shame. He even brings up the Amish. This has been debunked.

The “very good science” he refers to is by Geier and Geier. Several doctor/bloggers I respect have written about this widely: Science-Based Medicine and Left Brain, Right Brain. In a nutshell, it has been completely discredited to the point where father Geier no longer has a medical license. That is because of shoddy research and practices.

Bobby closes up the interview claiming that we inject pregnant mothers and newborn babies with hundreds of times more mercury than is in fish.


Here is the thing. We give newborns Hepatitis B vaccine. There is no thimerosal in it. None. We recommend pregnant women get a thimerosal-free flu vaccine or a thimerosal-free TDaP vaccine. No thimerosal.  None. Nada.

In fact, there is no thimerosal in most vaccines and it is very easy to avoid it all together.

So, what is he talking about? Is he lying? Or ignorant?

If you want to learn more about thimerosal, or any vaccine ingredient, here is a good website.

After this, Kennedy spends some time talking about his project, The World Mercury Project, and how they need donations.

Next, there is an interview with Scott Miller, who made a film about The Gulf War Syndrome. I chose not to pay attention to this interview since he is not a vaccine information player.

The episode concludes with a shortened version of Vaxxed.

Remember, think for yourself!




43 thoughts on “Vaccines Revealed 3 – a provaxer’s view

  1. Hello, If you really want to know both sides, you should sit through the entire 9 episodes from start to finish. The people who are dedicating their lives to working towards SAFER VACCINES are not all anti vaccines. To demonise them and try to vilify them just makes it more difficult to trust you. You clearly have not been effected by any poisoning and lucky you. But I could have said the same thing back in the day when my kids survived a common childhood disease and yours did not. What is the difference? I believe in vaccines, but massaging data over and over again until you get the results you want so people like you can refer to those studies does not make it science. Watch every singe episode with an OPEN MIND – then perhaps genuinely follow up on some of the leads that might make sense to you – and then post a response. A thoughtful one. Please. Please Please. This will all come out in the end. Just listen to both sides before deciding.


      • If vaccines don’t cause injury why does the government pay out billions of dollars of taxpayer money to the vaccine injured? I believe that the young man (around 20) people are referring to is named Porter and he was brain damaged and got autism from the pertussis vaccine and his family is receiving compensation for his injury in spite of government denial of the vaccine autism connection,


      • I never said vaccines do not cause injuries. Keep in mind that we have paid out 5000 injury claims in 30 years. During that time, we have given out more than 3 billion vaccines. So, that means vaccines are 99.999984% safe.

        Vaccines do not cause autism.


      • The amount paid out is about 3 billion which means that the injuries being compensated are severe if there are only 5000 claims. Not to mention some people may not make a claim because they don’t know they have the option. There is no proof that vaccines do not cause autism, families with children on the autism spectrum have been among those compensated, if you really watched the whole vaccine revealed series as you claim, you would know that. Mercury and aluminum are both neurotoxins and autism is a brain injury so to claim that there is not a connection is to be in denial. Particularly when you take into account that there are 69 vaccines on the schedule to date and more in the pipeline. The more mercury and aluminum injected into children, the more risk of any adverse events including autism. Also there are some things in vaccines like cells from monkey kidneys and aborted fetal cells that clearly cross a line, this information is in a document from the CDC so is not really disputed. They also found e coli in vaccines(also from a CDC document), do you want that injected into a child? The injuries people receive from the vaccines are way worse than the illnesses being prevented. My biggest issue is the mandated nature of vaccines, the fact that people are having a forced medical procedure. This is medical fascism, if I don’t want mercury, aluminum and things like aborted fetal cells injected into myself, my children or my grandchildren, I have the right to say no; if you want them injected into yourself you also have that right. It is a matter of rights, you don’t have the right to force others to follow your beliefs. Things are going to come out real soon about the CDC and their manipulation of data as well as about how dirty these vaccines really are and how detrimental to a person’s immune system, there is proof and when this info comes out it will be nothing short of shocking.


      • The $3 billion includes attorney fees to everyone who files, win or lose, plus those who win their claim.

        There is ample proof that vaccines do not cause autism. Please read my posts.


        Nothing is toxic except in toxic doses. I would encourage you to investigate the concept of dose toxicity. My children’s father is a toxicologist so I can do this easily.

        That viruses are grown on mammal cells does not bother me. I live with two cats, a dog, and several humans. I eat, breathe, and drink mammal DNA all day. It’s not an issue.

        There is no e. coli in vaccines.

        The injuries people suffer from vaccines are mostly not a big deal. The rare severe vaccine adverse reaction is far less common than disease severe complications. That is the point. There is literally 100% international scientific consensus that vaccine benefits far outweigh risks.

        There is nothing forced with vaccine mandates. There is just a consequence. That is not fascism. It is actually democracy. The majority want children to be vaccinated. If you don’t want to do that, you can homeschool or find a new job. That upholds your rights and ours. We have rights, too.

        You need to learn more about chemistry and then you will not fear the ingredients. I would encourage you to take some classes at your local community collge.

        There has been no data manipulation at CDC. Sorry, but everything you write is easily proven wrong.


      • I have a doctorate so I am not some uneducated moron. The facts are quite clear. I have done research on the chemicals and a toxin is a toxin is a toxin. Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances on earth and we are advised not to eat too much fish due to the mercury but its ok to inject it into little tiny babies? You talk about dose dependency, children are given multiple doses often at the same time, so even if one vaccine does not have a large dose of mercury, if you add up all the doses, they receive more than what the EPA allows in either food or water.

        Vaccines don’t cause autism? Tell that to Porter and his mother. He is the young man who keeps getting mentioned (he has a name!) who became severely autistic after the pertussis vaccine. He is one of the people who is compensated because it was PROVEN that his autism and other neuological disorders were directly caused by the vaccine. His family received over 6 million in compensation for the care he will need for life. He is now in his 20’s and he wears diapers and a seizure helmet and that is his reality for his whole lifetime. So your assertion that “The injuries people suffer from vaccines are mostly not a big deal” is flat out wrong. For Porter, they were a very big deal. If you watched the vaccines revealed series that you claim you did (but I don’t believe you did) you would have heard his story. Why has autism gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68? By 2032 it is estimated it will be 1 in 2. Obviously something has changed and it is something we are doing. Not just vaccines, but GMO’s and chemicals in food, we live in a very toxic world and vaccines are one more source of the toxins. It does bother me that aborted fetal tissue is used in vaccines. I am pro-life and to force people who don’t believe in abortion to have aborted fetal tissue injected into themselves and their children is wrong on so many levels.

        Education is a basic right, not everyone can home school so to deny children the basic right to education because they aren’t vaccinated is fascism. People have the right to decide. Besides if the vaccinations work, the vaccinated kids have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated so how does a person’s choice not to vaccinate violate your rights? They did find e coli in vaccines, do your homework, it is listed in a document on the CDC’s website.

        As I mentioned before, some shocking revelations will be coming out now that the issue is being looked at by President Trump who has created a task force to investigate vaccine safety. People need to get their heads out of the sand and be willing to at least have an honest discussion on the issue and not just accept what the government and pharmaceutical industries (who make money on the vaccines) tell them. You would be surprised at how much manipulation of data exists all over the place. The CDC owns patents on some vaccines so they have a stake in the data and when it doesn’t say what they want it do, they change it. This also happens with Big Pharma and Monsanto.

        By the way, want to make an easy 100,000? Did you hear about the challenge put out by Robert F Kennedy and Robert Deniro? They will pay the first person who finds the peer reviewed study proving that thimerisol in vaccines is safe 100,000. So far no one has come forward because no such study exists and the safety of thimerisol has never been studied. You are so sure that everything I say is easily proven wrong then find that study and make yourself 100,000 richer.

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      • I am not sure what you have your doctorate in but it is clearly not toxicology. My children’s father is a toxicologist so we know mercury is all around us. If it was toxic in all doses, there would be no life on earth. It is naturally occurring in our air, water, and soil. What is in vaccines is not pure mercury. Just as sodium and chloride act differently on their own, mercury is different as an element than a compound. Sodium explodes in water but sodium chloride is salt. Ethyl and methyl mercury are not mercury and do not act in the body the same as the element mercury. What was in pediatric vaccines, thimerosal, was never a health risk and never caused any health problems. It is not the same as mercury. I would urge you to read about dose toxicity and how the dose makes the poison.

        If a parent chooses not to vaccinate their child and it is required for school, then the parent has chosen to deny the child school. Not the state. Every legal challenge to state vaccine mandates has lost because it is not a violation of any rights to mandate vaccines for attendance.

        If you want to claim e coli is in vaccines, you need to provide proof. I am not going on a wild goose chase through the millions pages at the CDC website.

        There is no task force to investigate vaccines. Trump administration has denied that exists. Kennedy is lying.

        Vaccines are made up of many technologies. The CDC owns patents on technologies that are used in some, but not all, vaccines we use. They discovered the technology and patented it to keep it affordable for others to use. They do not own the patent to entire vaccines. Again, Kennedy is a bald-faced liar.

        The $100K challenge issued by Kennedy and DeNiro specifies they are looking for a journalist to share one study proving the thimerosal in pediatric vaccines and vaccines for pregnant women is safe. There is no thimerosal in pediatric vaccines, none in TDaP. Pregnant women and children get single dose flu vaccines, which have no thimerosal at all. So, the challenge is bunk and merely a publicity stunt.


      • Here is your proof that there is e coli in at least one vaccine, there may be more.
        This link will bring up the document that proves my claim. Look on the second page under the Meningococcal vaccine. I have done my homework, according to the CDC this list is current as of January 6 of this year.

        I provide proof of my claims, you do not. I read your blogs and clicked on the links you provided as “proof” and I see no studies proving what you claim about autism or about thimerosal, only someone’s opinion. Something isn’t so just because someone says it is so. There have to be studies with control groups, etc to prove something. Having completed a doctorate which required me to research something and either prove or disprove my hypothesis I know all about research and how it is done. I don’t see a single study cited on your blogs or in your posts. For your information, mental retardation and autism are not the same as you claimed in your blog about how autism is not new. Many autistic people have very high IQs.

        The 100,000 dollar challenge was issued to anyone who can provide the peer reviewed study proving thimerosol’s safety in vaccines, not just journalists. They are only looking for one study to pay out the reward. No one claimed it because no such study exists. If I am wrong, I suggest you find that study and claim the reward. I don’t think you are even bothering to look because you know there is none. Even if there is no link to autism, there is no doubt it does harm, causing things like seizures and tics and these side effects are on the vaccine inserts along with the possible risk of autism believe it or not.

        Anyway, I think you just argue to hear yourself argue and because you think it makes you look smart (it definitely does not), you asserted that “there is no e coli in vaccines” as though it is a proven fact and I just proved you wrong about that, you are wrong about many things. Just keep your head in the sand if you want and turn a blind eye to all the suffering vaccines cause, I’m done. Debating someone who will insist on being right even when she’s wrong is not a worthy use of my time.

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  2. The 29 year old man who basically became autistic after the tetanus?? If you see nothing to even make you try to research more, then you will have a heavy heart in the future when this all comes out. I am sorry that both sides are so blocked. It is such a shame, and such a window into the ugly side of human nature. The people who are fighting to make this about vaccine safety are risking destroying their careers, have a fraction of the income compared to if they had remained silent and not looked deeper. I can’t see how your agenda is not to find out more and to move towards vaccine safety. People are so selfish. Until they are personally effected, they have no interest in hearing what others are going through. I am not saying it is all vaccines – there are so many environmental contributors, but more and more people are becoming susceptible to illness, and perhaps not your children, but maybe your grandchildren will become harmed, and only then will you start to really look into BOTH SIDES.

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    • I am not a pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer. When I look at the sciences of pathology, immunology and virology, it’s clear that vaccines are not designed properly to optimize a balanced immune response. Many years ago when vaccines were originally designed, the scientists did not understand the architecture and functionality of the immune system.
      As a result, vaccines provide a dominant Th2 response and a weakened Th1 response. In addition, some of the adjuvant particles end up crossing the BBB, causing neuroinflammation, which leads to neurodegeneration. Depending on the specific pathology, this neurodegeneration can trigger microglia to fuel a cascade of inflammation and neuron damage.
      And, that combined with systemic inflammation can lead to significant brain damage, which can manifest itself as autism.

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      • “And, that combined with systemic inflammation can lead to significant brain damage, which can manifest itself as autism.”

        How is the “inflammation” from vaccines greater than that of the diseases? Why would a vaccine cause more harm than the high fevers, encephalitis, seizures, meningitis and other impacts of actually getting haemophilus influenzae b, influenza, measles, mumps, pertussis, etc?

        Before you figure out how something causes autism, you need to first find out if it does cause autism. That step has not been done. In fact several large epidemiological studies show that there is no correlation between vaccine and autism:
        Vaccine. 2014 Jun 17;32(29):3623-9. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.04.085.
        Vaccines are not associated with autism: an evidence-based meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies.

        In fact, the rubella part of the MMR vaccine actually prevents autism, because one of the known causes of autism is Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

        The causes of over half of the cases autism spectrum syndromes are now known, and there is a large genetic study to find more:

        Click to access SPARK_gene_list.pdf

        You can participate in this study if your child is under age 18 by signing up to the Simons Foundation “SPARK for Autism.”


  3. And you admitted yourself you couldn’t be bothered to watch the film on the military so to now say you have watched all 9 is contrary to what you stated in your own blog. Hence the reason I suggested you actually watch all of them. I am not suggesting you take all of it on board, but if you can come away from all those films, just assuming that this many people are lying about their own personal experiences, then you are the very type of person who is creating a radical anti vax movement instead of an intellectual middle ground discussion about safety.


      • “There is no middle ground on safety. There is your radical unscientific side and our side. We have the science.” From my experience it is Pro-vaxxers that are the least educated going in to debates. Why are the Pro-vaxx camp still saying things like, “your unvaccinated child could infect my child” there is no science there. If you really cannot understand that this is a ridiculous, bullying statement then it is not possible to educate you.

        You say that the science is on your side…umm science has no sides. It would be more scientific if you were undecided and looked at the pros and cons of vaccines and vaccine safety. Saying that you are a pro-vaxxer suggests that no amount of science will change your mind.


      • Literally 100% of international immunization science proves vaccines have vastly more benefits than risks. I would never risk my children’s health on your side. The risks are too great. Vaccine preventable diseases have infinitely greater risks than vaccines.

        100% of international science. 100%.

        I am sorry this is confusing to you. You might want to learn how diseases spread and how herd immunity works.

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      • LL: “… no amount of science will change your mind.”

        Sorry, we have asked for the science and no one has delivered. Just provide the PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers not on the Dwoskin payroll that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease.

        Yes, if you make a claim, then you must support that claim.


      • LL: “your unvaccinated child could infect my child” there is no science there.

        Oh, really?

        Pediatrics. 2010 Apr;125(4):747-55. doi: 10.1542/peds.2009-1653. Epub 2010 Mar 22.
        Measles outbreak in a highly vaccinated population, San Diego, 2008: role of the intentionally undervaccinated.

        Public Health Rep. 2008 Mar-Apr;123(2):126-34.
        Measles outbreak associated with a church congregation: a study of immunization attitudes of congregation members.

        Pediatrics. 2009 Jun;123(6):1446-51. doi: 10.1542/peds.2008-2150.
        Parental refusal of pertussis vaccination is associated with an increased risk of pertussis infection in children.

        JAMA. 2016 Mar 15;315(11):1149-58. doi: 10.1001/jama.2016.1353.
        Association Between Vaccine Refusal and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the United States: A Review of Measles and Pertussis.

        Then there is this:

        Obviously you must have skipped taking epidemiology in school. Now please go thank your responsible neighbors who are protecting your kids by vaccinating their families. You are being a parasite of your community’s immunity to several diseases. Unfortunately, as noted above, it does not always work.


      • LL: “your unvaccinated child could infect my child” there is no science there.

        And there is more!

        Pediatrics. 2014 Apr;133(4):577-85.
        Economic Evaluation of the Routine Childhood Immunization Program in the United States, 2009.

        J Infect Dis. 2004 May 1;189 Suppl 1:S210-5.
        Measles hospitalizations, United States, 1985-2002

        West J Med. 1996 Jul-Aug;165(1-2):20-5.
        Pediatric hospital admissions for measles. Lessons from the 1990 epidemic.

        West J Med. 1993 Oct;159(4):455-64.
        Measles epidemic from failure to immunize.

        Am J Public Health Nations Health. 1968 Oct;58(10):1883-90.
        Mass measles immunization in Los Angeles County.
        Public Health Rep. 1967 Aug;82(8):659-66.
        Measles epidemiology and vaccine use in Los Angeles County, 1963 and 1966

        Am J Public Health (N Y). 1914 April; 4(4): 289–309.
        PMCID: PMC1286334

        Let’s leave the USA and go abroad….

        ancet. 1998 Jan 31;351(9099):356-61.
        Impact of anti-vaccine movements on pertussis control: the untold story.

        Emerg Infect Dis. 1998 Oct-Dec;4(4):539-50.
        Diphtheria in the former Soviet Union: reemergence of a pandemic disease.

        J Infect Dis. 2000 Feb;181 Suppl 1:S10-22.
        Successful control of epidemic diphtheria in the states of the Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: lessons learned.

        BMC Public Health. 2005 Jun 4;5:59.
        Measles vaccine coverage and factors related to uncompleted vaccination among 18-month-old and 36-month-old children in Kyoto, Japan.

        Vaccine chronicle in Japan

        There you now have over a century of epidemiological research covering a good portion of this globe. Read the last one, because it is the effect on politics on medical health care in Japan — and it is not good.

        You keep saying that we need to use science by saying “… looked at the pros and cons of vaccines and vaccine safety.” Now you need to provide some. Just provide the PubMed indexed study by reputable qualified researchers not on the Dwoskin payroll that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the diseases.

        If you are going to say the DTaP is dangerous, then you better show that pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus are safer to get. It is about relative risk.


      • Ugh, it is Lancet. 1998 Jan 31;351(9099):356-61.

        Most of those are free online. Though you have to search a wee bit for that particular one. One of the authors has it on his Research Gate page. It is interesting because it has side by side comparisons of countries and level of vaccination. The one between Sweden and Norway is very interesting. It also discusses the effects of an anti-vaccine crusade in Japan in the 1970s (spoiler: more babies died).


  4. I am not Kristen – how can you say there is no 20 (he was 29 actually – older now) man who developed autistic symptoms. I can accept you accept the data that has been massaged to lessen the impact current vaccines have on general populations, but I cannot accept that you will deny people – individuals – whose lives have been ruined by adverse reactions to vaccines. They are a drug and all drugs have some side effects on some people. Nobody denies, that, including the vaccine packet inserts, and indeed the medical community. To deny people the right to share their story actually damages your own fight to make sure everyone vaccinates. Being a middle ground rational person who acknowledges that bad things can and have happened is not denying vaccines work. It is accepting there are side effects for some people. And that acceptance and acknowledgement should lead a rational person to want to fight for a medication to be as safe as it can be. I am the mother of two vaccine injured children. My son reacted with seizures IMMEDIATELY – no doctor denies what happened to him. For you to attempt to deny what has happened to my family, and the negative impacts we have suffered since for 11 years makes you seem heartless and insane. You do nothing for your cause by behaving in this fashion. All you do is push more people into an anti vaccine stance when they started out either pro vax and pro vax safety. You harm your movement more than help it.


    • Are you referring to the guy who made Trace Amounts?

      Did your son have febrile seizures? Because that is the only kind of seizure vaccines can cause and those are harmless. They are caused by a fever. So, if your son has epilepsy, I am sure the doctors have told you that vaccines do not cause epilepsy. So, why say they do? This makes no sense to me. How does it help? No one denies that vaccines have rare side effects. We just use science to show that most of what is called a “vaccine injury” is not really caused by vaccines. It doesn’t help anyone to say they are.

      And no one is denying that your family has had issues. Most vaccine advocates I know have children with autism, are on the autism spectrum themselves, were injured by diseases we now prevent with vaccines, or lost a child to one of these diseases. We are tremendously empathetic towards anyone who has a family member or loved one with health issues. But you all literally NEVER acknowledge that vaccines keep more people safe than they harm and that our side has people who have suffered from diseases.

      And what about all the epileptics who were not vaccinated? What about all the adults with autism who know vaccines did not damage them?


    • Also, Trace Amounts if the story of a man who was convinced, irrationally, that a tetanus vaccine gave him mercury poisoning. It is not scientific, he is not a scientist. He was not autistic. Mercury poisoning symptoms are not the same as autism. And if he had mercury poisoning, there was never enough thimerosal in vaccines to cause mercury poisoning. Ever.


  5. My son did not just have seizures – those stopped after about 2 weeks. He changed personality. Completely. He had been happy and laid back and became angry and rigid and demonic – over night – you know nothing of the journey our family has been on. And sadly, you are not interested. I am not saying just vaccines caused this – but he was clearly susceptible (I was then celiac – now full blown lupus – why so much auto immune these days???) so why vaccinate? Why not give me a sheet that at least warns of potential side effects. Both my kids have severe auto immune issues now, as well as severe memory impairment and learning difficulties, yet score crazy high on iq tests. I have done so much research for 11 years – both sides – how do you think I ended up on your blog – I want to see both sides – I have even researched you – and from what I know now, I believe that you may have an early auto immune – I bet if you got yourself tested, which you can do by the way, you would see. And with early detection, you can stop it from spiraling out of control, which is more than I can say for the info I was given by all my doctors. Why not ask family history of health and immune issues. Why not test those kids with family history for an MTHFR gene mutation? If there are any red flags, why not at least delay the vaccine schedule? If vaccines are so flawless, then everyone would be on board. There would not even be this vaccine safety movement. More and more doctors are risking throwing away their reputations to try to get to vaccine safety. They are not gaining money from this. They know there is something wrong and want to try to start a conversation. It is such a shame that you will not even acknowledge a need for improved vaccine safety. I have agreed vaccines work – twice in these posts – go back and reread what I said without such a closed mind – I am demanding the pharmaceutical companies make some shifts in their products towards more full studies, ensuring greater percentage of safety for the growing number of adverse reactions – why does the epidemic have to get so insane before something will be done. Yes, vaccines work, and they have eradicated some terrible diseases. But chicken pox and flu do not kill people. Shingles is now a growing problem because of the chickenpox vaccine. Why vaccinate for the mild but inconvenient childhood diseases? There is a big difference between polio and chicken pox. But you are so one sided – so blinded, that you are unwilling to meet in the middle even and admit that vaccine safety should be a priority for everyone, not just the people whose children have been harmed. It is people like you who do more harm than good, even for the vaccine movement. If I were them, I would take down your site for all the damage you do the movement.


    • As I have stated, many of us who advocate in favor of not only vaccines but also for autism advocacy have children on the spectrum or are on the spectrum ourselves. Vaccines do not cause autism. There are a number of genetic disorders which cause regression or change later in infancy, in preschool years, even as old as 6 years old. Denying science does not make it go away.

      Yes, chicken pox and flu do kill people and do cause severe complications. When I was 12, my best friend had chicken pox inside and outside her and was sick for weeks. Her baby brother was hospitalized and nearly died. Their mother was a nurse and most certainly knew how to take care of them. They were previously healthy children.

      90% of pediatric flu deaths are in unvaccinated children and 40% of those had no previous complications. Flu can take previously healthy adults, too. And it does.

      MTHFR is not the root of all health problems.

      I am not one sided. I am not blind. If I were, I would not have watched Vaxxed. I would not have read Callous Disregard. I would not have watched Greater Good. I would not have James Lyons-Weiler’s book sitting right in front of me, waiting for me to have time to read, I would not have read the 126 studies, I would not ask the question, repeatedly, where are the studies showing vaccines have greater risks than benefits.

      Vaccines do not cause autism. People who say that they do harm the neurodiversity movement and do autism a grave disservice.

      Here is a blog for you to read. It used to be run by a guy in UK but now it is run by a California physicist and parent of autist, Dr Matt Carey. Read the point of view of an autism advocate, parent, and scientist who knows vastly more about the science than you and I put together.


  6. I do not have the time to write such intricate and detailed comments about your terrible review of this documentary as I am too busy taking care of my vaccine injured children. I will say this.. if the truth is pure science then shouldn’t your review speak of just that? How can people take you seriously when your evidence debunking Robert Kennedy is just to continually call him a liar and ignorant?
    How about you be a real human and argue your case respectfully so that real people can actually look at both sides of this complex debate? The only thing worth reading on this terrible blog is the comments from the people who are actually citing real science and fact without having to stoop so low as to name call because they have nothing better to say that will prove them wrong.


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  8. You are so uneducated it’s embarrassing to even read your words. Watched Trace Amounts to learn something. My husband is a Navy SEAL, but that doesn’t make me one.


    • Videos are not scientific evidence. Neither the maker of that film nor Mr. Kennedy are qualified medical researchers, especially since they missed the fact that thimerosal was removed from pediatric vaccines in the USA fifteen years ago (even the influenza vaccines, since there are three versions that are thimerosal free).

      Recently Mr. Kennedy wrote in some World Mercury Project screed mocking an article claiming that many genetic sequences have been found. It is obvious he is ignoring this kind of real science:

      Click to access SPARK_gene_list.pdf

      If you wish to be part of the actual science, go to SPARK for Autism to sign up your family. All you will be asked to do is fill out a questionnaire and submit spit samples from your child/children and both parents.

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