The Truth about vaccines episode 5: HPV, Hep B, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Welcome to part 5 of my discussion of the Truth about Vaccines video series.  You can find links to episodes 1-4 in the index, as well as a run down of all the “experts” who are interviewed.

This episode begins with the HPV vaccine. I have already written about the HPV vaccine, which you can read here.

One: The worst mistake this episode makes is to assume HPV vaccine is only for girls. Host, Ty Bollinger, even claims “I’ve heard this is a public health concern. My question is why are we vaccinating boys for a vaccine that causes cervical cancer.” At no point does he discuss how this vaccine can protect boys as well as girls nor how he thinks girls acquire HPV infections.  As per the provider information for Gardasil 9, the most recently available HPV vaccine in USA, it protects against HPV types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and, 58. These represent 81% of the viruses that cause cervical cancer, 74% of the other HPV-associated cancers, and 90% of the HPV types which cause anogenital warts.  Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes most cervical cancers, as well as some cancers of the vagina, vulva, penis, anus, rectum, and oropharynx (cancers of the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils). These are not limited only to females. A great deal of time, 24 minutes, passes before Ty finally admits that 11,000 males get cancers associated with HPV yearly. And that is all that is said about that.


Two: Inexplicably, Judy Mikovits is offered as the HPV vaccine expert. To remind you, Judy is a disgraced scientist who chose to embrace pseudoscience rather than admit she made a mistake. She was a researcher looking into possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and claimed it was caused by a mouse recombinant virus called XMRV.  The reality is that the XMRV was found to be caused by lab contamination, but Judy could not face facts.  Sadly, bad science has a hard time dying and people desperate to repair their reputation sometimes dig themselves in deep holes.

She says 2-3 strains are associated with cervical cancer but are not the cause of it. She does not elaborate on what she thinks causes cervical cancer if it is not these strains. I think she is playing at words by implying that the virus can cause warts but it is the wrts that cause the cancer, or some such. It is a word play some in antivax land play, as a way to imply that the vaccine cannot actually prevent cancer.  Judy further claims pap smear will identify warts before they become tumerogenic and they should not be mandated for everyone. They should only be offered to families who are susceptible. She does not explain how families would know if they are susceptible to acquiring human papilloma virus nor how one would figure out if one is susceptible to the many types of cancer the virus can cause. Frankly, I think getting the vaccines is a good way to prevent these types of cancers until we do have better genetic screens and preventatives. I am not sure how Judy thinks only pap smears are going to prevent cancer. What if you have a clean pap smear one year and then get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, less than a year later? That happened to my cousin. She did not survive.

And, pap smears don’t look at throats, penises, anuses, or rectums.

At this point, I start humming C&C music factory’s “Things that make you go hm”


Three: Several “experts” come on to discuss how they feel his vaccine is dangerous or unnecessary. The vaccines is presented as very dangerous. But, there have been many large studies of HPV vaccine safety, in various countries, and none have found any significant relationship between the vaccine and serious adverse events. Some other claims are made, such as the vaccine was fast-tracked, it causes other strains to become more virulent, the aluminum in it is neurotoxic, and it was not properly tested. The wonderful Skeptical Raptor has compiled an ever-expanding list of safety studies and more information on HPV vaccines, so I will refer you there to debunk these claims.


Four: Toni claims 10% of people who get gardasil visit the ER and 3% of them are hospitalized, per a Canadian study. Study called Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006-2014.  But, the study actually concluded that “of the women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an ED visit within 42 days of immunization.”  This was out of 195,270 females who received 528,913 doses of HPV vaccine.  What she does not say is that only 4 of those hospitalized had a reported AEFI (adverse events following immunization).  For the rest, mental, behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders (19.4%) were the most frequently coded most responsible diagnoses, followed by diseases of the digestive system (15.8%), and injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes (13.8%). Which is why the report she quotes actually concludes “adverse events following HPV immunization in Alberta are low, consistent with those seen elsewhere, and consistent in the types of event seen elsewhere. ”

Five: Judy claims cancer is not a public health concern so government should not be spending money on cancer prevention.  Several times, it is mentioned that all we need is pap smears will find all and prevent all cervical cancers. These two statements are frightening. My cousin died, of cervical cancer, less than a year after a clean pap smear. She is not alone. How many people are diagnosed with cancer that is found already progressed into advanced stages? Even if they are found early, fighting these cancers is a terrible ordeal for the body. To tell people that all you need is a pap smear, when HPV is responsible for many cancers besides cervical, is a grave lie.  Furthermore, if HPV is a disease passed through sexual contact (not just sex, but sexual contact), then how could it not be a public health concern? That doesn’t even make sense.



Six:  Ty says Hep b is a disease only of drug users and prostitutes. He claims that if mother tests negative to hep b, there is zero risk of baby having it. Barbara claims hep b has always had low incidence in USA, Europe and Canada. She claims the high risk groups are adults, IV drug users in particular. She says 99.99% percent of mothers are not hep b positive. She claims the vaccine is only designated to children because adult drug users and prostitutes won’t get it.

However, before the vaccine was recommended for all children in 1994, 30% of infected adults had no risk factors. Vaccinating only those infants from at-risk groups was not halting the spread of the infection to children. This was because of incomplete maternal screening and a “substantial proportion of infections occurred in children of Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAG)-negative mothers.” Let that sink in a bit. A substantial number of infections in children came from mothers who had tested negative. You got it. Testing all mothers doesn’t help. The study estimates that 16,000 children under the age of ten were infected with Hep B a year and that does not include the additional 15,000 children a year who acquired Hep B from their mothers, perinatally. Most of these 16,000 children had clinically silent infections that will lead to chronic liver infections later in life, with 25% leading to death.  The study concludes that routine vaccination of infants will save 2700 deaths a year. And, the safety and efficacy of this vaccine are well-established. And, Barbara offered no proof to back her claim that this was an orphan vaccine in need of a population.

Seven: A few other claims made about Hep B vaccine. Del claims hep b vaccine only spent 4 days being tested before it was put on market.  Ty clarifies that this comes from the Merck insert.  They seem to be unaware of the safety and efficacy testing that is done after the insert was written. Let me give you a little research hint. If you want to find studies related to a vaccine, go do the CDC’s page for that vaccine and click on the information for providers and healthcare professionals. This is where they list the safety and efficacy studies.  The parent information section is written much more simply.  In the provider section, you can find a lot of research information, including the link to the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP)’s document on Hepatitis B virus and vaccination. This document has a long list of safety and efficacy data, including data analysis from the vaccine safety datalink (VSD) and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). A great deal of safety study has been done AFTER the clinical trial.

Del also makes the claim that the USA has greater rate of newborn deaths than any all industrialized nations combined. We know from my three part series, that this is simply untrue. Please read parts one, two, and three.

Eight: Paul and Irvin, both medical doctors, spend time talking with Ty about how they believe SIDS is a vaccine injury. The implication is made that there is not enough research done but does that mean they are unaware of the research that has been done? And, are they unaware that the SIDS rate in USA is at an all time low? Infant mortality decreased 15% in last ten years. Inexplicably, they are ignorant of these facts.

And, lest you still think vaccines might be associated with SIDS, read this study. Vaccines cut the risk of SIDS in half.  That’s astounding!

Nine: Shaken baby syndrome is presented as a vaccine injury. This vile assumption is not based on scientific evidence. It is one of the vilest antivaccine lies in existence. It is something they bring up time and again, without reason. “Fortunately, the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome offers their own, better advice – “prosecutors of shaken baby cases should be aware of this untrue defense and be prepared to exclude this irresponsible medical testimony.” source


Ten: Jeffrey says we are going to witness medical civil disobedience on a wide scale very soon. He thinks medical freedom will be the next civil rights movement. I just tossed that one in there, to conclude, because it is amusingly crazy. Or, crazily amusing.



Remember to think for yourself. And always verify claims before you believe them!







19 thoughts on “The Truth about vaccines episode 5: HPV, Hep B, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome

  1. Thank you for all the information,as I find myself surrounded more and more by people who choose not to vaccinate… it’s great to be able to point a few to this blog to show how effective and safe vaccination is

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  2. I just saw a post on Facebook and it made me so angry. Why do people believe this nonsense?

    Another healthy baby GONE just days after receiving vaccines 😓💔
    Baby Bella, a healthy 4 month old, died in her sleep FOUR days after vaccines. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a label, not a real disease, and usually happens within a week of receiving vaccines.
    Vaccines contain toxins that babies have a hard time detoxing from and sometimes their bodies give in. SIDS is listed as a possible side effect of vaccines ON THE PRODUCT INSERT. Most SIDS deaths are from sleep apnea, also listed as a side effect of vaccines.
    The countries with the MOST VACCINES have the MOST SIDs deaths. This is NOT a coincidence!! Japan has one of the lowest, even though co-sleeping is the norm in their culture.
    Please help others connect the dots before this happens again. My prayers surround this family, and all families that have lost babies because of pharmaceutical greed.
    The SCIENCE is here:
    Please share this story to honor Baby Bella and comment below if you have suffered the same. Let’s show the world this is REAL.
    First comment shows that she received her 4mo vaccines just four days before.”


    • Looked at the list:

      1. By Neil Z. Miller (a journalist) and Gary Goldman (a computer science guy), neither are qualified nor reputable.

      2. CONCLUSIONS: The trend of decreasing numbers of deaths reported to VAERS since 1992-1993 follows that observed for SIDS overall for the US general population following implementation of the ‘Back to Sleep’ program.

      3. A French 1995 article titled “Sudden infant death syndrome and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-poliomyelitis vaccination status”… um, where is that vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule? Also the abstract concludes with ” This result however, concerns only one subgroup of the population studied and needs to be confirmed with another study of only SIDS infants less than 3 months of age, because DTCP vaccination was not a risk factor for SIDS when considering the total sample of the study.”

      4. Miller and Goldman again. These guys like to data mine the VAERS database.

      5. Not a study but a speculative article in Medical Hypostheses. Please look up the meaning of the word “hypothesis.”

      6. A 1983 study on DTP, a vaccine that was replace by the DTaP.

      7. Yet another VAERS data mining paper by Miller and Goldman.

      8. A 1987 study on a vaccine that is no longer on the American pediatric schedule (also before Dravet Syndrome was discovered).

      9. One case report from Italy. First: an anecdote is not data, and second: what hexavalent vaccine, I doubt it is on the present American vaccine schedule.

      10. An article in Chinese on ten child deaths, where is was determined eight were not from the vaccine. Also the plural of anecdote is not data, and I doubt it applies in the USA.

      11. A 1987 case report about a vaccine no longer used in the USA. Last two sentences: “Twins are at a greater risk of SID than single born infants and occasionally are found dead together. A number of studies into DTP vaccination as a risk factor in SID have shown that SID is less common in vaccinated than in unvaccinated infants.”

      12. Another case report from Italy on a vaccine not used in the USA. What is a hexavalent vaccine!?

      13. A speculative paper from Poland about a vaccine, DTP, no longer used in the USA.

      14. A blog post by someone without any relevant education and a doctor who is listed here:

      15. An article about the DTP, again a vaccine that is no longer on the present American pediatric schedule. Plus there is more recent data:

      Pediatrics. 2010 Aug;126(2):263-9.
      Lack of association between acellular pertussis vaccine and seizures in early childhood.

      Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2006 Sep;25(9):768-73.
      Encephalopathy after whole-cell pertussis or measles vaccination: lack of evidence for a causal association in a retrospective case-control study.

      Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5;30(2):247-53.
      Lack of association between childhood immunizations and encephalitis in California, 1998-2008.

      16. An article about premature babies, which is a small subset of the total number of infants born in the USA and not applicable to the general population.

      In short, that site is big on cherry picking. It is from an antivax website where many of the contributors have their own page on the American Loon website, including Miller and Goldman. Just ignore.


    • Oh, good grief. It was founded by a woman who claims was a pharma employee… her Linkedin profile as having worked for a two whole years about fifteen years ago. She is a now a self employed copywriter and editor. woot

      Pleas come back when you have actual verifiable evidence that any vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule causes more harm than the disease. It must be a PubMed indexed study by reputable qualified researchers. Journalists, computer scientists, geologist, finance professors, lawyers and doctors who have been stripped of their medical credentials do not qualify.


  3. I can roll my eyes at most AV bulls**t but one thing that always gets my blood boiling is them saying it causes SBS and trying to put money behind those accused of it.

    Now I might not be a scientist or an expert on vaccines but you know what I am qualified in? Pre hospital care. I worked as an EMT for quite a while and studied it at uni.

    Let me explain how SBS works. When exposed to extreme force, your head and neck keep going. One of Newton’s laws, remember? Force cannot be lost, only changed (I’m paraphrasing here, I was crap at physics). Anyway. When faced with large force the head continues to move with the same force. Imagine whiplash. You are flung forward violently. This causes the brain to hit the front of the skull and when you jolt back again the brain moves back and the back of the brain is pushed to the back of the skull. This can cause anything from cerebral contusions, cerebral oedema, subdural haematoma, concussion. You get where I’m going. It can cause a LOT of damage depending on how much force is applied. It is called coup and contrecoup injury. Now the only way this injury can occur is by that type of force. Whether it be an innocent injury such as a road traffic collision or being shaken.

    But it is very obvious when tests are performed and you can’t mistake it. There are very few types of injuries that cause coup-contrecoup. Very few. Car crash and SBS being the largest causes. A small bump can’t cause it (it is very, very unlikely unless the person was at risk or TBI), a light tap or shake can’t cause it. It takes a LOT of force. Vaccines cannot cause it. You can read more about it here:

    I know what it is like to grow up around violence. And I really feel for these children. How can any parent stand behind that? I’m not even a parent and it breaks my heart. How can you believe something so hard that you are willing to discount abuse? That is just so shocking to me. If they were respectful people who at least treated people like people and were willing to have a genuine conversation with us I wouldn’t mind them half as much. But they are vultures. Picking apart the bones of poor families that lose their children. It’s just so unbelievable to me. It really is.

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  4. This is just from my experience studying for two different law degrees in two different jurisdictions. Just some things to consider:

    1. The vaccine industry provided an ultimatum to legislators. Overnight legislation (with no public involvement or notice) had to be enacted to give the pharmaceutical companies 100% immunity from any injuries their vaccines may cause in the population. Basically, they gave about 24 hours notice and said if they were not given COMPLETE immunity from any sort of lawsuit as a result of ANY damage done to ANY babies as a result of being vaccinated they would withhold access to vaccines until such legislation was passed. Why would they need this kind of protection if there was no risk? Certainly, medical negligence and personal injury lawsuits are extremely hard to prove, and are rarely successful as it is. The fact that the company that created and tested these vaccines feel that they need blanket-protection is worth consideration.

    2. Vaccine Court – the compromise that was struck because it was discovered that vaccines, in some incidences, DID cause serious harm to babies. Vaccine court is not a regular court, and operates on the policy that any babies injured from a vaccine are duly assessed, and compensated by the pharmaceutical company. The condition on this is that the Vaccine Court operates “behind closed doors”, and all awards come complete with a “gag order”. This means that the rest of the public can never know that a case has been settled, that the vaccine caused any injury, or what amount was paid to the families. The company, and the family of the injured child, are obliged to enforce this gag-order, and can never tell anyone that their child was injured by a vaccine. Just something else to consider.

    3. SIDS rates have been linked to the number of vaccinations. Japan used to have one of the highest vaccination rates of any country in the world, and their SIDS rate rose accordingly. When they re-evaluated, and decided to drastically reduce the number of vaccines given, the SIDS rate dropped accordingly. Given that nothing else changed, that’s unlikely to be unrelated.

    4. Vaccines contain a legal insert in the box the vial comes in (typically not shown to the parents), which states that “the risk factor of this vaccination causing serious/adverse side effects in the person it is administered to is significantly higher than the risk of ever contracting the disease it is intended to prevent”. This is true if you look at situations like Polio. There hasn’t been a case of Polio in the US for decades – so right now, obviously there is no risk of ever contracting it. But there is a risk of your baby being injured by the vaccine. So you’re choosing risk over no-risk.

    5. The idea that the CDC or FDA does any independent testing is absolutely incorrect. They cannot afford to undergo such trials. All trials are completed by, and at the expense of, the pharmaceutical company manufacturing the drug. The CDC/FDA rely on the honest publishing of trials, tests, side effects, potential harms, etc – and if any of these are misleading or unreported, then the CDC/FDA will never know, and they could potentially be okaying a treatment that is harmful. A prime example of this is Purdu – the company that created oxycontin, had full and absolute knowledge that it was addictive, and deceptively hid this evidence from all drug-regulators. It then flooded the medical schools it also gave generous funding to with literature denying its addictive properties, and gave massive bonuses to doctors who reached certain prescribing rates. As a result, in the space of 1 year, the number of annual oxycontin prescriptions went from 600,000 to 6.2 million – and that was the beginning of the opiate epidemic ravaging the country. All started by doctors who thought they were prescribing something safe, and a pharmaceutical company that has made so much in profits from this drug, the measly 600 million dollar fine was basically as irrelevant as a speeding-ticket to them. Anyone who puts their absolute faith and trust in a pharmaceutical company to be honest really needs to do some research on their well-known reputation.

    6. Vaccines contain ingredients Thermisol (Mercury), Formaldehyde, Antifreeze, etc, some of which are listed by the CDC as being unsafe in the human body in any dose. In fact, Canada (where I am from), has a law dictating that the vaccine companies can withhold ingredient lists from the public because they may “scare off” parents from vaccinating if people knew what was really in them. Fortunately, the US does not do this. But it certainly makes you wonder why a government would feel it is entitled to withhold relevant information because it is in the government’s best interests for the public not to know. If there was nothing questionable in the vaccines, they would feel no need to withhold the information.

    7. Consider the overall duty of care argument. Obviously, the government’s interest is in protecting the community as a whole. A government has to respond to, and spend money, in the case of contractible disease. If your child is one of a few injured by a vaccine, the government owes you nothing, and any disability acquired by the child is 100% your own responsibility. So obviously they are going to go for the greater protection. The question is – when it becomes “the greater protection” vs “YOUR child” (and not a theoretical child) – why in the world would someone think that parents did not have a right to choose?

    I should say – I am neither 100% for or against vaccines. I have very specific beliefs and I agree that some vaccines (made without mercury) may be advisable, while I think others (aka the chicken pox vaccine, the flu vaccine, hep b vaccine) are not in a child’s best interests. Certainly they should be spaced out much more than they are, so the immune system is not under attack from a handful of live viruses all at once (this would rarely happen in reality – that a child would be exposed to mumps, measles, rubella, and the flu, and contract all those viruses, in the same day). And I dont think any parent choosing to, or not to vaccinate should be criticized. It is actually the upper-middle class, more educated, higher earners etc, who are the greatest group turning against vaccination. People lower down on the “intelligence” scale, or from lower socio-economic groups are still vaccinating as medical professionals ask them to. So it’s not an issue of “the uninformed making the wrong decision.” You can bet that any parent choosing not to vaccinate has done an abundance of research on the subject before making any decision. And if vaccinations are effective, then you have no reason to fear that an unvaccinated child will pass any of those vaccinated-against illnesses on to your vaccinated child. Obviously, thats what you were vaccinating against in the first place.


  5. I am karen from Canada, I once suffered from a terrible and Chronic hepatitis b,since i was 23 , the doctor told me there was no permanent cure i was given medications to slow down its progress, i constantly felt my health was deteriorating as i constantly had Abdominal pain and vomiting ,this ailment was really terrible especially when am going out with my friends, i have this constant disorder for about 31 years, this was really a terrible ailment ,on thin one day that i was going through the internet,and i came across a post of Mrs kate on how she was been cured from hepatitis b through the help of Dr Williams herbal product, I contacted this herbal doctor via his email and explain everything to him and make purchase of his product,few days later he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received the herbal medicine, i used it for 1 months as prescribed by dr williams and i was totally cured within those week of usage,on thin now i have not experience any sign or characteristics again . for more information you can email him on for help


  6. Utterly clueless. Gardasil is “one of the worst vaccines”. This coming from a head of clinical research for a huge pharma giant who happens to be a family member. When her daughter called her and said they wanted to give her grandaughter the HPV vaccine at school, that was her response, along with a “NO FUCKING WAY” to preface it. . It has been responsible for over 200 deaths. Why would a family member who is in the industry, in the top tier I might add, make such an accusation against a product that is part and parcel of the industry she works for? Gardasil was fast tracked and did not receive proper testing. It was also tested against another vaccine and NOT an inert PLACEBO. Please get your head out of the sand.


    • Gardasil has not been proven to have caused even one death world-wide. And it was not fast tracked. It was invented in Australia and used there before it was licensed here.

      Oh look, there was a saline placebo study

      “In 7 clinical trials (5 Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate [AAHS]-controlled, 1 saline
      placebo-controlled, and 1 uncontrolled), 18,083 individuals were administered GARDASIL or AAHS control
      or saline placebo on the day of enrollment”

      Click to access UCM111263.pdf

      Please stop reading antivax tropes.


    • Gardisil is TERRIBLE…but hey…without any possible repercussions for the vaccine makers why not just come out with more vaccines that are not studied properly and then mandate them 🤷🏼‍♀️…. literally a “revolving door”….who allows employees to be able to go back and forth from pharmaceutical companies and the FDA/CDC/ACIP


      • This is dumbing down our society and I do not know why people are unable see it. Just research enough and you will find the answers you are looking for. Our ancient ancestors did not have vaccines. They used medicinal plants and herbs for healing and it was extremely effective. Somewhere along the way MAN forgot how to use the earth for healing. “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nation” Revelations 22:2


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